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Top 10 MI Best Phone Under 10000 in India (2020)

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Edited by Piyush, Reviewed by Shashank

Gone are the days when you find a Smartphone with amazing next-generation features with a hefty price tag. Today, you can buy a variety of Smartphones with innovative features.

One of the best low to medium phone brands is Redmi. Some of Redmi's best phones  are full of premium features like FHD+monitor, powerful battery over time, improved camera features, fingerprint sensor, and smart processor and energy saving.

Whether you are creating the right document for your presentation or immersing yourself in a game, you can enjoy a smooth experience by purchasing  Redmi phones.

Ever since the brand started to release its latest offerings in the Indian market, this Smartphone maker has created a stir in the market with Smartphones at various price points.

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The good thing about MI is you get to have a plethora of choices from the company, so you are not limited by your budget. We present a curated list of best Xiaomi phones  has the right mix of hardware and features on the provided price brand.  

The induction of Xiaomi in the Indian Smartphone market has toughened the competition of budget Smartphones resulting in better and more feature-packed Smartphones. Mi has established itself as one of the best brands of budget Smartphones following its induction in the Indian Market.

The company has successfully gained the lion’s share of the market when it comes to Smartphones. Xiaomi’s budget Smartphones have built up a favorable market reputation in terms of build quality, a plethora of features, decent cameras, and lag-free performance.  

At present, Xiaomi is offering three different lines of Smartphones. These three lines are Redmi, Redmi Y, and Redmi Note.

You can call the Redmi Smartphones as an all-rounder at a budget. For instance, the Redmi Y series priorities the performance of the front camera, whereas the Note series are offering large screens and power-packed processors.  

The objective of this informative piece is to present some of the best budget Smartphones by Mi  that will serve you for years to come. So if you are curious, then please keep reading.    

The Best Xiaomi Redmi Phones Are Less Than 10,000

According to Xiaomi’s vision "innovation for everyone", they strive to provide affordable and powerful Smartphones that everyone can access. To achieve this, Xiaomi has launched two mobile phone lines, Redmi and Mi, to meet diverse market needs.

Redmi and Mi phones are known for their elegant design, excellent quality, and advanced technology. Here are some of Redmi's best phones that you can purchase.

Let's explore the list and have a look at the features along with the pros and cons of the Top 10 MI best phone under 10000 in India.

Top 10 MI Best Phone Under 10000 in India

Although my favorite among all is  Xiaomi Redmi 8A but you must check all of them to make your buying decision.

 1. Xiaomi Redmi 8A

Xiaomi Redmi 8A


  • RAM: 2GB/3GB 
  • Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 439
  • Front Camera: 8MP
  • Rear Camera: 12MP
  • Battery: 5000mAh
  • Storage: 32GB. Expandable Up To 512 GB
  • OS: Android 9 Pie
  • Sensors: Accelerometer, proximity, compass
  • Sound: Loudspeaker, 3.5mm jack
  • Network: GSM, WCDMA, LTE

In the Indian market, Redmi A series is very popular. They are affordable and render good value. Its latest rendition, the Redmi 8A, stays true to the brand's promise of high quality with affordability.

The supreme quality of Redmi 8A makes it one of the best value phones trending in the Smartphone market today.  This Mi device is one of the most famous phones in this price range.  

The drop 19.5 9 Corning® Gorilla® Glass 5,  6.22-inch screen provides the Smartphone with water resistance and abrasion and ensures more extended continuity.

Besides, this screen has 20% less blue light, which makes it easier to read for long periods. The Redmi 8A offers excellent value.

The Redmi 8A is not only beautiful but also provides exceptional value at a high price.

 The Redmi 8A features an entirely new Aura Wave grip design with a textured pattern on the back. In addition to the design, the Redmi 8A offers excellent battery life and an excellent camera.

The phone also offers decent performance and handles basic day-to-day tasks well. Redmi 8A is a Smartphone that is ideally suited for first-time Smartphone users. It flaunts a display screen of 6.22 inches and is also equipped with a water drop notch.

