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Top 10 Best Phones Under 13000 in India (2020)

Edited by Piyush, Reviewed by Gulshan

Aravind read the e-mail again - it clearly says, the recipient of the International photography union’s best award in the close-up section is Aravind. Unbelievable, he thought.  

On a forest safari in Assam everyone in the jeep that day was shaken by the closeness of the rhino; Aravind kept his cool and managed a few clicks with his mobile. The rhino almost took a dig (literally!) at him!

It was a brilliant capture and the photo astounded everyone - So close the animal was! Later, when his photographer friend suggested he send it for the competition, and Aravind did it reluctantly. And now –he is a winner!

He had upgraded his phone just before that trip as he wanted more storage and better video for his online digital course but never imagined the phone can take such good pictures.

mobile phone

Today our world is becoming technology dependent increasingly, be it education, communication or entertainment, a good smartphone is your tool to success.

What to look for when buying a smartphone?

  • Display: A good-sized screen (5.5 to 6.0 inch) with a high resolution (expressed in pixel, a short form of picture element) and for the technologically inclined, the ppi (pixel density per inch or the number of pixels per inch of the display.) These make it easy for you to use the phone for hours together. 
  • The processor:  Speed is expressed in terms of GigaHertz (GHz), and the thumb rule is higher the speed, faster will the processing. An Octa-core processor has eight cores (or circuit with processing units) with each core reads and executes instructions.
  • Memory:  The RAM facilitates the speed of the phone and the ease of operations along with the processor while, ROM takes care of storing your apps, OS and the videos. A RAM of 4 GB and ROM of 64 GB will be the ideal for a mid-segment phone. 
  • Battery life is one more issue to be kept in mind and the mAh (a measure of electric power over time) ratings will give you an idea. 
  • Camera:  Megapixel (MP) rating; Megapixel is a million pixels. It is used to express the number of image sensor elements of digital cameras. 
  • Security:    Built-in Fingerprint sensors, Face recognition etc.

Our research team has selected the following models after going through several ones so that you get only the best within your budget range.  Having refreshed the basics, it is your turn now to choose the best phone under 13000 in india.

Let's explore the list and have a look at the features along with the pros and cons of the Top 10 best phones under 13000 in India.

Top 10 Best Phones Under 13000 in India

Although my favorite among all is  Redmi Note 8 but you must check all of them to make your buying decision.

 1. Redmi Note 8

Redmi Note 8


  • RAM: 4 GB 
  • Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 Octa-core
  • Operating System: Android Pie v 9
  • Front Camera:  Front 13 MP(  f 2.0)
  • Rear Camera: 48 MP Primary( f 1.79) + 8 MP ultra wide(f 2.2) + 2 MP depth sensor(f 2.4) 
  • Display: 16 cm (6.3 inches) full HD
  • Resolution: FHD + ( 2340 X 1080) pixels
  • Battery: 4000 mAh
  • Storage: 64 GB + expandable to 512 GB
  • Styles: Yes
  • Dimension ( Width x Height x Thickness )[ 75.30 x  158.3 x 8.35] mm
  • Weight: 188 gms
  • Security: Fingerprint  scanner

The Redmi Note 8 has a stylish design and comes in three beautiful colors –Neptune blue, Moonlight white and Space black. 

The reflective glass gives the product a bold finish and a distinctive look.

The phone gives you a rich visual experience with a 16 cm (6.3”) full HD+ display which is designed to reduce blue light to keep your eyes protected; and a 90% screen to body ratio. 

The Aspect ratio (the ratio of the Height of the display screen and the width)  is a good 19.5: 9, with 409 ppi  (pixels per inch) density.

The 48 MP Quad cameras come with an 8 MP, 120 degrees, the ultra-wide-angle lens which allows you to capture a wider view each time. 

The AI-enabled distortion correction function prevents curving of the edges.

The 2 MP macro lens captures even the minute details (2 cm minimum focus distance) with the 2 MP depth sensors allowing the camera to create portraits with a bokeh background (the aesthetic quality of out- of- focus blur in a photograph), comparable to studio effect.

The 13 MP front camera offers you brilliant selfies with a blur adjustment function for sharp images. The useful palm shutter function makes the selfie process easy (just a hand gesture).

