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Top 12 Best 5.1 Home Theater System In India (Updated 2020) – Reviews & Comparison

Edited By Piyush, Reviewed By Shashank

Looking for the Best Home Theater System In India?

Great! You have come to the right place as we bring forth a list of the leading names that are ruling this industry since the past few years.

The primary reason people prefer to visit the theatre or a concert hall instead of enjoying the same at home is sound quality. A good audio quality not only creates a theatre effect but also improves the overall experience of the event.

Do you think it is possible to recreate it at home?

Yes, you can enjoy good audio quality and experience a theatre-like effect if you have a good television set and a decent home theatre system.

The home theater system is a hub that connects the audio and video devices to give an excellent sound experience at home.

Best Home Theater System In India

Some of the equipment a home theatre system includes are speakers, subwoofers, amplifiers, and receivers. Because of the availability of a lot of products in the market, you might feel confused.

So, here we have come up with the list of top 10 best home theater in India, which will help you to check out some of the best home theaters of its kind.

For a detailed analysis of home theatre systems and how to choose the ideal one, we recommend you going through our Buyer's Guide which will enrich your knowledge about home theater and help you select the perfect product for you.

Some of the important features you need to look out for in a home theatre system are:

  • Speakers and amplifiers: One of the most important components to look out in a home theatre system is the speaker, as it plays an essential role in providing good audio output. The amplifiers are built-in to the speakers so that they combine and produce good sound.
  • A/V Receivers: It is the heart of the home theatre system and performs many important functions like decoding surround sound formats, audio/video components switching, driving the loudspeakers and much more. A high-quality A/V receiver is essential for a high-quality sound.
  • Connectivity ports: The type of connectivity ports and how many ports are available on the A/V receiver is an important consideration as that helps compatible external devices. A system should have at least 1 HDMI port that supports 3d video, ARC, and Ethernet.
  • Audio format: It should support all the latest audio formats like DTS, Dolby, etc
  • Power ratings: The power rating indicates the amount of power it consumes and is expressed in Watts. It is to be noted that the wattage should not be equated to how loud the speaker can play songs.
  • Wired or wireless speakers: Home theatre systems come with wired speakers or wireless speakers and the choice should be based on personal preferences, ease of installation and budget.

Now lets dive into the list of Top 12 Best 5.1 Home Theater System For Home In India:

Top 12 Best Home Theater Systems in India

Although my favorite among all is Samsung HT-J5100K/XL 5.1 Channel but you must check all of them to make your buying decision.

 1. Samsung HT-J5100K/XL 5.1 Channel

Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus


  • Dimensions: 22.4 x 43 x 5.5 cm
  • Weight: 9.4 kg
  • Maximum output power: 1000 watts
  • Number of sound modes: 8
  • Number of MIC jacks: 2
  • Modes of connectivity: Micro USB, HDMI

Samsung is a trusted brand for electronics in the world. The HT-J5100K/XL home theatre is designed to enhance your audio experience. 

Its satellite speakers produce a powerful sound, which makes you feel like a cinema at home.

Not only this, but the low notes are as bright as the high ones. You can also adjust the equaliser settings according to your taste and mood.

The user EQ can be accessed on the TV display. All the frequencies can be changed as per your preference.

This home theatre uses the Crystal Amp Pro technology, which enhances the user experience to another level. 

The lightweight of the complete setup (9.5 kg) makes it easier to install it anywhere by the user alone. It enables the users to connect karaoke, key control, record USB, etc. and also includes an FM tuner.

 This is the perfect product for users who want to watch TV in surround sound instantly and enjoy multiple features along with.


  • Powerful bass
  • Easy access to audio equalizer settings
  • Low power consumption (49 watts)
  • Instant surround sound
  • Optical cable-supported setup
  • Strong FM antenna


  • Does not provide Bluetooth connectivity
  • It must be connected to a TV to access a Pendrive
  • Does not reread the Pendrive automatically in case of power shut down
  • Individual speaker volumes cannot be adjusted
  • Extension of speaker wires is not possible without cutting original wires

2. F&D F6000X

Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus


  • Configuration: 5.1
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, FM, AUX, USB
  • Power: 135 Watts
  • Frequency Range: 60 Hz - 20 KHz
  • Signal to Noise Ratio: >73 dB
  • Stereo Separation: >50 dB
  • Weight: 5.23 kg
  • Dimension: 40 x 29 x 32 cm

F&D is an Indian speaker manufacturing company that has been manufacturing high-quality audio systems from the last ten years.