Xiaomi has been generous in equipping this device with a 5000 mAh battery, which is perfect for delivering excellent battery life.  On top of this, it has the provision of 18W fast charging but only gets a 10W charger in the box. Being a dual sim device, it supports 4G as well as VoLTE.

Xiaomi has equipped the phone with MIUI10 on top of Android 9 Pie. There are several pre-installed bloatware in the device. It has a single camera on the back, and you can click an average photo with it. The good thing is that there is another variant of the phone featuring 32 GB storage and 3 GB RAM. It has colour options like Midnight Blue, Ocean Blue, and Sunset Red.  


  • The offer includes protective Corning Gorilla Glass 5.
  • The Snapdragon 439 is not that powerful, but it does the job. It also saves energy.
  • A 13-megapixel rear camera and 8-megapixel front-facing camera.
  • A Type C USB port is an excellent addition to the price.
  • Excellent backup battery thanks to 5000mAh battery.
  • The offer includes protection Corning Gorilla Glass 5.
  • The Snapdragon 439 is not that powerful, but it does the job. It also saves energy.


  • It does not have a full HD screen.
  • Sluggish performance.
  • Mediocre camera.
  • Boltware and ads ridden software.
  • Does not have a fast charger.
  • Does not have a fast charger.
  • The display could have been brighter.

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 2. Redmi 6A

Redmi 6A


  • RAM: 2GB
  • Processor: Helio A22
  • Front Camera: 5MP
  • Rear Camera: 13MP
  • Battery: 3000mAh
  • Storage: 16 GB/32GB. Expandable up to 256GB with microSD
  • OS: Android 8.1 upgraded to Android 10
  • Features:  Sensors| Accelerometer, proximity, compass.
  • Sound: Loudspeaker, 3.5mm jack
  • Network: GSM, WCDMA, TDD - LTE, FDD - LTE

The Redmi 6A comes with a performance redesign and is a comprehensive device at this price.

You get a six, 3-FHD+ screen, and it will automatically adapt to your environment and the type of content you enjoy.

It also features a 2.0 GHz Helio A22 processor that enables the smooth performance of high configuration games and applications.

In the case of Redmi 6A, the affordable price does compromise key areas like memory and chipset. Hence, you may get a performance that barely lives up to your expectations.

You may think that it is a shame for a phone that has great design, display, and camera. The bevvy of pre-installed apps and third-party apps may feel like a nuisance.

As for storage, it has 16GB of internal storage and a 2GB of RAM module, which can comfortably handle multiple tasks. If you are searching for a budget phone that offers the latest technology features that are trending, this model will be an apt choice.

If your job allows you to be on the move, then this phone will be a relief as you do not have to charge it now and then. Its 3000mAH battery is perfect for providing support for a long time. The Xiaomi Redmi 6A is one of the lowest prices offered by the company; however, it is more expensive than its predecessors.

The price at which the Smartphone is selling is just an introduction, and it will not last long. Compared to other budget Smartphones, it delivers superior performance from the price point.

However, most people will still find this phone underpowered, and it is important to step up if permissible by your budget. It does not have any fingerprint reader, and it is disappointing because it has plenty of bloatware and advertising to which Xiaomi has succumbed.

The performance of the camera is just OK, but the long-lasting battery life is a plus point. This Smartphone is available in one variant, like 16GB with colour options like Rose Gold, Gold, Blue, and Black.  


  • Design quality invested in front and back of gorilla glass 5.
  • Excellent battery life.
  • The quality of a typical camera is excellent, especially in dark places.
  • Well-connected USB-C, 3.5mm jack, IR, microSD, FM radio, Bluetooth 4.2, 802.11ac Wi-Fi (but no NFC).
  • Support fast charge 4 (but does not include quick charge).
  • Reliable performance and excellent user interface response.


  • No 4K video recording even though the chipset supports it.
  • The camera exposure metering and colour accuracy in daylight leave more to be desired.
  • No NFC.
  • Poor Performance.
  • Software riddled with ads and bloatware.
  • No fingerprint reader.

