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Top 10 Best Trolley/ Luggage Bags in India

Edited by  Jhalak

Looking for the Best Trolley Bags In India?

Great! You have come to the right place as we bring forth a list of the leading names that are ruling this industry for the past few years.

Travelling to your favourite hill station or holiday spot is one of the most amazing things you get to do. Though, this busy life gives us very fewer opportunities to do so, but as they say, memories are to be made and for that time has to be taken out.

The way you need to work to earn money likewise, you need to spare time to spend that money lavishly.  In this process of travelling and enjoyment, one most important object that ensembles all your fun and donning accessories, is your travel bag.

While travelling you have to carry loads of stuff like power banks, inflatable neck pillow, passport holder wallet, universal travel adapter, bluetooth speakers, travel toiletry bag, earphonesheadphones, E-luggage scale and a lot of other things.

 Best Trolley/ Luggage Bags in India

Therefore, it is highly important to choose and purchase your travel bag wisely. Also, because of the availability of a number of options in the market, it gets really tough to choose the best luggage bag for yourself. 

Therefore we recommend you to go through our Buyer's Guide at the bottom of the article. So, here are few of the points which you must keep in mind before going for the actual purchase:

  • Brand: The brand of the product itself speaks for its quality. So, if you purchase from a good brand then you automatically save yourself a good deal. Also, branded travel bags give numerous options in terms of design and size, so you always have a variety to choose from.
  • Quality: This automatically gets ensured when you end up purchasing from a hi-end brand. Most importantly, because if you don’t check the quality of the product, then its life automatically gets reduced. Especially, in case of travel bags, which are many-a-times mishandled by the aviation department, it needs to have a strong and unbreakable body.
  • Warranty: This again is an imperative factor that lends a support to your final decision. The more the years of warranty are, the more you can count upon the quality of the product.
  • Size: Now this depends on your personal need and purpose for which you are buying the travel/ luggage bag. There are a frame of options in terms of sizes available in the market, so you can choose the respective as per your requirement.

We Highly recommend you to read the Trolley/Luggage Bags  Buying Guide at the end of this article to get in-depth knowledge about the latest Trolley/Luggage Bags technologies and tips on making an informed decision about which product to buy for your needs 🙂

Let's explore the list and have a look at the features along with the pros and cons of the Top 10 Best Trolley Bags in India.

Top 10 Best Trolley Bags in India (2022)

Although my favorite among all is Skybags Rubik Polyester Check-in Luggage but you must check all of them to make your buying decision.

1. Skybags Rubik Check-in Luggage (STRUW68EBLU)

Skybags Rubik Check-in Luggage (STRUW68EBLU)


  • Weight: 4.5 kgs
  • Colour: Blue
  • Material: Polyester
  • Lock: Number Lock
  • Warranty: 5 years manufacturers

lightweight travel bag made of soft polyester shells and 4 wheels for easy base and carry purpose, this Rubik Polyester 68 cms travel bag from skybags is highly compatible for your short travels.

The blue colour keeps you away from repetitive cleaning and its zipper closure makes it convenient to use.

This Skybag trolley bag is lightweight and can easily help you carry your clothes or other valuable products but it does not come with a separate facility for keeping laptop.

You will have to carry your laptop bag along with the luggage. It comes with one compartment and has a soft casing.


  • Lightweight
  • Spinner wheels
  • 5-year warranty
  • 4 wheels
  • Comes from a good brand


  • Not water resistant
  • No laptop compatibility

2. Safari Thorium Sharp Antiscratch Suitcase

Safari Thorium Sharp Antiscratch Suitcase


  • Material: Polycarbonate
  • Warranty: 5 years of international warranty
  • Wheels: Four
  • Lock: Number Lock
  • Casing: Hard
  • Weight: 3.8 kg

Long or short travels with important documents and precious belongings need a safe space to be carried into.

With the increasing competition in the market for trolley or travel bags, the quality and durability of the product is always in question but, not anymore!

