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Best Money-Saving Postpaid Plans in India (Updated 2020)

We compared, reviewed, checked user reviews and testimonials to come with this final list of best postpaid plan in India. Comparison of

Mobile phones have now turned out to be the friendliest gadgets. It is a lifeline for almost everyone and more of a way to connect with outside world.

“It’s hard to believe, but the fact is that 'people have become slaves to mobiles!'

Today, as a gift, a girl or a boy would be utmost happy to receive free mobile data rather than receiving flowers or chocolates. It is funny but true.

From getting up in morning to sleeping with mobiles on inside the blanket, everyone needs a good mobile phone with the best data network and even better postpaid plan.

Every mobile is lifeless without a data operator working 24 hours and 7 days over it. In postpaid plans, you will be privileged to bill monthly and hence no hassles of recharging phones again and again.

Best Money-Saving Postpaid Plans in India

Moreover, some lucrative postpaid plans introduced by mobile operators have made it all the more addictive for people all over the world. From low society, servants to multi-billionaire, everyone has a mobile now irrespective of their prices.

Some mobiles come with diamond studded bodies that cost around loss of rupees. Still, a person who is salary based and earns on daily wages or so has to restrict on prepaid SIM cards as they cannot afford postpaid phones for different financial reasons. You need to give a certain limit for postpaid plans.

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Benefits of Having the Best Postpaid Plans in India

Let us put light on some of the interesting benefits of having the best postpaid plans in India on our mobiles:

1. No tension of low balance in phones

There happens when you wish to make an emergency call or react to a message but the balance is low enough. Hence you need to go to local vendor for recharge or may be via online help. All this is a real pain and one gets stressed after using prepaid phones for a long time.

When you have a postpaid plan, you have no tension on recharging or a low balance. You would enjoy the phone services for a full month without limitation. Hence, monthly bill would be generated which you need to clear. How convenient! In fact, with technology getting advanced, you may automate this process via the Internet so that monthly bills are paid on time directly from your bank account so that there is hardly any interruption for you. 

2. You hesitate in answering expensive calls

An expensive call to international locations won’t trouble you as you will be charged per minute and moreover the amount per minute would be very less in comparison to what you owe in prepaid plans. Hence, you can freely talk for a walk or just casual purposes with postpaid mobile phones without thinking about balance. You are always tension free while having a postpaid plan on mobile phones. 

3. Postpaid plans offer great package deal for all

Why everyone prefers to have a postpaid SIM because your contract is set for a great deal with your Internet Service Provider when compared to other normal mobile users. In fact, you may expect up to 70 % off on services by your operators just to hold on to you as a customer for lifelong periods. Every operator needs good clients for a lifetime. Offering such lucrative and hard to skip deals, they attract clients from all fields in never to go manner. 

4. Best Postpaid Offers

Many mobile operators come up with festive mobile plans where they give a number of calls PAN India free, topped with extra cherries like free Messages and free mobile data. This way, having a postpaid plan can help you opt for such vouchers and thus, opportunities for lowering down the mobile bills that come up often. Most importantly, you have a pocket friendly plan that burdens you less and gives you the freedom of chatting, talking and SMSing as much as you want. 

5. Adding data plans as and when needed

With postpaid schemes, you can further enhance your mobile data whenever required. You can just enhance your mobile data by sending SMS and you would have to pay for it later in the month ending. Hence, you would never find yourself in conditions of crises. A simple school homework or food recipes or business assessment, etc. can be all done on time and smartly when the postpaid plan is used. 

6. You need to pay the same amount almost every month

If you have opted for a special Mobile Plan depending on Usage, there will not be any extra hidden charges on your bill; the bill amount will stay fixed on your mobile usage only. However, if you would buy a game or any of the added services, then there will be an additional cost on your bill plan.

Now, after getting a good overview of postpaid advantages, it’s very important to understand how you can judge what mobile plan is best for you and suits your needs. Every person has different mobile usage and so it's better you choose a plan which helps you gain maximum advantage.

Confusion is one most the most fashionable marketing tool!

Buying Guide - Tips in selecting the best postpaid plan

Following are some useful tips which will help you choose a best postpaid plan. 

 Free Minutes, Free weekend or night time calling, free in-network minutes

This is one great way of choosing the right mobile plan. See what your outgoing calls are major. If your work or family needs you to call internationally more, then choose a plan which will slow down your monthly bill to great extent. Similarly, if it’s outside your state then choose a plan which will seem cost efficient for you.

If you are more using your calling services in the night then choose a mobile phone plan with night free calling hours. Similarly, go for a plan which allows you to talk with your most friendly people free as they belong to your special call list.

Do your homework

Write down following measures on a piece of paper for a smart purchase of mobile plan:

  • How many calls you do in daytime or nighttime on an average? Once you have an exact idea, just multiply it with 30 to make a precise idea
  • Who are your target phones in the majority? Landlines or mobile?
  • What types of call pattern do you have? Local calls, long-distance calls, or international calls?
  • How is your data usage including music, videos, apps, etc. which you use daily on your phone to get a monthly idea?

