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Top 10 Best Top Loading Washing Machines in India (2020)

Edited By Garima, Reviewed By Anupama

The innovation of technology has gifted us with the modern amenities that can improve the quality of living. The ever-evolving arena of home automation has made household gadgets an object of necessity.

For example, while induction cook-tops and microwaves are designed to ease our cooking chores, washing machines are made to make washing clothes without putting much of manual labor.  

There are 2 types of automatic washing machines – one is the front load washer and another one is the top load washer. 

While front-loading washing machines have quite a few advantages, the top-loading ones are quite popular. The top-loading washing machines consume less space, are easy to use and are cost-effective as well. In this article, we will discuss the top 10 best top load washing machines.

Best Top Loading Washing Machines in India

If we study the history of washing machines, we would see that the first mechanical washing machines were manufactured in the 18th century were top-loading ones.

So, even in the 21st century when the technologically advanced gadgets are designed, the top-loading ones are still relevant. But before you intend to buy one top-loading washer, you need to know a few facts that might be helpful.

  • Drum Load Capacity: A Top loader can tackle a limited weight, so make sure to access your household washing requirements before you buy one. The maximum size can be up to 7.5 Kg.
  • Energy Efficiency: Energy efficiency tag is an essential feature of a modern washing machine and it is vital to check the stars before purchasing a top-loading washing appliance.
  • System: The Modern top loader is of 2 types -Semi-Automatic and Fully-automatic. While semi-automatic ones are cost-effective, it is suggested that buying a fully-automatic washing machine can be of great help.
  • Dryer: Not every washing machine has an in-built dryer. So, make sure to check that beforehand.
  • Additional features: Many washing machines have additional features like soaking mode, bleach/fabric conditioner dispenser, etc. Make sure to explore the features well so that to choose the best from the given options.

For further details, you can refer to the buyer’s guide section.

Given below is a comprehensive list of the 10 best top loading washing machines that have secured their respective positions with their unique features.

We Highly recommend you to read the Top Loading Washing Machines Buying Guide at the end of this article to get in-depth knowledge about latest washing machine technologies and  tips on making an informed decision about which product to buy for your needs 🙂

Let's explore the list and have a look at the features along with the pros and cons of the Top 10 Best Top Loading Washing Machines in India.

Top 10 Best Top Loading Washing Machines in India

Although my favorite among all is LG 6.5 kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine  but you must check all of them to make your buying decision.

1. LG 6.5 kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

1.LG 6.5 kg Inverter Fully Automatic Top Load Silver


  • Load Capacity: 6.5Kg
  • Functional System: Fully Automatic
  • Drum Material: Stainless Steel
  • Drum type: Turbo Drum
  • Special Feature: Soft closing lid, Smart inverter technology, 3 smart motion
  • Safety: Child lock
  • Dryer: Supports air drying

LG is one of the most popular appliance manufacturing companies operating in India and this appliance has all the virtues to stay in the top 10 list.

The washing machine is fully automatic and is quite power-efficient, which means it can save big on your electricity bills.

The in-built inverter makes sure to keep your washing machine up and running even during frequent power cuts and voltage fluctuations.

The total weight load capacity of this washer is 6.5 kgs.

The 700rpm(rotation per minute) ensures proper washing and drying of the clothes in no time. The drum is made of stainless steel and ensures longevity without rusting. Turbo drum3 smart motion & soft closing doors are the features that make this appliance worth buying for any household.


  • 6.5 kgs of impressive load capacity
  • Fully automatic system
  • Stainless steel drum with turbo function
  • Soft closing lid, Smart inverter
  • 3 smart motions
  • Child Lock Safety


  • Light indicators are not visible under direct sunlight

2. Samsung 6.2 kg Fully-Automatic Top load Washing Machine

2.Samsung 6.2 kg Fully-Automatic Top load Washing Machine


  • Load Capacity: 6.2 Kg
  • Functional System: Fully automatic
  • Drum Material: Stainless SteelItem Form: Cream
  • Drum Type: Diamond Drum
  • Panel display: LED
  • Special Feature: Air Turbo, Magic Filter, auto restart
  • Pulsator Type: Central Jet Pulsator
  • Safety: Child Lock
  • Lid Window: Tempered Glass(accident-proof)
  • Input Energy & Voltage: 220W 50V

Samsung has made a prominent place in the market with its smart and technologically advanced gadgets.

No wonder, Samsung washing machines are one of the most popular appliances in the Indian markets.

