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5 Tips to add Indian Rupee Symbol [ ₹ ] in MS Word

Indian currency is called the Indian Rupees. It has a symbol that was launched by the Indian government in the year 2010.

This is the symbol that you can see on coins and all Indian currencies. With the launch of this symbol, the issue of using Indian Rupee Symbol on the computers became prominent.

In the beginning, the image of the symbol was used, which was not easy to integrate into all types of media. The symbol was also missing from the English keyboard. 

For all types of documentation and content, it was important that the symbol showed clearly in the MS Word. 

5 Best Tips to add Indian Rupee Symbol [ ₹ ] in MS Word (2020)

The Unicode Technical committee accepted the Indian Rupees Symbol that was used in HTML, MS Word, etc. In this article, you will know how to use code or option of words to add the Indian Rupee Symbol. Microsoft launched the new version where you can use it.

Before you start reading the article, here is a short summary of what you have to do to type Indian rupee symbol in MS Word. All the steps are very important to use an Indian Rupee Symbol.  

  • If there is an old version of Windows, then you need a Windows Update
  • You have to set the keyboard layout to English “(India)”.
  • Use any tip to type the Rupee Sign.

Get New Version of Windows OS

You can’t add the new Indian rupee symbol in Windows 7 or Windows Vista. You will have to update to add the rupee symbol in your MS Word Document. In the updated version, the new Indian rupee symbol is shown correctly. You can get a new version of Windows OS from here.

Set the Keyboard Layout to English

It is necessary to set the keyboard layout to English to type the New Indian Rupee Symbol. A character is only available in the Indian Keyboard layout. Now, you can type Indian Rupee Characters using a Keyboard. Here are the 5 Best Tips to Add Indian Rupee Symbol [ ₹ ] in MS Word.

How to type Indian Rupee Symbol?

There are several ways to add, but you can choose your favourite way from the list.

  1. 1
    Type Indian Rupee Symbol by using Keyboard Shortcut  
  • If ₹ is available: It is easy to add a new Indian rupee symbol with the help of the keyboard keys. You just have click: Ctrl + Alt + ₹. You have to make sure to click the keys at the same time. 
  • If ₹ is not available: It may happen that you may not find the ₹ on your Keyboard. In this case, you have to click on: Ctrl + Alt + 4. Type Ctrl, Alt, and 4 together from your keyboard, and the symbol will appear.
  1. 2
    Type Indian Rupee Symbol by using Side Alt Key

In this tip, you have to use the right side key and ₹ keys at the same time. You have to make sure of the English keyboard layout. (India)

  1. 3
    Type Indian Rupee Symbol by using Codes
  • Alt Code: You have to click on the 20B9 and hit on the Alt + x Keys. Once you hit on the key combination, then the 20B9 will turn into the Indian Rupee Symbol. 
  • Unicode: It is especially available for the Indian Rupee Symbol. In Unicode, you have to click the U + 20B9.
  • Non-Unicode: You have to download the Rupee Symbol font which is specially made for adding the Indian Rupee Symbol.
  1. 4
    Type Indian Rupee Symbol by using keyboard Short Code

You have to type the left side Alt Key + 8377 on the numeric pad. The symbol ₹ will then appear on your screen. 

  1. 5
    Type Indian Rupee Symbol by using Charmap 

It is one of the best ways to add the symbol. In this tip, you have to use the Character Map, which is a Windows utility to use the different types of characters that are already installed in the system.

How to type Indian Rupee Symbol in MS Word

Here are steps that you have to follow:

  • Click on the Window Search. 
  • Type the Charmap in the search box. 
  • You can also use Window Run to open the Charmap. You have to type Charmap and need to click on the Run button. 
  • Choose the “Font”. The font has to be: Arial, Times News Roman, Tahoma, or Vedanta. 
  • Tap on the “Advance View Option” 
  • Go to Unicode Box and type 20B9. Indian Rupee Symbol will be highlighted in the box. 
  • Double click on the New Indian Rupee Symbol. 
  • You can check Characters to Copy box.
  • You have to copy the Indian Rupee Symbol, and it will be copied in the Computer’s Memory. 
  • Click on Ctrl + V to paste whenever you want the symbol to be pasted. 

What to do when Unicode Rupee Symbol does not appear?

In some cases it can happen that the unicode rupee symbol does not appear. A wrong symbol may appear instead of the Indian rupee symbol. This means that there is no Unicode enabled on your computer. In this case, you must enable Indic language support to type in the Indian language.

How to type Indian Rupee Symbol in HTML?

It is important for bloggers or website developers to add the Rupee Symbol in the HTML. You can use the Unicode Indian Rupee Symbol. In this method, you have to use HTML code &#8377. This is the easiest way to add the rupee symbol.  


There are many people who still use the image of the symbol. However, this image of the rupee is not an official way of typing the Indian rupee symbol. You don’t need to take any extra effort if you do the steps that are covered by us. It is used in MS Word, MS Excel, and HTML. 

We hope you find the article informative that consists of all the official ways to add the symbol in the MS Office. 


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