High-performance Snapdragon 665 processor with 3rd gen AI engine support and 4 GB RAM – can provide extraordinary gaming experience. Adequate storage of 64 GB (expandable to 512 GB)

 A powerful 4000 mAh lithium polymer battery gives you a talk time of 32 hrs. Provided with USB type C Port; 18 w fast charging. Corning Gorilla Glass 5 covering on the front and back protect the phone in case of accidental falls and a P2i coating makes it waterproof.

Redmi Note 8: You just can’t miss this all-rounder

Buy this for the excellent camera facilities or the high-speed performance or the massive battery life or everything. The All-rounder, as the manufacturer of Redmi Note 7 describes it, is your best buy at the mid-range.


  • Advanced 48 MP Quad camera array for professional-grade pictures
  • Slow-motion video and app tray
  •  Dual Gorilla glass protective cover
  • Superlinear speakers for unmatched sound quality
  • 5000 mAh long-lasting battery: with 18 W fast charging.


  • Heating issues found after 30 minutes + of continuous usage
  • Occasional network issues
  • Weaker camera zoom
  • Slower Fingerprint Sensor
  • No headphone jack

 2. Xiaomi Mi A3

Xiaomi Mi A3


  • RAM: 4 GB 
  • Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 Octa-core
  • Operating System: Android 9.0 Pie
  • Front Camera: Front 32 MP(  f 2.0)
  • Rear Camera: 48 MP Primary( f 1.79) + 8 MP ultra wide(f 2.2) + 2 MP depth sensor(f 2.4)
  • Display: 15.46 cm (6.08 inches)  super AMOLED display
  • Resolution: HD + ( 1560 X 720) pixels
  • Battery: 4030 mAh
  • Storage: 64 GB + expandable to 512 GB
  • Styles: Yes
  • Dimension ( Width x Height x Thickness )[ 71.85 x  153.48 x 8.47] mm
  • Weight:  174 gms
  • Security: Fingerprint  scanner ;Face recognition

The dynamic holographic design comes in three soothing colors – More than White/kind of grey / not just blue.

The seamless, curved design at the rear offers an excellent hand feel and a sturdy grip.

The set comes with the enhanced protection of Corning Gorilla Glass cover on the front, back and also the camera module.

This phone will bowl you over with its exciting display – 15.46 cm (6.08 “) super AMOLED (Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diodes) display which features remarkable colors and contrast ratios, with a pixel density of 282 ppi (pixel per inch).

Supports several multimedia formats like MP4, AMR, XVID, WAV etc. Large 0.915 cc speaker box gives a high audio output.  

AI smart camera gives a memorable performance each time – The 48 +8+2 MP triple rear camera comes with a portrait mode, HDR and has Sony sensors and supported by the 8 MP ultra-wide-angle lens has Edge distortion correction. 

Offers steady night photography.AI scene detection can detect up to 12 different scenes. The 32 MP front camera gives you stunning selfies and has palm shutters for convenience. 

Xiaomi MI A3: A phone that meets all your needs and you will select it for the two P’s - Performance and photography.


  • IR blaster is handy to control many devices
  • The curved back design allows a good grip and one-handed use.
  • Allows professional quality pictures
  • Gorilla glass protection in front and back
  • A safe phone with a low SAR value (1.6 W/kg) ensures that only a minimal amount of RF energy is absorbed by the body.


  • The super AMOLED display is not quite what is claimed – Other models with LCD have good displays.
  • Night photography is suspect

 3. Xiaomi  Redmi Note 7 Pro

Xiaomi  Redmi Note 7 Pro


  • RAM: 4 GB 
  • Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 675, Octa-core
  • Operating System: Android Pie v 9
  • Front Camera: 13 MP(  f 2.0)
  • Rear Camera: Dual Rear camera 48 MP(f 1.79)  + 5MP ( f2.2 )
  • Display: 16 cm (6.3 inches) full HD
  • Resolution: FHD + ( 2340 X 1080) pixels ; 409 ppi
  • Battery: 4000 mAh
  • Storage: 64 GB + expandable to 256 GB
  • Styles: Yes
  • Dimension ( Width x Height x Thickness ): [ 75.21 x  159.21 x 8.1] mm
  • Weight:  186 gms
  • Security: Fingerprint  scanner

This elegant model has been designed with Corning Gorilla glass on the front and back which not only provides a protective cover but adds a distinctive style.

The glass back has a brilliant gradient- reflective finish that changes hues with the angle of light giving it an unmatched look. 

