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Top 12 Best Beard Growth Oils in India

Edited By Vaishali, Reviewed By Deeksha

Looking for the best beard growth oil in India?

Great! You have come to the right place as we bring forth a list of the leading names that are ruling this industry since the past few years.

The clean shaven look no longer garners attention and it is the beard that is enjoying all the limelight.

Highly versatile and easy to adapt, beard can completely change a man’s face.

Whether you are looking for completely new look or just trying to draw attention, here's the beardo hair growth oil list we have for you.

Most men believe, a trim would be perfect to keep their beard in place. But, the reality is it tends to become shabby, rough and often unmanageable if not taken care of.

Best Beard Growth Oils in India

A great product that can be used for maintaining those lovely facial locks is beard oil. Packed with excellent conditioning agents such as argan oil, jojoba oil, and grapeseed oil, it is often mixed with essential oils to make the perfect grooming product.

In case you have any particular medical conditions regarding both its always best to consult a dermatologist. Otherwise simply knowing that you are not allergic to any of the constituents of the beardo oil should suffice for you.

Before you make the final purchase decision regarding the beard oil for men, you need to consider the following factors which are discussed in detail in our buyer's guide which follows the top ten list:

  • Application is easy- Often there are specific application procedures for the different types of beard oils. You need to choose one that is really easy. Also, the norm for beard oils is that you are looking for something oil rather than a gel.
  • The container type- Ideally you want a glass bottle with a special dropper at the top for your beard oil not to mention the application procedure being printed on the same. This will help in ensuring that you apply the right amount of beard oil in the right way with the chance of plastic associated elements from harming your skin.
  • The price- Of course, all of you can’t really afford all of the beard oils out there. You ideally want a beard oil that does an effective job while at the same time meeting most of the criteria we have mentioned in the above lines.

So, you can try the beardo oil as natural grooming products and feel the difference right away. Finally, if you have made up your mind to get hold of beard oil, here’s a list of the top 10 best beard oils in India. Find out a little bit about them and then make your choice.

We Highly recommend you to read the Beard Oil Buying Guide at the end of this article to get in-depth knowledge about the latest bear oils tips on making an informed decision about which product to buy for your needs 🙂

Top 12 Best Beard Oils in India (2022)

Although my favorite among all is Glowsik Beard Oil for Growing Beard and Moo but you must check all of them to make your buying decision.

1. UrbanGabru Beard Oil

UrbanGabru Beard Oil


  • Promotes beard growth
  • Made with great natural oils
  • Prevents itching

UrbanGabru Beard oil is a wonderful concoction prepared with amazing oils such as argan oil, sunflower oil, jojoba oil, almond oil, and orange oil.

All these natural ingredients are known to give amazing results. They not only help to maintain the shine on your beard, but they also promote healthy hair growth.

If you are really looking forward to growing a great beard, this oil can come handy. It has a mild fragrance and acts as a cologne as well.

Besides, UrbanGabru Beard Oil is known to keep your beard smooth and shiny for longer. It completely avoids the messy look and conditions the skin and hair perfectly.

And if you worry about allergies, it is good to know that this product is completely sulfate-free. Its lightweight formula ensures that you feel light throughout the day and doesn’t leave behind greasy residues after application. So, if you wish to sport a healthy beard, here’s a product that can help you.


  • Conditions and nourishes beard
  • Gives smooth and shiny looking beard
  • Flip-top for easy application


  • Tingling sensation after application
  • Frequent re-application required to maintain hydration

2. Bombay Shaving Company Beard Growth Oil for Men, 30 ml

Bombay Shaving Company Beard Growth Oil For Men, 30 ml


  • Promotes the healthy growth of your beard or moustache
  • Helps to keep your beard free from fuzz and gets rid of patchy beard
  • Suitable for types of skin
  • Provides consistent nourishment for your skin
  • Light formulation

If you have been encountering skin and hair issues in your attempt to grow a beard or a moustache then this is the best beard growth oil in India, you were looking for.

It contains oils that supplement the functions of natural hair and skin oils helping you grow healthy and manageable bread fast.

In fact, faster than the typical hair oil or serum that you will find out there in the market.

This product also ensures that the growth of your facial hair is consistent across your face.

The beardo beard growth oil is a natural blend of 4 essential oils and vetiver and is really useful in making your facial hair strong. Rashes and acne are also reduced thanks to the enhanced flow of blood to the hair follicles.