The F&D F6000X was launched in 2018 in India. It is priced very reasonably and can be afforded by everyone.

It provides the features that are included in some of the high priced models. It is designed beautifully with dense and robust material.

The colored light on the subwoofer makes it even more appealing to the eyes.

This home theatre system provides crisp and clear sound quality

The users can control the sound of all the speakers (central, front, and back) separately with a single remote control.  It offers multiple modes of connectivity, which are Bluetooth, FM, AUX,, and USB.

It is one of the most energy-efficient home theatre system with a power consumption of only 135 Watts. So, you can use the speaker for the entire day without having to worry about the electricity bill.

So, if you are looking for a powerful home theatre system at a low price, this is the most suitable option for you.


  • Contains a memory card slot
  • Powerful bass system
  • Lights in the subwoofer can be adjusted by Fenda app
  • Fast Bluetooth connectivity
  • Separate controls for every speaker


  • While using the Fenda app, music cannot be played or paused in the lock screen
  • A separate app has to be downloaded to access the equalizer
  • Low notes are a little bit unclear
  • Poor build quality
  • Fragile speakers

3. Philips SPA8000B/94

Philips SPA8000B 94 5.1 Channel Multimedia Speakers System (Black)


  • Speaker Configuration: 5.1
  • Speaker Max Output: 120 W
  • Wattage: 120 W
  • Ports: 1 USB
  • Speaker Connectivity: Wired
  • Connector Type: Bluetooth, Wired
  • FM Radio: No
  • Compatible Devices: Music Players, Mobiles, Tablets, Laptops, Computers, TV
  • Remote: Yes
  • Package: 1 Speaker Unit, Remote Control, FM Antenna, User Manual, 2 RCA to 2 RCA Cable

Philips SPA8000B is not just the best home theater system in India but it is also best home theatre under 15000 in India for movies, gaming and music enthusiasts.

The 5.1 surround sound produces audio that gives a great magical experience and moreover you can connect to any of your devices like MP3 players, CD, etc to listen to your favourite songs.

The multimedia speakers work with any Bluetooth enabled device and can be connected to your laptops, smartphones or tablets.

This Philips 5.1 home theater system also has a USB and SD card slot to access music through USB direct.

Apart from these features and great sound quality, its stylish design adds to your home decor. The speaker system comes with a remote control unit to select the model of the satellite speakers and the subwoofer.


  • Good sound quality with a loud bass
  • Great value for money for the features it offers
  • Bluetooth connectivity is fast and hassle-free


  • Sound distortion and vibration at high volume
  • There is no knob to control the treble

4. Sony HT RT3

Sony HT-RT3 Real 5.1ch Dolby Digital Soundbar Home Theatre System


  • Speaker Configuration: 5.1
  • Speaker Max Output: 600 W
  • Wattage: 600 W
  • Ports: 1 USB, 1 HDMI
  • Speaker Connectivity: Bluetooth, NFC, USB, Optical, HDMI
  • Connector Type: Bluetooth, NFC, wireless
  • FM Radio: Yes
  • Compatible Devices: Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, and all Bluetooth-enabled devices
  • Remote: Yes
  • Package: 1 Main unit, 1 SubWoofer, 1 Bar Speaker, 2 Surround Speakers

    1 Remote, 1 HDMI Cable, Instruction Manual

The Sony HT RT3 home theatre system comes with a Soundbar to give you an amazing sound experience.

The soundbar can be operated using a remote control that allows you to control the other features of the home theatre.

Apart from the Soundbar, there is a subwoofer that provides great bass and rear speakers that work together to bring out the best movie experience.

The Sony 5.1 home theatre comes with Dolby Digital Surround Sound.

