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Top 10 Best Car Phone Holders in India

Edited By Piyush, Reviewed By Shashank

We are always in search of that one device which can make our car ride effortless and car phone holder is that special thing.

Using these car phone holders you can keep your phone in reach while driving. This amazing mobile accessory will let you stay connected with the world even when you are on the move.

The best part of having a phone mount is you don't have to feel distracted while driving you can perform all the tasks with an ease.

So here we are going to see some car phone mounts, which are easy to useworth spending money, can help you easily view directions, will let you answer the call and has some other additional features as well.

You can use these car phone holders to not just mount your usual smartphones but also your tablets. This simple gear can help you use all the features of your smartphone with comfort while driving the car. 

As there are many phone mounts available on the market, it is quite obvious for you to feel confused. So, here we have come up with the list of Top 10 best car phone holder in India, which will help you to check out some of the best phone holders of its kind.

car phone holders in India

We Highly recommend you to read the Car Phone Holder Buying Guide at the end of this article to get in-depth knowledge about latest car phone holder technologies and  tips on making an informed decision about which product to buy for your needs 🙂

Let's explore the list and have a look at the features along with the pros and cons of the Top 10 Best car phone holders in India.

Top 10 Best Car Phone Holders in India (2022)

Although my favorite among all is LifeProof Suction Car Phone Mount but you must check all of them to make your buying decision.

 1. LifeProof Suction Car Phone Mount

LifeProof Suction Car Phone Mount


  • Click and twist to remove the holder.
  • One can attach the phone in both portrait or landscape manner.
  • Very clean design, making your drive risk free.
  • One can readily excess music, the navigation system, camera and other device functions.

Mount type: windshield and dashboard 12-month warranty

If you don't want to go with magnetic holds and the boring clamp mounting then Life Proof Suction Mount will let you heave a sigh of relief.

Here both the mount, the one for the windshield or any flat surface and the one for the device has the suction cup. These cups assure secure and solid mounting.

Also, at the time of detachment one can smoothly remove the phone from the holder.


  • Positive locking system for additional security.
  • Great for phones, tablets and GPS.
  • Single click phone mounting.
  • No magnetic field disturbance.
  • No need to worry about the clamps.
  • Landscape and portrait mounting.


  • Not worthy for bigger size tablets.
  • Sometimes after a few months, its arm starts rotating itself on the bumpy roads.
  • For stronger grip, you may have to remove your phone case.

 2. Reddot Bull’s Eye Magnetic Car Mobile Holder

Reddot Bull’s Eye Magnetic Car Mobile Holder


  • Bull’s Eye magnetic car phone holder is made of anodized the aluminium alloy which has also made it a tough mobile accessory.
  • Unlike the usual plastic rotator, it has a very fine functioning rotator for smoother operation.

Mount type: Dashboard 6-month replacement warranty.

If you are looking for some cost effective and also reliable then your search should end at Red dot magnetic car mobile holder.

It has a high-quality magnetic hold and a very smooth rotation making Red dot just the perfect choice for everyone.


  • Very much dependable.
  • It has a very small dimension and hence you can place it wherever you want with an ease
  • The adhesive is very gentle to remove.
  • Cost effective.


  • The magnetic field created by the mobile holder can create some disturbance in the navigation system.

3. Tech Sense Lab MGBKV001 Magback Magnetic Mount

Tech Sense Lab MGBKV001 Magback Magnetic Mount


  • It has a slip-on design with a stick-free and rubberized material.
  • Specialised design lets you use the stand anywhere as a portable mobile holder.
  • Magnetic 3M adhesive gives you a universal car mobile mount experience.

Mount type: Air vent 6-month replacement warranty.

With Tech Sense Lab Magback you can truly take all the advantages of your mobile phone with comport.

It is very small in size and super easy to install, which you can install it on the air vent horizontally or even vertically.

It uses some adhesive for mobile mounting which can be easily removed without leaving a single stain.


  • Compact design gives you a very portable usability.
  • No magnetic field disturbance while using GPS.
  • The adhesive is very gentle to remove.


  • It may make your mobile fall while travelling on the bumpy roads.

4. Tech Sense Lab Car Mobile Phone Holder 

Tech Sense Lab Car Mobile Phone Holder (2018)


  • This one supports mounting on Dashboard, Desktop and Windshield.
  • A 360° rotating arm, increases its ease of usability.
  • Its telescopic arm will always be in your reach.
  • Strong gel mounting specialised for both smooth and textured surface.

Mount type: Dashboard, Desktop and Windshield 6-month replacement warranty.

This 3 in 1 car mobile phone mount is best if you are looking for something multi-functional and dependable. This one holds all the features of a good phone holder.

If you are looking for this category of mobile accessory and you have an average budget and this will never disappoint you.


