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Top 10 Best Guitars For Beginners in India (2021)

Edited By Piyush, Reviewed By Shashank

Looking for the Best Guitar For Beginners in India? Great! 

You have come to the right place as we bring forth a list of the leading names that are ruling this industry since the past few years.

There are several brands of guitars in India and finding out the best among all of them is quite difficult for you.

Whether you are beginner or expert, you always want to purchase the top quality and one of the best guitars for beginners.

Guitar is the musical instrument, which is loved by everyone and it is available at a fantastic price. But the important questions are how to choose the good guitars or which guitar is best for beginners.

Best Guitars For Beginners

Today in this post we will make you aware of the top 10 best guitar for beginners in India and take you through some of the most wanted that every musician should own.

Before choosing the Best Guitar for Beginners, and jump into purchasing, go through the Buyer's Guide to get a full insight on how to choose your perfect match like a pro. Go ahead to learn more! Now the question is how to choose the right guitar? Here are some points you can consider while choosing the best guitar

  • Size:  Guitars are available in various sizes and choosing the right size for you can be very much difficult for you. You should choose such guitar that you can carry comfortably. Make sure that the guitar that you are choosing must not be too much long or short.
  • Colour and finishing: Checking the colour and the finishing of the guitar also matters. Choosing guitar, which is having great appearance will be the best choice for you as this will motivate you. 
  • Quality: While you are choosing a guitar, you must choose such guitar having great quality without compromising on the quality of the guitar. A great quality guitar can perform better and make it perform long.
  • Brands: When you are choosing the guitar, then you must not consider going for the big brands. You must compare the sound quality of all of the brands and then after purchase the best guitar brands in India among all of them.

We Highly recommend you to read the  Guitar Buying Guide at the end of this article to get in-depth knowledge about latest Guitar technologies and  tips on making an informed decision about which product to buy for your needs 🙂

Top 10 Best Guitar for Beginners in India (2021)

Although my favorite among all is Yamaha F310, 6-Strings Acoustic Guitar, Natural but you must check all of them to make your buying decision.

1. Yamaha F310, 6-Strings Acoustic Guitar, Natural

Yamaha F310, 6-Strings Acoustic Guitar, Natural


  • Product dimensions: 89x12.1x10.9 cm
  • Item weight: 2.4 kg
  • Colour: Natural
  • Body Material: Tonewood
  • Number of Strings: 6
  • Neck Material type: Nato
  • Size : Full

This guitar is UK’s best selling guitar because of its excellent quality and affordable value. It has hand finished construction

It is quite easy to play as it has shorter scale length and the manufacturing company focuses on the design and quality of the product.

Also the dreadnought styled body which made loud acoustic sound is comfortable to hear and play.

It has selected tone woods for amazing and comfortable performance.

It is easy to handle and play. This one is the best guitar for beginners, of all the age groups.

It has steel strings and fingerboard made of rosewood. Most of the best guitarist in India consider Yamaha as one of the best acoustic guitar in India


  • This guitar is full in size has a design which has top notch.
  • This product has different rosewood finger and spruce top.
  • It is designed in that manner which makes it simple to play and gives less tension to the fingers.
  • It is suitable for the people of all age groups.


  • It is somewhat vague in nature.
  • The info literature of this guitar is not concise.
  • It is difficult to turn the strings.
  • It is difficult to use the tuners to set customized sound.

2. Juarez JRZ38C Acoustic Guitar

Juarez JRZ38C Acoustic Guitar


  • Product dimensions: 98x40x10 cm
  • Item weight: 2.4 kg
  • Colour : Transparent Blue Sunburst
  • Body Material: Blackwood
  • Material: Linen Wood
This guitar comes with strap, strings, bag and 2 picks which offers it an amazing look.
With the black-blue glossy body, Juarez guitar has a great innovative design and produces good quality sound which is very comfortable to hear which makes it one of the the best cheap guitars available in the market.

Juarez guitars has fret board which is made of ebony wood and finger board made of linden wood. It has strings which are made of nylon.

