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Top 10 Best Shampoos in India

Edited By Vaishali, Reviewed By Deeksha

There are thousands of shampoos to choose from in the open market, so if you’re wondering how to choose the right one for you, then you’re in the right place.

Mostly all us love our hair and don’t want anyone to touch or play with it, as we work hard to take care of it and make it look good.

This is why choosing the best shampoo for your hair is important, as we want our hair to look as good as possible and the shampoo which you use plays the most important part in it.

We have gone through all the top Shampoo brands which sell in India and selected our top 10 list.

This guide will make you understand all you need to about Shampoos and make buying the best one according to your needs an easy process. Let’s get started.


We Highly recommend you to read the Shampoo Buying Guide at the end of this article to get in-depth knowledge about the latest shampoo trends and tips on making an informed decision about which product to buy for your needs 🙂

Let's explore the list and have a look at the features along with the pros and cons of the Top 10 Best Shampoos in India.

Top 10 Best Shampoos in India (2022)

Although my favorite among all is WOW Intensive Repair & Revitalize but you must check all of them to make your buying decision.

 1. WOW Intensive Repair & Revitalize

WOW Intensive Repair & Revitalize


  • Provides a healing treatment for your hair: Wow skin science repair and revitalize shampoo provides a healing treatment for your hair which has been damaged by dyes, heat, chemicals, pollutants and sun rays. 
  • Contains concentrated bio lipids: The shampoo also contains bio lipids of sunflower and soybean which is clinically proven go into the damaged hair shafts to boost hydration, and it even smoothens rough cuticle scales and seals split ends.
  • Deals with split ends: Regular use of the shampoo helps minimize split ends, flyaway and tangles, so you have attractive looking hair.
  • 100 per cent bio active: The shampoo is also 100 bio active which means that there is no presence of harmful chemicals or toxins such as sulphates, parabens or mineral oils.

WOW is a newcomer in the field of beauty products, but it’s range of products have certainly won customers all over India over.

This shampoo, also known as Wow skin science intensive repair and revitalize shampoo claims to heal hair damaged by heat, dyes and pollution which is a huge problem in a polluted country such as India.

Sunflower and soybean bio lipids present in the mixture help taking advanced care of your hair.


  • Makes hair soft and manageable.
  • Attractive fragrance.
  • Regular usage gives hair a shine.


  • Not good for oily hair, as it turns hair even dryer.

 2. Head & Shoulders Silky Black Shampoo

Head & Shoulders Silky Black Shampoo


  • Up to 100 percent dandruff free: The Head & Shoulders shampoo is one of the best shampoos at getting rid of hair with dandruff. It goes to the root of the dandruff and eliminates.
  • Great for every day use: The shampoo’s formula is gentle enough for everyday use, and even for hair with colour or hait which has been chemically treated.
  • Fresh Scent Technology: The shampoo is formulated with Head and Shoulders’ Fresh Scent Technology which means enhanced fragrance notes. It smells very nice and soothing.

Head & Shoulders is one of the most popular hair care brand in India and the world. This shampoo makes your hair silky, smooth, and frizz-free so it looks beautiful.

The soft formula easily penetrates into your hair, and cleans it properly.

Along with cleaning your hair, the shampoo also moisturises your scalp so your dandruff problems become a thing of the past.

Its fresh and exotic fragrance makes your hair smell clean and wonderful full day long. The shampoo is light grey in colour.


  • Very effective at washing oil and dirt and other residue away.
  • Leaves a cooling sensation after washing your hair.
  • Great for getting rid of dandruff.
  • Makes hair shiny and silky after consistent use.


  • Not an organic shampoo.

 3. Himalaya Herbals Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo

Himalaya Herbals Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo


  • Reduces breaking of hair: Himalaya’s breakthrough 2-in-1 formula makes sure that your hair fall reduces.
  • Roots strenghtening: The shampoo also contains herbs such as Butea Frondosa and Bhringaraja which stimulate hair follicle growth and are effective in strengthening hair roots.
  • Moisturising effect: The formula of the shampoo is also great at moitsurising your hair after you have washed it, so there is no additional need to use a conditioner afterwards.

Himalaya's Anti Hair Fall Shampoo is a breakthrough formula according to the company which has a 2-in-1 effect which reduces hair fall, and gives nourishment to shafts of the hair.

It also conditions and improves the texture of your hair so there is reduction in hair fall due to breakage.

The shampoo also has two herbs known as Butea Frondosa and Bhringaraja which stimulates hair follicle growth and are also effective in making hair roots stronger and controlling hair fall.