3. Xiaomi Redmi Y3

Xiaomi Redmi Y3


  • RAM: 3GB/4GB
  • Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 632
  • Front Camera: 32MP
  • Rear Camera: 12MP + 2MP
  • Battery: 4000mAh
  • Storage: 32GB/64GB. Expandable Storage
    512 GB
  • OS: Android 9 Pie
  • Features: Sensors| Proximity compass, Fingerprint rear-mounted, accelerometer, gyro.
  • Sound: Loudspeaker and 3.5 mm jack

Redmi phones are ideal for anyone who wants to take a selfie.

The most important thing about this Smartphone is that this device has a 32-megapixel front camera that can capture realistic quality pictures.

AI backs the sensor beautify 4.0 technology, which can dynamically adjust settings and adjust selfie. A sophisticated Snapdragon 632 processor and Adreno 50 GPU handle these complex processing tasks.

Xiaomi Redmi Y3 offers high resolution and presents a pixel density that makes the display very bright and clear.

Moreover, it provides excellent and up-to-date software, which ensures smooth performance. 

The camera is of superb quality with a plethora of features, thereby rendering a better viewing angle and low power consumption.  Xiaomi Redmi Y3 offers different misc colours that include Bold Red, Prime Black, and Elegant Blue.  

It supports a plethora of connectivity, such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB, GPS, 3G, and 4G. Selfie marketing is vibrant, but that does not mean that young consumers are not very interested.

The Xiaomi Redmi Y3 will engage photography enthusiasts. At the same price, the Redmi Note 7 includes a better chipset, better performance, faster-charging support, and more handpicked materials in its construction. The Redmi 3 is an alternative that offers a relatively comfortable design and a dedicated card slot, as well as a better selfie camera.

The processor of Redmi Y3 is pretty good, which features the Qualcomm Snapdragon 632 SoC with multiple RAM and storage variants. The Redmi Y3 has managed itself quite well, permitting users the regular activities like streaming music using chat apps and using Google maps for directions.

You can shoot decent selfies at the full sensor resolution and when it comes down to combining four pixels into one. Selfies that are shot with Y3 are sharper and provide all the detail, and it is more appealing in low light. The rear camera does a job that is just OK.

In short, if you had to buy the Redmi Note 7 instead of the Redmi Y3. However, if you are particularly motivated to take a selfie, you can consider Y3 instead.


  • Appealing design.
  • Decent selfie.
  • Dedicated card slot.
  • Excellent battery performance.
  • Offers superb performance without any lags.
  • Presents high-end processors and graphics processors.
  • It has a fast CPU.


  • Average display.
  • Build quality.
  • Heavyweight.
  • Non-removable batteries.
  • No wireless charging.
  • Annoying ads.

4. Xiaomi Redmi 7

Xiaomi Redmi 7


  • RAM: 2GB/3GB
  • Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 632
  • Front Camera: 8MP
  • Rear Camera: 12MP + 2MP
  • Price: Rs. 6,999
  • Battery: 4000mAh
  • Storage: 32GB. Supports up to 512GB storage
  • OS: Android 9 Pie
  • Features: Sensors| Fingerprint, compass, proximity, accelerometer 
  • Sound: Loudspeaker and 3.5mm jack
  • Network: GSM, WCDMA, LTE

Redmi 7 offers a large screen, a powerful processor, and comes in bright and deep colours.

This powerful device features HD+monitor with a 19:9 aspect ratio for fantastic gaming experience and media viewing.

The large 4000 mAh battery lasts a full day, but the Qualcomm Snapdragon 632 processor, which works in conjunction with 2-3 GB of RAM, ensures impressive performance in all respects. 

It is indeed a budget Smartphone from Xiaomi, which makes use of Android Pie 9.0 as the factory default operating system.