The Octa-core processor shares its architecture with the best in the Snapdragon family and is designed to provide you with enhanced gaming experience.

A large 16 cm display with FHD resolution of 2340 X 1080 delivers sharp visuals with minute details which enhances your viewing experience many times.

The front camera is perfectly designed without compromising on the screen display space.  The Sunlight display mode makes outdoor viewing easy. 

With a single tap, the camera can capture multiple images and combine them into a single, high-quality image. The light-sensitive component allows the camera perfect shots even in a low light environment.

The 48 MP camera comes with more pixels than most cameras in similar models of competitors and that places it a step ahead.  The result is unbeatable picture clarity with even the smallest details coming clear before you.

A high capacity battery makes your job easy without bothering about the phone running down- the type C charging port supports the patented Qualcomm Quick charge technology. The high power battery makes it easy for you to listen to music for 38 hours uninterrupted or do FHD recording up to 5 Hours! The Battery ensures even continuous gaming for 8 hours if you incline. That makes it super for sure!

Xiaomi Redmi Note 7Pro: Your best bet within the budget:  choose this for its battery but still cannot ignore the camera and performance!


  • Premium design with an exquisite look
  • Long-lasting Battery
  • Good Camera with low light adaptor
  • Fast processor ensures smooth performance
  • A safe phone with a low SAR value (1.6 W/kg) ensures that only a minimal amount of RF energy is absorbed by the body.


  • Phone heating issues with over 30 minutes use
  • Bloatware and ads
  • No separate sim slot for SD card: shared second slot

 4. Vivo U20

Vivo U20


  • RAM: 4 GB 
  • Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 675
  • Operating System: Funtouch OS 9.2 (based on Android 9)
  • Front Camera: 16 MP(  f 2.0)
  • Rear Camera: 16 MP(f 1.78)  + 8MP(2.2) +2 MP(2.4) Triple Camera
  • Display: 16.58 cm (6.53 inches)
  • Resolution: FHD + ( 2340 X 1080) pixels ; 409 ppi
  • Battery: 5000 mAh
  • Storage: 64 GB + expandable to 256 GB
  • Styles: Yes
  • Dimension ( Width x Height x Thickness ):  [ 76.47 x  162.15 x 8.89] mm
  • Weight:  193 gms
  • Security: Fingerprint  scanner

The Snapdragon 675 has an overall score higher by 25 % over the popular 655 and this allows you faster multitasking, with 4 GB RAM (6 GB in model variant)

The rugged battery (5000 mAh) is rated for standby of 273 hours and can offer you 21 hours of Instagram and 17 hours of Facebook.

With a 90.3% screen to body ratio, the Vivo U 20 offers one of the biggest displays in its segment (16.58 cm screen size)

The AI-powered triple rear camera comes with a 120 degree super wide lens supported by a low light primary lens and the super macro for great close-ups. 

The super wide-angle will convert your picture frames into a visual delight. 

The powerful 16 MP Selfie camera with AI enhancement is ideal for groupies (stunning AI face beauty, slow motion recording and 4k Video recording among many others make the camera section of Vivo U 20 a  star amongst the comparable models.

The phone meets all your connectivity needs with 4G / 5G, USB 2.0, Bluetooth and Bluetooth 5.0 etc. The media offers video / audio recording and playback, MP3, MP4, WAV among many others. 

Vivo U 20: The rugged phone gives you super battery -life, large displays, pleasing photos and yes, fast gaming. You can't ask for more. Buy this star performer.


  • Good FHD+ display
  • The fast processor supports gaming
  • Good overall performance
  • Fast processor ensures smooth performance
  • A safe phone with a low SAR value (1.6 W/kg) ensures that only a minimal amount of RF energy is absorbed by the body.


  • Preinstalled bloatware
  • Camera performance average
  • Micro USB port –limiting connectivity

 5. Samsung Galaxy M30 

Samsung Galaxy M 30


  • RAM: 4 GB 
  • Processor: Exynos 7904 Octa-core
  • Operating System: Android Oreo v 8.1
  • Front Camera: 16 MP
  • Rear Camera: Triple Rear Camera 13 MP()  + 5MP() +5 MP()
  • Display: 16.21 cm (6.4 inches)
  • Resolution: FHD + ( 2340 X 1080) pixels ;
  • Battery: 5000 mAh
  • Storage: 64 GB + expandable to 512 GB
  • Styles: Yes
  • Dimension ( Width x Height x Thickness ): [ 75 x  159 x 9.0] mm
  • Weight: 174 gms
  • Security: Fingerprint  scanner

Samsung Galaxy M 30 is a product aimed at the mid-segment and is offered in two color variants, Gradation Blue and Gradation Black.