They have made this washing machine with a 6.2 kg load capacity, which is also functionally fully-automated.

This silver colored appliance is packed up with lots of features. Samsung washing machines come equipped with Red LEDs for a better button system and a panel display.

This appliance supports the air turbo drying to keep your clothes safe. The child lock feature helps you to keep your kids safe from the appliance.

The tempered glass window can help you to check the cleaning process of your clothes and the diamond drum feature ensures better washing and rinsing. The appliance has a magic filter feature to keep your attire’s color intact. The center jet cleaning mode provides an optimum cleaning experience.

There are many more features that make this washing machine one of the favorite appliances for the homemakers.


  • 6.2 kg load capacity
  • Fully automated functionality
  • Good washing quality
  • Diamond drum and center jet pulsating
  • LED control pane
  • Child lock available
  • Magic Filters
  • Tempered glass window


  • A bit too much wrinkle on clothes

3. IFB 6.5 kg Water softener Aqua Energie Fully Automatic Top Load

3.IFB 6.5 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine


  • Load Capacity: 6.5Kg
  • Functional System: Fully Automatic
  • Pulsator type: Triad Pulsator
  • Special Feature: Aqua Spa, 3D wash, Water softener
  • Controller Display: LED
  • Drum type: Crescent moon drum

IFB brings its best top loading washing machine that can handle a 6.5 kg load capacity.

It is designed with fully automated technology and packed with special features like Aqua Energie water softener, Aqua spa, smart sensors, 3D wash, etc.

The triadic pulsator rotates the motor in 720 RPM to provide an effective and efficient washing experience. The LED controller ensures that you can control your appliance well.

The built-in stabilizer makes sure to protect the washer from voltage fluctuation. Bleach dispenser, auto softener dispenser & crescent moon drum makes washing an enjoyable activity.

The Bubble leveler keeps your washing stand steady, and the auto-balance smart system keeps a stable and consistent wash.


  • The well-balanced load capacity
  • Fully automatic
  • Crescent Moon Drum
  • Special Features like 3D wash, aqua spa, water softener
  • LED control panel
  • Bleach dispenser, softener dispenser
  • Triad Pulsator


  • Washing time is more

4. Whirlpool 7 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

4.Whirlpool 7 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (WHITEMAGIC ELITE 7.0, Grey, Hard Water Wash)


  • Load Capacity: 7Kg
  • Functional System: Fully Automatic
  • Technologies: Auto Distribution, Load sensing, Auto Tub Clean, Dry tap sensing, Water pressure sensing, voltage sensing, detergent dosage, sensing
  • Drum Material: Stainless steel
  • Drum Type: Spa Drum
  • Wash Technology: Hard Water Wash
  • Special Feature: Power Scrub technology, zero pressure fill technology, Aqua Store, Built-in heater
  • Wash Program: 12
  • Control Panel: Top back
  • Safety: Child Lock

Whirlpool was the first brand to introduce washing machines to the Indian household, and today, it has evolved a lot from its contemporaries to provide the best appliance to its customers.

They have brought their hard water wash technology to this Washing machine, which is ideal for the areas where the hardness of water is more.

It has an exceptional load capacity of 7 kgs suitable for the big families who are looking for fully-automatic functionality for washing..

Its drum is made of stainless steel, and the spa drum technology makes sure the cleaning is done well. It has a built-in heater for water to soak the dirty clothes for better cleaning.

This compactly built top-loading washing machine is packed with 12 different washing programs for different types of clothes. Delay start, smart sensors, and various other technologies are put together for a smart and hassle-free cleaning of your clothes.


  • Load capacity is 7Kgs
  • Fully automatic and top loading system
  • Different technologies for easy cleaning
  • Special features such as power scrub, zero pressure fill, aqua store, etc.
  • 12 wash programs
  • Hard water wash and Magic lint filter
  • Child lock


  • Washing sound is a bit annoying

5. Haier 5.8 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

5.Haier 5.8 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (HWM58-020S, White)


  • Load Capacity: 5.8 Kg
  • Drum Material: Stainless Steel
  • Functional System: Fully Automatic
  • Special Feature: Self Diagnostic, Memory Back up, Auto power Off
  • Wash program: 6
  • Washing Logic: Maintains Fuzzy Logic
  • Pulsator Type: Quadra flow Pulsator
  • Display: Top front digital

Haier brings one of the most compact washing machines with fully automatic functionality. The well-designed washing machine model with a load capacity of 5.8kg is perfect for small families.