It is an indispensable ally in fighting off beardruff and serves to ensure that your beard retains moisture. This product is suitable for all types of skin.


  • Formulation really helps to grow better beards
  • Quality product
  • Great smell


  • A little bit greasy

3. BeardHood Café Valentino Beard Oil

Beardhood Cafe Valentino Hair Oil


  • A perfect blend of various essential oils
  • Enhances hair growth
  • Keeps skin hydrated and nourished
  • Great product for all types of beards

Prepared with an amazing blend of carrier and essential oils, BeardHood Café Valentino Beard Oil is an amazing product that will make you look and feel good throughout the day.

Exuding the rich aroma of fresh coffee, this beard oil has been enriched with jojoba oil, olive oil, argan oil, rice bran oil etc.

This beardo oil has a number of essential oils that help to promote beard growth.

Apply the oil twice daily and notice the difference in a few days

BeardHood offers one of the best Bread growth oil in India, and most importantly it very cost effective. 


  • Exudes fresh aroma of coffee
  • Nourishing product
  • High-quality cameras


  • No product description on the bottle, only on the box
  • Not ideal if you like mild fragrances

4. Glowsik Beard Oil for Growing Beard and Mooch

Glowsik Beard Oil for Growing Beard and Mooch


  • Great for burling beards
  • Say goodbye to itchy, scratchy beards
  • Completely organic and natural
  • Makes the beard more manageable, frizz-free, soft and smooth
  • Single application effect lasts the whole day

If you seek to have a quality beard oil experience then this beard oil which reminds you of Viking beards, by the way, is what you were looking for.

The oil features a special all-natural formulation and is well suited for all of the different types of beards out there irrespective of length and color which makes them best oil for beard growth in India.

Irrespective of whether you are savvy urbanite or like your beard to regale in the wind as you zip through in your bike, this oil will surely protect and condition your beard.

Glowsik Beard Oil will help in ensuring that your beard remains a symbol of strength and shines with health.

With it you are sure to have a beard that’s both sleek as well as stylish. Glowsik beardo beard growth oil helps to make your beard free from fizz, make it smooth as well as manageable.

Just a few drops of this oil are enough to moisturize both your beard as well as the underneath skin.


  • Exceptional quality beard oil
  • A pretty good quantity of oil
  • Works like a charm
  • Great value for money
  • Non-sticky and good fragrance


  • None

5. The Man Company Beard Oil

The Man Company 100_ Natural Smoothening Beard Oil -Argan _ Geranium Hair Oil (30 ml)


  • Excellent product for normal to rough beard
  • Enriched with Vitamin E
  • Dropper cap eases application
  • Perfect for growing fuller, manly beard

Not everyone has perfect beard growth and a lot of people complain about difficulties faced to maintain the beard.

The Man Company Beard Oil is an ideal product for all those who are worried about their beard growth.

This nourishing and hydrating product not only makes you feel great but also ensures healthy growth.

It is suitable for all kinds of beards, whether it is rough, dry, dull, damaged or normal.There are two varieties of this product that you can choose from.

The almond oil and thyme beard oil specifically caters to people who want to grow the perfect beard.

The other variety has argan oil and geranium as its main ingredients and is perfect for maintaining a shiny beard. Apart from the key ingredients, the oils are prepared with a healthy concoction of rosemary, lemon, hazelnut oil, jojoba oil and enriched with Vitamin EIt is ideal for rejuvenating beard growth.


  • Rejuvenates skin cells and promotes growth
  • Gives thicker beard growth


  • Strong fragrance
  • May not be suitable for acne-prone skin




  • Facilitates growing your beard
  • No more feeling of itch and scratch in your beard
  • 100% organic and natural
  • Helps to keep the beard manageable
  • Helps keep beardruff at bay

This is the best beardo oil need if you have been somewhat struggling to grow that stubble or beard that will attract the envy of others.

This might happen with the facial hair not growing fully due to several reasons.

This best beard oil for men works its magic through its special formulation that facilitates the growth of facial hair and comes with all the necessary nutrients.

This beardo oil further helps you in getting rid of beardruff and makes up for an excellent looking and feeling beard.

Constituted by 1000% natural and organic ingredients this oil is an almost perfect formulation of ingredients that give you a great beard.