When you have a clear picture of the above things, you can very well calculate cost of different plans offered by companies and choose which is beneficial for you.

Once the contract is done, you get a huge amount of benefits initially

Most of the companies allow 11 months of unlimited talk-time or free SMS etc. These are confusing and you often go wrong with seeing the lucrative ads about best unlimited postpaid plans. Think deeply and choose one that would be cost friendly in the long run.

Choose same telecom operator for family members

A family or couple plan always gets you great deals. Hence choose a postpaid plan that will be beneficial for your complete family.

Best Postpaid: Most Popular Telecom Plans To Choose From

Reliance Jio 

JIO is the most popular of the Lot among mobile network operators today WITH Shahrukh Khan as its brand ambassador. The company has very smartly marketed and launched the product to achieve a maximum number of clients on a single-take. They say “Jio Digital Life- Karlo Duniya Mutthi Main”. However, let us understand the good points of Reliance Jio:

  1. 1
    Unlimited voice calls and 4GIf you would have opted for Jio scheme before 31st march, you would have enjoyed the best of Jio plans offering unlimited voice calls along with unlimited 4g data
  2. 2
    No price change till the next year - All the Jio prime plans are available until next 31st March 2018
  3. 3
    Enjoy free Jio premium apps - If you have subscribed to Jio then you can even get free unlimited access to premium content through Jio apps on Jio 4G 
  4. 4
    No roaming charges!
  5. 5
    Price remains constant even on blackout days The price plan would remain same even on national holidays and festivals like Holi, Diwali etc, unlike other operators who suddenly hike up the prices per call or SMS.

Jio Prime 303

  • Amount Monthly: 303 INR
  • Calls: Unlimited voice calls to any local or national numbers of any network within India
  • Roaming Charges: None
  • Video Calls: Unlimited
  • 4G: Unlimited (1GB/day)
  • SMS: Unlimited SMS every day (TRAI has its limit of 100 SMS per fay)

Jio Prime 303

  • Amount Monthly: 499 INR
  • Calls: Unlimited voice calls to any local or national numbers of any network within India
  • Roaming Charges: None
  • Video Calls: Not free
  • 4G: Unlimited (2GB/day)
  • SMS: Unlimited SMS every day (TRAI has its limit of 100 SMS per fay)


How can we forget our mobile operator Vodafone and it's super cute brand ambassador “PUP” who not only stole our hearts but made the advertisements super popular among all age groups?

The two most user-friendly Vodafone best postpaid plans are as follows:

Vodafone Red 499

(Top Most Sold & Best Postpaid Plan)

  • Amount Monthly: 499 INR
  • Calls: Unlimited voice calls to any local or national numbers of any network within India
  • Roaming Charges: Yes, only incoming are free
  • Video Calls: Not free
  • 4G: 2GB 4G data per billing cycle and 1GB of 2G/3G data
  • SMS: 100 free SMS per billing cycle

Vodafone Red 699

(Best Vodafone Postpaid Plan)

  • Amount Monthly: 699 INR
  • Calls: Unlimited voice calls to any local or national numbers of any network within India
  • Roaming Charges: Yes at standard rates, only incoming are free
  • Video Calls: Not free
  • 4G: 2.5 GB 4G Data + 2.5 GB Additional Data Free
  • SMS: 100 Free SMS per billing cycle


Airtel challenges to be the fastest and powerful network ever. It has advertised big time with friendly taglines like “Kyunki Hare Ek Friend Zaroori Hota Hain”. Mr. Sunil Bharti Mittal is the founder of Airtel, launched on 7th July 1995.

Currently, the brand ambassador of Airtel is a young girl Sasha Chettri who is dedicatedly being promoting Airtel and touching the hearts of many earning the title of “Best postpaid plan in Delhi”. Let us put some light on benefits of having a best Airtel postpaid plan!

  1. 1
    Excellent 4G speed
    JIO, to compete and give a proper fight, Airtel has also launched 1GB per day plan to selected clients via segmented offerings and hence only few can benefit from it.
  2. 2
    Special infinity plans introduced!
    In this plan, Airtel has so much to offer to its postpaid customers. Minimum amount to start is 499 and these plans go up to 2999.
  3. 3
    12 months no additional cost for 4G data
    If you buy a new 4G supported handsets, then Airtel offers 3GB 4G data for 12 months at no additional cost in all Infinity plans.

Airtel Infinity Plan 499

  • Amount Monthly: 499 INR
  • Calls: Unlimited voice calls to any local or national numbers of any network within India
  • Roaming Charges: Yes, only incoming free
  • Video Calls: Unlimited
  • 4G: 3GB Internet (Restriction of 1GB for 2G/3G users)
  • SMS: 100 Free SMS per day

Airtel Infinity Plan 799

  • Amount Monthly: 799 INR
  • Calls: Unlimited voice calls to any local or national numbers of any network within India
  • Roaming Charges: No (Both incoming or outgoing are free)
  • Video Calls: Not free
  • 4G: 6GB data for 4G users (4GB for non-4G customers)
  • SMS: 100 Free SMS per day


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