It let's you enjoy music from the audio channels and music can be streamed instantly with One-touch listening.

Setting up the home theatre is a breeze due to its wireless NFC technology. It also has Bluetooth connectivity option to pair the other devices like your smartphones. This one of the best wireless home theatre system in India.


  • Excellent sound quality with great bass
  • Wide range of connectivity options to connect various devices
  • Simple space-saving stylish design


  • The build quality is not great with weak wires
  • Surround speakers do not work as they should

5. Philips HeartBeat SPA-3800B

Philips Heart Beat SPA-3800B 5.1 Channel Home Theater System (Black Yellow)


  • Speaker Configuration: 5.1
  • Speaker Max Output: 28W
  • Wattage: 28 W
  • Ports: 1 USB
  • Speaker ConnectivityWired
  • Connector Type: USB, Bluetooth
  • FM Radio: Yes
  • Compatible Devices: Mobiles, Tablets, Laptops, Computers, TV
  • Remote: Yes
  • Package: 1 SubWoofer, 2RAC Cable, 5 Speaker, 1 Remote

The Philips Heart Beat is a 5.1 speaker surround sound system that offers a great gaming and movie experience.

The system can be connected with any Bluetooth enabled device to play your most liked movie or music. It can also be connected to your TV, CD player, etc through USB direct.

The system has 28 W power wattage which is not only energy-efficient but also produces great sound with a deep bass due to its amazing subwoofer.

Considering both the features as well as affordability part it is the best home theater in India.

It also comes with an FM tuner, so that you can tune in to your favourite FM station. The home theatre is equipped with a remote control unit to control the bass and the speakers.


  • It provides an awesome sound clarity with a theatre effect
  • Good sound clarity with great base and great value for money
  • Attractive looking speaker system with two-colour combinations


  • Bluetooth connectivity takes long to sync with devices
  • Bass is low so it may not suit all listeners

6. Sony SA-D20 C E12

Sony SA-D20 C E12 2.1 Channel Multimedia Speaker System with Bluetooth


  • Speaker Configuration: 2.1
  • Speaker Max Output: 60 W
  • Wattage: 60 W
  • Ports: 1 USB
  • Speaker ConnectivityWired
  • Connector Type: Wireless. USB, Bluetooth
  • FM Radio: Yes
  • Compatible Devices: Laptops, TV, Mobile (Android, iOS, others)
  • Remote: Yes
  • Package: 2 Speakers, subwoofer, remote, 2 batteries, footpads, AC
    adapter, AC cord, instruction manual

The Sony SA D20 is a simple and compact home theatre system that fits into your room and decor providing excellent home entertainment.

This Sony home theatre system has various connectivity options like USB, audio-video i/o, as well as Bluetooth connectivity so that you can hook it up and play your favourite movies or music from your laptop, mobile or any other Bluetooth device.

The home theatre system comes with a handy remote to make it convenient to operate.

The SA D20 comes with a 2.1 speaker channel configuration with 2 front speakers and a subwoofer box for greater sound effect.

This affordable system can be installed easily by connecting just one cable.


  • An affordable music system with good sound quality
  • The sound clarity is excellent even at high-volume
  • Hassle-free Bluetooth connectivity and good coverage


  • No bass or treble control and not a worthy buy for people who like to set it as per preference
  • AUX cable length is short

7. Philips IN-MMS6080B/94 

Philips IN-MMS6080B 94 2.1 Channel Multimedia Speakers


  • Speaker Configuration: 2.1
  • Speaker Max Output: 2*15 W
  • Wattage: 60 W
  • Ports: 1 USB
  • Speaker ConnectivityWired
  • Connector Type: USB, Bluetooth
  • FM Radio: Yes
  • Compatible Devices: Mobiles, Tablets, Laptops, Computers, TV
  • Remote: Yes
  • Package: 2 Speakers, 1 subwoofer, remote, instruction manual, 
    2 RCA to stereo-1 no. cable

The Philips IN-MMS6080B/94 multimedia speakers are a great addition to your home entertainment system and the stylish look adds to your home decor.

