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Top 20 Best Watches for Women in India – Reviews & Comparison (2021)

Edited by Jhalak

Whether you are a man or a woman you cannot stop yourself from being passionate about the watches.

Do we have always told that men get attracted towards the watches and women towards the jeweller?. But the trend has changed almost everything.

Today's women are more passionate about the watch she wore.

She wants a watch to be stylish and fashionable enough to much how looks. She knows how the watch can enhance and add sparkles to her beauty.

Best Watches for Women in India

We all want the perfect watch for our self. But do you know which are the top watches in India. Here I have brought to you the list of Top 20 best watches for women in India. This list will give you more than enough option to buy the perfect timepiece for yourself.

Let's take a brief look at the list and some specifications of the watches we have here and I hope you will pick the perfect one for you. Now without further delay let's jump on the list of Top 20 Best Watches for Women in India.

We Highly recommend you to read the Women's Watch Buying Guide at the end of this article to get in-depth knowledge about latest women's watch technologies and  tips on making an informed decision about which product to buy for your needs 🙂

Top 20 Best Watches for Women in India

Although my favorite among all is Fastrack Analog Watc (6150SM04-NK6150SM04) but you must check all of them to make your buying decision.

While searching for the top 10 watches in India how can we forget the Fastrack collection for women.

If you love to carry the chick look you can definitely go with Fastrack 6150SM04-NK6150SM04. A clean pink bezel dial and silver belt is perfect to attract anyone's attention.


Are you into the tomboy gaze? If your answer is yes, then you should definitely have a look at this super kinky timepiece.

Fastrack New OTS-Upgrade NE9735NL02J has a black square dial with a black leather belt. This piece is very much popular online just because of its different look.

This watch from Fossil is very much popular online.

It has a beautiful rose gold colour dial and Bangle strap of the same colour which is enough to tell everyone that it belongs to a style Diva.

The analog pattern of the dial and its simplicity intensify its sophistication.


Do you need something really sparkling but in a budget-friendly amount? I would suggest you should go for Fossil ES2860 for women.

This watch has a silver stainless steel metal strap and a beautiful circular dial. The dial is studded with white stones and has a contemporary analogue pattern.

Chronograph completes the lock of this watch and the best part is it is very affordable.


Timex Also belongs to the category of the most trustworthy watch brand in India. you can simply put your trust in this brand and enjoy its durability in very affordable pricing.

This watch has beautifully polished stainless steel silver straps and pink bezel dial. This watch gives you the chick look with its beautiful pink polish.

Chronograph adds to the beauty of this watch making it look really pretty.


Who said women can't go for the digital watches. Sonata Ocean Series III is an Analog collection and the ladies are loving it.

This watch is very much popular with this funky blue look and digital style.

Though the watch is Analog it has a digital watch background which makes it way more different than the regular watches.


Fastrack is especially for those women who love to play with style. Pink dial and silver strap watch is already to convert your look into a funky one.

This one has a stainless steel strap and is water resistant up to 30 m. With quartz movement and analogue pattern, you can look simply stylish wearing this one.

If you are a working woman and also loves to party with your friend then you would definitely love this semi-formal watch from Casio.

Casio Enticer has come up with an all silver and classy watch. Small dial and thin metal belt, is a fashion these days.

This one is perfect for every occasion as its look will compliment you every time you wear it.

Are you looking for a watch which is value for money? Go with Maxima! This brand is famous for the durable and affordable watches they make.

This girlish all silver watch is one of my favourites from Maxima. The dial of this watch is started with the ravishing stones and the strap is crafted out of stainless steel.

You can simply flaunt yourself by wearing this classy watch.


Looking for something sporty yet affordable?

Go with this funky analogue digital watch and save your fashion. Helix had brought this all-new watch by combining the features of both analogue as well as the digital dial.

As this is a unisex watch it has that big dial, spunky appearance and obviously the black colour.

If you want to experiment with your love you can try it with helix analog-digital watch.

Women love the timepieces complimenting their elegance and Titan Raga understands that really well. Titan Raga Viva is a rose gold watch and Analogue moment.

This one has a Quartz calibre and meant to impress the women. With this round dial and bracelet patterned strap Titan Raga Viva is redefining beauty.


This Sheen collection from Casio is all set to take you a level up in fashion.

Unlike the all-silver and all-rose gold watches, this timepiece has combined both silver and rose gold and made a style statement.

Studded with stone and chronograph pattern dial of this watch makes it look ultra-modern.

Sheen is 50 mm water resistant and studded with Swarovski crystals and this makes it perfect for the ladies of the 21st century.