The curved design of the sides makes gripping easy and the rounded corners make holding comfortable.

The phone has a 6.4 inch super AMOLED (Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diodes) display with a Full HD + resolution of 2340 X 1080 pixels

The panel has good viewing angles and offers a good view when outdoors. The phone is powered by the Samsung Exynos processor which makes your multitasking easy.

The phone has two variants, the 4 GB RAM + 64 GB storage, and the 6 GB RAM + 128 GB storage. You can select the one based on your needs and usage pattern. The higher version will cost a little more. 

The connectivity options include Wi-Fi, Blue tooth and GPS. The triple camera is good and bears the stamp of Samsung quality and performance. It offers the right focus and exposure in daylight shots. Beautification filters or smart beauty function lets you make adjustments for background clarity. 

In the Pro mode, you can set exposure, ISO (sensitivity of the camera sensor to light; higher number, more sensitive) and white balance before taking the shot; you can also add AR stickers onto your photo subjects. The ultra-wide-angle sensor is useful in capturing landscape shots and can give you amazing results.

The 16 MP front camera gives you great selfies and the live focus mode can create bokeh backgrounds (the aesthetic quality of out of focus blur) which can improve the overall appearance of the picture. 

The Samsung Galaxy M30: The right one for you: you will not get a better deal –Performance, Visuals, Photography and on top of that, the brand.


  • Excellent battery life
  • Fast charging battery
  • Good gaming experience
  • Super sharp AMOLED display


  • Low light camera performance average
  • No slow-motion video
  • Audio output- suspect when playing videos.

 6. Realme Narzo 10 

Realme Narzo 10


  • RAM: 4 GB 
  • Processor: Mediatek Helio G 80 , Octa-core
  • Operating System: Android 10
  • Front Camera: 16 MP (f 2.0 )
  • Rear Camera: Quad  Camera 48 MP( f 1.8 )  + 8MP(f 2.3 ) +2 MP( f 2.4 ) +2 MP ( f 2.4)
  • Display: 16.5 cm (6.5 inches)
  • Resolution: HD + ( 720 X 1600) pixels ;
  • Battery: 5000 mAh
  • Storage: 128 GB + expandable to
  • Styles: Yes
  • Dimension ( Width x Height x Thickness ): [ 75.4 x  164.4 x 9.0] mm
  • Weight: 199 gms
  • Security: Fingerprint  scanner

If photography is your forte then Realme Narzo 10 is the right one for you- it comes with a powerful 48 MP Quad camera, which combines the power of four different lenses to give you the ideal picture. 

The high-resolution primary lens adds razor-sharpness to your photos. It supports super nightscape which uses AI algorithm to capture all details even in low light conditions.

 For super close-ups, there is a dedicated portrait lens which can capture almost microscopic details.

 The super wide-angle lens (119 degrees) delivers a view which is several times larger than most cameras’ found in comparable models.

This will give you perfect landscapes and group photos. 

The super clear selfie-camera is equipped with Realme’s AI algorithm which can make you look natural. All your outdoor photo adventures will be comfortably supported by the massive 5000 mAh battery –which can give you uninterrupted  29 hours on the phone (do it on own risk!), Youtube viewing for 20 hours and 12 hours of gaming.

The model also comes with 18 W quick charging (of the battery) to help you to get back fast to your activities. The new generation Helio G 80 processor is programmed to give you excellent performance and the result is stunning image quality and stable frame rate.

This makes the Realme Narzo a perfect choice for gaming. The 16.5 cm mini drop full screen offers an immersive experience with videos with the 20.9 Aspect ratio(width of the video image compared to its height) makes it look slimmer.

Realme Narzo 10: The real powerhouse to meet all your needs and at the same time can make you a photographer with its super cameras. And you have massive battery strength to support.  You can choose this one with your eyes closed. 