It is very attractive by its looks and crafted in a very stylish manner. Due to its light weight it can be easily carried from one place to another.


  • It has a light weight body.
  • It is easy to handle and play as it is light in weight.
  • It has manageable features for new learners.
  • It is perfect for kids and people who are short in height.


  • Its sound is biased towards the treble side.
  • It has low quality tuning pegs.
  • There is no truss rod so the neck becomes curved after some time.

3. Intern INT-38C Acoustic Guitar Kit, with bag, strings, pick and strap

Intern INT-38C Acoustic Guitar Kit, With Bag, Strings, Pick And Strap, Black


  • Product dimensions: 98x40x11 cm
  • Item weight: 2.1 kg
  • Body material: Linden Wood
  • String material: Steel
  • Fretboard material: Maple wood
  • Colour: Black
  • Number of Strings: 6
  • Size: Small

This product has innovative design and has great looks. This helps to produce good sound and of excellent quality.

Intern guitar has finger board made of linden wood and fret board made of ebony wood. It has 38-inch cutaway design. It has black glossy body which has 18 frets.

The kit includes guitar with strap, string set, bag and 3 picks. It has full wooden body and has linden binding.

The strings are made of very good material. They are durable and soft which makes easy for the user to use or play it comfortably.


  • Its body is made of high quality material which makes it durable.
  • It has tough and high quality strings.
  • It has perfect glossy finish.
  • It has high playability for higher notes.


  • It has no warrant period.
  • It has no truss rod for tuning adjustments.
  • It is not good for seasoned players.

4. Fender Squier 0370005506 Bullet Fat Stratocaster 6-Strings Electric Guitar

Fender Squier 0370005506 Bullet Fat Stratocaster 6-Strings Electric Guitar, Right-Handed, Black, Rosewood Fretboard


  • Product dimensions: 113x10.2x37.5 cm
  • Item weight: 9.07 kg
  • Fretboard material: Rosewood
  • Body material: Basswood
  • Scale length: 25.5 inches
  • Number of strings: 6
  • Neck material type: Maple

It is a decent guitar and very affordable. It has laminated bullet start which is made of basswood. It is not too shabby. It has a fingerboard which is made of rosewood.

The fingerboard has a radius of 241 millimeters. It has a neck profile which is ‘c’ in shape which gives a vintage look.

The bullet has awesome sound quality. It has oval shaped body which is easier for the user to handle it.

This one is the best guitar brands in India that comes with a wide variety of sounds that can facilitate playing various tunes.


  • It has awesome sound quality.
  • It is lightweight and easy to handle.
  • It can make a large variety of sounds.
  • It is very cheap and affordable.


  • It has bridge pickup which can be noisy at times.
  • Its hardware is dodgy.

5. Yamaha FS100C Acoustic Guitars (Natural)

Yamaha FS100C Acoustic Guitars(Natural)


  • Product dimensions: 120x55x12cm
  • Item weight: 5.32 kg
  • Item model number: FS100C
  • Colour: Black
  • Body material: Tonewood
  • Number of strings: 6
  • Neck Material type: Nato

It is a concert size guitar with nice cutaway design. This is one of the best guitars in India that is easy to play and prevents fingers from getting tensed.

Yamaha acoustic guitar for beginners, not only produces high quality sound but also has small and portable folk body. The finger board is basically made up of rosewood.

Rosewood is known for its durability and when its painted with black makes it an attractive piece. The equipment attached to the guitar are quite expensive and gives a classy look.

This is one of the best acoustic guitar brands in India, when they seek for quality sound.


  • It has a very rich body made of highly rated materials like rosewood.
  • It has expensive equipments which offer durability.
  • It has excellent sound quality.


  • No accessories came with this kit.
  • It has built-in pickups.
  • For using amplifiers then you need to install external pickup.