  • Really good at stopping hair fall.
  • Reduces scalp itching for those who suffer from it.
  • Great at reducing dandruff as well.


  • Some users report that it made their hair a bit rougher.

 4. Pantene Pro-V Total Damage Care Shampoo

Pantene Pro-V Total Damage Care Shampoo


  • Thick and stronger hair: The shampoo advertises thicker and stronger hair in just 14 days after you start using the shampoo.
  • Shielding hair from damage: The shampoo has a built-in moisturising effect on the hair which means it can protect the hair from damage using the keratin damage blockers.
  • Hair becomes smoother and shinier: Continued use of the shampoo promises smoother and shinier hair.
  • Protects hair from future damage: The keratin damage blockers present in the Pantene shampoo protects the hair from and impending future damage as the blockers are 10x better at damage protection when compared to any other ordinary shampoo.
  • Suitable for both men and women: The Pantene shampoo is equally as good for both men as it is for women, with both the sexes being satisfied after using the product.

Pantene is a famous brand in the world of hair and hair products.

This particular shampoo is known as Pantene Pro-V Total Damage Care and it contains keratin damage blockers technology which means that it provides 99 per cent protection against current and future hair damage, which means that you have softer and more manageable hair so you can easily take care of your hair.

The shampoo is quite popular in India and it promises to repair 10 visible signs of hair damage and provides protection against future hair damage as well.


  • Hair becomes smooth and silky after using the shampoo for a few days.
  • Really good for people suffering from a dandruff problem.
  • Repairs prior hair damage.
  • Excellent for people with rough and damaged hair.


  • Doesn’t stop hair fall like some other shampoos.
  • Some people complained about the smell and how it felt unnnatural.

 5. Dove Men+Care 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner

Dove Men+Care 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner


  • 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner: Very few products in the market are capable of both shampooing and conditioning your hair, and this is one of them.
  • Cleans and invigorates hair: The Dove shampoo deeply cleans and invigorates hair and it has a refreshing effect later as well.
  • Daily use: The shampoo isn’t harsh on your scalp so you can use it every day without worrying too much.
  • Enriched with caffeine and menthol: Caffeine is excellent for your hair’s proper growth and menthol has a superb cooling effect after you wash your hair.

Dove men care complete shampoo and conditioner makes your hair visibly healthier and resilient on regular usage.

The formula includes caffeine and conditioning agents, moisturises your hair and scalps and it is deeply cleaned, leaves hair stronger and more resilient.

The shampoo also gives you visibly healthy, resilient hair for an active lifestyle.

This is a shampoo which you can easily use every day without harming your hair and offers effective hair care for men.


  • Superb at stopping hair fall.
  • Makes hair soft, silky and shinier.
  • Cleans scalp properly without drying the hair.
  • Excellent for an oily scalp.


  • Conditioning isn’t the best.

6. Garnier Ultra Blends Soy Milk & Almond Shampoo

Garnier Ultra Blends Soy Milk & Almond Shampoo


  • Makes hair shiny and soft: Almonds and soy milk present in the shampoo make your hair incredibly shiny and soft to touch.
  • Soy milk and Almonds: Soy milk and Almonds are really good ingredients to be used in a shampoo and have many excellent helping properties which make hair shinier, stronger and gives them a bounce like never before. On top of those it is also excellent at restoring damaged hair to its previous self.

The Garnier ultra blends formula, a blend of soy milk and almonds intensely repairs and deeply restores damaged hair.

Garnier Ultra Blends Intense Repair Shampoo claims to be enriched with proteins from key ingredients i.e Soy Milk and Almonds, and is specifically designed to repair and restore damaged hair.

Almonds are supposed to provide deep nourishment to your hair and roots, whereas soy milk is supposed to enhance the nature lustre of hair and make them look shiny and soft.


  • Makes hair feathery soft upon use.
  • Keeps hair light, bouncy and deeply nourished.
  • Beautiful long-lasting fragrance
  • Repairs hair and controls future damage


  • Temporary solution for damaged hair.

7. Sunsilk Lusciously Thick and Long Shampoo

Sunsilk Lusciously Thick and Long Shampoo


  • Two times thicker looking hair: Using this product regularly make hair have a fuller and thicker appearance.
  • Co-created with Teddy Charles: The shampoo was co-created with Teddy Charles who is a hair style expert, who also has other world-class range of high profile partnerships.
  • Enriched with Keratin Yogurt: The shampoo has added keratin extracts mixed with it which makes hair appear shinier and more voluminous.
  • Gives hair natural body and bounce: The ingredients present in the shampoo make your hair have the natural bounce and body which makes it look beautiful.