It offers several options based on the internal memory. The cheapest configuration starts with 32GB internal storage and 2 GB RAM, whereas the high-end set has 32 GB internal storage and 3 GB RAM

Hence, the handset is suitable for running multitasking applications. Honestly, Xiaomi has done well with its Redmi series by introducing the new Redmi 7 in the market. In comparison to Redmi 6 it is just a year old and well-equipped with a bigger screen, powerful processor, and new plastic body with optional gradient designs.

However, it has to be kept in mind that this Smartphone does not tick all the boxes when it comes to matching or exceeding features and specifications, which other manufacturers are luring buyers. The price of the base model is quite appealing.

If you consider this phone, you will see that it is something like a jack of all trades without any single dominant feature. It has a 6.26-inch screen, which will make games and other multimedia content look good. Moreover, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 632 processor did quite well in our tests.

The 12-megapixel primary camera did a decent job when it comes to taking photographs in broad daylight. Xiaomi has done a lot to improve the Redmi series. The new Redmi 7 offers better features and specifications, plus a more modern look from the Redmi 6. It is beautiful to choose one of these models for the improvements they offer.


  • Beautiful colour, excellent performance, good battery life
  • Long battery life, modern design, stable condition, decent speakers, fast fingerprint reader, a large amount of power, reasonable price and performance ratio
  • Eye-catching design, satisfactory performance, excellent battery life
  • It is a cheap Smartphone for a mid-end level user, and it is possible to run many applications from Google Play Store
  • It can work with USB OTG and connect to flash drive for data transfer


  • The plastic that has been used is poor in quality
  • An inaccurate GPS unit, pre-installed bloatware, PWM flash.
  • Widevine L1 may not have been supported.
  • Screen brightness may have improved.
  • It does not have USB C, and it still uses MicroUSB for charging and data transfer.

5. Xiaomi Redmi 5A

Xiaomi Redmi 5A


  • RAM: 2GB/3GB
  • Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 425
  • Front Camera: 5MP
  • Rear Camera: 13 MP
  • Battery: 3000mAh
  • Storage: 16 GB/32GB. Up to 128GB expansion storage
  • OS: Android 7.1
  • Features: Sensors| proximity, accelerometer  
  • Sound: Loudspeaker and 3.5mm jack
  • Network: GSM, CDMA, LTE, HSPA

Redmi 5A can hold the central part of the interface that comes with a full-width view.

This gives it a height ratio of 16:9 on its first Redmi phone (does not count the strings in the memo).

The edges of the screen are not thinner in terms of overall width, but of course, they are lighter than Redmi 4.

The phone features a 5-inch HD+IPS LCD screen with 1280x720 pixels resolution and 2.5D curved glass on top.

The quality is standard, but you don’t have to compromise on the quality. The Redmi 5 has a Snapdragon 450 SoC with three RAM and storage options. 

The main version includes 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of memory, followed by 3 GB of RAM, 32 GB of memory

For this review, we used the RAM version of Redmi 5 3GB. It delivers a smooth performance without any delay in multiple tasks or switching between apps and other daily activities.

Sophisticated games like Asphalt 8 run almost smoothly, but with high graphics settings, there were slight breaks and frames dropped. As for the software, Redmi 5 runs the MIUI 11 based Android Nougat out of the box. The operating system is a bit outdated, but keep in mind that some Smartphones offer the latest version of Android Oreo for the same price.

Xiaomi Redmi 5 takes the same approach as a successful phone. Xiaomi uses the most sensible chipset in this budget. On the other hand, Xiaomi has not yet used the latest Android and has not focused on design. To be honest, the Redmi 5 looks a bit disappointing.

In conclusion, it is a good deal, go ahead and choose the Redmi 5, but if you have the option to expand the budget, you will be better off with one of the other phones in the Note series. 

If the budget of Rs 9000 on limits is a good deal, go ahead and choose the Redmi 5, but if you have the option to expand the budget, you will be better off with one of the other phones in the Note series.


  • 18:9 Display.
  • Dependable performance.
  • Decent battery backup.
  • Fast and accurate fingerprint reader and IR blaster.
  • Nice all-round camera with portrait shots and shooting modes.
  • Solid build quality.