6. Kadence Frontier Series Acoustic Guitar

Kadence Frontier Series Acoustic Guitar With Truss Rod, Brown, Combo With Bag, 1 Pack Strings, Strap And Picks


  • Product dimensions: 100x43x17 cm
  • Item weight: 2 kg
  • Batteries included: No
  • MaterialSpruce

It is a series of guitars made for high sound quality and durability. Most of the Kadence guitar reviews states that, this guitar is very easy to handle and use for both professionals and beginners.

The body is made in such a way that made it easy to handle and carry without making any disturbance.

Also, It has a fretboard made of rosewood and a hollow chamber which is capable of carrying sound and is very much durable.

It is available with all necessary accessories which makes it a perfect package for the best acoustic guitar for beginners.

The material used to build Kadence Frontier Series Acoustic Guitar is highly durable.


  • The kit has all the accessories included in it.
  • It is made of good and rich quality materials.


  • The turner is not efficient which is on the guitar.
  • This product is relatively high in price.

7. Zabel Elletra Series Acoustic Guitar with Truss Rod

Zabel Elletra Series Acoustic Guitar With Truss Rod, Natural, Combo With Bag, Strap, One Pack Strings And Picks


  • Product dimensions: 97.4x42.4x11 cm
  • Item weight: 2.48 kg
  • Number of strings: 6
  • Body material: Wood, Linden
  • ColourBlack

This guitar is a full size guitar. It has a lovely body which makes this product more attractive. It has a cut-out design of the body which makes it complete.

The smooth and glassy surface on the body makes it very comfortable and lovely to touch. It comes with an attractive and eye-catching body.

It not only offers amazing sound playing but also matches with the style of the guitar player. People mostly choose this guitar because of the trendy design painted with black color.

 When it comes to the durability, it perfectly stands on it, which is why this one can be considered as one of the best guitar brands for beginners in India.


  • It has very good, durable and attractive body.
  • It has more balance and less bass through the cut-out design.


  • This product doesn’t have built in amplifier.
  • It has reduced bass profile.

8. Ibanez GRG170DX Electric Guitar

Ibanez GRG170DX Electric Guitar, Black


  • Product dimensions: 107x10x43cm
  • Item weight: 3.2 kg
  • Item model number: GRG170DX-BKN
  • Brand: Ibanez
  • Batteries includedNo

This guitar has double cutaway body. Its body is designed in such a manner to play fast and reward playing.

It basically has a maple neck which has been designed slim which makes the player or the user to play at a light speed. It has fingerboard made up of rosewood.

It has two hum buckers and single coil pickup configuration. People often choose this piece because of getting true value for money.

It is quite affordable and offer great sound quality which is loved by every guitar playing person.


  • It is the best guitar at an affordable price.
  • Both beginners and professionals can use it easily.


  • The kit consist only guitar.
  • No other accessories came with this guitar.

9. Givson Guitar Venus Special VS-BKM

Givson Venus Special VS-BKM 6 Strings Acoustic Guitar with Cover Bag, 4 Picks, Belt and String Set (Black)


  • Product dimensions: 110x18x10 cm
  • Item weight: 11 kg
  • Item model number: VS-BKM
  • Number of Strings: Six
  • Material: Wooden
  • Colour: Black

It is an amazing pick when you want to get your hands on one of the top 10 acoustic guitar brands. It has six strings.

The kit contains guitar with belt, cover or bag, four picks and string set. It is a right handed guitar. It has a cut-a-way if 41 inch.

It is a product with an affordable price. It has amazing sound quality.

The black color of this exceptional guitar makes it trendier and classier as men always like the black color.

Black guitar usually matches with the outfits easily. If you are a professional guitar player, then this one is the best guitar for beginners in India, to buy.


  • It has an excellent sound quality.
  • This product is cost efficient.


  • Its truss rod is not adjustable.
  • The picks given in the kit are useless.
  • The fret board is also not smooth.

10. Cort AD810 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

Cort AD810 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar with Gig Bag,Tuner,Picks and Strap


  • Product dimensions: 107x48x14 cm
  • Item weight: 2.5 kg
  • Item model number: CAP810PACK
  • Batteries requiredNo
  • Brand: Cort

This product has been designed in such a manner that it can accommodate and play many music styles.