Not only that, but this is also the best mustache growth oil that helps you to make your beard and mustache more manageable than ever before.


  • Completely natural and organic
  • Good for all beard lengths
  • Really improves the appearance and quality of your beard
  • Safe for the skin


  • Authentic product hard to come by

7. Brahma Bull Beard Growth Oil

Brahma Bull Beard Growth Oil Hair Oil


  • Utilizes argan oil, coconut oil, and lemongrass oil as active ingredients
  • Promotes beard growth
  • Enriched with Vitamin B and E

Brahma Bull Beard Growth Oil is another great product that is worth trying. It stimulates hair growth and evenly penetrates the roots of the hair follicle.

Therefore, it is counted among the best beard oil in india.

The active ingredients in this oil constitute argan oil, lemongrass oil, coconut oil, and rosemary. It is enriched with Vitamins B and E.

The dropper cap makes it easy to apply and you can simply take 2 to 3 drops on the palms of your hand and rub it on your beard.

The hair follicles are nourished in this way and it restores blood circulation to the roots of your beard, thereby facilitating better hair growth.


  • Easy to apply with dropper cap
  • Hydrating and nourishing product
  • Great combination of essential oils
  • Packaged in an amber glass bottle


  • Expensive product

8. Ustraa Mooch Beard Growth Oil

Ustraa By Happily Unmarried Mooch Beard Oil


  • Good quality nourishing product
  • Gives shiny beard
  • Keeps beard-ruff away

Ustraa Beard Growth Oil is a multipurpose oil. It not only facilitates beard growth but also helps you to maintain a stylish moustache.

It's woody smell is very pleasant and is perfect for gentlemen. It is a rich oil packed with Vitamins A, B, D and E.

Prepared with a lovely concoction of wheatgerm oil and cedarwood essential oil, this product is ideal for bringing back the shine to your lackluster beard.

With great reviews, ustraa beard oil is a great hydrating product and will leave your skin and hair shiny and soft.

Ustraa beard oil is free from Paraben and SLS, making it a natural product which is free from harmful chemicals.

Ustraa beard oil is recommended to use the oil twice a day for getting that lustrous beard.


  • Free from harmful chemicals
  • Helps maintain shiny beard


  • Strong fragrance
  • No dropper cap for easy application

9. Beardo Godfather Lite Beard and Mustache Oil

Beardo Godfather


  • Enriched with castor oil, almond oil, Vitamin E and aloe vera
  • Mildly fragrant and works as a natural cologne
  • Promotes hair growth

If you are looking for a formula that will turn your lackluster beard shiny and healthy, opt for Beardo Godfather Lite Beard and Mustache Oil.

This beard oil provides deep nourishment and is enriched with Vitamin E, olive oil and aloe vera extracts.

It also has some wonderful ingredients like castor oil and almond oil, which aids faster hair growth.

This Beardo oil is light and can be easily applied after a cleaning ritual.

Simply wash your face and beards properly, dab a few drops on your palm and gently massage the beard from the roots to the tips.

When it comes to the best beard growth oil in India, Beardo Godfather Lite Beard and Mustache Oil is highly recommended beard oil for beard growth. This beardo hair growth oil has no side effects and it is the best product on amazon with great reviews on beardo oil. 


  • Gives healthy and shiny beard
  • Uses excellent ingredients like castor oil and almond oil
  • Dropper for easy application


  • Uses preservatives to increase shelf life
  • Slightly expensive

10. TruMen Beard Growth Oil

Trumen Beard oil Beard Growth Oil From TruMen


  • Made with jojoba and grapeseed oil
  • Promotes healthy beard growth
  • Itch-free formula

Growing a beard is not an easy task, especially if you are looking for the thick and soft beard.

TruMen Beard Growth Oil enhances beard growth, keeps the skin itch-free and prevents beard dandruff to a large extent.

It is a chemical-free formula and therefore, great for your skin.

Infused with jojoba oil and grapeseed oil, it also contains Vitamin E, which is known to rejuvenate our skin and hair.

It is suitable for all hair types and applying just a few drops every day can work wonders for you.