The 2.1 channel speakers come with a subwoofer that produces exceptionally rich bass for use at home or at parties.

The speakers are easy to set up and comes with Bluetooth compatibility to seamlessly connect to your laptop, tablet or any other Bluetooth device to enjoy music, movies or games.

It also comes with a USB and an SD card slot to access your collection of music, photos, and movies.

The multimedia speaker system comes with a handy remote to control the bass and other settings. If you have a shoestring budget then this is the best home theater system in India for you.


  • The quality is good enough with bass
  • Build quality is good and so is the performance and hence value for money
  • Bluetooth connectivity is set up quickly without any hassles


  • Cable to connect the speakers is very short in length
  • Bluetooth gets disconnected often

8. Samsung HT-J5100K/XL 

Samsung HT-J5100K XL 5.1 Channel Home Theatre System (Black)


  • Speaker Configuration: 5.1
  • Speaker Max Output: 1000 W
  • Wattage: 50 W
  • Ports: 1 USB, 1 HDMI
  • Speaker ConnectivityMicro USB, HDMI
  • Connector Type: USB, HDMI, Wired
  • FM Radio: Yes
  • Compatible Devices: Mobiles, Tablets, Laptops, Computers, TV, Blu-Ray, DVD, VCD
  • Remote: Yes
  • Package: 5 Speakers, Antenna, Remote, Antenna, HDMI Cable

The Samsung HT-J5100K is a home theatre system that offers an amazing sound experience that makes you want to ditch going to the movies and enjoy it at home.

This is made possible because, Samsung’s very own technology, the Crystal Amp Pro is used and its TV Sound On feature lets you experience Surround sound.

This Samsung home theatre system also comes with adjustable equalizer settings to suit your bass taste.

The home theatre comes with a 5.1 channel configuration and the speaker’s maximum output is 1000 Watts.

The system comes with a remote, which gives you the convenience to control the various features that the home theatre offers.


  • A great value for money as it is a complete home theatre system
  • Provides good sound quality with some pre installed settings
  • Has a lot of additional features like USB recording, Karaoke scoring, etc


  • No Bluetooth connectivity which is a major drawback
  • Bass and treble is very low

9. Sony BDV-E3200 Real Dolby Digital Blu-ray 

Sony BDV-E3200 Real 5.1ch Dolby Digital Blu-ray Home Theatre System


  • Speaker Configuration: 5.1
  • Speaker Max Output: 1000 W
  • Wattage: 1000 W
  • Ports: 1 USB, 1 HDMI
  • Speaker ConnectivityBluetooth
  • Connector Type: NFC, Bluetooth
  • FM Radio: Yes
  • Compatible Devices: TV, Blu-Ray, CD, DVD
  • Remote: Yes
  • Package: 1 SubWoofer, 2 RAC Cable, 5 Speaker, 1 Remote

The Sony BDV E3200 is an audiophile’s dream due to the superior sound quality of the system.

The 5.1 channel speaker configuration uses the ClearAudio+ technology and S Master digital Amplifier to enhance the hearing experience so that one can listen to music, watch movies or play games with sound clarity like never before.

One of the best 5.1 home theater system in India, Sony BDV has Wi-Fi built-in so that you can stream music, movies, etc from the internet and enjoy it on the home theatre system.

It is also Bluetooth enabled with one-touch NFC so that it can be connected to your device to listen to your favourite playlist.

For sports enthusiasts, thse sony 5.1 speakers comes with a Football mode to get a stadium vibe while watching any event so that you don’t miss out the fun.


  • It supports almost all audio and video formats
  • Value for money as it offers many features and connectivity options
  • Has Wi-Fi connectivity to stream music or movies through the internet


  • Bass quality is not great
  • Cannot replace speakers and the wires are short

10. Sony HT-IV300 Real 

Sony HT-IV300 Real 5.1ch Dolby Digital DTH Home Theatre System


  • Speaker Configuration: 5.1
  • Speaker Max Output: 1000 W
  • Wattage: 1000 W
  • Ports: 1 USB, 1 HDMI
  • Speaker ConnectivityMicro USB
  • Connector Type: NFC, Bluetooth
  • FM Radio: Yes
  • Compatible Devices: TV, HDMI Devices, Laptop, Smartphones, Blu-Ray players, etc.
  • Remote: Yes
  • Package: 1 SubWoofer, 5 Speakers, 1 Remote, 1 HDMI Cable, Foot Pads
    FM Wire Antenna, Instruction Manual

The Sony IV 300 Home theatre system is a versatile device that will fulfil all your home entertainment needs.

