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Top 10 Best Inverter Batteries In India (Updated 2020) – Reviews & Comparison

Edited By Garima, Reviewed By Anupama

Looking for the Best Inverter Battery in India?

Great! You have come to the right place as we bring forth a list of the leading names that are ruling this industry since the past few years.

Power cuts can be highly frustrating during the summer heat. They lead to discomfort and lack of sleep which directly affects your overall performance.

Whether you are scouting for a new battery for your old but trusted inverter or looking to replace the entire unit,

We will help you understand the  inverter battery configurations to help you make the right choice. Inverters are life saver when you consider India’s hot climatic condition and the frequent power outages. 

Best Inverter Batteries In India

But keep in mind that your inverter can do only so much in the absence of a reliable inverter battery.  If you’re confused over which model to pick, in today’s vast and endless market, then we have slimmed it down for you in our buyer’s guide which is at the end of the article.

A proper battery truly performs as an inverter's soul, making it necessary for you to choose a top-rated inverter battery. But the tricky part is buying a battery which suits your inverter, one which is reliable and delivers extended backup.

Well! Now you can breathe a sigh of relief as you are at the right place.

This top ten inverter batteries list is meant to build your knowledge regarding the best inverter batteries on the Indian market right now.

As it is wisely said, buyers need to beware and consult a reliable buyer’s guide. On completing this guide, you will be able to determine the best battery and what you can expect from it. Without further ado, let’s begins reviewing top inverter battery picks:

We Highly recommend you to read the Inverter Battery  Buying Guide at the end of this article to get in-depth knowledge about latest Inverter Battery technologies and  tips on making an informed decision about which product to buy for your needs 🙂

Top 10 Best Inverter Battery in India

Although my favorite among all is LUMINOUS RC 18000 150 AH but you must check all of them to make your buying decision.

1. Luminous 150AH Red Charge 18000 Tubular Battery 



  • Tall Tubular battery
  • Charges fast
  • Long backup
  • 18+18 (full replacement + pro-rata) warranty
  • The designed life cycle of 1250 at 80% DOD means it is suitable for places with frequent power outages
  • Specially designed tubular plate for long lifespan
  • Special alloy composition resistant to corrosion

These tall tubular batteries come equipped with an alloy composition which is invented by Luminous and serves to resist lead corrosion in the battery.

It is free from voids and shows off unique grain arrangement which enables superior performance consistently. The charging of these inverter batteries is much quicker and provides a long lasting backup.

They are also rated to consume lesser amount of electricity while charging up the batteries, thus saving you money.

The unique design and strong structure of the battery, can endure longer durations of power cuts and makes it best battery for inverter.

The tubular plate ensures that the positive active material is uniformly distributed which accounts for the longest possible battery lifespan. All in all, this is an excellent battery from luminous.

This is also a tall tubular battery variant that provides you with the ability to charge your inverter battery fast. It is characterized by the long backup duration it provides. It comes equipped with a 36 months warranty, first 18 months of which offer a full replacement and the other 18 months come on a pro-rata basis.


  • Longer backup storage capacity
  • Warranty of 36 months


  • The cost may be high for some


LUMINOUS RC 18000 150 AH Tall Tubular Battery


  • Capacity: 200 Ah
  • Technology: Tubular
  • Warranty (in months): 18months + 18 months
  • Backup Time (in hrs and min): 3:50

This C10 tubular technology battery from Luminous has been specially designed for deep cycles. Careful attention has been paid to the construction of the plates to ensure longer life and better performance of the battery.

The composition of the spine alloy features high amounts of purity besides being particularly resistant to corrosion all done to enhance the service life of this Luminous battery. This solar battery stands out among the crowd thanks to its fast charging times.making it particularly suited for areas the experience long and frequent outages in power.

The solar battery feature makes it best inverter battery for home use, Also it is best for the homes which experience long and frequent outages in power. The positive plates of the battery are purposely thicker than normal which ensures that it is equipped with 20% more electrolyte resulting in longer backups when the power supply fails.


