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All the Best Microsoft Excel Keyboard Shortcuts (2020)

Working on Microsoft Excel is a part of most of our lives. No matter which field you work in, you will use Excel at some point.

Fortunately, Excel lets you control all the actions like navigation, formatting, editing and more all through the keyboard. Here, we’ve compiled a list of all the shortcuts you will need in excel.

All the Best Microsoft Excel Keyboard Shortcuts - 001-min

Workbook And Worksheet Actions

Let’s jump right into our first category- Workbook and worksheet shortcuts, which let you efficiently operate your workbooks/worksheets and get assistance if needed.

File Shortcuts


Create a new workbook

Ctrl + N 

Open saved/existing workbook

Ctrl + O

Save a workbook

Ctrl + S

Open β€œSave As” dialog box


Print preview/ Open the print window

Ctrl + F2

Print document

Ctrl + P

Close current workbook

Ctrl + F4

Close Excel

Alt + F4



Expand/collapse the ribbon

Ctrl + F1

Activate access keys


Move to the next ribbon control


Activate/Open the selected control


Confirm the control change


Get help




Insert new worksheet

Shift + F11

Go to the next sheet

Ctrl + PgDn

Go to the Previous sheet

Ctrl + PgUp

Go to next workbook

Ctrl + tab

Go to the last workbook

Ctrl + Shift + Tab

Minimize current workbook

Ctrl + F9

Maximize current workbook

Ctrl + F10

Toggle fullscreen

Ctrl + Shift + F1

General Shortcuts

These are shortcuts that come handy when working within the worksheet. These include common keyboard shortcuts to alter the content in the active worksheet.



Open options

Alt + F + T

Open help tab


Undo the previous action

Ctrl + Z

Redo the previous action

Ctrl + Y

Repeat the last action


Copy data of selected cell

Ctrl + C

Cut selected cell

Ctrl + X

Paste clipboard content

Ctrl + V

Open the Paste Special dialog box

Ctrl + Alt + V

Display Find and Replace dialog box

Ctrl + F

Replace found item from Find and Replace dialog box

Ctrl + H

Find the next match

Shift + F4

Find the previous match

Ctrl + Shift + F4

Tables and Filter


Insert table

Ctrl + T

Toggle autofilter

Ctrl + Shift + L

Select a row in the table

Shift + Space

Select a column in the table

Ctrl + Space

Select table

Ctrl + A

Activate filter

Alt + πŸ ‹

Toggle between table rows

Ctrl + Shift + T

Grid operations


Show Insert dialog box/insert rows/insert columns

Ctrl + Shift + +

Show Delete option/delete rows/delete columns

Ctrl + -

Delete the content of the selected cell


Zoom in

Ctrl + Alt + +

Zoom out

Ctrl + alt + -

Navigation and Selection

In a densely populated excel sheet, scrolling with the mouse to reach your desired cell can take a lot of time. This is why navigation shortcuts are very useful for moving within a cell or worksheet. We will also see how you can simplify your selections with quick keyboard shortcuts.



Move one cell to the right


Move one cell to the left


Move one cell up

πŸ ‰

Move one cell down

πŸ ‹

Move worksheet one page to the right

Alt + PgDn

Move worksheet one page to the left

Alt + PgUp

Move worksheet one screen down


Move worksheet one screen up


Jump to the right edge of populated cells

Ctrl + 🠊

Jump to the left edge of populated cells

Ctrl + 🠈

Jump to the top of populated cells

Ctrl + πŸ ‰

Jump to the bottom of populated cells

Ctrl + πŸ ‹

Jump to the beginning of row


Navigate directly to the last cell in the worksheet

Ctrl + End

Navigate directly to the first cell in the worksheet

Ctrl + Home

Turn End mode ON/OFF


Go back to the hyperlink

Ctrl + G + Enter

Selection and Special Select


Select the entire row

Shift + Space

Select the entire column

Ctrl + Space

Select the entire worksheet

Ctrl + A

Move right between non-adjacent selections

Ctrl + Alt + 🠊

Move left between non-adjacent selections

Ctrl  + Alt + 🠈

Lock current group of selected cells

Shift + F8

Cancel the selection


Open the β€œGo To” dialog box

Ctrl + G

Select all the cells that contain comments

Ctrl + Shift + O

Select current region

Ctrl + A

Select current array

Ctrl + /

Select row differences

Ctrl +

Select column differences

Ctrl + Shift + |

Select only the visible cells

Alt + ;

