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Top 10 Best Earphones Under 1500 in India (2020)

Edited by Piyush, Reviewed by Shashank

Are you looking for the best earphones in India under 1500?

Great! You have come to the right place as we will be bringing forth a list of the leading names that are ruling the earphones industry for the past few years.

What if we say that now you get the best earphones in the world which you can carry without worrying about the sweat or water?

Well, if you have earphones of the right brand and features, you can enjoy at all times, be it while running, sweat-drenched in the gym or even in the rains.

The trends of earphones are duly changing, and everyone wants the best thing within a given budget. The choice of earphones mostly depends on the needs and preferences of users.

Top 10 Best Earphones Under 1500 in India

Like, a user buying earphones for listening music will choose an earphone with amazing sound quality, or a user buying for gaming purposes will prefer to have a better microphone and clear sound. Thus the preference varies from person to person.

Now there are many types of earphones prevalent these days, such as in-ear, half in-ear and wireless. Wireless earphones are mostly preferred by people these days, but it’s hard to find a good and durable wireless earphone on a limited budget.

The earphones are very comfortable and convenient for listening to deep bass music, enjoying streaming videos and playing games, so everyone prefers buying earphones that provide certain features like noise cancellation, strong build quality and deep bass, etc.

There are various types of earphones under the given budget of 1500 rupees. So you have to choose the most suitable type of earphones according to your need. These are some common type of earphones

  • Wired earphones
  • Wireless earphones
  • In-ear earphones
  • Noise-cancelling earphones
  • Half in-ear earphones

A music lover wants the best quality earphones at a fair price with the most features it can avail to enjoy his favorite music. But, it’s a time-consuming task to find an earphone that offers HD audio, a good mic and other required features at an affordable price. So, here I present the 10 best earphones under 1500 rupees range.

We Highly recommend you to read the Earphones Buying Guide at the end of this article to get in-depth knowledge about the latest earphones and tips on making an informed decision about which product to buy for your needs 🙂

Let's explore the list and have a look at the features along with the pros and cons of the Top 10 Earphones under 1500 in India.

Top 10 Best Earphones Under 1500 in India

Although my favorite among all is boAt Bassheads 242 in-Ear Wired Earphones but you must check all of them to make your buying decision.

1. boAt Bassheads 242 in-Ear Wired Earphones with Mic

boAt Bassheads 242 in-Ear Wired Earphones with Mic


  • Brand: boAt
  • Product Color: Black
  • Product Dimensions: 19 x 7.8 x 17.3 cm
  • Compatible Devices: All devices of 3.5 mm jack
  • Connector Type: Wired
  • Special features: Sweat-resistant, Water-resistant, tangle-free cord, Volume-control

boAt Bassheads 242 in-Ear Wired black colored Earphones with superb build quality and Mic is one of the best bass earphones in India.

It comes with a super-coated PVC cable which is tangle-free and durable. It is very comfortable to wear and comes with a carry pouch.

The boAt Bassheads 242 is the best choice for music lovers as this product has the best bass quality.

The special feature of this earphone is noise cancellation which allows the user to enjoy music at a crowded place as well.

You should also know that these earphones come with a one-year manufacturer warranty. 

The boAt Bassheads 242 contains an in-built mic and additional earbuds. These earphones having dimensions of 19 x 7.8 x 17.3 cm are compatible with Android and IOS devices both.

The ear grips of these boAt earphones are very comfortable to wear, and hence it will not cause you the pain in the ears if used for a long time. boAt Bassheads 242 along with being light-weighted, also offers the best quality and deep boosted bass.


  • It is sweat resistant
  • It is water resistant
  • Light-weighted earphones
  • It is compatible with a 3.5 mm jack type
  • It has excellent build quality


  • It does not provide features of noise cancellation
  • The wire is not very thick
  • It is not user-friendly

2. Realme Buds 2 with Mic for Android Smartphones

Realme Buds 2 with Mic for Android Smartphones


  • Manufacturer: Oppo
  • Product Color: Yellow
  • Product Dimensions: 114 x 0.5 x 0.5 cm
  • Material Used: Rubber
  • Batteries: 1 A batteries required
  • Special features: 3.5 mm jack with a microphone

Realme Buds 2 with mic is a good bass earphones under an affordable price of rupees 1500.