It has a good dreadnought body which makes it suitable for flat pickers.

It is constructed with spruce which offers durability and it also contributes to the sound collaboration. It also prevents sound from heavy attack.

Being a light weight guitar, it can be taken anywhere you wish to. It comes in brown color which offers a natural look and excellent playing experience.

This is one of the best guitars when it comes to the light-weight.


  • It has an amazing and magnificent sound quality and a fine fingerboard.
  • It has a effective and reasonable value.


  • No electrical hardware can be attached to it.
  • No accessories came with this guitar. You have to buy them individually.

Buyer's Guide: How to Purchase Guitars

Guitars are extremely versatile instruments that need careful planning before one of them is bought. If you want to purchase of these instruments, make sure to go through the solid tips and ideas enlisted here. We will teach you some essential points that can help you land the best guitar for beginners in India.

Best Guitar For Beginners | How To Buy Your First Acoustic Guitar In India

Avoid Unknown Brands

Several stores online are filled with all sorts of guitars to pick from, and even though it’s tempting to choose the ones that look best, we would still suggest you to assess the product. If you haven’t heard of the brand before or if the ratings aren’t up to the mark, try not to go for a guitar like that.

People often get fooled into buying expensive guitars just because they look good on screen. Don’t allow yourself to be one of them. Understand the ratings, the components and the reviews offered by others before you make the final choice.

Consider Expert Reviews

Choosing the best guitar can be very tricky if you are a new musician. Therefore, it’s important to take advice from people who knows the best. Several musicians and famous You Tubers have posted interesting videos and comments on how you can buy a quality guitar that fits within your budget.

Make it a point to listen to a few sessions before you start short listing your favorite ones.

Get the Info Beforehand

Before you go ahead and pick a choice, it’s important to understand the various bodies that the guitars offer and what type of music would suit each one of these. In this section, we will describe some popular types of guitars available in the market and what are they known for generally.

  • Solid body guitars are weighty and sturdy to look at. They are made of a single piece of wood and have been used by famous musicians in the world of metal, punk and rock ‘n roll
  • Hollow body guitars are for those who want to play some jazz. They have a lot more variety that solid body guitars and works best with amplifiers that are low-volume.
  • Electric acoustic guitars are just like acoustic guitars with the added benefit of features that allow you to play them like an electric guitar. They have limited features compared to electric guitars but can be used as a beginner guitar or by those players who like experimenting with music.
  • Semi-hollow body electric guitars are idea for those who like country music or folk-rock. It has a small cut-out design and a little hollow portion on the body of the guitar.

With that, we bring out post to a close. We hope you have learnt a lot about the guitars and will now find it much easier to pick the best guitar for yourself. Do remember to thoroughly check the product online before placing an order.

If you are buying it from a store, speak to an expert available and they can help you make a great choice.

Check the Prices

It is important to check the prices of the best guitars that you have shortlisted. Make sure to go through some popular websites. Not all of them have the same price lists all the time.

The manufacturing cost of guitar in India is comparatively lower than other countries, so is the prices. Take a good look at that and then place your order.

Don't Rely on Just One Advice

There are a lot of people out there who will fill your mind with different pieces of advice. Don’t fall for them easily. People tend to confuse others with their choices which troubles the buyer all the more. Since you are the one buying, make sure you make the final decision and not them.

Gain more knowledge

It is important for you to understand guitars and educate yourself about them. Ask questions to people who know enough about music and guitars. If possible, read articles and books that can provide you with some good educational resource.

Stay within Your Budget

It is important to get yourself the good guitar brands that you can afford comfortably. There is no need to go beyond your budget, especially if you aren’t sure how long you will use the instrument. That also doesn’t mean that you should go for something extremely cheap.

Cheap guitars are hard to play and can really trouble if you are a beginner. In case you are unsure what price range you should keep in mind, speak to someone who has knowledge about guitars.

Check the Return Policy

Once you get your guitar, there might be some problem or the other that you’d need to fix. We are not saying that this will definitely happen but there is quite a chance there is quite a possibility.