  • Long-lasting battery
  • Good design
  • Excellent photo options
  • Good gaming performance
  • Value for money


  • Comes with bloatware

 7. Realme 5i

Realme 5i


  • RAM: 4 GB 
  • Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 AIE , Octa-core
  • Operating System: Android v9 Pie
  • Front Camera: 8 MP (f 2.0 )
  • Rear Camera: Quad  Camera 12 MP( f 1.8  )  + 8MP(f 2.25  ) +2 MP( f  2.4) + 2 MP ( f 2.4
  • Display: 16.56 cm (6.52 inches)
  • Resolution: HD + ( 720 X 1600) pixels ; 269 ppi
  • Battery: 5000 mAh
  • Storage: 64 GB + expandable to 256 GB
  • Styles: Yes
  • Dimension ( Width x Height x Thickness ): [ 75 x  164 x 9.0] mm
  • Weight: 182 gms
  • Security: Fingerprint  sensor

The Realme 5i  have a mirror-polished rear shell which makes it a visually stunning phone.

Available in two colors, Aqua Blue and Forest Green, it can well be viewed as a collector's item.

The phone is curved at the sides which add to the convenience of holding the phone.

The Realme 5i with the snapdragon 665 at the heart manages to deliver a good performance when it comes to multitasking.

 Playing games is quite easy and even heavy games can be played with medium frame setting.  

Warming up during gaming is not an issue unlike many of its competitors.

The set offers excellent battery life and a normal usage could see the charge lasting for over a day. Equipped with a powerful Quad camera, it can turn your photos into a visual treat! The phone is quick to lock focus when taking a photo in daylight and provides good details. .

You can get a wide field view with the wide-angle camera and makes your moments memorable. The Realme 5i is positioned as a mid-range phone with powerful hardware- if you are looking for a phone to be used for gaming, multitasking this is your best bet!

The Realme 5 i: Will bowl you over with all its features – just the ones you are looking for. This one phone makes your decision making as easy as watching your favorite game on the Realme 5i.


  • Good camera performance in daylight.
  • Long-life battery
  • Attractive design


  • Low light photography below par
  • Fast charging not supported

 8. Realme 5s

Realme 5s


  • RAM: 4 GB 
  • Processor:  Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 AIE , Octa-core
  • Operating System: Android v9 Pie
  • Front Camera:  13MP (f 2.0 )
  • Rear Camera: Quad  Camera 48 MP( f 1.8  )  + 8MP(f 2.25  ) +2 MP( f  2.4) + 2 MP ( f 2.4 )
  • Display: 16.5 cm (6.5 inches)
  • Resolution: HD + ( 720 X 1600) pixels ; 269 ppi
  • Battery: 5000 mAh
  • Storage: 128 GB + expandable to 256 GB
  • Styles: Yes
  • Dimension ( Width x Height x Thickness ): [ 75.6 x  164.4 x 9.3] mm
  • Weight: 198 gms
  • Security: Fingerprint  sensor ,Face unlock

The photo buff in you will be greatly pleased by the performance of the quad-camera in this offering from the Realme stable.

The camera setup has a 48 MP primary sensor, supported by the 8 MP wide-angle and 2MP macro and the 2MP depth sensor.

The perfect combination allows you to take pictures with the right perspective and what you get is sharp looking shots.

The autofocus function makes your job easier and you get the best of your subjects.

The portrait mode assists you in close-ups and you get almost professional level details, well-defined edges and good contrast.

 Not to leave out the selfies, the front camera is a powerhouse and can get you even your skin tone!

The 6.5-inch screen gives you an excellent HD+ display with an 89% screen to body ratio and a  269 ppi density (pixel per inch for picture resolution); result - Super viewing of your favorite videos. The strong battery supports your activities for a much longer time than you can imagine and could go over two full days easily before needing a re-charge,  under normal usage conditions.

The Realme 5s has a powerful processor and can handle multitasking and offer a pleasing experience with games on medium setting. The phone comes in two variants – 4 GB RAM / 128 GB storage and the other one, 4 GB RAM + 64 GB storage. You can decide based on your usage needs both present and future.

The new crystal design makes the Realme 5s very attractive with nano holographic color and polishing technology makes it shine from every angle. The phone comes in a choice of three colors, Crystal Red, Crystal Blue and Crystal Purple.

The Realme 5s: Your eye for design and passion for photography will not allow you to settle for anything less than this beauty -the stylish Quad Powerhouse.