The 5.1 channel speakers surround sound that ensures you have a great movie watching experience.

It can be connected to your DTH through the HDMI cable to watch your favourite shows with amazing sound clarity.

The HT IV300 can play various audio and video formats by connecting through Bluetooth.

The device comes equipped with S-Master Digital Amplifier, uses ClearAudio+ technology and Dolby True HD to produce crystal clear sound.

This home theatre system has additional features like screen mirroring to view the content on a large screen. The icing on the cake is the stylish design that enhances your home decor and makes it your perfect entertainment partner.


  • Stylish looking design and good build quality
  • Is compatible with many devices since it has many connectivity options
  • Value for money as it comes with a lot of features which includes DTH, football mode, etc.


  • Does not support the latest audio formats like Dolby Digital Plus, Web 1080P, etc. to watch movies
  • Surround sound is not great, the bass is low

11. JBL Bar 5.1 Powerful 4K UHD

JBL Bar 5.1 Powerful 4K UHD Soundbar with Wireless Surround Speakers


  • Speaker Configuration: 5.1
  • Speaker Max Output: 510 W
  • Wattage: 510 W
  • Ports: 4 HDMI
  • Speaker ConnectivityBluetooth
  • Connector Type: Bluetooth Wireless
  • FM Radio: Yes
  • Compatible Devices: Audio Player, Laptop, Mobile, Tablet, Television
  • Remote: Yes
  • Package: Soundbar, 2 Wireless Surround Speakers, Wireless Subwoofer, Remote Control,
    HDMI Cable, Aux Cable, Optical Cable, Power Cables, Calibration Microphone, User manual

The JBL home theater system is a must-have for movie and music lovers. It comes with a soundbar with wireless surround speakers and subwoofers.

The wireless subwoofer provides a rich bass effect with detachable battery-operated speakers with a playtime of 10 hours.

The system comes with 3 HDMI inputs and 1 HDMI output that enables to connect with Bluetooth and 4K devices.

The 5.1 speakers come with Surround sound of 510 W to produce theatre-like sound quality.

The JBL Bar 5.1 comes with a remote control unit that can be used to control the calibration of the speakers and the unit can also be used to control your TV.


  • Best sound bar with great surround sound capability
  • Easy to install and set up due to wireless connectivity
  • Excellent product, great performance with good sound clarity


  • Has no FM tuner
  • Mids are weak and hence sounds flat

12. Tecnia 704

Tecnia 704 Bluetooth 7.1 Home Theater System


  • Speaker Configuration: 7.1
  • Speaker Max Output: NA
  • Wattage: NA
  • Ports: 1 USB
  • Speaker ConnectivityWired
  • Connector Type: Bluetooth
  • FM Radio: No
  • Compatible Devices: Music Players, Mobiles, Tablets, Laptops, Computers, TV
  • Remote: Yes
  • Package: 1 Subwoofer, 7 Speakers, 1 Remote, 1 Aux Cable

Tecnia 704 Bluetooth 7.1 Home theatre System is for people who love a system that comes with 7 speakers and 1 subwoofer with surround sound.

The subwoofer produces a great bass effect which gives all movie and music enthusiasts a great sound experience.

The system comes with various connectivity options like Bluetooth, USB or Pen drive so that you can listen to your favourite movies or music.

It has a remote unit through which you can control the settings of the speakers. It comes with an FM tuner to listen to your favourite radio.

You will be glad to know that the best 7.1 home theater system is also the best home theater system under 10000. Cool! Isn't it?

Tecnia 704's stylish design and affordability will not only suit your budget but also add to the aesthetics of your living space.


