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9 Ways to Improve Beard Health (Updated 2020)

There comes a time in every man’s life when his facial hair starts to cover up his face.

But for some this phase is too slow or their facial hair doesn't cover their face properly and gives them a shabby appearance. Having a face full of a luscious beard is a privilege only a few us have genetically. 

That is why in this article you will find all the tips and tricks that you can do to get that lumberjack beard.

All the tips and tricks that you will find about beards in the world can be categorized as routine beard and health care or some clinical or extreme methods.

Though a natural appearance is the most beautiful one, on the other hand, one should always look their best. 

So let’s get to it and start with the things you can start doing right now or in the comfort of your home!

Improve Beard Health

1. Let it Grow!

Just let your beard grow. There is not an easier thing to do than to just let the body do its job and let the beard grow for a significant amount of time.

Even if you find that your beard is pretty patchy at the moment, once you start growing it, more and more of your hair follicles will open up and your beard will take a better shape.

Growing your beard also has a benefit for patchy beards is that the patches are covered by the long hairs which give the beard a fuller appearance.

So just hide your trimmer and let your beard grow on its natural course. DO NOT shave off your beard because your friends told you that it will grow faster.

Let it Grow

That is not the case. First of all, if you shave a patchy beard without proper care there are more chances of cuts. Secondly shaving your beard does not let it grow faster. It makes them blunt by shaving off the ends which makes you think that they’re thicker.

2. Nutrition

A healthy body produces a healthy beard. Keep your body healthy and maintain fitness. As, if your body is in a healthy state then your beard will grow much faster.

However, there are certain foods that you can eat, which will boost your beard growth and give you shiny and thicker hair.

Foods that are rich in iron help in the growth of facial hair.


Protein is a great macronutrient for your whole body, and as it turns out, it works wonders when it comes to beards as well. So try to keep your protein intake as best as you can for a healthy beard and a healthy lifestyle.

Vitamins specifically Vitamin B7, B3, B5, B9, C and Vitamin A contribute to a large extent to hair health all over the body. Vitamin B7 also known as Biotin, is scientifically proven to increase beard growth and you can even supplement this as well, but do have a chat with your doctor first.

As a rule of thumb, all-natural and organic foods are good for you but these foods are of additional interest to you if you want to increase the size of your beard:

  • Chicken, Eggs, Fish turkey, beef, mutton, ducks, salmon
  • Milk, Cheese, Yoghurt
  • Spinach, Broccoli, Cabbage, Lettuce, Kale, sprouts
  • Walnuts, almonds, flaxseed, peanuts, cashews, pumpkin seed, pistachios
  • Avocado, pineapple, kiwi, apples, oranges, strawberries, papaya, pomegranate, lime

3. Quit Smoking

As if you needed another reason to quit smoking, here it is. The study has found that one many ill-effects of smoking is that it directly affects the health of your hair and it slows hair growth.

Smoking regularly can make your hair thinner and may even cause hair to fall. It hinders proper blood circulation to the hair follicles.

Smoking speeds up the aging process, and no that doesn't mean faster beard growth. Smoking has a direct correlation to your testosterone levels.

 It reduces your testosterone level which is important for healthy hair growth in men. Other effects of smoking on hair include, it kills your appetite, and your taste buds, so you eat less of the vitamin and protein-rich foods.

Quit Smoking

4. Rest Well

Now this one is easy. Sleep. Sleep at least for 6 to 8hours a day for a healthy beard. Not getting enough sleep causes testosterone to drop in your body.

On top of that by not giving the body enough time to rest, you are not giving it time to regenerate your energy and hormone levels.

Rest Well

5. Less Stress

Everything comes around to testosterone when it comes to beard growth, so you can see how important it is. Stress also affects the testosterone levels of your body.

Stress slows your beard growth rate. It also drops down its quality. Stress is a real beard killer. So for a healthier beard, keep your stress levels low. Do whatever you can to lay off some steam and chill.

Go for traditional methods such as morning walk or jogging, meditation, taking part in your hobbies, hanging out with friends and family.

Less Stress

6. Pumping Iron

Everyone should exercise of maintaining their fitness levels. But gymming specifically has quite an effect on your beard. It has been proven that working out in a gym increases the growth rate of your beard and keeps your skin glowing.

Working out with heavyweight and sweating while burning the fat makes your testosterone level skyrocketing, well not quite, but out of all other methods, working out has the best effect in increasing your testosterone and as a result, give you a better beard.

It enhances blood flow and oxygen levels and also increases your vitamin, protein and other nutrient intake capacity. So in short working out will make you sexy and you know it.

7. Beard Care

Take good care of your beard. I know you may think this is just the opposite of leaving your beard alone but it’s not. While you are in the process of letting your beard grow to its full potential, you must always take care of your beard. You can take care of your beard in the following ways:

  • Moisturize Your Beard: Buy a good beard oil or moisturizer. Eucalyptus oil or essence is known for increasing beard growth so buy a product that contains eucalyptus extract and use it regularly on your beard to keep shiny and nourished.
  • Condition your beard: Just like the hair on your head, you should shampoo and condition your beard as well especially if your beard is longer than half inches. It helps you in avoiding coarse and poky beard and keeps it soft and supple.
  • Exfoliate your beard: Use a good scrubbing gel to exfoliate your face and beard twice a week. Exfoliation gets rid of all the dead skin on your face and the roots of your beard and opens up your hair follicles. It also helps in avoiding ingrown hairs.
  • Comb/ Brush your Beard: You should brush your hair with a comb or a beard brush whose bristles are soft. It increases the flow of blood in your root and keeps your beard growth in the desired direction to some extent.
  • Massage your beard and face: Massage your face twice a day. This increases blood flow in your hair follicles and promotes healthy hair growth.

Apart from these tips, there are some other things you can do as well to guarantee faster beard growth.

Know about Rogaine

Rogaine, also known as Minoxidil. It is a compound which is most commonly used to prevent hair fall and male pattern baldness. 

But in recent years many doctors and dermatologists have been recommending for beard hair growth.

It increases the levels of testosterone and DHT in the body which affects majorly in beard growth.

As with any chemical product, Rogaine should be used after proper consultation from your dermatologist.

Know about Rogaine

Get yourself a Hair Transplant

If everything else fails, this is your final option. But the good thing is that it always works. Just like the hair transplant on your head, beard hair transplant is also a thing and it has been done by individuals all over the world.

Hair transplant can be don’t if you have nominal or no hair on your face or if you have a vastly patchy beard. Hear transplant being a medical option, is the most expensive option from the list. If you decide that you want to get a hair transplant to consult your doctor, but find a good one.

A good doctor will always ask you about how many options have you tried. Some many people and celebrities have transformed their appearance with a new beard with the help of a hair transplant. 

So there you go, these are all the tips and tricks you can do to grow your beard faster. Although there is one tip which is the most effective of them all, and that is patience.

Whatever step you are doing or whatever remedy you are applying, the most important thing is to have patience throughout the process and you will see results.

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