With this thorium sharp Anti-scratch hard suitcase from Safari, you can rest your tensions aside about the safety and longevity of the travel bag.

This polycarbonate, hard casing, black coloured Safari trolley bag is wear resistant and has a volume capacity of 81.9 Litres.

It has a zip closure and number lock system to safeguard your items from steal.


  • High volume capacity
  • Wear-resistant
  • Made of polycarbonate
  • 5-year manufacturer warranty
  • Thorium anti-scratch


  • No laptop spacing
  • Non-TSA lock

3. Mi Hardsided Cabin Luggage

Mi Hardsided Cabin Luggage


  • Weight: 3000 grams
  • Lock System: TSA
  • Wheels: Four
  • Height Settings: 4
  • Handle: No
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Height: 20"

When you travel to places, the first thing that is eyed upon is your attire, shoes and travel bags. The quality of your suitcases and trolleys convey a lot about your class and background.

So, here is an easy step to mark a quick positive impression on your onlookers.

This Mi Hardsided polycarbonate trolley bag has a hard casing and perfectly suits your requirement for business or family travels.

Also, it comes with four adjustable height settings and has two compartments to make it easy for you to pack and unpack your stuff.

Moreover, this Mi luggage bag has a  TSA lock system which is super safe and adds to the guarantee of your belongings and is considered as the best cabin size trolley bag.


  • TSA lock system
  • Comes from a superior brand
  • Hardside made of polycarbonate material
  • Adjustable height
  • Available in three colors


  • No handle
  • Less period of warranty

4. Pronto Miami Travel Duffle (6572 - BL)

Pronto Miami Travel Duffle (6572 - BL)


  • Weight: 2.4 kgs
  • Warranty: 3 years international warranty
  • Color: Blue
  • Material: Outer body is of Polyester
  • Wheels: 2

Not every travel is planned, some are instant and short. For such short and cool trips, here is the easily portable and highly lightweight Pronto Miami Polyester Travel Duffle which is one of the finest duffle trolley bag.  

It is not only spacious but also comes with two compartments which makes space for separate clothing or stuffs.

Also, it has two wheels which further makes your journey an easy one, where you do not have to carry the luggage bag on your shoulders, you can easily drag it with the help of its wheels.

Moreover, it comes with a three-year international warranty which guarantees your purchase and a mark of quality your product. 


  • Extremely light in weight
  • Duffle bag with wheels
  • 2 compartments for easy packing
  • International warranty
  • Spacious


  • Not water resistant
  • No locking system

5. Aristocrat Travel Duffle (DFTDRH55RED)

Aristocrat Travel Duffle (DFTDRH55RED)


  • Weight: 2.4 kgs
  • Weight: 1.95 Kg
  • Color: Red
  • Warranty: 5 years international warranty
  • Wheels: 2

The option for travel trolley bags in the market are undoubtedly numerable but not every bag comes with style and comfort.

This Aristocrat Duffle trolley bag is equipped with great quality and easy carrying capability.

It comes in red colour, which makes it all the more appealing and attractive in looks.

Moreover, it has an international warranty of five years and its outer material is made of polyester.

Additionally, its lightweight and large capacity are other advantages, which makes it one of the best travel bags in India.


  • Lightweight
  • Attractive color
  • Superior quality
  • High durability
  • Duffle cum trolley bag


  • No laptop spacing
  • No lock system

6. Nasher Miles Lombard Cabin Luggage

Nasher Miles Lombard Cabin Luggage


  • Weight: 2 years
  • Height: 20 inches
  • Lock: side-mounted number lock
  • Handles: On the side and top
  • Design: zig-zag two tone design
  • Material: Co- extrusive polycarbonate

Travelling is always fun but sometimes it can turn out to be tiring and boring.

Though, we cannot cater every part, but here is an option for easy travelling which will lower down the level of your discomfort.

This Nasher Miles Lombard soft side cabin luggage/ trolley bag comes with a height of 20 inches and spaciously designed main compartment.