  • Chemical-free product
  • Keeps beard soft, neat and clean


  • The bottle is not user-friendly
  • Slightly expensive

11. Spruce Shave Club Advanced Beard Growth Oil

Spruce Shave Club Advanced Beard Growth Oil


  • It tames unruly beard hair and makes it manageable
  • Onion extract in the oil reduces thinning of beard hair
  • Vitamin E nourishes and hydrates your beard
  • Suitable for every type and length of beard
  • Increases the shine and softness of your beard

The advanced Spruce Shave Club Beard Oil is packed with excellent natural oils that boost the growth of your beard hair and maintain it at the same time.

It offers an all-in-one solution for your beard by stimulating beard hair growth, keeping bacteria at bay, and hydrating your strands for a healthier appearance. 

Red onion extract is the key ingredient of the Spruce Shave Club Beard Oil.

Naturally, red onions are known for their antibacterial and antioxidant properties that are good for beard growth.

Onions have been known to stimulate hair growth for centuries.

By getting infused with essential oils like Almond, Jojoba, Coconut, and Argan amongst many others, this beard growth oil speeds the process of beard growth naturally. Along with the protection of your strands, it also keeps your chin hydrated and healthy. 

Managing an unruly beard hair is another problem in the list of beard problems.

This oil is infused with nourishing oils that penetrate deep into your strands to give them a boost of hydration. This ultimately prevents breakages that damage your beard hair and affect its growth without the use of any harmful chemicals like parabens or sulfates.

The beard growth oil will make your beard soft and smooth with the help of its natural ingredients that nourish your strands with the required nutrients. Other problems that affect the quality of your beard, like thinning and dandruff, will be eliminated with the powerful natural oils in this solution. 

The oil comes with every premium quality feature that you can think of, at an affordable price. The bottle is light and handy for carrying in your bag at all times. No matter where you go, the oil will keep your beard moisturized in all types of weather conditions.

It attacks the patches of your beard to stimulate growth from the beard hair follicles. The result will always be a complete and fuller beard that’ll only grow longer with passing days.


  • Made with essential oils
  • Chemical-free solution
  • Controls beard hair loss
  • Minimizes thinning
  • Absence of unpleasant smell of onion


  • The oil may feel slightly sticky to some users

12. Muuchstac Herbal Beard Growth Oil

Muuchstac Herbal Beard Growth Oil


  • 100% Ayurvedic ingredients
  • Contains Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Cedarwood Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, and Virgin Coconut Oil
  • Good for adding volume to the beard
  • Fills the patches in the beard for a complete looking appearance
  • Keeps beard hair soft and frizz-free

Muuchstac Herbal Beard Growth oil is the perfect comprehensive solution for beard problems.

With its natural ingredients, it keeps your skin and beard free from chemicals like Sulphate that strips the moisture off of your beard, and gives it a hydrated and fuller appearance. 

Problems of patchy beard hair and slow growth are effectively handled by the essential oils in this solution which improves the blood circulation and growth of beard hair follicles in your skin under the beard. 

The application process is quick and hassle-free. 

At night, cleanse your face properly and take about 6 drops of oil on your palm. Gently apply and massage your beard and the area beneath it. You must allow your skin to absorb the oil throughout the night for the best results. The oil has the following ingredients infused to give your beard all the pampering that it needs. 

  • Virgin Coconut Oil: The skin on your face acts as a foundation for your beard. Nourishing and moisturizing it will result in a fuller and manageable beard. Virgin coconut oil is made by organic procedures. It keeps your skin hydrated to provide a base for healthy and faster beard growth. 
  • Sweet Almond Oil: Almond oil contains a high amount of vitamin E that keeps your beard moisturized. The other elements like zinc, potassium, proteins, and monosaturated fatty acids keep your beard free from dandruff, irritation, or inflammation that causes redness. 
  • Jojoba Oil: It is primarily used for stimulating beard hair growth. The oil keeps your beard hydrated which leads to less breakage or beard hair fall. This gives you the longer and complete beard that you’ve been dreaming of. 
  • Cedarwood Oil: This oil acts as an antiseptic for your beard to protect it during your grooming sessions. It reduces cuts and gives a fresh fragrance to your beard for a better appeal. 
  • Eucalyptus Oil: It triggers the growth of beard hair in every part that contains hair follicles on your skin beneath the beard. The oil improves the circulation and flow of blood in that area to stimulate the growth of a healthier beard on your face.