  • Attractive design, good build quality
  • Long battery life.
  • Excellent camera
  • Value for money


  • Fast charging not supported
  • Not comfortable with heavy games

 9. Samsung Galaxy A20S

Samsung Galaxy A 20 S


  • RAM: 4 GB 
  • Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 450-B01  , Octa-core
  • Operating System: Android v9.0 Pie
  • Front Camera:   8 MP (f 2.0 )
  • Rear Camera:  Triple  Camera 13 MP( f 1.8  )  + 8MP(f 2.25 ) +5 MP(f 2.2)
  • Display: 16.35 cm (6.4 inches)
  • Resolution: HD + ( 720 X 1560) pixels
  • Battery: 4000 mAh
  • Storage: 64 GB + expandable to 512 GB
  • Styles: Yes
  • Dimension ( Width x Height x Thickness ): [ 78 x  163 x 8] mm
  • Weight:  178 gms
  • Security: Fingerprint  sensor 

Begin your journey with the new Samsung Galaxy A 20 S by holding it to your face and the phone will immediately recognize the smart individual with the beautiful face and will open up a great new world before you!

It also has the simple touch fingerprint sensor – these technologically advanced features from Samsung make your phone super secure.

The powerful Snapdragon Octa-core processor operates at 1.8 GHz CPU speed so that you can make the best of gaming and multitasking. 

The 4 GB RAM is an ideal supportive partner working in silence for making your moments enjoyable.

Not to forget the 4000 mAh powerhouse battery to support all that you wish to do and for hours together (almost the whole day under normal use). 

And just in case you need to re-charge, the 15W fast charging (with USB type C) is ready. Going out on a holiday? The Triple camera setup in the Samsung Galaxy A20 will give you a new meaning to outdoor landscapes or the family group with its ultra-wide view.

Never mind your adjustments the auto-focus programme will take care of the perfection. Close-ups’ and selfies turn out equally impressive and will make you a picture gallery (of your phone) addict. It comes with a 6.5-inch screen and gives you a perfect resolution (720 X 1560).

You can choose from the two variants depending on your needs (particularly, storage and functions) between 3 GB RAM / 32 GB storage or the 4 GB RAM / 64 GB storage. 

The Samsung Galaxy A 20: All that you may ask for in a smartphone is already there; just waiting for you to select the colour and picking it up.


  • Value for money phone
  • Good for multitasking
  • Good camera set up.


  • The audio quality little suspect
  • Low-light photography not perfect.

 10. Realme 5

Realme 5


  • RAM: 4 GB 
  • Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon  665  , Octa-core
  • Operating System: Android v9.0 Pie
  • Front Camera:    13  MP (f 2.0 )
  • Rear Camera: Quad  Camera 12 MP( f 1.8  )  + 8MP(f 2.25 ) +2 MP(f 2.2) + 2 MP (f2.4 )
  • Display: 16.35 cm (6.4 inches)
  • Resolution: HD + ( 720 X 1560) pixels
  • Battery: 5000 mAh
  • Storage: 64 GB + expandable to 256 GB
  • Styles: Yes
  • Dimension ( Width x Height x Thickness ): [ 76 x  164.4 x 9.3] mm
  • Weight:   198 gms
  • Security: Fingerprint  sensor 

It can be termed as the real powerhouse. The AI cooling and screen power-saving programmed come together to support the massive 5000 mAh battery and the result?

No worries for you to use it all day- long in phone mode or as a video streamer or as a gaming arena - nothing can stop your enjoyment.

To be a little more specific, the phone allows you 30 hours of uninterrupted music or 8 hours of a heavy game (like PUBG), or 19 hours of non-stop YouTube.

And not to be undone, the Quad camera gives you super wide pictures with a 119-degree ultra-wide-angle lens. The macro lens can give you difficult to beat close-ups of only 4 cm.

The portrait lens and the depth sensor are ready to do their job of giving you an amazing photo experience. 

The dual camera distortion correction technology, the bokeh effect (pleasing quality of out-of-focus background) take adds to your creativity with the camera to a different level. 

A series of software algorithms improve the night vision function to give you great low light photos. The new generation Snapdragon 665 AIE with Octa-core 11nm assures speed and performance which is better by 20 % over phones than the earlier version of processors.