Along with being styled with two-tone, this travel trolley bag has zig-zag stripes on it, which makes it stand out from the rest.

It is also of lightweight and is made of Co- extrusive polycarbonate material. Moreover, it has 4 wheels which are 360-degree spinner wheels.


  • Strong body
  • Attractive looks
  • Handles on top and side for comfort
  • 360 degree spinner wheels
  • Water resistant
  • Spacious inners


  • No TSA lock system

7. American Tourister Star Wars Side Spinner

American Tourister Star Wars Side Spinner


  • Wheels: Single Spinner
  • Weight: 5 kg
  • Material: ABS plastic
  • Height: 28 Inches
  • Internal design: Cross strap

Travel bags are one of the most important needs of a human being.

It not only accommodates the clothes, important documents and other accessories but also helps us keep these belongings safe and sound at the time of travelling.

The same function is performed perfectly by American Tourister Star Wars 28 inch Hard side spinner.

This travel trolley not only comes from a good brand but is also easy to be carried at the time of travel.

Its single spinner wheels, making it highly comfortable for you to drag it along and saves you from carrying heavy weights on your back.

Also, its accessories are from yet another highly recognized and reliable brand star wars, which makes this American Tourister travel bag all the more perfect for your purchase. 


  • In the interior, it has large size mesh pocket
  • Its zipper pulls are from the Star Wars brand
  • Split construction
  • International brand
  • Single Spinner Wheels
  • Push-button pull handle from Star Wars brand


  • Not many colour options

8. VIP Suitcase (VERNXT78MCD) 

VIP Suitcase (VERNXT78MCD)


  • Material Body: Polycarbonate
  • Wheels: 4
  • Lock system: Number lock
  • Weight: 4.9 kg
  • Warranty: 3 year international warranty

One other important factor that marks the quality of a good travel trolley bag is the size or the weight of the product. The weight is very important these days, especially in case of air travel, where even a single kg of extra weight of your luggage can cost you some more hard-earned cash.

This VIP Polycarbonate 79 cms red suitcase is going to serve you the best deal in every regard. It is a 4.9 kg, four-wheeler, stylish suitcase which comes in varied attractive colours. Also, it has a number lock, which adds safety to your belongings while travelling.


  • Stylish design
  • Smooth wheels
  • Fashionable colours
  • Lightweight
  • Large capacity


  • No TSA lock

9. Carlton Carry On (DIEPLS55MGP)

Carlton Carry On (DIEPLS55MGP)


  • Material Body: Polycarbonate
  • Weight: 2.91 kg
  • Volume Capacity: 30 Litres
  • Lock system: TSA
  • Warranty: 5 years

For a suitcase or any travel bag, it is very important to have a strong hard-sided body, which keeps your stuff intact and decreases the chances of damage.

This hard casing, graphite coloured suitcase from Carlton not only serves the purpose right but also provides extra security with TSA lock system.

The weight of this small Carlton suitcase is 2.9 kg and is a perfect choice for single person travel or for short tours.

Additionally it comes with a warranty of 5 years and its four wheels of ultimate quality further add to the comfort and ease at the time of travelling.

Carlton luggage review suggests that it is one of the best travel bags in India.


  • High quality
  • TSA lock system
  • High- impact resistant
  • 360 rotation in wheels
  • Lightweight


  • Little expensive

10. Samsonite Luggage Fiero HS Spinner

Samsonite Luggage Fiero HS Spinner


  • Body Material: Polycarbonate construction & Micro diamond texture
  • Weight: 4.08 kg
  • Wheels: Four 360 degree spinner wheels
  • Handle: Telescoping
  • Lock system: TSA

Travel bags may come in many shapes and sizes but, what suits you the best is one that serves your purpose and give additional comfort during travel.

Here is last yet very attractive option on our list by Samsonite.

This Fiero HS Spinner 24 is of fine quality which can be credited to its micro-diamond texture which makes it highly scratch-resistant.