  • Great value for money as it has all the features that are essential for a home theatre
  • Good sound quality in this price range
  • Connects quickly to Bluetooth-enabled devices


  • No bass hence not for music lovers
  • Size of the speakers is small and gets overheated

Buyer's Guide: How to Purchase Home Theater Systems

Which is the best home theater system in India? Which features to consider while buying one? Read this buyer's guide to get the answers. If you are a newbie in the home theater system world there are many choices, brands and various price ranges available in the market which can leave you confused. 

To help resolve those challenges listed below are important features to consider.


Before you start looking for various brands and models of the best music system in India, it is important to determine the intended use of it as the quality of sound in songs is different from that of movies.

  • If you want to watch movies then the system should be equipped with speakers, subwoofers, and surround sound, etc.
  • If the purpose is to listen to music then tower speakers produce better quality sound.
  • If it is gaming that you are planning to use it for then having fewer speakers will suffice.


It is the most important component in a home theatre system as you are buying one to listen to amazing sound experience. They have a specific number of speakers like:

  • 2 Channel: Right and Left
  • 3 Channel: Right, Left and central
  • 5 Channel: Right, Left, Central, Rear Left, and Rear right
  • 7 channel: Right, Central, Left, Rear right, Rear left, and 2 additional behind the rear speakers.

Some systems come with bookshelf speakers while others are floor-standing speakers.

Most of them have either 5 channel or 7 channel speakers which can be mounted in the corners of the room or placed on the floor. The list above contains 7 products which are considered some of the best 5.1 speakers in India. Going by the reviews out of these 7 products, Philips SPA8000B is the best music system for home in India.

Room size

The number of speakers and the power output produced should be based on room size and shape.

Ideal room size for setting up a home theater system is a rectangular shaped one that has a minimum dimension of 15ft L *12ft W * 8ft that helps in optimal placement and sound experience.

Use bigger sized speakers for larger rooms and compact ones for smaller ones.

  • For a small room: A mix and match of a receiver with a speaker system along with a DVD player and a wall-mounted TV is good for small spaces. The sound output is optimal for a small room with this setup.
  • Medium-sized room: An all-in-one home theatre system can be installed in this space or you can opt for separate components like a receiver, DVD player, speakers, etc.
  • Large rooms: One can use floor-standing speakers or stand-mounted bookshelf speakers as there is enough space. A receiver with a higher power rating will be essential for more sound clarity. A large screen TV or a front-projection TV can be installed for getting bigger images.

System Layout

Once you have determined the size of the room, the next step is to consider how to layout the system as that helps in getting the best performance out of the home theatre. Usually, the standard layout is: 

  • Ensure that the cables can run along the wall so that it does not come in the way. If you can spend a little extra opt for wireless home theatre system as that will cut out the clutter. Considering 'wireless' feature, BDV-E3200, a wireless home theater system from Sony is one of the best music system for home in India.
  • Place the main speaker facing the couch where the maximum number of people are expected to sit and listen. It has to be placed above or below the TV.
  • The side speakers should be placed to the left and right of the TV at least 6 ft apart and both speakers should be at the same distance from the TV screen to get a good sound.
  • The surround speakers should be placed at the rear, a few feet over the head of the viewing audience.
  • Ensure that no furniture comes in the way of the speakers as that can reduce the sound performance.
  • Ensure there are enough ventilation and airflow in the room where you install the home theatre as it can generate a lot of heat.

Sound Technology

The latest audio technology includes Dolby Stereo, Dolby Digital, DTS Surround Sound, HD DTS technology, Dolby Atmos, Dynamic digital sound and much more. The best dolby sound system is the one that supports these audio formats and offers the best and the latest sound technology so that you do not miss out on any new music.

Input and output connectivity

There are a number of connectivity options to connect the home theatre system with external sources or speakers. Some of them are

  • High Definition Multimedia Interface, HDMI port: is used to send or receive audio or video from external or internal sources. Look for a minimum of 3 HDMI ports as you can connect those many devices to the system.
  • Audio/Video: Used to connect to various audio and video external sources using cables to produce high-quality digital signals.
  • Universal Serial Bus, USB: The home theatre can be connected to smartphones or laptops using this. The latest version is USB 3.0 look for this rather than the outdated USB 2.0.
  • Ethernet: It uses LAN to connect to online music options.