Select only the active cell

Shift + Backspace

Display the active cell on the worksheet

Ctrl + Backspace

Move the active cell up


Move the active cell down

Shift + Enter

Move active cell to the right


Move active cell to the left

Shift + Tab

Extend Selection


By one cell to the right

Shift + 🠊

By one cell to the left

Shift + 🠈

By one cell up

Shift + πŸ ‰

By one cell down

Shift + πŸ ‹

To the rightmost cell

Ctrl + Shift + 🠊

To the leftmost cell

Ctrl + Shift + 🠈

To the last cell up

Ctrl + Shift + πŸ ‰

To the last cell down

Ctrl + Shift + πŸ ‹

By one screen

Shift + PgUp

By one screen

Shift + PgDn

To the right by one screen

Alt + Shift + PgUp

To the left by one screen

Alt + Shift + PgDn

To the start of a row

Shift + Home

To the first cell in the worksheet

Ctrl + Shift + Home

To the last cell in the worksheet

Ctrl + Shift + End

Turn Extended mode ON/OFF


Editing And Entering Data

You can use the below editing shortcuts to manipulate cells, rows or columns

Edit Cell


Edit the active cell


Insert or edit a cell comment

Shift + F2

Cancel selected entry


Select one character toward the right in an active cell

Shift + 🠊

Select one character toward the right in an active cell

Shift + 🠈

Move one word to the right

Ctrl + 🠊

Move one word to the left

Ctrl + 🠈

Select one word to the right

Ctrl + Shift + 🠊

Select one word to the left

Ctrl + Shift + 🠈

Select till the beginning of the cell

Shift + Home

Select till the end of the cell

Shift + End

Delete to the end of line

Ctrl + Delete

Delete characters to the left of cursor


Delete characters to the left of cursor


Start a new line within the same cell

Alt + Enter

Populating Data


Complete entry and stay in the current cell

Ctrl + Enter

Enter the same data in multiple cells

Ctrl + Enter

Insert the current date

Ctrl + ;

Insert current time

Ctrl + Shift + :

Fill down from the above cell

Ctrl + D

Fill right from the left cell

Ctrl + R

Copy the formula from the cell above

Ctrl + ’

Copy a value from the cell above

Ctrl + Shift + ”

Add a hyperlink

Ctrl + K

Display the AutoComplete list

Alt + πŸ ‹

Enable flash fill (automatically fill patterned data)

Ctrl + E


Need to optimize your worksheet with distinct formatting? Excel lets you format specific cells/rows/columns, add/remove number formatting and also lets you do complex scientific calculations.

General Formatting


Format anything

Ctrl + 1

Displays format cells dialog

Ctrl + Shift + F

Apply/Remove bold formatting

Ctrl + B

Apply/Remove italics formatting

Ctrl + I

Apply/Remove underscoring

Ctrl + U

Apply/Remove strikethrough

Ctrl + 5

Center alignment

Alt + H + A + C

Left alignment

Alt + H + A + L

Right alignment

Alt + H + A + R

Apply indent

Alt + H + 6

Remove indent

Alt + H + 5

Increase font size by one step

Ctrl + H + FG

Decrease font size by one step

Ctrl + H + FK

Number Formatting


General formatting

Ctrl + Shift + ~

Percentage formatting

Ctrl + Shift + %

Currency formatting

Ctrl + Shift + $

Scientific formatting

Ctrl + Shift + ^

Date formatting

Ctrl + Shift + #

Time formatting

Ctrl + Shift + @

Apply number formatting

Ctrl + Shift + !



Toggle between absolute and relative references

Autosum selected cells

Alt + =

Toggle formulas

Ctrl + `

Calculate worksheets


Expand/Collapse the formula bar

Ctrl + Shift + U

Define name

Ctrl + F3

Accept options with autocomplete


Border Formatting


Add a border outline

Ctrl + Shift + &

Add/remove right border

Alt + R

Add/remove the left border

Alr + L

Add/Remove top border

Alt + T

Add/Remove bottom border

Alt + B

Add/Remove horizontal interior border

Alt + H

Add/Remove vertical interior border

Alt + V

Remove borders

Ctrl + Shift + _

Dialog Boxes And Other Useful Shortcuts

Dialog Box


Move to the next control


Move to the previous control

Shift + Tab

Move to next tab

Ctrl + Tab

Move to the last tab

Ctrl + Shift + tab

Check/uncheck boxes








Open spelling


Open thesaurus

Shift + 7

Open VBA editor

Alt + F11

Duplicate an object

Ctrl + D

Snap to grid


Show/Hide objects

Ctrl + 6

Right-Click menu

Shift + F10

Display control menu

Alt + Space


Many of these keyboard shortcuts will intuitively come to you when you start using them often. Learning some of them can not only improve your control in the worksheet but also make you more proficient over time.

Since some shortcuts are understandably hard to remember, you can always refer to this list as your personal guide.


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