It is equipped with a powerful 11.2 mm boost driver, which comprises a multilayer composite diaphragm to give the user a powerful, deep an incredible bass quality.

The manufacturer covers a six-month warranty against any manufacturing defects of Realme Buds 2.

The inline remote contains three buttons and a mic to control the music, incoming calls, videos, and even connects to the Google assistant just by touching a single button. 

Realme Buds 2 consists of built-in magnets and a cable strap to provide the user with the ultimate way to store their earphones neatly without hampering the cable.

Realme Buds 2 has brilliant music quality along with an attractive matte streamlined design which also gives it an elegant look. 

The two evenly grooved cables of Realme Buds 2 are made from TPU material, which makes them long-lasting and robust. The Realme Buds 2 is the best product for music lovers and gives them an awesome experience with powerful and crystal clear sound.


  • Best sound quality and bass
  • The strong and durable build of earphones
  • Superb mic quality
  • It comes at a quite affordable price
  • Very durable
  • Feature of noise cancellation


  • It has a normal jack of 3.5mm, not an angled jack
  • The earpieces are not very comfortable
  • Not user-friendly

3. Honor AM115 Half in-Ear Earphones with Mic

Honor AM115 Half in-Ear Earphones with Mic


  • Manufacturer: Honor
  • Product Color: White
  • Product Dimensions: 8.6 x 2.1 x 4.9 cm
  • Microphone factor:  Half in-ear
  • Connector type: Wired
  • Special features: Wired 3.5 mm single pin with mic.

Honor AM115 is one of the best and comfortable earphones you can get under the price of rupees 1500. 

These half in-ear earphones are more adaptable than others because of their unique ergonomic design.

The sound quality of the Honor AM115 is very soothing and comforting. It has a rich bass and mellow sound. 

These earphones consist of buttons to perform functions like answering calls, playing music, pausing the music, rejecting the call by holding, and double-tapping to play the song again.

The Honor AM115 renders a clear and resonating mid-range texture timbre to vocals. 

 The best feature is that it has a high-end texture which is not shrill at all. It offers the best sound system and a very good frequency response to enhance the listening experience of the users. 

The manufacturer provides a one-year warranty on the Honor AM115 half in-ear earphones. These earphones are equipped with a microphone as well.  Honor AM115 is one of the most affordable earphones and very reliable to use product-wise.


  • It has a strong built quality.
  • It has great wire length and easy to untangle.
  • Very durable.
  • The sound quality is superb.
  • It is user-friendly and has an elegant design.
  • The microphone quality is excellent.


  • It does not perfectly fit in the ears.
  • It does not provide noise cancellation.
  • Not resistant to sweat and water.

4. Redmi Hi-Resolution Audio Wired Earphone with Mic

Redmi Hi-Resolution Audio Wired Earphone with Mic


  • Color: Black
  • Product Material: Aluminum
  • Manufacturer: RISUN Vietnam Company Limited
  • Hardware platform: Laptops and smartphones
  • Microphone type: In-line
  • Special features: For sports and fitness.

This Redmi Hi-Resolution Audio Wired Earphone with Mic is one of the best wired earphones in India because of its robust build quality. 

Also, the sound quality and bass of these earphones are very good. These earphones are not only attractive looking but also very comfortable to use.

The Hi-Resolution audio of the Redmi earphones is certified by the Japan Audio Society, for “Hi-Res audio”.

The Redmi earphones offer a complete package to the user and accurate sound quality to elevate the music experience.

The Aluminum alloy sound chamber, which is structured with 10 mm dynamic drivers, offers a strong bass, good treble performance and full vocals.

The Redmi Hi-Resolution earphones have an in-built HD wire-controlled microphone for crystal clear and stable call quality.The Redmi earphones are designed in a way to give long-lasting comfort to the ears of the user.

Also, these earphones have a 90 degree angled audio jack, which increases the durability of the product and makes it universal to use. The Redmi earphones have buttons for the multi-functions of playing, pausing, answering and ending the call with a simple press.