Another popular watch in the list belongs to the brand Giordano. Giordano is also a very trust over the brand India.

The watch-A2058-33 is a great success. you are looking for something that can define your simplicity you can go with this beautiful rose gold watch.

The super elegant watch is also a value for money timepiece.

Are you in need of a watch with rich looking features and yet available in very reasonable pricing. No one can match up with your requirements but Titan Raga.

Titan Raga has the class design and features of the expensive watches available in the mid-range. Titan Raga Watch-NK2539SM01 is everything women want.

Studded with bright pearls and crafted so beautifully that you will lose your heart on it.

The belt has an octane pattern and the dial has a unique bezel, everything is just so perfect about this watch, you can't stop yourself from buying this.

Movado Bela is a watch for those who not just wear the watch for the purpose of wearing instead enjoy the watches. It is a lavishing watch and its the price is enough to show that.

It has a small round shaped dial which is also started with crystals. The change pattern metal strap makes this watch look even more beautiful.

Chumbak is not that popular brand in India but this watch has gained a huge hype. the watch has an evergreen circular dial polished with gold and brown leather straps.

But the most attractive thing about this watch is the two owls inside its the dial.

Yes, the watch has a very attractive picture of two colourful owls which makes it different from any other watches in the category.

Skagen is also a good brand and this particular watch of the entire collection is a star.

Following the theme of simple design for a better life, this watch really lives up to this slogan.

Simple circular dial held with a rose gold metallic strap completes the look of this watch. This watch has a white bezel, which makes it perfect for almost every occasion.

Going to this one is undoubtedly a great choice if you enjoy being simple.


Brillier Women's Signature Series is a collection of semi-expensive watches for women.

This is a Swiss Quartz and that is the reason why this is a little expensive than other watches.

The dial of this watch is artistically crafted and designers have made it colourful to attract the glimpse of women.

Black leather belt with fluorescent green lining adds stars to the beauty of this watch.


If Smartwatch is your choice then Michael Kors will never disappoint you. This digital grey dial watch from Michael Kors is a great buy for the smart ladies. 

This watch has many beautiful display options using which you can set the dial as per your convenience.

Set as a stainless steel silver strap studded with graceful stones making this timepiece a great pick for girls.

It has some amazing features like stopwatch, pedometer, great battery life and much more to impress most everyone looking for a smartwatch.


Frederique Constant Classics Delight belongs to the category of high-priced watches.

The dial of this watch has a round shaped Sapphire Crystal glass and it is studied with shining stones. This watch runs in an analogue pattern and even shows the date.

The silver stainless steel metal strap completes the look of the watch. You can certainly have it if you like a rich and classy timepiece.

Buyer's Guide - How to Purchase Women's Watches

Buying a watch can be easy work. Visit the store, take out the money from your pocket, pay the bills and you are done. But if you are looking for something which will impress your heart the task suddenly becomes complicated.

A timepiece chosen with positive effort will enhance your look in your office or at your cousin's wedding. It will compliment your every dress and make you go happily every time you will wear it.

For ladies, the watch is a piece of jewellery which should be properly accessorized with other jewellery and her outfit. Women wear so many metals and Colors which makes the task of choosing the watch that will sync with everything a critical one. Let's see how you can buy the most appropriate words for yourself.

We have come up with this vital buyers guide for women using this guide every lady can find the best fit watch for themselves.

 You can grasp this information and use it to buy the perfect watch for yourself. Remember your watch should enhance your personality. And by taking care of this few points you will surely get the perfect one for yourself.
watches for women -feature-

Factors to Consider


when I am talking about the material, I am actually talking about the dial, the decorative crystals, the movement and the strap. The case or the dial of the watch is made up of metal to protect the gears inside the watch. By considering durability and style you can buy the perfect dial for yourself. 

The style is all about where you are going to wear the watch and durability is decided to depend upon the usability of the watch. For an instant, if you are a swimmer, you have to go for the watch which has a water-resistant case. In this case, if you buy any other watch it will not be longer-lasting for you.

If you want to go for long duration, stainless steel is a great option for you. When it comes to losing the colour, stainless steel will save you from that. Also, it makes the case very strong and hence sturdy.

But as we all know stainless steel is quite heavy here and if you are willing to have something lighter than stainless steel you can even go for titanium case. Titanium is lighter than stainless steel and provides all the goodness of the metal.

If you are a lady with a rich taste, you can also consider gold as a great option. Dials with a different carat of gold are also very popular but only for those who are into expensive watches. However according to me if you can afford luxurious watches you should go with platinum rather than gold.