For such situations, make sure to check whether a return or exchange policy is present. Otherwise, you’d end up wasting money.

Understand the Purpose

An essential point a lot of people tend to overlook while buying guitars online is to know when you want it. Let’s say that you want an electric guitar for a gig with friends.

In that case, you should find something that has great quality and is not over the top electric guitars has a whole variety to offer. It’s your job to know whether you want something simple or fancy.

Pick a Guitar that will suit your taste

It is important to find a guitar that matches a taste. Please know that this happens to be a general rule that can help any beginner find the top 10 guitar brands. People who are experienced can play with any guitar. Several musicians in fact collect instruments so that they can enjoy various sounds and tones that can be offered.

But a beginner should always get into technical details before choosing. Learning the difference between models can help them pick the best guitar for beginners in India.

How to buy a guitar for a child?

Buying a guitar for a child is also tricky. If you are looking for something your child can have, go for a ¾ size guitar. This is actually the best guitar in India for kids who have small hands. Every child can easily play a full sized guitar but it is not always easy to do so.

Buy a guitar that makes playing easy.

Buy a guitar that makes playing easy for you. Classic guitars for example are good for usage. They are great for beginners compared to others. However, if you have small hands, do not go for a classic guitar.

A nylon stringed guitar too is a great choice as they are gentle on the finger tips and can be played for several years. Those who want to practice daily can pick a guitar like that.

Don’t let used guitars pass you by like that.

Several quality instruments are nowadays sold at lower prices. Great guitars also last for a longer period of time. So if you want something useful at a great price, don’t hesitate to go for second hand ones.

Used guitars are found at most local instrument stores through several online classifieds and some music retailers too.

Buy a guitar that is comfortable to play.

Not just fashion but also comfort is something you must lay emphasis on while buying the best guitars in India. For example, if the guitar’s neck is too thick or too thin, you won’t be able to play fast and easy.

If the weight is too light, chances are that the wood won’t be good enough. These are some of things you should keep in mind while buying the best guitar for beginners in India. After all, it’s you who will be using it.

Don’t purchase based on your impulses .

Never purchase a guitar just because it looked nice. You should check several types available to buy guitar online India. It is important to know what is convenient for you.

Make sure to read reviews, search enough on the internet and take help from experts. Also, the guitar should make you feel good about yourself. So take a good look at a few videos online. This can help you understand what owning a guitar actually feels like.

The amp is highly important.

Do not forget that the amp of your guitar matters a lot. Bad amps tend to make a good electric guitar sound awful. However, don’t forget that buying a new guitar will always mean a difficult pick up. It might have an extra set of strings, a case and a tuner you need to know how to use well.

Don’t always go for a brand because it’s popular.

Yes! You should not go for a brand that does not have a good reputation. Several brand names are only doing well because they are over hyped. The quality they provide may not be such a big deal. Have a look at all everything before you make a final decision.

Using a used guitar.

A used guitar is not always a bad idea. Most of them are set up properly and are ready to play. They are upgraded by those who used them before and are available at an affordable price. If it’s affordable for you and has decent ratings, consider giving it a shot.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does a good guitar cost in India?

There are around three types of guitars, namely - steel-string acoustic guitar, classic guitar with nylon strings, and electric guitar. Before buying a guitar, some features that should be kept in mind are the structure, size of the guitar, price range, actions, quality of strings, and comfortability. An average price range of a guitar in India is around 3,500/- to 15,000/- INR. An acoustic guitar ranges from 3,500/- to 15,000/- INR, features of the guitar would lead to a rise in the cost of the instrument. A classical guitar costs around 3,700/- to 13,500/- INR and an electric guitar can cost around 4,000/- to 15,000/- INR.

2. Which is the best type of guitar?

An individual interested in learning guitar can learn all types of guitars. Overall, an acoustic guitar is one of the easiest to learn, as its sound is good and it is easier to play and learn. However, you can definitely learn an electric guitar as well. For a beginner, a steel-stringed acoustic guitar is the best to start with. In addition, a nylon string acoustic guitar is easier on fingers and can make the learning experience enjoyable. Also, depending on the type of music that you intend to play would decide the type of guitar that you would choose.