  • A 1.25 cm Y-shaped strong and flexible cable.
  • Universal to use as it supports any mobile, laptop and tablet.
  • Comfortable for listening music with portable devices.
  • Extremely light-weighted.
  • It has anti-wax earplugs.
  • Multi functioning like a mini remote control.


  • Build quality is not very good.
  • Comparatively expensive.
  • Buttons are more rigid.

5. Boult Audio BassBuds X1 in-Ear Wired Earphones with Mic

Boult Audio BassBuds X1 in-Ear Wired Earphones with Mic


  • Product dimensions: 10 x 6.5 x 2.8 cm
  • Colour: Black
  • Product material: Plastic
  • Compatible devices: Mobile, Laptop, Tablet, Television, Computer
  • Headphones form factor: In-ear
  • Special features: Sports and fitness

This Boult Audio BassBuds X1 in-Ear Wired Earphone is one of the best sound quality earphones in India.

The Boult Audio BassBuds X1 is very light-weighted and comfortable to use. It comes with a premium metallic finish.

These earphones provide an in-line control for multi-functions like answer or reject calls, voice command and pause, play or repeat music. 

The Boult Audio BassBuds X1 earphones offer premium 3D high definition sound quality and punchy bass.

These earphones are made up of Aluminum alloy drivers which give the best acoustics. Also, if you are a sports enthusiast, this is just the right product for you.

These Boult Audio BassBuds X1 are perfect for running, cycling, hiking, climbing, etc. because of the ear loops that hold the bud stably, so they do not fall out. These earphones have a built-in mic, and hence it is easy to make calls and to use Siri or Google Assistant voice command.

Along with that, these earphones use natural wood, which in turn delivers a fascinating sound with rich and crisp bass. The boult earphones have high fidelity acoustics and supply a crystal clear HD sound with 3D surround audio.


  • Superb sound quality with noise cancelling  feature.
  • Impressive built quality and thick wires.
  • HD sound and micro woofers.
  • It comes in many variants of colors and has an attractive design.
  • It is durable.
  • 3.5 mm jack and supports all devices.


  • It does not have magnetic earbuds.
  • Earbuds are not very comfortable.
  • Not user-friendly.

6. Philips SHE1505BK/94 Upbeat Earphones with Mic

Philips SHE1505BK/94 Upbeat Earphones with Mic


  • Product dimensions: 18.5 x 7 x 2.5 cm
  • Product Colour: Black
  • Product material: Rubber
  • Compatible devices: All android phones
  • Connector type: Wired
  • Special features: Noise-cancelling

Philips SHE1505BK/94 Upbeat Earphones with microphones are included in the top 10 earphones in India under 1500.

These earphones are popular for their compact design which allows the user to run or work out while wearing this.

These earphones are very comfortable for ears and can be used for a long period.

Philips SHE1505BK/94 Upbeat Earphones are perfect as they block the surrounding sounds with the noise cancellation feature.

The sound output of these earphones is of top-notch quality when it comes to accuracy and enjoyability.

It has a defined bass and treble, so it does not overpower the mind and, in turn, gives a full balanced audio experience. These earphones have a 1.2m cable with a 3.5 mm plug. These Philips SHE1505BK/94 Upbeat earphones are equipped with an integrated microphone and call button.

Also, it has a 10 mm speaker driver. These Philips earphones are light-weighted and bring comfort to the user. It is designed in a way to minimize ear canal fatigue and pressure points and enables the user to wear it for a long time at once without causing pain to the ears.


  • Provides noise canceling.
  • Buttons to attend the call.
  • Comfortable for ears.
  • It comes with an in-built microphone.
  • Light-weighted.
  • Premium sound quality and deep bass.


  • It is comparatively expensive.
  • It is not water or sweat resistant.
  • Its microphone quality is not so good.

7. Mi Dual Driver in-Ear Earphones with Mic

Mi Dual Driver in-Ear Earphones with Mic


  • Product dimensions: 1.25 metre x 0.00 cm x 0.00 cm
  • Product Colour: Blue
  • Manufacturer: MI
  • Product material: Rubber
  • Compatible devices: Smartphones
  • Connector type: Wired
  • Special features: Noise-cancelling

This Mi Dual Driver in-Ear is one of the best audio quality earphones under a price of rupees 1500.