A/V receiver

It is also called the audio-video receiver which is the most important component of a home theatre system. So it is essential to have a good quality one, there are many which come with the latest technology and advanced features.

Among the many operations, it performs switching of audio and video, effective signal transmission, volume control, 4k video compatibility, etc. A thing to remember is that though A/V receiver comes with many features very few are used by a normal user and hence a budget-friendly receiver will work out well.

Connectivity type

The home theatre system comes with:

  • Wired connections: These have a lot of wires and the installation and management can be quite difficult, especially for an amateur. They are less expensive when compared to wireless systems.
  • Wireless connections: These are easy to set up and manage and match the home decor as there are no dangling wires. These systems cost more than the wired systems.

Power Consumption or Wattage

The home theatre system’s power rating is an essential component to look at while purchasing one as that can increase the electricity bills significantly. Look for one that consumes less power as that not only helps you consume less power but also environment-friendly.

Another thing to consider is to match the power rating with audio quality so that it performs optimally. The power rating is the maximum power that it consumes to work without any distortions.


Speakers will have an impedance rating of 4 or 8 ohms. This rating, not just balances but also manages the sound produced by the system and is proportional to the current flow into the system and speakers. A low rating of impedance inputs high current and that can produce low-quality sound output and also overheat the system resulting in damage.

Build quality

The build quality is among the essentials of all electronic systems and so is the case for a home theatre system.

The use of poor materials in the system will not only last long but will also not produce the desired audio quality that can lead to disappointment for the user. Many brands for the sake of profit use poor quality plastic to manufacture the system but ideally, it has to be made of materials that are long-lasting.

So it is always better to buy a system that is made of quality materials and also has a good design. Regarding this, Samsung HT-J5100K/XL 5.1 Channel Home Theatre System are the best home theater speakers in India. 

The design should be such that there are enough vents at the rear so that the heat generated due to continuous usage does not damage the system and improves its longevity.

Remote control

Most home theatre systems these days come with a remote control to operate the unit. While many of them just have basic controls like the on-off, volume control, etc look for a unit that has all the necessary features as you would not want to go to the unit to change those features.

Few other aspects to look out for in remote control are the maximum distance from which it can function, the type of batteries needed and the functions it can perform.

Bass quality

The bass quality is a personal preference and varies according to taste. For some, average quality bass is good enough and for some, a high-bass is needed to enjoy their music. Look for one that is soothing to your ears and not a disturbing noise-making system.

Compatibility with TV/display

Ensure that the home theatre system that you buy is compatible with your existing TV or display that you intend to use. Check if the TV supports the model you are looking to buy.

For an awesome sound experience from the home theatre system, the recommended display is an HD LED TV, smart TV or a 4k TV with a big screen as that can produce a theatre-like effect. One can also use various other devices like Blu-Ray, DVD players, etc to enjoy the movie experience.


The most expensive model may not provide the most exceptional sound, but having said that do not buy cheap home theatre systems, that will not produce the expected sound quality.

You will then have to trade for a better model or invest in additional equipment to enhance the sound quality. There are many models that are made of good quality materials, offer good performance at a modest budget.

A little bit of research will help you find the right system which suits your budget as well as your preferences.

You can also look out for brands like F&D and Yamaha which comes under the category of top 10 home theater brands in India. Considering India's market, F&D home theaters are very affordable and F&D F3800x 5.1 speaker is the best in it's league. Some of the best home theater under 5000 are from F&D's family.

Yamaha is also well known for manufacturing some of the best music system in India. Yamaha YHT 1840 home theatre is one of it's finest product.


A home theatre system can produce great audio and visual experience at home provided you consider all the important features while purchasing the system. Understand your requirements, what you want you want from a music system, where you want to use it and then select a product from the best home theatre systems in India mentioned above.

Buy a music system that is perfect for your abode and get your money’s worth.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which brand is best for the home theatre system in India?