This Sunsilk shampoo gives you thick, luscious hair with which you can have the confidence to hair whatever hairstyle you want to.

The Company says that having thick and long hair is the dream of every girl, and they want to help the girls receive it.

Expertise was provided by Teddy Charles, hair style expert to make this shampoo.


  • Mild, non-damaging shampoo.
  • Cleans hair perfectly with enough lather.
  • Causes hair to appear fuller, with more volume.


  • Not suitable for dry hair.
  • Cannot be used every day due to the chemical content found in the shampoo.

8. Patanjali Kesh Kanti Natural Hair Cleanser Shampoo

Patanjali Kesh Kanti Natural Hair Cleanser Shampoo


  • Makes hair softer, thicker and shinier: Regular use of the shampoo makes hair softer, thicker and shinier and keeps it that way for a long time.
  • Scalp moisturisation: The shampoo has a lot of Ayurvedic ingredients which keep the scalp moisturised and thus healthy.
  • Deals with dryness and roughness: The shampoo is excellent at dealing with dryness and roughness.
  • Made with only natural ingredients: Baba Ramdev has ensured that the product doesn’t have any harmful, toxic chemicals and is only made from natural ingredients found in India, mostly Ayurvedic.

Patanjali is the Indian brand made famous by Baba Ramdev, and this product known as the Kesh Kanti Hair Cleanser is good at safely washing away dirt, grime and dust from hair.

Its composition is fully herbal which make your hair silky and shining.

The ingredients of the cleanser are naturally medicinal and they treat your hair and scalp to get rid of dryness and dandruff.

The shampoo has a lot of Ayurvedic ingredients which are effective as disinfectants, particularly for hair roots.

The product is advertised to give you healthy, soft and lustrous hair every day.


  • Free from harmful chemicals and toxins.
  • Deals with hair loss effectively.
  • Makes hair healthy, thicker and stronger.


  • Leaves hair dry after washing, so using a conditioner afterwards is recommended.

9. Clinic Plus Strong and Long Health Shampoo

Clinic Plus Strong and Long Health Shampoo


  • Makes hair stronger: The shampoo from Clinic plus has been carefully made to make hair stronger, upto 35x stronger as much, is the company’s claim.
  • Works from root to tip: The shampoo works gently on your hair from root to tip and helps make them stronger while reducing the hair fall you may be suffering from.
  • Suitable for all hair types: Whether you have dry hair, or oily hair, the milk protein and herbal extracts help taking care of it regardless.
  • Nourishment for hair: The shampoo has been made keeping essential nutrients in mind, which help hydrate hair and makes them silky soft.


  • Mild and pleasant fragrance.
  • Makes hair shiny and soft.
  • Protects hair from dandruff.


  • Excessive use may lead to some hair fall.

10. Khadi Mauri Herbals Amla and Bhringraj Shampoo

Khadi Mauri Herbals Amla and Bhringraj Shampoo


  • Handmade shampoo: The Amla and Bhringraj Herbal Shampoo from Khadi is naturally handmade and chemical free and is made by village women.
  • Handmade shampoo: The Amla and Bhringraj Herbal Shampoo from Khadi is naturally handmade and chemical free and is made by village women.
  • Anti-dandruff properties: If you are suffering from a nominal amount of dandruff, then this shampoo is perfect for you as it it mild as well and won’t harm your hair at all.
  • Promotes hair growth: The shampoo contains natural ingredients that helps to growth longer and stronger hair, just after a few days if starting to use the product.
  • Sutiable for both men and women: It is suitable for all hair types and both men and women, giving a shine and luster to your hair which you didn’t have before.

This product from Khadi is a herbal shampoo, which has mild cleansing properties and may help users with dandruff as well.

It is made and prepared with the natural extracts of natural and organic ingredients.

This shampoo is made by village women at Khadi’s gramodyog in Lucknow.


  • Excellent for a normal scalp.
  • Good for removing moderate amounts of dandruff.
  • Free from harmful toxins and chemicals.


  • Won’t work well for an oily scalp.