  • Gives the ease of beard hair manageability
  • Keeps the beard soft
  • Made of organic oils
  • Keeps skin irritations and infections at bay
  • Non-greasy formulation


  • It may take time to show results

Buyer's Guide: How to Purchase Best Beard Oils

Growing a beard certainly comes with its share of responsibility. You cannot simply let it grow. In order to reach its full potential, you need to invest a considerable amount of time and care into your special accessory. It also takes a great deal of passion to cultivate the right kind of growth.

Now, if you are absolutely sure about taking the ride and have already hopped on to the boat, here’s your chance to learn more about beard oils. You should choose a castor oil for beard growth. But, before you choose to buy a best beard oil for beard growth in India, there are some things that you must keep in mind.

Reasons for Buying Beard Oil

Most men have this question all the time, like how to increase beard growth? Does beard oil really works?

Your beard definitely deserves the best treatment. Therefore, it becomes absolutely necessary to invest in a product that is ideal for your skin and hair growth. The beard oil is basically a composition of oils. So, it is necessary to find out the composition of oils used in your brand.

Search more about the quality of products sold by the manufacturer, look into the brand reputation and also check their adherence to cosmetic regulations. Once you are satisfied with the brand, check the application procedure. Find out if it is easy to use, whether it has a dropper cap or not and finally look for the pricing.

While some products are quite expensive, there is no need to buy the most exclusive product in the market. Try to settle for one that has a good quality and is available for a reasonable price. Let’s now take a deeper look at the various points that you must consider before buying the best beard products in India.

Factors to Consider in before buying the Beard Oil in India:

  • Oil Composition:

You are going to use the beard oil on your skin and therefore, you have to understand that whatever comes in contact with your face must be of the highest quality. To start off, understand your skin and hair type.

If you are allergic to any specific component or an oil used in the beard oil, the results can be quite disappointing.So, if you have any specific skin condition, consult your dermatologist first before applying any beard oil.

To choose the best beard oil in India, you need to get hold of an oil composition that works perfectly for you. Try to find out if your beard is itchy, lacks shine, is greasy or looks stiff. Based on your answers to these questions, you have to look for a base and carrier oil composition.

Beard oils with jojoba or grapeseed oil are best for sensitive skin. Jojoba oil, in particular, is extremely mild and has very little probability of developing a rash or skin allergy.

Similarly, if you have dry skin and your beard looks dull and lackluster, choose a beard oil with argan oil. Another great ingredient used in some beard oils is apricot kernel oil.

It is known to prevent the effects of aging and reduces irritation to a large extent. And for those of you who have a smooth, flawless skin try the beard oils with sweet almond oil.

Another great ingredient that can make a difference to your beard is aloe vera. If you find a product with this ingredient, use it because aloe vera is the perfect ingredient for healing, moisturizing and softening hair as well as skin.

Carrier oils such as Hemp Seed Oil, Castor oil, Rice Bran Oil, Avocado Oil, Macadamia oil, sesame oil, olive oil, and even virgin coconut oil are used in many beard oils. All of them have nourishing qualities and are ideal for healthy beard growth. 

  • Know the Cosmetic Regulations:

There are certain rules and regulations that all cosmetic companies are supposed to adhere to. Unfortunately, not many pay attention to this feature and rather look at the brand or price of a product before finding out whether it is good for our skin or not.

Look for the certifications attesting safety and quality control. ISO certificates are the best indicators of a product’s goodness. If it receives an ISO certification, it simply means that the product has passed certain tests and conforms to the minimum safety standards set at international levels.

Apart from these, look for some other specific points on the packaging. These will be regarding the shelf life of the product, a clear list of ingredients used in the manufacturing process and also details of the manufacturing company.

Getting hold of the best beard products in India can be a costly affair and manufacturers tend to pass on the expenses to the customer. Naturally, a good quality product costs a little more than the others.

But, as a consumer, always be aware of your rights and make an aware decision to purchase a product that strictly adheres to quality standards. Try to find out respectable, healthy brands instead of any brand that gives you a similar product at a lower cost.

  • Understand the Application Procedure:

Another very important factor that will influence your buying decision is the application procedure. Always try to pick a product that is easy to use. The beard oil must not be too heavy and must be a light oil that is just perfect for a great texture.

Generally, if you are using a good quality beard oil, you need anywhere between 3 to 10 drops of oil depending on the length of your beard. Once you have applied the oil, your beard must be soft, moisturized, smooth, discreet and scented.

The best beard oil in India has a liquid texture which is more preferable than one which is closer in appearance to a gel. Lighter the oil, smoother will be the application and it will not make your beard greasy.