  • Hybrid SIM slot.
  • Dated Android Nougat.
  • Ho-hum design.
  • Does not have NFC or 5GHZ Wi-Fi support.
  • Does not support fast charging.
  • Low internal memory.
  • Limited availability.

6. Redmi 8A Dual

Redmi 8A Dual


  • RAM: 2GB/3GB
  • Processor: Octa-core Snapdragon 439
  • Front Camera: 8MP
  • Rear Camera: 13MP + 2MP
  • Battery: 5000mAh
  • Storage: 32GB/64GB
  • OS: Android 9 Pie
  • Features: Sensors| Proximity compass, accelerometer
  • Sound: Loudspeaker and 3.5mm jack
  • Network: GSM, LTE, WCDMA

This MI device under 10,000 is one of the most famous phones in this price range. The 5000mAh battery will last up to 3 days.

The drop 19.5 9 HD+gorilla glass dot 6.22-inch screen provides the Smartphone with water resistance and abrasion and ensures more extended usability.

Besides, this screen has 20% less blue light, which makes it easier to read for long periods. Running the Redmi 8A Dual is the Qualcomm snapdragon 439 chipset with a 1.95GHz octa-core processor.

Also, the Adreno 505 GPU and 2GB of RAM ensure continuous performance on your device. The phone battery has a capacity of 5000 mAh and has a fast-charging function. 

The Redmi 8A is not only beautiful but also provides exceptional value at a great price. 

The Redmi 8A dual runs on MIUI 11, which is based on Android 9.0 and comes with a 32 GB of built-in storage, which is expandable through a microSD card with a dedicated slot. Being a dual sim GSM Smartphone, it makes room for Nano sim cards.

The dimension of Redmi 8A dual is pretty impressive in 156.48*75.41*9.40 mm. You can carry it easily as it weighs only 188.00 gms. It has three different colours, namely Sky White, Sea Blue, and Midnight Grey. 

As far as the connectivity of the camera is concerned the Redmi 8A dual on the rear side has a 13-megapixel camera and it has an aperture of f/2.2 with a pixel size of 1.12 micron and a second 2-megapixel camera, which is having an aperture of f/2.4 with a pixel size of 1.75 microns.

The rear camera also has autofocus. The front cameras are impressive too. It has an 8-megapixel camera on the front for selfies with an f/2.0 aperture and a pixel size of 1.12 micron. 

The connectivity options are quite impressive with support for Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, GPS, Bluetooth v4.20 Wi-Fi Direct, USB type C, and 4G on both Sim cards. Sensors provided on the phone are accelerometer, light sensors, proximity sensors, and compass.


  • The offer includes protection Corning Gorilla Glass 5.
  • The Snapdragon 439 performs well.
  • It also saves energy.
  • A 13-megapixel rear camera and 8-megapixel front-facing camera.
  • A Type C USB port is an excellent addition to the price.
  • Excellent backup battery thanks to 5000mAh battery. Also offers 18-volt charging.


  • A display with Full HD+ resolution would have been a welcome addition.
  • Sluggish performance.
  • Mediocre camera.
  • Boltware and ads ridden software.
  • Does not have a fast charger.
  • The display could have been brighter.

7. Redmi Y2

Redmi Y2


  • Resolution: 5.99 HD+ Resolution Full Screen Display 18.9 Aspect Ratio, 1440x720 resolution
  • Camera: Dual Rear 12 MP+5 Mp camera with AI and front 16 MP camera with 4500 K selfie light
  • Internal memory: 32GB Rom with SD card slot Supports expandable storage up to 256GB
  • Processor, OS: Qualcomm Snapdragon 625, Android v8.1
  • Battery: 3080mAh
  • RAM: 3GB/4GB
  • Network Connectivity: GSM, LTE, HSPA
  • Sound: Loudspeaker and 3.5mm jack
  • Features: Sensors| Proximity, compass, accelerometer

Xiaomi's goal is to deliver pioneering performance and bring exceptional performance, especially in the upper and lower budget industries.