  • 3 in 1 mounting.
  • Solid structure.
  • 2-way locking
  • Flexible and strong telescopic arm


  • Not able to hold big tables with required firmness.

5. Zoook Universal Magnetic Car Mobile Holder

Zoook Universal Magnetic Car Mobile Holder


  • This is a magnetic car phone holder which is used on the car’s air vent.
  • Provides 360° rotation for enhanced viewing and functioning.
  • The box contains one Magnetic Mobile holder and two Magnetic plates.

Mount type: Windshield; 1-Month limited warranty

This phone holder is made up of high-quality material to provide your phone with a better grip. This is very facile to mount and even easier to operate while driving.

Using this magnetic holder you can rotate in the phone in almost every direction and experience smoother operation.


  • As the phone is placed on the magnet it becomes very easy to operate it with one hand.
  • Can rotate in almost every direction.


  • Since this accessory is made up of magnet this can make the functioning of the GPS go wired sometimes.
  • Not able to hold bigger smartphones or tablets.

6. iOttie Car Mount Phone Holder (Wireless Charging)

iOttie Car Mount Phone Holder (Wireless Charging)


  • Provides Drop-proof attachment.
  • Smart chip technology providing secure 4 Qi Wireless fast charging.
  • Design makes this one compatible with the phones and tablets of almost every size.
  • Does not charge if detects any object between the charger and the device.

Mount type: Dashboard and Windshield Do you have a phone supporting wireless charging? Yes?

Then this is what you need - iOttie Car Mount Phone Holder and With 4 Qi Wireless Fast charge. This car phone holder not just holds phone in the perfect manner but also serve the phone with wireless charging.

This one is a truly amazing mounting system and can surely win your heart.


  • Secure mounting.
  • No Adhesive residue.
  • Foreign object detection.
  • Supports wireless charging.
  • Fast charging.
  • Easy one hand operation.


  • You have to remove your phone case every time before mounting.
  • Very expensive.

7. TechMatte MagGrip Air Smartphone Mount

TechMatte MagGrip Air Smartphone Mount


  • Tough rubber grip for the air vent.
  • Powerful magnet for Mobile griping.
  • Can easily hold almost every smartphone.

Mount type: Air vent; 12-month replacement warranty

Focused on simplicity and design the TechMatte MagGrip Air Smartphone Mount is perfect for the cars. It is very light to install. All you have to do is place the rubber grip into the car’s air vent and it's done.

Even mounting of your phone is very simple with TechMatte MagGrip.

You just have to place your phone in front of the strong magnet and there you go, your phone is mounted.


  • Very economical and highly compact design.
  • Easy installation.
  • Provides full view.


  • If you have a thick phone case then you have to remove it every time before mounting the phone.
  • If your car has a round air vent then TechMatte will a huge disappointment for you.
  • Very costly.

8. TechMatte MagGrip for Windshield and Dashboard

TechMatte MagGrip for Windshield and Dashboard


  • Suction cup gel pad from hold on windshield and dashboard.
  • Gratifying magnetic hold.
  • Constructed with good quality rubber and plastic.

Mount type: Dashboard and Windshield; 12-month warranty

This is another type of TechMatte MagGrip with the Dashboard and Windshield hold. This one also has a magnetic hold for the phones and can securely hold mobile phones of any dimension.

It serves very strong grip on the dashboard and Windshield thus making the phone easy and safe to use while riding.


  • Work with both Windshield and Dashboard.
  • Good Design.
  • Strong features.


  • Very expensive.
  • The magnet can affect the GPS system.

9. Koomus Car Mobile Holder

Koomus Car Mobile Holder


  • Potent 3M Suction cups for the secure hold on any dashboard or windshield
  • There is a lever using which you can comfortably detach your device.

Mount type: Dashboard and Windshield; 12 Month Replacement Warranty

If you want to go with something slim yet tough in design then Koomus Car Mobile Holder will be a great choice. 

This one comes with the highly advanced universal griping making it perfect for almost every phone, GPS and tablets.

It also comes with 360° rotation providing great usage while on the move.


  • No need to attach any sticky flat pad for the hold.
  • One touch lever for detachment.
  • No need to remove phone case.


  • Very expensive.
  • Very simple and flat design.
  • No telescopic arm.

10. Spigen Kuel S40-2 Turbulence Universal Car Mount

Spigen Kuel S40-2 Turbulence Universal Car Mount


  • This car mobile mount has 4 very powerful magnets able to hold phones of almost every size.
  • Gel pad adhesive for both curved and flat dashboard surface.
  • It has a non-slip fit which doesn't allow your phone to move while driving.
  • The design is made up of TPU which avoids any scratches on the phone

Mount type: Dashboard

Spigen Kuel S40-2 Turbulence Car Mount, is a true universal car mobile holder as it can hold mobile of almost every size, irrespective of their screen length.

This feature of Spigen makes it stand out in the list.