  • Scrutinize the Container:

The container will give you a fair idea about its ease of application. If it has a dropper attached to the cap, it will be easier to use and you can measure out the exact amount required. So, it saves a lot of time, effort as well as money.

As far as the container itself is concerned, try to find one packaged in a glass bottle. It not only increases the shelf life of your product but also prevents any harmful chemicals from a plastic container to seep into your skin.

  • Beard oil Review & Product Price:

One of the major factors that influence a buying decision is the price of a beard product in India. In most cases, we try to pick a product that fits our budget. While it may be a good financial decision, at times you need to be wiser and look for good quality products, especially if it is for your skin or body.

Never opt for a beard products in India just because it is the cheapest. Ideally, handmade beard oils with exotic ingredients will be the most expensive. However, there may be a few brands who offer good quality ingredients at a fair price.Try to opt for those brands. It is more likely that such brands will offer you a safe and sound product within your budget.

How to Use Beard Oil?

While most men do not wish to include a beard growing oil in their daily skincare regime, grooming experts believe it is one product that must find a way to your dresser if you are seriously looking to grow those beards. Just like your body, the face and facial hair needs to be cleaned, moisturized and taken care of.

So, the best time to apply it would be immediately after cleaning your face or after a shower.

Just add a few drops of oil to your palm and spread it evenly over your beard for that fresh feel throughout the day. In order to get the best result from your best beard growth oil in India, then rub the oil and massage your beard for a minute or so to allow the oil to completely seep through the skin pores.

If you have a long beard, don’t forget to comb it. Make sure that you coat each and every strand of your beard with the oil to get that perfect look.

It is also a great idea to apply beard oil just before going to sleep. Clean your face and beard and gently massage the oil. The skin will be regenerating when you are asleep and it will slowly absorb all the goodness from the oil, keeping your beard healthy and shiny.

However, if due to some reason, you are unable to wash your beard and it looks rough, apply some oil after brushing the beard. The brush will clean, detangle and evenly spread out the skin’s natural oil. None of the Hair oil have any side effects, especially beardo hair growth has no side effects.

Once you are done with it, take a few drops of beard oil and gently apply it from the roots to the tip of your beard.

Brush your beard once more to ensure even distribution and application. The beard is a projection of your personality and whether you choose a combination of the rugged and groomed look or stick with a French Fork, it is a great way to work on your appearance.

The beard not only makes you look manly, it also helps to hide skin blemishes effectively. So, whether you want it stylish or simple, they sure do need a lot of care.

Finding the right type of beard oil that suits your skin and beard hair is very important. By purchasing oil without doing appropriate research, you might end up buying a beard oil containing paraben, which can seriously damage the condition of your beard instead of improving it.

The comprehensive list of products in this article will surely help you in finding the right type of oil for your ‘growing’ and ‘grooming’ requirements. 

 In the table below, we have made the selection process easier for you by analyzing the top 3 products in this article. On considering the overall appeal of the products viz. their fragrance, composition, and reviews, we have summarized the benefits and advantages of the top 3 products which might be the best for your beard.


Urban Guru Beard Oil

Bombay Shaving Company Beard Growth Oil

Beard-Hood Cafe Valentino Beard Oil





Added Chemical Fragrance



Natural Fragrances - Patchouli Vetiver, Amber, and Musk


Good for sensitive skin




Number of oils




Name of oils

Argan, Sunflower, Jojoba, Coconut, Peppermint, Black Seed, Avocado, and Orange

Sesame seed, Jojoba, Gooseberry, and Brahmi herb oil

Rice Bran, Olive, Jojoba, and Argan


30 ml

30 ml

100 ml

Sulfates and Parabens




Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which oil is best for beard growth?

Onion oil found in various beard oils like, the Spruce Shave Club Advanced Oil is the best for beard growth. It is infused with zinc that targets your hair follicles beneath the beard to keep them healthy. These hair follicles stimulate the growth of a healthy and long beard that looks good on your face. In case of zinc deficiencies, your beard might start losing hair or appear dry and damaged. In such conditions, the onion extracts in the oil act as a saviour to maintain the unobstructed growth of beard hair in the required regions. The oil is a rich source of antioxidants, required vitamins for beard hair growth, and minerals. By regularly applying the onion oil onto your patchy beard, the antioxidants will stimulate blood flow in those areas which will ultimately lead to beard hair growth.