3. Is guitar easy to learn?

Any new skill is hard to learn in the beginning, and thorough practice of the art can help you to master the skill. Learning guitar is a good option to start your musical journey. Thus, regular practice, dedication, and commitment to art can help you to learn guitar easily. It is recommended that practising for a minimum of 1 hour daily can help you learn guitar easily. However, the more you practice, the more you would become efficient in playing the guitar at the earliest.

4. Can I learn the guitar by myself?

Learning a guitar is not a difficult task. It is recommended to join an online course and follow an approach to learn guitar though. The guitar is one of the best musical instruments and is easy to carry, cheap, and the music is soothing. Many guitarists are self-learned and have mastered the art with their dedication and regular practice for hours. To start with the learning process, first, you need to get a guitar, enroll yourself for an online program, which would help you to learn the basic chords, and read the guitar tablature along with other concepts.

5. What’s the easiest song that can be learned on a guitar?

There are many songs which you can take up to start with your guitar lessons. These simple songs can help you to switch between the chords and learn to play the strings. Songs that have three to five chords are easier to play at first while learning a beginner guitar. Some of the Hindi songs which can be easily played on a guitar with little effort are ‘Allah Ke Bande’, ‘Pani Da Rang’, ‘Tujhe Dekha Toh Ye Jana Sanam’, and many others. Thus, it is highly recommended that while playing the guitar, you should refer to the guitar tutorials to learn any of the above songs.

6. How long does it take to become good at guitar?

Commitment and dedication towards art are the most important aspects to excel the skill. And to become a good guitarist practice for several hours is required regularly. Learning should never stop as you get to learn and explore new skills and concepts every day. However, after the continuous practice of six months, you would get comfortable with the instrument and would master the basic chords. After two years, you would be able to learn new songs with ease and can also play your own composed songs. All these skills can be learned early if you dedicate more time and practice more.

7. Why is the guitar so popular?

Guitar is flexible, approachable, portable, and polyphonic, which makes it a popular and widely used instrument. A guitar requires no electronics, no amplification, less maintenance, and can be easily carried anywhere. In addition, the guitar as an instrument is flexible and is suitable for many music styles. The guitar blends with many music styles such as Rock, Jazz, Latin, etc. Also, owing to its polyphonic nature, a guitarist can play more than one tone at the same time. Thus, due to all the above reasons and the appearance of the guitar in popular music, makes it popular amongst all.

8. How much should I pay for a beginner guitar?

When you are buying a guitar for the first time, you should keep in mind that the instrument should last longer and give you value for your money. In addition, before buying a guitar, some of the factors that should be considered are the size of the guitar, your budget, the height of the strings, quality of strings, and posture comfort. The price of the instrument would completely depend on the features that you are looking for. However, a beginner guitar can start from a price range of INR 3,000/- and go up to INR 4,500/-.

9. Are expensive and high-end guitars easier to play?

A guitar is expensive because of the quality of the materials used and the brand name. An expensive guitar manufacturer would always work on details such as type of material, technical adjustments, and other aspects that would impact the price of the product. The adjustments of the strings and the distance of the strings from the fretboard would impact the quality of the music, and all these details are studied while designing an expensive guitar. Thus, all these technical details would help to play the guitar smoothly.

10. Can a low-cost guitar sound good?

Cheap guitars don’t always mean that the quality of the guitar is not good. With increasing competition and evolving manufacturing techniques, it has helped the manufacturers to make guitars at a low price. Thus, some of the misconceptions associated with a cheap guitar are that it is made with low quality, does not tune well, and the guitar makes the music. The quality of the guitar would depend on the components that would make the instrument. Some of the cheapest guitars available in India range from Rs. 1,500/- to Rs. 2,000/-. Thus, when a guitarist is comfortable with the instrument, a low-cost guitar can also make good music.


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