  • Charges fast
  • Requires top-ups very rarely
  • Reliable and consistent
  • Ideal for heavy-duty applications and frequent power outages


  • Only for solar/ solar hybrid inverters

3. Amaron Inverter 150Ah Tall Tubular Battery

Amaron Inverter 150Ah Tall Tubular Battery


  • Technology: Tall tubular lead-acid batteries
  • Battery life: 4-5 years
  • Warranty: 4 years (3 years full+ 1-year pro-rata)
  • Battery Voltage: 12V
  • Capacity: 150 Ah
  • Special Feature : High heat tolerance capacity

Not only the Amaron batteries compatible with nearly all of the inverter brands out there but its diverse inverter battery range is especially suited for a wide variety of applications as well as end-user needs.

With Amaron, you can finally be confident your house will have a long-lasting power backup.

This battery ensures that your Amaron experience is free from hassles thanks to the zero maintenance required by the ultra-modified hybrid alloy grid material which is additionally heat resistant as well.

This technologically advanced inverter battery offers unparalleled peace of mind for home and business owners.

This Amaron tubular battery model employs the use of lead-acid and you can expect it to provide you with a service life of four to five years. It is a 12 volts battery that has a capacity of 150 Ah. It comes with 4 years warranty, 3 years of a full replacement and one year of pro-rata.


  • Charging is fast
  • Contains comparatively low lead reserve
  • High heat tolerance – Ideal for Indian climate


  • Causes pollution – harmful to humans
  • Heavy – difficult to move around

4. Exide 150 Ah New Instabrite Inverter UPS Battery

Exide 150Ah New Instabrite Inveter Ups Battery - 36 Month Warranty


  • battery voltage:12volt
  • Dimension: 508(L)X222(W)X257(H)
  • Warranty: 36 months
  • Battery Type: Tubular Battery
  • Charging Current (max.): 10.5A

This happens to be one of the very latest introductions to the growing list of tubular inverter batteries available in the Indian market.

It provides superior power backup performance and efficiency at a great price. This is the battery you need if you want to make sure that your home never runs out of power.

The battery features the superior Advanced Hybrid technology that handles high temperatures with ease.

It features a thick plate construction with a specially formulated paste.

The specially developed hybrid alloy system ensures that there is minimal water loss with the dual plate separation making sure that the chances of premature failure of the battery are low.

With special arrangements for limited fume and acid production, this is the top-rated inverter battery for your home!


  • 36-month Warranty
  • Float guide to indicate electrolyte level
  • Spill-proof
  • Easy handling


  • Creates Harmful Pollution
  • Fume leak-resistant

5. Luminous Extra Charge EC18036 150Ah Tall Tubular Battery

Exide 150Ah New Instabrite Inveter Ups Battery - 36 Month Warranty


  • Warranty : 36 months 
  • 12-volt nominal voltage
  • Provides 4-5 hours of backup
  • The lifespan of 1250 cycles at 80% depth discharge
  • Corrosion-resistant battery lead design even in high voltages

This is also one of the best tubular battery which is especially suited for various inverter types. The balanced plate design makes up enhanced acceptance of charges along with deep discharge and recovery that is quite outstanding.

This battery type comes equipped with an inter partition connection which serves to ensure that the internal resistance is the lowest along with great charge acceptance. This inverter battery stands out because it is designed to have a life of no fewer than 1250 cycles with the depth of discharge being 80%.

This is the battery you want to buy if you live in an area frequented by power outages. It has a voltage rating of 12 volts and features a 36-month warranty.  In a full charge, this inverter battery provides a backup duration of a good 4-5 hours. The battery is specially designed to be resistant to corrosion as well even when the voltages are high.


  • High shelf life
  • Durability
  • Good backup


  • Occasional complaints of leakages

6.  Luminous RC 15000Tubular 120AH Battery

Luminous RC 15000Tubular 120AH Battery


  • Battery Type: Tall tubular battery
  • Battery Backup: Long backup and better charge acceptance
  • 120 Ah capacity, 12V
  • Robust Tubular plates
  • Strong, flexible oxidation-resistant gauntlet
  • Highly pure propriety spine alloy resistant to corrosion

This battery is designed using a purified form of spine alloy constituents.