The latest addition, the Redmi Y2, is a powerful and heirloom device of the Y1 Sapphics, which has fulfilled its promise, but it has drawbacks, and we hope the Y2 will fix it.

The body is plastic, but not cheap. There are no unreliable parts in the body, and the device is usually safe and well built.

The landscape shots are high, and you will be pleased with the performance of the Redmi Y2 light camera.

The Xiaomi Redmi Y2 offers excellent features at an attractive price. Xiaomi has just launched the Y series, and this time it is mainly focused on the camera. 

This Smartphone can help you click neat photos. The screen size is 5.99 inches, which is not that small compared to other Smartphones. Xiaomi is a combination of two Smartphones, and Xiaomi combines the settings of two Smartphones into one Smartphone: Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro and Xiaomi Mi A1.

Xiaomi currently has the same specifications in the same sector compared to Asus and Oppo. Xiaomi recently released a new Smartphone with a 12-megapixel camera, believing that the final rampage has diminished. It comes with the latest operating system for the Android and Snapdragon 625 chipset.

Chinese Smartphone companies are growing daily with the launch of new and amazing Smartphones of technical specifications. The design of the front panel improves the grip of the phone and tends to slip less. Excellent HD+ screen with correct viewing angle, accurate colour reproduction, transparency, and clarity.

There are screen customization options that allow you to customize the screen to your liking and viewing experience and work in most cases. The phone operates on MIUI 9.5 on top of Android 8.1 Oreo. This Smartphone is available in one more variant- 4GB RAM + 64 GB storage with options such as Blue, Black, Gold, Rose Gold, and Dark Grey.


  • The front camera is the main selling point of the device, and it offers excellent selfies with a 16-megapixel camera, accurate colours, and great images.
  • SELPHY Diffuse 4500K light is useful in low light. Selfie cameras deliver the expected performance.
  • The rear camera captures detailed images with accurate colours in daylight.
  • Images from the rear sensor can be used in most cases. With the RedmiY2 price, it can be said that the bokeh effect works well.
  • Gyro EIS supports 1080p uninterrupted videos at night with Redmi Y2 lock. EIS is a great feature that significantly improves video quality.


  • The Redmi Y2 is on the same plane as the Redmi Note 5, which offers better performance and builds quality. Y2 only works for camera performance.
  • The face recognition of the cell phone is slow.
  • Ignore the massive battery of Redmi Note 5 Pro, Redmi Note 5, and Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1.
  • The rear camera often fights in the dark, so the resulting image can be disappointing.
  • There is a shutter lag that makes the camera slow.

8. Redmi Note 7S

Redmi Note 7S


  • RAM: 3GB/4GB
  • Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 660
  • Front Camera: 13MP
  • Rear Camera: 48MP + 5MP
  • Battery: 4000mAh
  • Storage: 32GB/64GB Supports storage expansion up to 256GB
  • OS: Android Pie
  • Features: Sensor | Fingerprint, compass, accelerometer
  • Sound: Loudspeakers and 3.5 mm Jack
  • Display: 6.30 inch

If you're looking for  Redmi phones that feature sophisticated design and require camera technology that rivals the flagship, look no further than the Note 7S.

The 7S is a beautiful blend of power and style. Available in three stunning colored auras, it features a powerful 2.2 GHz Snapdragon 660 Octa-Core processor.

It allows you to take pictures and still images immediately with 48 megapixel and 5 megapixel back cameras.

Together they make up for impressive camera performance.  Another noteworthy feature in this Redmi below 10,000 is the 6.3-inch FHD + monitor.

You have to agree that Redmi Note 7S is an affordable Smartphone that has the specs of Redmi Note 7 and Note 7 pro. Xiaomi has not altered the design and kept it identical. 

Hence, it is quite challenging to separate these three Smartphones. The Redmi Note 7s has a display screen of 6.3 inches and supports full HD viewing.