This small trolley bag can even be expanded for adding extra killos to your luggage and is designed with a full zip divider in the inner side along with cross straps which allows you to pack systematically.

Additionally, it has a TSA lock system to make sure your documents and belongings and are safe during the travel and stay.


  • Highly resistant to scratches
  • Side-mounted TSA lock
  • Expandable features
  • Interiors divided with full zip
  • Lightweight


  • It comes in only one size

Buyer's Guide: How to Purchase Trolley/Luggage Bag

It is always important to think about the right suitcase or luggage bag to carry all your necessary belongings before you start packing. Finding out the appropriate brand you prefer and then cut it short to a specific collection may actually make it simple and convenient for you to shop if quality and style top your priority list.

The constant struggle and effort of the reputed brand have made it possible for them to come up with unique and classic collections to meet the latest changing trend. This article has been written after a thorough research has been done so as to help you make the better choice easily.

Things to Consider While Buying a Luggage Bag or a Suitcase

Whether it is a business trip or a weekend getaway with family, you always require a stylish, durable and spacious suitcase so that you are able to fit all your necessary stuff in that luggage bag.  Besides, the luggage bag needs to be light in weight so that more items can be put into the suitcase while travelling. 

So, this article talks about some of the important factors that need consideration while looking for a travel bag.

  • Size/Capacity: You have to determine the size and capacity of your suitcase depending on the duration of your trip. If it is for the weekend then you can opt for a smaller size trolley bag but in case, it exceeds a week then you must opt for a medium-size or large trolley bag, when it is a family trip.
  • Research: Getting an ideal luggage bag for your trip is also an important feature. Nowadays, people are dependent on online shopping portals as one can expect to get discounts on suitcases in India with other interesting advantages. So, if you should make some research on the online portals about the discounts. And also check if the brand is offering a guarantee or a warranty on the luggage bag that you are planning to buy.
  • Hardshell v/s softshell suitcase: Other important features that need reconsideration are hard shell trolley bags and soft shell suitcases. If you are looking for a lightweight luggage bag that is a good shock absorber then you can opt for a softshell suitcase. It may not be waterproof. On the other hand, hard-shell suitcases are designed to be sturdy and prevent breakage. Besides, these are waterproof but cannot be compressed or expanded.
  • Necessity: Before you take your pick, decide what exactly you need. Based on your travel duration and amount of luggage you are going to carry, one should decide on the luggage bag or a suitcase. You will also have to think whether you need outer pockets on your suitcases or you need wet pack pocket.

Top Brands of Luggage Bags

As long as you buy a branded product, you do not have to worry about the quality of the product. So, let’s take a look at some of the best trolley bags brands in India that you can check out while looking for a suitcase or a luggage bag for your travel purpose.

American Tourister

Set up in the year 1933, American Tourister takes pride in offering the best quality product to their clients and customers. The experts try hard to meet all the requirements that a customer look for in a luggage bag.

American Tourister travel bags comes under top 10 luggage brands in India. They are not only spacious but also equipped with TSA lock system so that you are able to carry all your stuff safely. Besides, these have ultra-light construction along with a sturdy design to ensure you longevity. It also comes with wheels for easy mobility.

American Tourister travel bags are designed for all kinds of journeys be it a short trip or a long tour. Thus they are considered as the best trolley bags in India.


The old, famous brand, VIP makes the best trolley bags in India and has always been the favourite of people. It comes with a wide array of suitcases and luggage bags for their valuable customers.

The main aim of this brand is to offer its customers good quality product, which combines style and durability. The travel bags are made of polycarbonate and these polycarbonate trolley bags not only look great but are also sturdy and easy to maintain. 

Apart from being spacious, these products come with a number lock system to ensure your full security. Above all, the spinner wheels along with the retractable handle offer a smooth maneuver.


Safari which is one of the best luggage brands, brings you a wide collection of suitcases to make your journey comfortable. Whether you need a luggage bag for a short trip or a suitcase for a family trip, all types are available with this brand.