This makes these batteries highly resistant to corrosion which in turn serves to enhance the service life of the battery.

The tubular plate construction design ensures a positive active material is distributed uniformly to facilitate better performance and even better battery life.

Not only is gauntlet is extra-strong and flexible but also is resistant to oxidation as well which too serves to ensure superior performance and longer life span of the battery.

The deep discharges which the battery accepts along with outstanding overcharge tolerance make it particularly suitable for long power cuts.

This next generation of tall tubular batteries has a capacity of 120 Ah and is rated at 12 Volts. All in all, this battery from Luminous offers superior performance along with an exceptionally long life span that delivers maximum value for money.


  • Superior performance
  • Especially long life span


  • Slightly expensive

7. Amaron AAM-TT-CR00150TT Plastic Tall Tubular 150Ah Battery

Amaron AAM-TT-CR00150TT Plastic Tall Tubular 150Ah Battery


  • Warranty: 48 months
  • Comes without toppings
  • High heat tolerance capacity makes it perfect for indian weather conditions
  • Charging is easy and happens fast
  • Factory charged, has highest reserve capacity

Amaron initially introduced the tubular battery AAM-TT  to the Indian market.

This battery has been specially developed keeping in mind the unique needs and requirements of applications by making use of solar photovoltaic energy.

It is quite common to find solar systems to be employed in the remote regions of the country which serve to expose the battery to some arduous conditions.

In case of applications in such conditions, the toughness of tubular technology along with the convenience of maintenance of operation as found in sealed VRLA is what you need and with this sealed Solatron battery that's exactly what you get.

The battery is characterized by the absence of any requirements for distilled battery water toppings.

This battery comes with a warranty period of a considerable 5 years which serves to illustrate exactly how confident the manufacturer is with their product. Overall, this is also an outstanding solar battery.


  • Long warranty period
  • Suited for even arduous conditions
  • Suitable for solar system


  • Expensive

8. Exide Inva Master Tubular Battery 150Ah/12V (White & Red)

Exide Inva Master Tubular Battery 150Ah 12V (White _ Red)


  • Suitable for 800va and above rated inverters
  • 54 months warranty (36 months full replacement + 18 months pro-rata)
  • On-site warranty
  • 12 Volts
  • Dimensions: H416xW186xL500 mm
  • 150 Ah capacity

If you are looking for a battery for your UPS or inverter at home to make sure that regulated power supply is available without interruptions even when there is a mains failure or a power outage or even a drop in the voltage.

This tubular battery from the house of Exide is designed keeping in mind applications that inverters and UPSs typically power in the domestic setting.

With a life cycle promising of about 1200 deep discharge cycle along with tubular gauntlets that are made especially thick keeping in mind the climatic conditions of India, this battery is simply made for a long use life.

The construction consists of tubular positive spines which have been specially cast at a pressure of 100 bars to resist corrosion even in extreme conditions.

The bus bar and the thick spines mean outstanding discharge performance. The battery is also highly eco-friendly thanks you the vent plugs made of microporous ceramic which makes sure that there is a minimal amount of acid fumes.

All in all, this is a great battery for home use!


  • Good life span
  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Eco-friendly


  • Nothing really

9. Luminous Eco Charge EC15000 120Ah Tall Tubular Battery

Luminous Eco Charge EC15000 120Ah Tall Tubular Battery


  • Really good power for its class and type
  • Requires absolutely no maintenance
  • Display high levels of heat tolerance
  • Enhanced safety
  • Long life
  • Reserve capacity that’s highest in its class
  • Pre-charged
  • Warranty 36 Months (18 Months Free Of Cost + 18 Months Pro Rata)

Luminous Eco Charge Tubular Battery has a low maintenance feature which makes is unique among the ranges of luminous batteries.

It’s a perfect choice for premium quality of battery which boasts its high tolerance for heat, resistance to vibration and reserve capacity that is the highest in its class.

This battery is made keeping in mind the unique requirements of the Indian climate and functions just as it is supposed to even when faced with extreme weather conditions.