It also has Corning Gorilla Glass 5 for protection. For the Redmi Note 7s, Xiaomi has opted for Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 SoC, and it keeps its promise of providing a lag-free experience. Similar to other Xiaomi Smartphones, it also runs on MIUI 10.3 on top of Android 9.0. It has some customizations that are useful, but it also has spam notifications.  


  • One of the best rear cameras at a great price.
  • Very good front camera and a camera app rich in features.
  • Beautiful design and excellent glass structure.
  • Excellent performance with SD 660.
  • A very good and clear presentation.
  • Large battery with excellent backup.
  • Latest Android with rich and clear MIUI interface. 
  • Face Detection + Fingerprint Scanner.
  • Waterproof nano P2i coating.
  • Great user experience.


  • Just a 10W charger supplied in the box.
  • Bezels around the display could be smaller.
  • MIUI still has ads at annoying places.
  • 48 MP camera mode needs to become faster & more optimised.
  • The battery life is poor.

9. Xiaomi Redmi 6

Xiaomi Redmi 6


  • RAM: 3GB
  • Storage: 32GB/64GB
  • Processor: Helio P22
  • Battery: 3000mAh
  • Camera: 12MP + 5MP Rear and 5MP Front
  • Price: Rs. 7,999 onwards
  • Display: 5.45 inch
  • OS: Android 8i Oreo
  • Features: Sensors| Accelerometer, Compass, Proximity sensors
  • Network: 4G and VOLTE

Xiaomi recently launched the Redmi 6 in India besides other versions like Redmi 6A and Redmi 6 Pro.

You can guess by its name that it is the successor of Redmi 5, which is doing a great job in the market and has become popular for offering good hardware at affordable prices.

Interestingly, the Redmi 6 flaunts a new processor and has attractive specifications on paper with a positioning somewhere between Redmi 6A and Redmi 6 Pro.

The Redmi 6 follows Redmi 5 in offering good hardware with a price tag of INR 7,999. Redmi's smartphone comes in a variety of attractive colors of lake blue, black, gold and rose gold.

One of Redmi's best phones under Rs. 10,000, this Smartphone comes in a variety of attractive colors of lake blue, black, gold and rose gold

This phone has a 5.45-inch HD screen, a resolution of 1440 x 720 pixels, and a Helio P22 processor, 3 GB of RAM and up to 64 GB of internal memory. What's more, you can expand the internal storage up to 256 GB and easily absorb all the multimedia in the device.

As far the internals are concerned the Redmi 6 has taken a different approach. Unlike other offerings, the Redmi 6 has MediaTek processors.  You must remember that it is an octa-core processor based on a 12nm manufacturing process that clocks 2GHz. The storage is expandable to 256 GB with the help of microSD cards.

The camera setup at the back consists of 12- megapixel primary camera and 5- megapixel depth sensor. Being a dual sim phone, it has support for both 4G and VoLTE. Access to the 4G network is customizable. A toggle in the settings app will let the second sim have access to the internet when the primary sim is on the call.

It has support for both Bluetooth 4.2, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, AGPS, GPS, FM Radio, BeiDou, and GLONASS. It has also got ambient light and proximity sensors along with an electronic compass.    


  • Powerful processor.
  • Sleek Design.
  • Wide Display.
  • Good camera performance.
  • Decent connectivity features.
  • Good support for multimedia.


  • Poor battery life.
  • Non removable battery.
  • Loads of bloatware.
  • No design differentiation.
  • May heat up easily.
  • Not ideal for playing games.

10. Redmi 8

Redmi 8


  • RAM: 4GB
  • Storage: 64GB
  • Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 439
  • Battery: 5000mAh
  • Camera: 12MP + 2MP Rear and 8MP Front
  • Price: INR 7999
  • Features: Sensors| Accelerometer, Proximity Compass
  • OS: Android 9 pie
  • Network: 4G VoLTE, 4G LTE, WCDMA, GSM
  • Display: 6.22 inch

Of the many devices available at Rs.7,999, few can match the battery life offered by Redmi 8. With this high capacity 5000mAh battery, this model lasts longer and offers more playing time than flagship Smartphones.