  • Has a unique design.
  • Can support any device.
  • Can mount on the curve as well as flat dash surface.
  • One hand device attachment.


  • Supports only landscape orientation.
  • Very expensive.

Buyer's Guide: How to Purchase Car Phone Holders

So now, when we have so many choices, it actually becomes a tough task to select the perfect car mount. No need to worry, here we have a special Buyer’s guide for you. Using this information you will be able to select the best car phone holder which will satisfy all your demands.

Before we move ahead you should know about the type of car phone holders.

Type of Car Phone Mounts

  • Dashboard And Windshield Mount: Dashboard and Windshield mounts are the ones which are highly available in the market and always stay in demand.This type of mounts is designed to stick to the flat surface. Such type of mounts mostly uses Suction cups for better hold.The suction cup has two layers, one if of a clear glass-like material and the other is a non-slippery material for mounting.With this type of car phone holder, you have to select a proper area where the mounting should not bother you while driving.
  • Air Vent Mount: This type of car phones holder is attached to the car’s air ventilation system. This one normally has a clip like attachment, to hold the vent horizontal or vertical grids. It is very common to notice a swivel ball kind of arrangement to provide the holder with a smoother 360° rotation. Today buyers are giving more and more preferably to air vent mount type mobile accessories as it does not bothers the view. Though the only back fall with the air vent holder is when you want to use a heater.
  • CD slot mount:This one is a very rarely found car mount.The Mobile Holder with CD slot mount type attaches to the CD slot without disturbing any of your Music operations.If you are driving a vehicle where you cannot use dashboard, windshield or air vent then you can surely go with this one. In simple terms, CD slot mount is truly ideal for the cars as the CD player is always present in the centre.
  • Cigarette Lighter Mount: The car phone holders with Cigarette lighter mounts are plugged in the Lighter port.You will find these type of mounts with a very flexible arm like structure so that the users can bend it as per their requirements.If your car has a circular vent or somewhat a smaller air vent and you don't want to go with the other type of phone holders than this can be a good option for you.

Types of Attachments for Phones

Now when we have seen the type of mounts next thing you have to select is the type of attachment you want for your phone. There are two categories of attachments which is very much famous with the users i.e. Cradles and Magnetic. Here we will be exploring these two categories so that you people can select the best one depending upon your needs.

  • Cradle Attachment: The tension grip cradle physically holds the device with its arm like extension.For the firm mounting, it contracts the phone either sidewise or from up and down. Normally the cradles are known to grip phones of almost every size.It gives your phone a very secure hold which you can make by using your single hand.Cradles sometimes have the clamp-like clips for hold and even some time has movable clamp arms.The clip structure is for smaller to medium-sized phones wherein the clamp arms are perfect for the phones or GPS or tablets of every size.
  • Magnetic Attachment: Magnetic attachment is way easier to attach as compared to the Cradles.You just have to apply a metallic plate on the back side of your phone or phone case and you are done.Hold your phone near the holder it will grab your phone in no time.Usually, the sellers provide the users with two type of metallic plates.One has the adhesive that you have to stick at the back panel of your phone or phone case and the other one can slip between your case and the phone.Out of these two, you can use the metallic plate as per your convenience.Magnetic attachment makes the hold very much secure and easy to install and remove.However, the thing most of the users don't like about the Magnetic attachment is the metallic plate.According to them, the plate ruins the complete look of their respective phones.

Points to Consider

  • Phone charging: While selecting the car phone holder you should always go with the one having room for phone's charging extension cable.So that you can let your phone get the boost up while reaching your destination.
  • Compatible with the phone case: These are the type of car phone holders which has some extra space for the case.With such holders, you need not remove the phone cover or case everytime you mount.
  • Device Specific: Device Specific holders has a good grip and are available for just specific devices.These phone mounts give far better fit as compared to the Universal car phone holders.
  • Rotation: Going with the phone with assures portrait and landscape rotation can be a better alternative for any buyer.Such phone holders provide effortless phone usability.

Features of A Good Car Phone Holder

There are some special features which I am going to mention in this section. You have to go through these points before selecting the car phone holder for your device: Features of a Good Car Phone Holder:

  • The mount should be attached firmly on your dashboard/windshield/air vent/CD slot. So that even if you travel on the rough roads, it should never fall.
  • It should position your device in a manner, where you can easily operate your phone.
  • The positioning of the mount should never block your view of the road while driving the car.
  • It should provide smooth and one hand installation and detachment of the phone.
  • The holder should attach your device very tight so that even the bumpy roads cannot make it fall.
  • Holder should allow the user easily change the orientation like from portrait to landscape and vice versa and also easy rotation with one hand.
  • It should always fit the device, irrespective of its size and even along with the case.

You can surely make some changes in the points as per your convenience. Keeping these simple yet very vital 7 points in mind you can surely select the best car phone holder from the list we have already provided you.


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