Platinum has all the good qualities you want to see in your dial. It is naturally white, it never loses with colour, what is a strong metal and above all, it looks extremely classy.

Watch crystal

I know you would have never thought about the crystal used to pack the dial of your watch. Though this is also a very important thing. Crystal of your watch is an outer cover of your dial usually made up of plastic, synthetic or glass. With the price of the watch The crystal covering the dial of your watch will also vary.

The usual mid expensive watches are found to behave acrylic crystal. This is nothing but a plastic of good quality.

You will see this type of crystal in sports watch. The advantage of this crystal is, it doesn't break easily. However, it also has a disadvantage. This crystal gets easily scratched which spoils the complete look of the watch. Also once the watch gets scratched, moisture easily enter into the watch’s dial, ruining its calibre.

Mineral crystal is another option of the case cover. Though this type of crystals doesn't get scratches easily, it is very easy to be broken.

Talking about the expensive watches, they have a sapphire crystal. Sapphire crystal is not actually made up of sapphire but it is all the chemical, physical and transparent properties of the original sapphire. It is almost a scratch free and can get broken into extreme conditions.


A watch is called as chronograph when it has one or more sub-dial. The watches of modern era two to three chronographs making the dialogue really complex and stylish. This subdial can be used as a stopwatch, to show date, day, the time of other GMT or much more.

If you think this one fits for your personality, you can opt for this as well.

Watch Styles
  • DIGITAL WATCH - We have already discussed how a digital watch work. If you are more into sports then you should definitely go for a digital, water-resistant watch. The digital timepiece has automatic calibre and it even has functions like stopwatch, date and day. Making it a perfect weight for a sporty person.
  • SMARTWATCH - Smartwatch is a watch of the modern generation. You can easily connect your smartphone with your smartwatch and enhance its features. It has some really great features like dial display option, notification buzzer, music, speedometer, pedometer, heart rate calculator and much more. One can even receive call or response via smartwatch via smartwatch.
  • MINIMALIST WATCH - if you are looking for a formal category of watches then minimalist watch should be on the top of your category. This type of watch has a very simple dial, normally leather or simple metal belt and no chronograph. This is the perfect fit for a professional lady or a working woman.
Dial size

The dial size of the timepiece also play a vital role in defining the personality of the women wearing it. Since years 34mm diameter was the normal size of the case for women. But the recent fashion has come up with the trend of bigger cased watches.

Today's women love to wear 40mm to 50mm diameter of the case. And if you want to go a little funkier you even have an option for 55mm. However, I would suggest you go for a smaller case watch if you have a thin and round shaped wrist.

And if you are a lady with broad and flat wrist you can give a shot to a bigger dial watch.

Your watch talks about your personality and hence it is really important to choose the dial of your watch very wisely. The smaller dial will give you formally or sometimes even a chick look. on the other hand, the broader or bigger dial will make you appear more sporty and funky.


Calibre defines the movement of your watch. Though, this phenomena is a little complicated we will try to cover it in a few points. For those who are just interested in buying the watch and not writing 100 pages thesis, calibre is of three types, automatic, mechanical and quartz.

  • Mechanical is the old fashion movement of the watch. Say you have a handspring which you have to rotate in a specific period of time to make the gears of the watch work. This is the most complex calibre and gives highly accurate timing. Today only expensive watches will have this type of movement.
  • Quartz is the most common moment you will find in the timepiece today. It has the gears connected with the batteries. Due to the presence of the battery, you don't have to rotate the handspring. Handspring is just to adjust the time, date and other features in the watches with quads movement.
  • The modern watches have the automatic calibre. This type of watches has very fewer gears and function completely automatic. You will see this type of movement in the digital and smartwatches.
Watch Strap

the other thing which matters a lot while buying the watch is the strap. It is known to almost everyone that strap is of two types. Normally you will see metal straps and the other one is leather or fibre straps.

Metal straps are normally made up of the same material as the dial. Has metal straps has chain pattern interlinked with each other it is very easy to resize them. Bangle strap is also a great option and it gives a super elegant look. Metal straps are good if you are mostly into official work.

If you are a sports person then I would suggest metal strap is not your thing. As it will start losing its colour or finish if introduced with sweat or water excessively.

On the other hand, the band strap can be made up of leather, plastic, rubber and fabric. This letter is a great option if you want a formal watch. And if you want something funky you can try is rubber, plastic or fabric bands.

Many watches come with different type of bands and you can change the band whenever you want. This is a great option as it modifies the complete appearance of the watch. You can easily match this type of watches with your dress or with the occasion.


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