These earphones come with a tangle-free braided cable. It consists of dual dynamic drivers, which bring out the best sound quality experience with the rich bass drivers. 

The use of dual drivers makes sure that there is low distortion and emphasizes on delivering the best sound experience whereas, the single drivers focus on a single frequency and the voice distorts at high volumes.

These Mi dual-drive in-ear earphones have an in-built mic. Also, there are 3 button operations available for better operability and convenience.

Using the play or pause button triggers the voice assistant. These earphones have magnetic earbuds. 

These earbuds are very soft, exceptionally comfortable to use and are anti-slip. These earphones also provide passive noise cancellation. The Mi dual driver in-ear earphones have got 90-degree close-fitting design and are compatible with almost all smartphones.

These earphones are the most durable earphones, and the minimal exposure of wire makes it long-lasting. These Mi dual-driver earphones have a strong build. The anodized aluminum cavity makes the earphones scratch-proof, lightweight and finger resistant.


  • Passive noise cancelling.
  • Anti-slip and exceptionally comfortable to wear.
  • Braided tangle-free cable.
  • It has a premium design and is compatible with all smartphones.
  • It has dual drivers resulting in better sound quality than others.
  • Ear Fitting and comfortable earbuds.


  • Comparatively more expensive than others.
  • Not resistant to water or sweat.
  • The design is not so good.

8. WeCool Mr.Bass Snug Fit Metallic in-Ear Earphones for Mobile with Mic

WeCool Mr.Bass Snug Fit Metallic in-Ear Earphones for Mobile with Mic


  • Product dimensions: 8 x 8 x 0.8 cm
  • Amplifier Type: Stereo
  • Product material: Plastic
  • Compatible devices: Compatible with all type-C devices
  • Connector type: Type-C
  • Special features: Snug Fit, In-ear earphone, type c earphone

WeCool Mr.Bass Snug Fit Metallic in-Ear Earphones are one of the most sought after mobile earphones with mic.

These earphones have an in-built mic. WeCool earphones support USB of type-C, which is compatible with Mi/ Samsung/ One plus 7pro and more devices. 

These earphones offer a rich sound quality so that you can enjoy listening music, watching videos and playing games.

These WeCool Mr. Bass Snug Fit earphones come with a free carry case to keep them safe.

These earphones have the in-line multi-function remote control buttons for playing, pausing, rewinding, or forwarding the music and also triggers voice assistant and gives the facility of answering or ending calls.

These earphones are stylish in look, light-weighted, and have great value for money. This product comes with a six month of brand warranty.

WeCool earphone type-c gives an incredible crystal clear sound and delivers an extraordinary experience. WeCool earphones are very comfortable and give a snug fit. For those who go to the gym or jog, they can easily use these without the fear of the earphones falling out.

These earphones are suitable for multi-purpose activities like traveling, driving, jogging, riding and gyming. These earphones will give the best music experience. Also, the in-line remote with microphones provides clear voice quality and makes sure that the user does not miss out on an important call.


  • Compatible with USB Type- C
  • Best for multi-purposes
  • Extra bass sound quality
  • Compatible with all the smartphones (type-c)
  • Very comfortable and stable
  • Provides control at the fingertips


  • The product is not so attractive in looks
  • Build quality is not so good either
  • Comparatively more expensive than others

9. Blaupunkt EM10 Wired Earphones

Blaupunkt EM10 Wired Earphones


  • Microphone from factor: In-line
  • Headphone form factor: In-ear
  • Product material: Plastic
  • Hardware platform: MP3 Player, Tablet, Smartphone
  • Connector type: Wired
  • Special features: Noise-cancelling

Blaupunkt EM10 Wired earphones are iconic German brand earphones that come under the price of rupees 1500.

This brand ensures the developed cutting edge technology since 1924 and are well known for being one of the best earphone brands. At present, this legendary Audio Tech German company is available in India with an enhanced range of audio products such as high bass earphones.