These batteries not only charge faster, they last much longer as well.

Luminous Eco Charge is a smart innovation within the batteries which provides quick charging capabilities with longer backup.  

It is the best inverter battery for people who face uneven powercuts and longer outages.  


  • Great performance and capacity
  • Good battery to opt for among car batteries
  • Pre-charged


  • Slightly expensive

10. Exide Inva Plus Plastic and Lead Acid 180Ah/12V Battery

Exide Inva Plus Plastic and Lead Acid 180Ah 12V Battery (Red)


  • Plastic and lead-acid constituting materials
  • 24 months warranty
  • Low maintenance required

This is an Exide battery that you can take directly home and use right away as it comes pre-charged from the factory itself.

It requires minimal maintenance and is the right battery for you if you are looking for a budget inverter battery.

It employs the tubular plate design and its rated life cycle of 800 cycles at 80% discharge depth translates for a long use life though admittedly not quite as high as some of the other batteries in this top ten list.

This battery compensates for its shortfalls from its economical price range, helping earn its position on the top ten inverter battery list.

The specially designed short height containers mean now your battery requires less space.


  • Premium version of the battery models of its class at the power rating
  • Lasts long (average life of 36 months)
  • Affordable


  • Not as advanced as some of the other top batteries

Buyer's Guide: How to Purchase Inverter Batteries

The inverter battery is vital to the performance of an inverter as it is finally the battery that decides how long the power backup is going to last in case of an interruption in the mains power supply.

Understandably, you do not exactly look forward to sweating it out in the heat of the Indian summer months made even more unbearable by power cuts or maybe to lose all your work due to the computer shutting down caused by the same.

Making sure that you come to know that which battery is best for inverter necessitates an informed choice which may be daunting at times. But you need not worry about the same as the following information would be a great help towards educating you.

The very first question you need to answer before you go hunting for that perfect inverter battery is to know the backup time you require. This is again going to be determined by the average power outage duration experienced by you.

It is to be noted here that higher Ah rated batteries have higher capacity and hence longer backups. The following table helps make things simpler for you:

Type of Battery


Required Maintenance

The Life of the Battery (in years)

Flat Plate Batteries


Frequent maintenance required along with regular refilling battery cells with distilled water


Tubular Batteries

Medium Low

The minimum amount of maintenance required


Tall Tubular Batteries


Nominal maintenance required like refilling cells with distilled water as infrequently as twice in a year


Gel Tubular Batteries


No Maintenance


Maintenance Free Sealed Batteries


No Maintenance


The Battery Types and Their Advantages and Disadvantages

The Flat Plate Variety- This is the most common and best battery for inverter you will find in the market. It is very basic and constructed accordingly. This type is recommended only if the battery use is going to be pretty infrequent and is not exactly suited for frequent power cuts.

They are quite affordable and require to you maintain them regularly by topping the battery cells with distilled battery water to ensure smooth recharging and power storage.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Flat Plates

The main thing still going for in favor of flat plate inverter batteries in this day of rapid technological advancement is its low cost. It is simply the most affordable and cheap inverter battery out there in the market.

But this advantage is often greatly outweighed by its large set of disadvantages.

These would be things like the need for regular maintenance, the fact that it is not exactly suitable to be used indoors, the short useful life of compared to its tubular counterpart is yet another thing that acts against it.

Added to these disadvantages is the fact that it is not the battery you want to choose if you live in an area where power outages are all too frequent as they have little tolerance for deep discharges.

The Tubular Variety 

this battery type bears a construction designed that’s noticeably more advanced than their flat plate compatriots. This is the type you want to choose if you live in a place that suffers from power outages that are of long duration.

The higher price visa-a-versa the flat plate type is justified by the long span of life, enhanced reliability and a minimal amount of required maintenance.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Tubular Batteries

Tubular batteries have lots of factors going in favor of them which ensure their current popularity and predominance in the market.

Advantages of such batteries are their suitability for deep discharges which ensures that they perform better in places experiencing frequent interruptions in the supply of grid power.