Buyer's Guide: How to Purchase Shampoos

What to Look for in Your Shampoo

  • Cleaning ability - Any good shampoo should have theability to clean all the dirt and oilk from your hair and leave your scalp sparklingly clean. Most shampoos which make a lot of lather are good at this, but they also tend to be harsher which make your hair dryer than other shampoos.
  • Ingredients - A shampoo that you are going to trust enough to use should be having gentle ingredients so that your hair doesn’t become too dry, or even worse, damages your skin. After washing your hair, your hair should be manageble and not tangled up. If you already have sensitive, or dry hair then treating your hair with gentleness is important. Industries leading experts say that ingredients such as shea butter and but oils (such as almond oil) especially help for rehydrating dry hair.
  • Reasonable price - When you are out buying a shampoo, ‘the higher the price the better the product’ term doesn’t hold any truth. You can find a cheap shampoo which suits you perfectly fine, while you can be allergic to a shampoo which costs ten times as much. So, don’t feel pressured to choose a really expensive shampoo only becuase your favoutire film star endorses it, something cheap really is the best.
  • Smell - Some people want their hair to smell amazing, but you should know that comes at a high cost of the future health of your hair. You can often check detailed reviews of the shampoo you are going to purchase and figure out what kind of smell it will have. Most of the times, smell means harsh or toxic chemicals are present in the shampoo and that’s not good for your hair. The only fragrance which is permitted is the one provided by natural oils.
  • Hair type - There are a lot of hair types such as straight, curly, oily, frizzly, thinning, thick, coloured etc and there are some shampoos which work better for one hair type than another. Before buying one type of shampoo, what you can do is buy the small pouches to test a particlular shampoo for a week or two to ensure that the particular kind of shampoo suits you well, or you can also go on a website to check reviews of that shampoo and see what type they say it suits well.
  • Organic - This may be quite obvious but it is always better to use organic products compared to the syntatic ones. This is becuase oraganic products are made keeping in mind that there are no harmful chemicals in them. Hair and scalp are super sensitive parts of our body, and we should treat them with care and not expose them to any harmful chemicals or conditioning. 

Toxic Shampoo Ingredients to Avoid

There are a few ingredients which you should be actively avoiding while buying shampoos for yourself and your family. Some of them are listed below:

  • Sulfates - Sulfates are chemical detergents and in short they’re the chemical which help with lathering. They are good at removing dirl and oils but they’re too good at it, in fact so much so that they can be really harsh and damage your hair and take out all the essential oils from your hair and scalp. The natural oil is important as they keep your hair shiny and soft.
  • Parabens - If you keep buying beauty products then the word ‘paraben’  is surely no stranger to you. Parabens are xenoestrogens, which in normal terms means that that they have a similar checmical make up to the hormones found inside the human body. Xenoestrogens are thought to disrupt the normal body levels of hormones and may even be a cancer risk.
  • Fragrance - Your shampoo should preferably not have any kind of fragrance what so ever unless the fragrance comes from a natural essential oil, becuase mostly fragrances especially the really strong ones have really bad, toxic chemicals in them which means it will most defnnitely harm your hair, skin and scalp.
  • Triclosan - Triclosan is an anti-bacterial agent which is added to a lot of health and hygiene products as a preservative to make it last longer. Triclosan, just like parabens is considered to alter the hormone composition of your body and interfere with your chemecal makeup.
  • Polyethylene Glycol - This is also known as PEG and it is another chemical which is thought to interfere with the normal working of a human body. It has been labeled a ‘developmental toxin’ which means that it stops or halts the human body to grow as it naturally should.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Are natural shampoos better than normal shampoos?

Yes, as the natural shampoos do not contain harmful elements which can damage your hair further.

2.How many times a week should one be washing their hair?

Generally it is recommend that one doesn’t wash their hair more than 3-4 times a week. Excessive use of shampoo, especially the ones which are non natural can cause damage to your hair including hair fall.

3.What should be done after washing your hair with shampoo?

Generally it is recommended to use a conditioner after washing your hair with shampoo, but this isn’t always necessary especially if you regularly use hair oil, or if your shampoo already has a conditioner.

4.What kind of false marketing to be careful of while buying your shampoo?

Experts warn to be careful against claims which are too good to be true, cause they really may be. If a shampoo claims to repair, nourish or restructure your already damaged hair, then you should be skeptical cause it sounds too good to be true. Shampoos can improve the look of your hair, but it is only temporary and not permanent.

Here is the List of Top 10  Best Shampoos in India

Conclusive Thoughts

Hope this guide makes you understand shampoos better. There are a lot of shampoos being sold in the market, and the sheer number can certainly cause a lot of confusion if you’re going in blindly. If you want to have beautiful locks then you won’t find other products as good as on the list listed above.

Take your time and go through the points and the products we have mentioned and then make your decision on the kind of product you want to purchase. When it comes to hair, you don’t want to make a bad decision.

Hopefully after reading this guide, you now know all that you may want to learn about shampoos in India. We hope this guide helped you and if it did please feel free to share it with your friends and family.


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