The Blaupunkt earphones ensure premium sound quality and an in-line mic. Inline microphone is an important feature for earphones to use as a hands-free. 

You won’t have to keep holding a mic in front of your mouth when you are on a call. 

Besides that, it also has a feature of in-line remote, which provides the convenience of operating with fingertips.

It can perform all the functions of calling or rejecting calls and switch songs without even touching the phone.

These earphones are equipped with an L shape connector jack, which makes it more durable and allows long usage of earphones without any damage. The Blaupunkt earphones come in a secure fit, which allows the use of earpiece at a 45-degree angle when you are running or exercising.

It does not fall off the ears while running or performing any similar activity. These earphones are most in-demand as they claim and block 90% of the external noises and provide a noise cancellation device. It is widely compatible with almost all devices with a jack of 3.5 mm.


  • It acts as a multi-function remote.
  • Provides clear vocals and deep bass.
  • It isolates external noises.
  • Comfortable fit for ears.
  • Gives the option of multi-connect.
  • Offers an entire range of balanced sound.


  • Not water-resistant.
  • Not sweat resistant.
  • Bugs on a multi-function operation.

10. Noise Tune Active Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

Noise Tune Active Wireless Bluetooth Earphones


  • Product dimensions: 35 x 2 x 2.5 cm
  • Compatible devices: Android and iOS
  • Connector type: Wireless
  • Battery life: 320 hours
  • Mounting hardware: 1 Bluetooth Headphone, 1 Charging Cable, 2 Extra Eartips, 1 User Manual
  • Special features- Charging time: 1.5 hr, Wireless Range- 10m, Bluetooth- 5.0, Standby time- 320hr, IPX5 Waterproof, Music Play Time- 10 Hours.

Noise Tune Active Wireless Bluetooth Earphones have all those features that are rarely available in some of the best bluetooth earphones under 1500.

These earphones are wireless and are connected via Bluetooth. It has incredible wireless sound.

These earphones have 10 mm dynamic drivers, which ensures you an immersive and never before like sound experience.

The battery is available with these earphones, which offers a backup of 10 hours and fully charges the earphones in 90 minutes. 

It is especially recommended for those users who prefer to work out while listening to music as it has secure silicon wingtips.

Also, these earphones are sweat-resistant, so you can work-out while using this worry-free. The Bluetooth range of Noise Tube Active earphones is 10 meters, and the Bluetooth version is 5.0. The earbuds are stylish and magnetic. You can snap them together in the neck when you're not using them so that they won't get lost.

These earphones offer the full remote control to the user to playback, adjust volume, and make calls without even taking out earphones. Besides that, it has a special feature of Bluetooth dual pairing, which enables you to pair the earphones to the laptop and smartphone simultaneously and can switch between the Bluetooth sources automatically.


  • It is sweat and water-resistant.
  • Bluetooth range up to 10 meters.
  • Battery backup of 10 hours straight.
  • Premium sound quality and bass.
  • Magnetic earbuds.
  • It supports dual pairing.


  • It does not provide noise cancellation.
  • Microphone clarity is not so good.
  • Earbud fitting issue.

Buyer's Guide: How to Purchase Earphones

Earphones are never out of trend. With due time, several types of earphones are introduced to the users. At present, the earphones are no longer confined to the  purposes of listening to music but also to feel the music and its beats, for calling purposes, and whatnot.

The earphones with soft earbuds which do not cause pain in the ears of the user, is a must. The earphones need to be small in size so that they can be carried easily in pockets and used while traveling or running.

There are many varieties of earphones available these days like in-ear, wireless, half in-ear, wired, and many more. Nowadays, Bluetooth earphones are more in demand as compared to the wired ones.

Factors to Consider When Buying

Before making a firm decision on the earphones you want, you should do some research first.