Plus there are also things like low charging times, especially when compared to flat plates and the fact that they require a minimal amount of water toppings. They are way more reliable as well and the long period of warranty they come with.

But its comparatively heftier price tag is their main disadvantage.

Tubular Batteries 

This battery type again comes in two formats, Short and Tall Tubular batteries. The tall tubular sub-variant has a deep cycle and delivers consistently reliable power backup that is also more in power and efficiency along with better battery life.

The tall variety comes with a longer lifespan than the short tubular bones.

Sealed Variety

You want to consider this battery type if you are looking to buy a battery for an online UPS that involve workloads of critical importance. This battery type is not compatible with normal UPSs and inverters.

What to Do If There Are Frequent Power Cuts

The battery capacity is by no means the sole thing that matters in cases of areas with frequent power cuts. While it is indeed true those high capacity batteries give you longer backups but in case of such situations, the battery needs to recharge fast to be able to provide power back up again.

Tubular batteries have the advantage here as they charge way faster than flat plate batteries.

The Warranty Details

 Most inverter battery brands have two facets to their warranties which are as follows:
  • FOC- during the FOC or free of replacement period if one any one cell of the six cells of the battery fails a free battery replacement is very much in order.
  • Pro-Rata- In the case of pro-rata you have to shell out additional payments once the battery life span enters a specified period.

It is advisable to opt for better FOC than a pro-rata supported warranty. A higher FOC period means that the battery is of superior quality and that the company selling the product is ready to back its quality.

Other Questions to Consider:

Whether the warranty is onsite- You should consider whether the battery you are considering come with an onsite or carry-in warranty.

  • Toll-Free Numbers- Battery companies that come with toll-free numbers for support are to be preferred as it becomes easier to look for remedies in case of problems.
  • Time in the market- Batteries that have been around in the market for a considerable period translates into proved reliability and consumers are far more informed about their quality and relevant complaints.
  • Space- You should also think about the dimensions of the battery to see if it fits the available space you have.

Things to Avoid:

  • Local Brands- it is better to steer clear from unbranded batteries or even those from local brands as they are susceptible to failure at any time which results in the cells releasing harmful gasses which adds to the cost of maintaining the batteries also. This happens because such battery makers typically use inferior quality lead which makes them highly inefficient as well as slow the charging time. Not only have those batteries tended to explode due to the low-quality materials used. Well branded batteries, in contrast, have to undergo quality control tests that are quite stringent.
  • New Brands from New brands- It is wise to avoid new battery models from New brands unless they are from an established battery maker like Amaron, Exide or Luminous.
  • Don’t Opt for Sealed Maintenance Free Batteries- Use of such sealed maintenance-free batteries also referred to as the VRLA results in making the warranty void when you use them with inverters other than online UPS variety.

What You Want in the Inverter Battery of Your Choice

You want to make sure that your inverter battery has the following features:

  • Ability to endure deep discharges taking place regularly
  • A proved track record that is a testament to its dependability
  • Minimal costs associated with the maintenance of the battery
  • Low levels of fume or gas discharges

These are the things you should keep in mind when you scout the market for a battery suitable for your inverter. However, if you keep the things, we have mentioned in this buying guide in mind you should usually be good to go!

Checking the Battery Quality

It is important to be able to scrutinize the arrangement of the inverter battery in case of any problems. The first thing to do in such cases is to first charge the battery fully before shutting down the charging unit. Then it is finally time to inspect electrical loads on an individual basis. You should then let all the batteries work on an open circuit for about an hour. This should be followed by measurements of individual battery voltages.

You will then be able to detect problems when the spread of the battery voltage exceeds 30 volts for 12-volt batteries. Though the battery voltage alone is not an indicator of problems with the battery, the voltage spread helps to specify glitches which you can then verify through hydrometer enabled gravity evaluations which are electrolyte definite.

Choices are aplenty in the case of batteries for your inverter. Also, note down and monitor inverter battery vitals such as the Voltage, Backup Time, and Brand besides the battery type.

This buyer’s guide along with the top inverter battery picks in the Indian market should ensure that you make absolutely the right choice.


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