The mini-drop technology (the mini drop is 30 % smaller than the previous generation) brings in an immersive viewing experience with the 6.5-inch full-screen view. The crystal design ushers in a new trend in smartphone designs and the airtight waterproof sealing protect all the interior components as well as the screen, back cover.

The Realme 5: This Quad Camera beauty is waiting for you to make your world a fascinating place. Choose this all-rounder.


  • Striking looks and good build quality
  • Long battery life
  • Fast processor


  • Slightly on the heavier side and difficult to fit into the palm
  • Fast charging option not available

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which is the best phone to buy under 13000?

We recommend Redmi Note 8. Why will you buy?

  • Product design - Apart from the beautiful aesthetics the design element has taken into consideration the safety angle as well by using Corning Gorilla Glass cover on front and back. This will protect the phone in case of accidental falls. A P2i coating makes the phone splash-proof too. A 6.3-inch FHD+ display with a 90% screen to body ratio.
  • Camera:  The 48 MP Quad camera can make your imagination come alive with life-like images.
  • Performance: High performing Snapdragon 665 processor makes your multitasking easy and gives you extraordinary gaming experience. The 4 GB RAM and storage of 64 GB provides support.
  • The super Battery – which gives you an uninterrupted talk time of 32 hrs!

2. What should we check before buying a phone?

 The basic parameters are: 

  • Battery Life:  For the moderate user, 3500 mAh battery would be sufficient but for the heavy user (regular video streaming/gaming), it should 4000 mAh at the minimum.
  • Memory: RAM: 3 /4 GB for the normal user and 6 / 8 GB for the other category.
  • Camera: The higher megapixel count is an important factor for the picture quality but not the only one.  Aperture, autofocus, wide-angle lens etc should also be considered. 
  • Processor: Processor speed is rated in Gigahertz and a higher value means faster speed. But it is too technical to influence normal buying requirement. Display screen size and HD+ or FHD.
  • Security: Fingerprint sensor/face recognition.

3. Which phone has the fastest processor under 13000?

Redmi Note 8 and Xiaomi Mi A3

Both are powered by snapdragon 665 processor. This high-performance Octa-core processor has 3rd gen. AI engine and performs a boosted AI- computing performance. It powers features like 3D face recognition and opens up photo capabilities like Portrait mode and low light mode. For the technically inclined, the processor has 64-bit architecture and CPU clock speed up to 2.0 GHz. It supports Bluetooth, 5.0 LPE; USB 3.1 up to 48 MP single-lens camera. The display support is up to 2520 X 1080 FHD+. It also supports quick charge.

4. Which is the best battery backup phone under 13000?

Vivo U 20 is our pick as the best battery backup phone. It has a 5000 mAh* battery which is capable of giving you a massive 17 hours of uninterrupted Facebook activity or 11 hours of YouTube. It also gives you fast charging. Other models in our selected list like the Samsung Galaxy M 30 and the Realme Narzo 10 and Realme 5i are also powered by a 5000 mAh battery. *mAh means Milliamps hour or 1/1000th of an Amp-hour. It is a measure of the strength of a battery and higher the rating, longer will be the life. 

5. How do I choose a good camera mobile phone under 13000?

What to look for?

  • Aperture: influences the image quality. Phones having an aperture of f1.5 to f 1.8 give good quality pictures.
  • Amount of Megapixel (MP), which is a million pixels or the number of image sensor elements in digital cameras. 12 to 20 MP (of the main camera) is considered good.

Most phones today are equipped with several cameras for a specific application like Wide angle view, Portrait view etc having different MP levels.

  • Lenses and Zoom: For depth, Close up or landscape
  • Photo functions or programmes provided  ( like, autofocus, Night mode .) 
  • Video recording time ( and slow recording facility) 
  • Flash

 *Redmi Note 8 and Xiaomi MI A3 are top choices


Smartphones today are an integral part of our existence and helps in making our life easy. Competition in the industry has forced brands to adopt innovative marketing strategies by creating niche's which, for most of us, is difficult to understand. Feature Vs.  Performance is an issue that regularly comes to our mind while considering a new phone purchase.

So much of product communication indeed has clouded our decision-making and most of the times we pick up the model which we like (physically) or our friends’ recommend.

This guide has attempted to bring out the basic features in a smartphone and has placed before you a selection of 10 models (in a specific price point) after extensive research so that you get the best deal on your next purchase of a smartphone.


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