The 700 maximum RPM ensures better drying after a clean wash.

It is customized with 6 programmable functions as per your needs and to clean different types of clothes. The stainless steel drum ensures better cleaning and rust-free long-lasting usage.

Is the appliance is equipped with memory to back up feature of the customized programs and allocated time along with a smart diagnosis, which ensures smart cleaning strictly based on your recommendations?  

The washing machine also features auto power off after the washing and drying to save electricity.


  • Stainless steel drum
  • Rust free body for longevity of the product
  • 6 different washing programs
  • Fuzzy logic control on wash
  • Quadra flow Pulsator
  • Self-diagnostic, memory back up, auto power-off


  • Post-purchase service is poor

6. LG 6.2 kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

6.LG 6.2 kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine


  • Load Capacity: 6.2Kg
  • Functional System: Fully Automatic
  • Drum Material: Stainless Steel
  • Drum type: Turbo Drum
  • Special Feature: Soft closing lid, Smart inverter technology, 3 smart motion, Auto restart, tub clean
  • Safety: Child lock

LG brings another of its Top quality washing machines with an inverter support facility. That means you don’t need to think about the voltage fluctuations and power cuts while washing.

The 6.2 kg of load capacity is pretty decent for small to big families with 2-4 members.

The smart features of LG washing machines are trustable without any lags.

Smart inverter technology, turbo drum, and 3 smart motions ensure your clothes are well-cleaned and dried without damaging the fabric.

LG washing machines are known for their fabric safety measures they incorporate while designing the washing machines.


  • Load capacity is perfect for bachelors to small families 
  • Fully automatic system
  • Turbo drum for better cleaning
  • Special features like smart inverter, 3 smart motions, auto restart
  • Stainless steel drum
  • Child safe


  • Noisy compared to other brands

7. Samsung 6 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine 

7.Samsung 6 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine


  • Load Capacity: 6KG
  • Drum Type: Diamond Drum
  • Wash type: Wobble Wash
  • Special Feature: Waterfall technology, Magic Filter, Eco Tub Clean
  • Dryer: Air drying, Air turbo
  • Clothes care: Gentle wash
  • Control Panel: digital, LED
  • Maximum Spin: 680RPM
  • Safety: Child Lock, rat mesh on pipes
  • Lid: Tempered Glass

If you are looking for a compact washing companion for a hassle-free wash, then look no further. 

The brand Samsung has brought fully automatic versions of washing machines with virtues that would impress you effortlessly.

The load capacity of this machine is 6Kg, which is perfectly suitable for your small family.

The unique features of this appliance are wobble wash with waterfall technology to clean the dirtiest fabrics without harming them.

The Diamond drum system and Air turbo feature are pretty suitable for air drying, systematically a cool option on monsoon to dry your clothes.

The appliance features Magic filters that are designed to collect the washed dirt from the drum so that to avoid the problem of clogged pipes.


  • 6 kg drum load capacity
  • Special features like waterfall technology, magic filter, eco tub clean
  • Digital LED control panel
  • Child lock
  • Air turbo drying
  • Gentle wash and wobble wash
  • Tempered glass window


  • Vibration and noise
  • Post-purchase service

8. IFB 7 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine 

8.IFB 7 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine


  • Load Capacity: 7Kg
  • Functional System: Fully Automatic
  • Pulsator type: Triadic Pulsator
  • Special Feature: 3D Wash, Aqua Spa Therapy, Smart sense, deep clean, aqua energy, Drum Lamp, water inlet temperature sensing
  • Control Panel: Digital, LED
  • Wash Program: 8
  • Dispenser: Bleach dispenser, auto softener dispenser
  • Exclusive technology: Aqua conserve, Tub dry

If your family has 5-6 members and you are searching for a compact washing machine with top loading functionality then IFB TL- SGDG is the best option for you.

It has a huge capacity of 7 kgs and it features a matte finished compact body ideal for any household.

It is designed to be able to function under variable voltage/wattage input on the range of 220-240Volts 50Hz.

The washing machine is backed with several technologies like aqua spa technology, deep clean technology, 3D wash system, triadic pulsator, water inlet temperature sensing, and much more.

The Drum lamp feature is the USP of this product so that you don’t miss out on small laundry after wash.

The Aqua conserve feature helps to save the rinsed water and tub dries to maintain the washing machines’ hygiene.