Other notable features include a 4GB RAM and a Snapdragon 439 processor. These two enable multitasking, even for applications that consume large amounts of memory.

With Redmi 8, Xiaomi has taken its base offering to a new direction. The processor is weaker when compared to previous models, although there have been significant improvements in terms of design and features.

Gamers will be left disappointed, but it has enough to satisfy the general consumers at large. The Redmi 8 will look great in your hand. Thankfully, it has three jewel-toned colors. 

As far the build quality is concerned, it is excellent without any rough edge anywhere. 

Its processor, i.e. Snapdragon 439 SoC is indeed underpowered, but to amendments in performance, it is offering 4G RAM and 64 GB internal storage.  

The 5000 mAh battery life is impressive, and it has the provision of fast charging 18 Watts although only 10 W charger is provided by default.  The HD screen measuring 6.22 inches is a decent offering at its base price. Overall this phone is good to buy if you desire for a polished experience.


  • Good Battery Life.
  • Beautiful Design.
  • Good Camera Specifications.
  • Polished Look.
  • Good Internal Memory.
  • Good Primary Memory.


  • Slow processor.
  • Poor performance.
  • Loads of bloatware.
  • Annoying ads interface.
  • May heat up easily.
  • Not ideal for playing games.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best MI phone under 10000?

You cannot figure out just one mobile and label it as the best MI phone under 10000. Xiaomi is offering several budget phones, and each of these has its own advantages. For example, if you are looking for good battery life, then Xiaomi Redmi 9 prime has a battery of 5020 mAh, and it is available at the price of below INR 10000. Similarly, if you want a phone with a good rear and front camera below INR 10000, then Redmi 8A can be the right choice, which has 13+ 2mp dual rear and a front camera of 8 MP.

2. Which phone is better: Redmi 8A or Redmi 8Ai?

The two phones under consideration i.e., Redmi 8 and Redmi 8Ai, are dual nano sim phones that run on Android 9 Pie. There are many similarities between these two phones, like the 6.22 inch HD display screen with the protection of Corning Gorilla Glass 5. In addition, both of them have an octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 439 SoC. One of the differences between them is the RAM. While Redmi 8 has 4GB of RAM, the Redmi 8A, on the other hand, has 3GB of RAM. Another point of difference being the Redmi 8 is having a secondary 2-megapixel depth sensor that is missing on Redmi 8A.

3. Is Xiaomi Better Than Samsung?

Xiaomi is offering higher value to their customers by selling attractive phones with the superior build quality at prices below INR 10000. Xiaomi is doing a good job of offering phones with good design and similar specs that run on the latest Android OS at half the prices of the best Samsung Galaxy Phones. The budget phones of Samsung are not as powerful as Xiaomi. Hence, customers prefer Xiaomi over Samsung. Moreover, the technical specifications of Xiaomi’s budget phones are quite similar to that of Samsung, but Xiaomi is offering these phones at an affordable price of below INR 10000. 

4. Is Xiaomi safe?

Xiaomi believes in adopting new measures for handling viruses and malware, and it patches the MIUI before it has been infected. Moreover, Xiaomi has a good firewall for preventing access to user’s databases from hackers. If any breach of MIUI is found, it will get fixed with the release of the succeeding security patch level update. Hence, for the general masses at large, Xiaomi is safe to use, and the data is kept secure from the hackers. Thus, as far as the OS is concerned, it is safe to use because it has excellent security firewalls. The claims that rival companies make are merely assumptions, and they are not supported by evidence.

5. Is Xiaomi Better than Apple?

MIUI does resemble iOS, but it is for sure that Xiaomi phones are one of the best optimised brands of Android Smartphones. The reason why Xiaomi became successful was its affordable pricing and durable build quality. On the other hand, the pricing structure of Apple is costly. However, the good thing about them is that it is one of the most optimised mobile OS ever with durable hardware. The only downside is it does not have Gorilla Glass, which makes it fragile. Thus, if you have a limited budget and want to purchase a Smartphone that covers all ends, then go for Xiaomi.


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