Besides, Safari trolley bags are scratch resistant, which is an added advantage. The top handle along with a retractable handle and spinner wheels let you turn the suitcase 360 degrees smoothly.


If you are looking for a suitcase that is sturdy and lightweight then the Samsonite product should be on your radar. It comes with a retractable handle along with four spinner wheels to ensure you a smooth manoeuvre. Besides, it offers you a wide variety of suitcases so that you are able to pick one that suits your requirements.

So, here are some of the best brands that you can look for while shopping for a luggage bag for your trip. They bring suitcases in various styles and in different budgets to meet your requirement. If you are up for a branded product you do not have to worry about the quality of the bag that you buy.


Skybags is another well known luggage brand that comes under the category of top 10 trolley bags brands in India. Skybags vs American Tourister has been a topic of major debate and still continues to be.

Types of Luggage Bags

Choosing the best trolley bag from the various options is a tiresome work and most of the time people get confused about the types of luggage bags that are available in the market and end up buying the wrong bags before travelling.

Five types of luggage bags have been discussed below. It might clear your confusion and will help you to have a better understanding of various types of luggage bags:

  • Briefcases: This type of bags is designed for professionals who look for a luggage bag to carry their documents and other important papers every day. These briefcases are made hard on both inside and outside so that your documents are safe inside.
  • Backpacks: Backpacks are designed to meet every purpose. These can be used by frequent travellers, students, young entrepreneur or office goers. Whether you buy backpacks for attending office or a business trip, these bags let you stay organised and mobile. Backpacks come in various sizes and styles so you will get something to fulfil your needs.
  • Travel Packs: This kind of bags is designed to be lightweight but is very spacious and it is ideal for people who travel frequently. The best thing about this bag is that you can carry everything in it but still you will find it comfortable to carry. 
  • Suitcases: Suitcases are designed in such a way that they are bulky yet lightweight so that you are able to accommodate more and more stuff in it while travelling. You can easily buy a suitcase for your trip but it is necessary to consider the capacity and size of the bag before you make the purchase. So, if you are planning to buy a suitcase it is best to buy a bag, which is attached to a trolley, thus making it convenient to carry.
  • Duffle Bags: If you are looking for something that comes with multiple compartments to keep your belongings organised, then you can opt for duffle bags. These are usually come in a smaller size but are also attached with rollers. These are quite spacious and can be easily fitted in the overhead compartments. The size and capacity of these bags make them an ideal choice for business trips and also short trips.

Buying a luggage bag or a suitcase is a great idea but you need to make the decision carefully as you cannot do the mistake of buying double trolley bags or suitcases before your trip. Therefore it is advisable to go through the Buyer’s Guide section if you want to make your investment profitable.

Each and every product comes with interesting features along with certain drawbacks but you have to take your decision wisely so that you do not waste your money. Nowadays, you do not have to visit the nearby stores to check out the collections available in the market.

Rather you can sit at home and browse through the online portals and make the purchase from the comfort of your home. Whether you have a  tight budget or if you are looking for a luggage bag for a family trip, all types of suitcases are available. All you need to do is make the decision carefully.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the maximum size of a trolley bag?

When we talk about the size of a trolley bag, we always refer to the best size suitable for travel, and it’s also essential to make sure that it is easy to handle. The size of an extra-large suitcase is 85 cm or 32 inches in height. The capacity of the trolley bag is up to 130 litres. If you are planning to travel with an extra-large suitcase, then the maximum luggage that you can carry is - (Check-in) 81 x 59 x 34 cm (31 x 23 x 14 inches) or 30 kg per checked bag. Note that the size also depends on your ticket or extra ticket benefits.