2. Do beard growth oils work?

Yes, beard growth oils are known to have effects that are visible in some weeks. Oils like Spruce Shave Club Advanced Beard Growth Oil, Urban Guru Beard Oil, and the others mentioned in this article have essential oils like argan, jojoba, onion, and olive, for stimulating beard hair growth. In addition to this, the internal well-being of your body plays a very important role in determining the rate of your beard growth. By continuously allowing the blood to flow through the required areas, these beard growth hair oils strengthen your strands. This reduces the breakage of beard hair and keeps your beard looking hydrated and healthy for a long period.

3. Which Beard Oil is best?

Bombay Shaving Company Beard Oil is the best beard oil in the market. It has a natural fragrance that gives a fresh feeling to your beard. The slightly intoxicating sweet notes of Patchouli Vetiver, earthy notes of Musk, and warm woody scent of Amber make it the perfect beard oil for everyday use. It comes with the goodness of essential oils like sesame, gooseberry, Brahmi, and jojoba to hydrate and nourish your beard hair.

4. Can Beard Oil grow a beard?

Beard oils are made with every required element that creates the conditions conducive to hair growth on your face. They remove the dead skin cells that obstruct your hair growth. By increasing the strength of your strands, they encourage your beard to grow faster and better. So, yes, bead oils do help in growing a beard.

5. How do I shape my beard?

Shaping your beard doesn’t require much effort. You can make use of beard oils to shape your beard for the day. Just ensure that the formulation of the oil isn’t sticky. The oils with sticky formulation are only good for application at night. Before shaping your beard, ensure that it’s clean and prepared for the steps that follow.

  1. 1
    Gently pat your beard dry with a clean towel to remove the additional moisture. However, don’t overdo it. 
  2. 2
    Once your beard is relatively dry, apply the beard hair oil. 
  3. 3
    Massage it for 2-3 minutes depending on the length of your beard. 
  4. 4
    Comb it into the style of your choice for the best results. 

6. How can I thicken my beard?

When the hair roots of your beard are damaged and dry, it tends to break easily. Also, your beard starts thinning due to the lack of nutrients in it. At such times, it is imperative to provide the right nourishment to your strands so that they grow in a fuller and complete manner. Regularly applying beard oils that are made with natural oils, could improve the quality of your beard. The pure oils deeply penetrate into your beard hair to enrich it with the goodness of required minerals and vitamins. With this, your beard appears thicker and better in a few weeks.

7. Can you fix a patchy beard?

Usually, men trim their beard to hide their patches using different styles and angles. Instead of this, you can try to gain your hair back by using beard growth oils. They attack the problematic areas of your skin to fight with the elements that are obstructing the growth of your beard. The oils infused with essential oils like argan, onion, and jojoba, stimulate the flow of blood in the patched areas. This creates the right atmosphere for the growth of beard hair in the areas that need it. The right beard oil contains a mixture of many oils because beard hair growth is stimulated by the combination of many factors.

8. Why can't I grow a beard?

Many internal factors are responsible for the slow or interrupted growth of facial hair. Genetics and testosterone level of your body is responsible for growing hair in different parts of your body. In case of any complications in these areas, you could face many difficulties in growing facial hair. Oils are one of the possible and most effective solutions for beard growth. It deals with the problems that interrupt the growth of your beard hair from their roots. It may take time for them to show results, but they stimulate the growth of the beard without creating any side effects on your body.

9. How long should you let your beard grow?

The length of your beard depends upon two factors:

  • Your preferences 
  • Availability of maintenance time

Growing a beard requires patience and commitment. On average, it takes around 2-6 months for growing a beard, depending on your health and other factors. So, you should let your beard grow long if you have the patience to maintain it well. However, there are plenty of grooming tips for short beards that look good. So, make your choice depending on your convenience and desire.

10. Can all men grow beards?

Not every man has the required favourable internal system for the optimum growth of facial hair. But generally speaking, everyone can try to create the right situations for the growth of a beard. To stimulate the growth of facial hair, make sure that you’re having a balanced meal every day. In this way, your body will receive the required nutrients for hair growth, internally. For external stimulation, you can apply beard growth natural oils on your chin and the surrounding areas to grow a beard.

Here is the List of Top 10  Best Beard Oils in India


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