There are a lot of good home theatre brands available in India such as Sony, Samsung, F&D, Krisons, JBL, Philips, Yamaha, and Bose. Every brand has its own set of pros and cons. The costlier the brand is, the less number of drawbacks it will offer. You must choose a brand according to your budget and specifications required. It would be best if you also took care of the warranty period offered by some of the well-known brands.

2. What is the best 5.1 home theatre system?

The best 5.1 home theatre systems are Sony HT-RT3, Krisons Nexon 5.1, Sony RT 40, JBL Bar 5.1, and Sony DAV-TZ 145, etc. These systems provide the best sound quality with a pocket-friendly price. They produce a low bass end sound, which makes the sound quality better. While choosing the speaker, take care of the size of the room in which you want to install the system. This is because of the scale, and the other specifications should be in contrast with the room.

3. How does a home theatre work?

A home theatre system has a very complex build-up and working. It consists of different components of an audio-visual receiver and amplifier assembly. The receiver sends the video to the television and the audio to the decoder. The decoder receives various sound channels from the video signal. Here, the sounds are sorted and forwarded to the amplifier. The amplifier is connected to the speakers where the sound is produced. Hence, all the components should be perfect for generating perfect sound quality.

4. Is it worth it to buy a home theatre system?

Investing in a home theatre system is worth it. This is because it gives you the experience of a cinema at home. The sound system of a home theatre is so good that you will not regret buying it. There are various models offered by some of the most trusted brands. Buyers can choose a brand and model according to their budget and the features they want. Don’t forget to compare at least 2-3 home theatres before choosing one.

5. How do I choose a home theatre system?

Before choosing a home theatre system, find out the best brands manufacturing home theatres. Then, select the speaker models of the shortlisted brands. Now, make a list of the features that you require. Choose the systems that provide most of those features. Look at the pros and cons of all the selected models. In addition to this, consider the warranty period offered by the brand. Now, select the home theatre that has more pros, fewer cons, more warranty, and your preferred features.

6. What are the best soundbars on the market today?

The best soundbars in the market are Sonos Beam, Sonos Arc, JBL Bar Studio, Yamaha YAS 207, Dali Katch One, Yamaha YSP 2700, and Sony HT ST 5000. There are many other sound bars also available in the market. Soundbars are the best if you want to experience high-quality sound from the front only. You can choose a soundbar based on the shape, size, features, and brand. If you're going to invest less in a sound system, then soundbars are the best option for you.

7. How many watts is an excellent speaker?

A watt is the measure of output of energy of a receiver or amplifier that provides power to the speaker. In the market, there are a lot of speakers available that have a different watt handling capacity. The higher the watts of a speaker is, the more clear, loud, and high-quality sound it produces. If you want a speaker for listening to light music that does not create much noise, a speaker with 50 watts is sufficient. But to listen to loud music, a 200 watts speaker is the best.

8. What is the average cost of the best home theatre system?

The price of a home theatre system can vary a lot. It can be as high as Rs. 1 lakh and as low as Rs. 10,000. But most of the home theatres available in India range between Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 25,000. The difference in the price of the home theatre systems is because of multiple reasons such as the brand, the specifications, the size, and the audio quality, etc. The more the number of features, the higher is the price.

7. How to clean a home theatre system?

Take a dry lint-free cloth and wipe it on the speakers to remove the dust. Now, wet the cloth and remove the excess water to make it damp. Wipe the damp cloth all over the speakers once again to remove the left gunk. The driver inside the speaker can be cleaned with the help of a paintbrush or a toothbrush. Always be careful, that the brush or the cloth should not have any excess water as it might damage the speaker’s circuit.

8. Do I need an amplifier to use speakers?

An amplifier is used to increase the output of the speaker to a level that you want. Buyers should always choose an amplifier that provides power equal to twice the power rating of the speaker. This will amplify the sound of the speakers. But it is not mandatory to have an amplifier with every speaker. The speakers can provide a good sound quality on their own without an amplifier. It is entirely optional for the buyers to buy an amplifier.

Here is the list of the Top 12 Best 5.1 Home Theater Systems in India


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