2. How do you measure a trolley bag?

It’s easy to measure your trolley bag. Just calculate the length, breadth, and height of your trolley bag. To calculate the volume, you can multiply all three values, i.e. Volume of your trolley bag (cm^3) = length (in cm) x breadth (in cm) x height (in cm)

To calculate the value in litres = Volume in cm^3 * 0.001

Also, it is important to keep in mind that the volume can differ because different trolley brands have different approaches to create bags like additional pockets, trolley material, etc.

3. Is it a good idea to shop for trolley bags online?

Yes, online shops are the best because they give you a lot of options to select from. Also, you will get a great comparison if buy online you can search for hundreds of bags and thousands of colours online. This powerful search is not possible in the offline market. In the offline market, you have to think through the perspective of a seller. And any traveller will love to explore online because online markets are very impressive to search for excellent products with exclusive deals.

4. When should you replace your trolley/luggage bag?

Good trolley bags always last long. And the parameters of bags discussed above with warranties make long companion. But if your trolley bag shows the following indications, then it’s the time to search for a replacement.

  • This issue gives a lot of problems while traveling. Sometimes we have to ignore the use of the wheels and carry the load in our hands.
  • Dirty trolley bags: Sometimes, it’s difficult to wash the material of your trolley bags, and it looks weird to carry a messy suitcase. The things you take with you reflects your personality. Look at your bag, and if it’s not matching with your personality, then search for a replacement.
  • Old tore trolley: Maybe the bag is good, the wheels are working, but the pockets, the cloth material is not excellent or if the tight zips are not working. In that case, you can also search for a replacement.
  • You can also replace it if the stored items fall in the trolley bag or if the bag is not capable of storing your essentials properly. We can say that rather than always searching for repair, it’s good to go for a reliable replacement.

5. How long does a trolley bag last?

It totally depends on the manner in which you are using your trolley bag. It also depends on the quality of your bag. A good trolley bag can easily last for 5 to 10 years. But, if you are a big traveller, you can cover a lot more than your bucket list if you choose any one of the trolleys mentioned above.

6. Should I use a luggage strap?

The trolleys that we have mentioned above are the best to use even without a luggage strap. But still, if you feel the travel is very bumpy or that you are carrying something very delicate, you can use a luggage strap to keep your storage safe. The luggage strap can help you to be intact with all your materials in the best way possible.

7. Which is the lightest luggage bag in the market?

It is essential to choose the best as well as the lightest trolley to fulfill all your requirements. The best lightest trolley you can opt for are:

  • Skybags Rubik Polyester 68 Cms Blue Softsided Check-in Luggage (STRUW68EBLU)
  •  Pronto Miami Polyester 55 cms Navy Blue Travel Duffle (6572 - BL)
  • Aristocrat Polyester 55 cms Red Travel Duffle (DFTDRH55RED)
  • Nasher Miles Lombard Soft Side Cabin Luggage|Black 20 Inch /55CM Trolley Bag

All the above mentioned trolley bags are the best to choose if you are searching for something lightweight and easy to carry.

8. What colour suitcase is the best?

What to keep in mind while selecting the color of suitcase:

  • Make sure it’s not challenging to spot wear and tear. All dark colors can be an example.
  •  Never choose the most common colour. Otherwise, it will be difficult to distinguish your luggage at airports, railway stations, etc. 
  • Our recommendation is to avoid standard colours. You can go for shades of dark blue, green, etc.

9. Should I get a medium or large suitcase?

It depends on your requirement. But if you travel frequently and always carry less bulk with you, then it’s a waste to take the additional weight of your luggage bag. A large suitcase will be beneficial if you carry a lot of stuff, rather than taking multiple bags. One big trolley bag is enough for all your requirements.

10. Which type of trolley bag is the best?

All the trolley bags mentioned above are the best to use. Some tips we can share are:

  • It should be lightweight yet strong to carry your massive storage.
  • Choose the colour wisely — something like blue or any dark colour. Avoid common colours.
  • Choose the size according to your requirements or future travel plans.
  • Choose any one from the top according to your need and plan your next rocking trip!

Here is the List of the Top 10 Best Trolley/Luggage Bag in India


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