  • Exclusively huge load capacity
  • Triadic Pulsator
  • Special features like 3D wash, aqua spa therapy, water temperature (hot/warm/cold), aqua energie, drum lamp
  • 8 wash program
  • Digital LED panel
  • Tub dry and aqua conserve


  • Lengthy installation period
  • A bit noisy washing

9. Godrej 6.2 Kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

9.Godrej 6.2 Kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (WT EON 620 A Gp Gr, Grey)


  • Load capacity: 6.2Kg
  • Functional System: Fully Automatic
  • Pulsator Type: Turbo 6 Pulsator
  • Special Feature: Active soak, Accu-wash Drum, auto restart & back up
  • Wash Program: 5
  • Safety: Child lock
  • Smart feature: i-wash technology to calculate the time of washing after smartly sensing wash type needed (One-touch smart operation).
  • Window Lid: Toughened Glass

Godrej brings you its fully automatic top loading washing machine with a 6.2 kg load capacity that is perfect for any small to the medium household.

The appliance is designed with a turbo 6 Pulsator to act strictly on tough dirt and stains, and make your fabric look cleaner.

One of the most sold units of 2019 is worth having punched with various technologies.

This is the first of its kind appliance that is powered with i-wash technology (One-touch smart operation). It has been modified for the users to have 5 washing actions.

Auto-restart, program back up, active soak and several other features are incorporated in it so that to clean clothes without hampering the color.

This appliance has a simple child lock program to prevent any accidents.

The Accu-wash drum technology ensures to provide your clothes an efficient scrubbing, maintaining the Accu-pressure functionality.


  • Load capacity is high
  • i-wash technology
  • turbo 6 Pulsator
  • Special Features like Accu-wash, active soak, auto restart and back up
  • 5 wash program modes
  • Child safe
  • Toughened Glass window Lid


  • Rinse+Spin option is semi-automatic type
  • Wash Functions are complicated for first-time users

10. Bosch 6.5 Kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

10.Bosch 6.5 Kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (WOE654Y0IN grey)


  • Load Capacity: 6.5Kg
  • Functional System: Fully Automatic
  • Special Feature: Power wave Washing system, Magic Filter, Power off Memory
  • Design: Premium and compact
  • Dispenser System: Dual(Liquid and Powder)
  • Smart technology: One touch start & low water pressure sensing, soft closing lid
  • Wash function: 8
  • Wash type: 3 Spin option
  • Safety: Child Lock

Bosch might be the last entry in this list, but this washing machine is designed with some advanced washing technologies that would be of great help for the users.

This washing machine is of 6.5 kg capacity, designed for small to mid-sized families with 5-6 members.

It is a compact washing machine with a motor spin speed of 680 RPM, which is powerful enough for fast drying.

The washing machine is equipped with one-touch smart start technology for the ease of use. The Power Wave washing system ensures a deep cleaning of your dirty clothes.

The appliance is designed with magic filters and dual dispensers, where one container is for liquid, and the other one is for putting dry washing powders. The Pulsator design is innovative, remembering the everyday use for quick wash along with an innovative drum system.

It also can detect low water pressure to save itself from drying while washing.


  • The excellent load capacity of 6.5 KG
  • Fully automatic system
  • The unique features like power wave washing, magic filter, and power-off memory
  • 8 washing functions
  • Dual dispenser
  • 3 spin option
  • One-touch start and low water pressure sensor
  • Soft closing lid
  • Child lock


  • Installation time after purchase

Buyers Guide: How to Purchase Top Loading Washing Machines 

Washing Machines are the best mechanical-digital washer for your clothes. These are designed to make your washing comfortable and more relaxed compared to hand-wash. Top Loader washing machines are a compact and affordable option compared to the front-loading washing machines.

So, even if you choose top-loading machines, choosing one is very difficult. However, there are several options available under the hood of similar technologies that would intrigue you. Here, we would give you a brief from various perspectives before you select the best one as per your needs.

Small knowledge checks before you decide to buy one:

A washing machine is a popular name for the households in India, and often known as a laundry machine, clothes washer, or only washer. The working mechanism is very easy and mechanical through the electrical inputs.

The working functionality is simply to wash your dirty clothes without any massive effort by your bare hands. The appliance is a simple replacement of hand-washing.

How Many types of Washing machines are there according to the load capacity input?

There are only 2 types of washing machines available globally by make and load capacity.