Different individuals have different types of feature requirements, such as bass effect or sound quality, or maybe you like wireless earphones. I usually suggest people try a bunch of different earphones so that they can figure out the features and preference:

  • Earbud quality
  • Sound quality
  • Sweat-resistant
  • Water-resistant
  • Wired or wireless earphone
  • Drivers
  • Mic quality
  • Cable build
  • Sensitivity
  • Earwax cleaning
  • Impedance
  • Frequency response

Wired vs Wireless Earphones

The wired earphones are good to use indoors. But during workouts, it becomes very hard to manage the wire, or else it can get easily damaged. These earphones do not require a battery and can be used at any time. Wired earphones are best for regular activities, and they can easily fulfill the entertainment needs of the user.

Whereas the wireless earphones are connected via Bluetooth, and they offer a wide range of accessibility so that you can work out, dance, exercise easily without worrying about the cable. The wireless earphones are more preferable for outdoor usage.

Build Quality

I suggest you check the build quality of the earphones before buying it. Do check the product quality and the material used in it. You should always go for the strong build and high quality earphones over cheap earphones.

Battery Life

If you are choosing a wireless earphone do not forget to check its battery life. For 1500 rupees, you can easily get an earphone with a battery life of up to 10 hours.

In-Built Microphone

This feature is quite necessary to check specially for gamers, YouTubers, and those who record songs. With an in-built mic, you can easily talk over a call too.

Sound Quality

The main feature is the sound quality, you should always check the sound features of a particular product before buying it. Because in the end, the basic need is an HD audio device to enjoy the music.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which is the best earphone under 1500?

The best earphone under 1500 is Noise Tune Active Wireless Bluetooth Earphones. The features that justify its price and make this earphone stand out from others are- it is sweat resistant and water-resistant. It consists of Bluetooth version 5.0, which can be used in a range of 10 meters. Also, these earphones come with a long-lasting battery that can be used up to 10 hours once fully charged and gives a backup of 320 hours. It takes a maximum of 90 minutes to fully charge. The special features also include the dual dynamic drivers, which give immense sound quality and noise cancellation.

2. Which budget earphone is best?

The combination of the right price along with quality can help in getting complete customer satisfaction. Moreover, it is essential that the buyer takes into consideration the brand value before purchasing any electronic equipment. All the earphones mentioned in this article are of the finest quality from the best earphones brand that can be availed at affordable pricing points. However, there are two distinct products that stand out. The Mi Dual Driver in-Ear Earphones with Mic and Tangle-Free Cable and boAt Bassheads 242 in-Ear Wired Earphones with Mic should be the top picks of every earphone user.

3. How do I choose earphones?

You should choose from the top earphones keeping in mind your preference and requirement, which may vary from person to person. There are certain technical aspects which you should keep in mind while choosing earphones:

  • Budget-friendly
  • Build quality
  • Wired or wireless
  • Cable length
  • Battery type
  • Sweat-resistant or water-resistant
  • Noise cancellation
  • Portability
  • Product material
  • Specifications
  • Sound quality
  • In-built microphones
  • Earbuds quality
  • HD sound
  • Dual/ single/ dynamic drivers

So before choosing an earphone, you should look into these aspects and then choose a product.

4. How can you tell good quality earphones?

If I have to tell whether the earphones are of good quality, first I have to clear out the preference of what all qualities I need. If I’m choosing among the best wireless earphones under 1500, to tell if it is a good quality earphone or not I’d explore the following aspects: If the earphone-

  • is easily discoverable,
  • has the latest version,
  • has good sound quality,
  • has dual or dynamic drivers,
  • gives an approximate 10-meter range,
  • the battery is good and long-lasting for more than 8 hours,
  • offers a good battery backup of more than 300 hours,
  • The earbuds are comfortable.

Calculating these aspects, I’d ensure that particular earphones are of good quality or not.

5. What are the most comfortable earphones?

The most comfortable earphones are boAt Bassheads 242 in-Ear Wired Earphones with Mic(Active Black). The features that make these earphones most comfortable are its soft earbuds, which do not cause pain to the ears and can be worn for a long time. These earphones come with an in-built microphone, which enables the user to make calls or change music accordingly without taking the phone out. The special feature that makes it most comfortable to use is that it is sweat resistant and water-resistant and hence can be used while working out, running or gyming.

Here is the List of Top 10  Best Earphones Under 1500 in India


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