  • Top Loader
  • Front Loader

Top loading washing machines vs. Front loading washing machines

  • Top loader washing machines are one of the most popular gadgets for any household. Top Load Washing Machines are less expensive and compact and are the perfect choices for a small family or household with 4-6 members. The front-loading washing machines have several advantages like most of them are more power-efficient and the clothes tangle lesser than the top-loading ones. However, the top loaders are cost-effective and performance is at par with many high-end front loading washing machines.
  • Front Load Washing machines are comparatively higher in cost and also pretty costlier in terms of producing electricity bills, even if it is tagged with efficient electrical use. The maintenance, though, is less expensive, and it uses less water for washing dirty clothes as the washer is in the bottom and drier is at the top. The total cycle is less than the top loaders in terms of washing. It is mostly bought by bigger families and often used in industrial sectors and hotels.

Both the Top Loaders and front loaders come with a set of advantages and disadvantages, so it's ultimately your choice and requirements that would help you to opt for the perfect washing appliance that is suitable for your household.

If you are still wondering “why should I buy a top loader?”, read below and find out what our experts say on the top-loading washing machine.

Why one would purchase a “Top Loading” washing machine?

Well, it is obviously a question worth asking why one would buy a top load washing appliance.

The top load washers are quite affordable and easy to use. You don’t need to worry about next week's clothes, and you need not to worry about the laundry services as well. So these are quite easy to install and are easy to operate without any fuss.

Top Load washing machines wash your fabrics well and it won’t let you bow down to place the clothes or remove them. With modern technologies, these machines are now designed to use AI (artificial intelligence) and wash as per the fabric requirements.

Use various washing modes for different types of fabric and enjoy the unique functions.

The Top Loading washing machines are designed for small to mid-sized households, so it fits anywhere you want to put them. Most of them are available in various colors and designs so that to suit your interiors.

It washes your clothes well as the motion sensors inside the machines are designed to use either fuzzy logic or 3 ways smart motion cleaning.

The top loaders are always free from the risk of mold, as generally, the inside air goes up and comes out of the open window lids. Often, strong odors and foul smells come out from the washing machines after the cleaning is done. The top loaders are always bad-odor risk-free.

Now talking about power-efficiency, most of the top-loading washing machines are available with power-saving tags or stars and save a lot on saving electricity. If you are looking for an affordable and energy-efficient washing machine option, you can consider the top loaders.

Initially, many top-loading washing machines used to vibrate and make uncanny noises, but most of the new models are designed in such a way that they perform their respective jobs silently.

The maintenance cost might be a little high, but calculation says that the longevity of top loaders is quite better compared to the front loaders. So, the maintenance cost automatically gets reduced. So, technically, the maintenance of these products is better in every aspect.

Lastly, it is the least but one of the most important of all reasons -“Child safety” The Top Loaders are always safe for the children, as it is out of reach. Then also, most of the washing machine makers are using child safety as a sensor function on the glass lids to ensure child safety which is quite crucial.

According to the working functionality, Top Loading Washing machines are also of 2 types- Semi-automatic and Fully Automatic.

Which one to choose: Semi-Automatic or Fully Automatic?

The Washing machines we see nowadays are mostly Fully-automatic ones. In previous days, the top loaders used to be Semi-automatic where many operations were done manually.

Initially, in the Semi-automatic washing system, there were 2 drums inside the machine: one was for washing, and the other was for drying and spinning. In the Semi-automated washing machines, after the full wash, the machines needed manual support to transfer the clothes to drying drums for completing the washing cycle.

The modern-day fully -automated washers have only 1 drum, which makes your machine more compact. The washing and drying all are done in the same drum only where dryers are in the sidewall, and the washer is located in the bottom.

Now even if you choose a top loader, it is not easy to choose the best. There are specific criteria that you should keep in mind while buying.

What are the things you should know before you go to buy?

The Top loading washing machines are simply regular washing machines with lids at the top. So the basic criteria you need to know are

  • Size: The Size of the device does matter when it comes to fitment on to your home. Measure the place (Height*Width*breadth) where you want the setup and buy one which will fit into that particular space.
  • Weight: The weight matters in case your house is on the higher side of the floors. You need to think about while getting the delivered product as well as while shifting to a new home.
  • Electricity Consumption: Check if there is any energy tagging sticker is pasted as OK. The energy efficiency tags are now available for Top Loading Washing Machines. Usually, these are functional at 220V. If the Washer is inverter type, then this voltage input can vary up to 240V at 50Hz.
  • Load Capacity: The load capacity is variable and available with the makers. But, it is specific to a particular model. The range is from 5Kgs to 8Kgs.
  • Family members: The Load capacity choice is directly related to the number of headcounts of your family. If you have more than 3-4 members in the family, then you must choose the options available in the market ranging from 7Kgs to 8kgs. If you are a bachelor, then your choice should be with the limited load capacity of 5 to 6 Kgs.
  • Dryer: If there is a dryer available with the top loader, then check if it’s Air drying system or tub/drum drying system. Air drying is always a better option. In some cases, both options are available.

Most of the washing machine manufacturers maintain these standard criteria for a specific model for themselves, along with that they offer a lot of technologies for hassle-free and better cleaning cycles.


  1. 1
    Soft Closing Lids: This is a technology where closing window lids are guarded with gaskets and attended by smart sensors. It saves your Machine from accidents also protects your glass window lid from breaking. Toughened glasses are used to avoid similar accidents.
  2. 2
    Child Lock: The smart sensor labeled technology, which makes sure that even if your children reach the top of the window, they could not open the lead, and the buttons are non-functional on the child’s play.
  3. 3
    3 way motion cleaning/Fuzzy Logic: This technology is imprinted in every machine to replace hand-wash only, but the tech follows the hand-wash rules while cleaning your clothes.
  4. 4
    Washing Modes: The washing modes are inbuilt programs that are designed along with the washing machines and put to use with the operating system. It is built with sensors, which makes the washers smart. It can detect automatically and set the exact washing mode to run the washing program
  5. 5
    Load sensor: This is also a smart technology and fitted in OS with the laundry machines. It measures the total weight of the washing elements and set the perfect mode to clean the dirt.
  6. 6
    Heat/temperature Sensors: These sensors are typical to sense the warmth/hotness or coldness of inlet water to set the washing modes to clean your dirty clothes.
  7. 7
    Smart Filter: It is merely a filter or barrier to collect all the specks of dirt from inside of the drum after the cleaning is done. The drain pipes don’t get clogged due to this technology.
  8. 8
    Water Pressure Sensor: This technology senses the water pressure from the inlet as well as inside the drum while the transition of rinse and the spin action is done. It prevents the occurrence of washing clothes without water.
  9. 9
    Pulsator Control Sensor: Different brands use different pulsator techniques; the sensor controls the flow of pulsator. May it is a triad pulsator or quadratic pulsator, the mechanical flow is controlled by the sensors.
  10. 10
    Pre-Soak: In this system, the clothes soak the water with detergent so that the dirt gets to loosen up, and the cleaning process is done efficiently without any extra effort of the mechanical pulse.
  11. 11
    Memory, Auto start/restart, Self Diagnosis: A small memory chip is inserted while making the washer to remember the similar wash programs, and it can also start and restart the machine according to the particular wash system. If it requires the self-diagnosis, the system can do that too intelligently to detect any smart error.
  12. 12
    Tub Clean: Last but not least, this technology has been fabricated to maintain hygiene after a complete wash cycle. It flows out the dirty water and keeps a dry drum always.
  13. 13
    Wash Time: This sensor keeps a check on the total wash-time and washing cycle and available with almost all the brands.
  14. 14
    Control Panel and LED: Most of the brands are now shifting to add LEDs on the control panel for a better user interface, and also, they are progressing to make a touch-screen control panel for the same reason stated above.
  15. 15
    Smart Apps: A few brands make the intelligent system and apps to control the washing system to be entirely operated through the Smart app and your phones.

All these technologies are there, and many more are just getting added now and then with the brands making new washer. Techniques and smart technology addition is the progressive process to ensure a secure and easy washing system.

Not all the brands are offering all these technologies, but more or less, you will get all these with your new washer. We always tell people according to our research that no brand is perfect. But, with their technologies in some way or the other, they are trying to provide maximum comfort while washing.

Choose the one you think will fit into your ideology of washing and also fulfilling all the criteria you required.

Feedback, Ratings, and Forums:

The buyers must check the feedback of the chosen product online by the previous buyers and would also keep a check on the ratings of the particular product. Online forums are there where 24*7 the live chats and comments are put to help the next buyer getting all the experience from the previous buyers.

The offline buyers might feel dizzy after buying a faulty product without knowing simple facts are in trend online. So, never forget to check the rating reviews and forums.

A washing machine is a best companion one can have to sort out all the cleaning chores. So it is important to choose one wisely so that to use it for a long time. Happy washing!


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