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Bollyshare Website (2022): Full HD Movie Download

Bollyshare Movies is a free Bollywood and Hollywood Movies Download website that provides HD and Bollyshare 300MB Double audio movies. Bollyshare is a public website that features free movies all the time. The website is the perfect platform that fixes your thirst for movies and does not cost any of your money.

We cannot make time in our busy schedule to buy tickets and see films in halls or afford the pricey platforms which charge money in return for movies.

Who does not love movies? We all love to sit back and watch films without worrying about a thing. But life is not a film. Here, people face some time or financial limitations even when it comes to watching films. Here is where bollyshare help and saves all of us. 

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It is a public torrent website that allows unlimited streaming and downloads. The site has HD quality films not just in Hindi or English but also in Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam. The website is very efficient, hassle-free and easy to use. 

If one visits the website for movies, it will take a second to understand how it works and how to stream and download. The straightforward design of this website is what makes it better than the rest of similar websites. 

Bollyshare online platform lets you binge-watch comedy, drama, action, horror and spy thrillers for free. The site demands no prior engagements or details. All we need to do is search the website, click on it and enjoy innumerable films and series.

The website not only streams the latest films, but often it happens that the films get leaked on this website even before it releases. No one knows how the website handlers do it, but it no doubt attracts users across the globe for free and fastest release of hit films. 

Movies leaked by bollyshare –

The website has an incredible collection of movies. The range of genres and categories of films are unbound. Any film you want to see, from any language, you will find here.

The website lets us have our peaceful movie time without worrying about the buffering, payment and unavailability. From old to the latest, from flop to hit, from Hindi to English, boldly sharing has just the right choice for you. 

Bollyshare is such an advanced website that it even has dubbed versions for every film so that you do not compromise on any film from any region. The movies you can find are the most popular and anticipated ones. The site gives us these films for free which others have to pay for. 

The site contains all kinds of the print quality of films, but importantly, it has HD quality which other websites do not have as such. The HD quality gives us the exact feeling we would have felt in a cinema hall. 

The site never lets us wait impatiently on the new films, it leaks them even before we would expect. We can watch as long as we want, as many as we want. No limitation or rules is stopping us. 

Here are some of the popular films one may find in bollyshare –

  • Jai Bheem

  • Tabbar

  • Sardaar Udham Singh

  • Sanak Ek Junoon

  • The Garena Night

  • Free guy

  • Raazi

  • Gehraayiaan 

  • Thappad

  • Mortal Kombat

  • Conjuring

Not only film, but the website also features the happening and interesting web series within a day of original releases. Even if there are other websites for free films, there are hardly any websites that give us original web series in just a few hours.

But boldly sharing gives its users these excellent and appreciating features. Users rush to bollyshare only so that they can see these series as soon as possible and also for free.

Here are some of the popular series leaked by bollyshare –

  • Daredevil

  • Mirzapur

  • Bulbul 

  • Mumbai Diaries

  • Gora

  • The fame game

  • The clue

  • Panchayat

  • The family man

Similar websites like bollyshare –

With so many advancements and prosperity around, the number of pirated websites like bollyshare has also increased.  The websites are equally popular, useful and efficient. They do not cost us a penny but allow us to stream online and free movies and series. 

These pirated and torrent websites are so popular these days, that people can easily live by not going to cinema halls or paying for legal OTTs. Similar websites have Tollywood, Bollywood, and Hollywood films. It has dubbed versions for every content that bollyshare has.

These websites understand your problems and give you an easy and free solution to watch unlimited movies and even download them in different file formats.

Here are some of the alternative websites for bollyshare – 

Government steps to address piracy –

The government has long tried to prohibit people from attempting pirated actions, still, cases were heard and the crime was committed. A simple warning or scaring did not work on people. There were hundreds of works being stolen each day without the maker’s permission. 

Creativity is a special talent. It does not come so easily for people. That is why the government made sure that there won’t be piracy on any grounds. 

Piracy means when a stranger or even your known someone, uses your work for their gain without any right or authorization. Piracy can be committed against art, literature, business ideas, movie, music and every other thing which a person himself has been the sole creator.

A website like bollyshare has been continuously dealing with and showcasing pirated movies. There has been no stop or pause. The makers of this website are knowingly misusing the original work for their gain.

By the Copyrights Act of 1957, the government held all these pirated websites illegal. According to this act, the government finds each of those persons guilty who may have directly or indirectly attempted piracy and gains from that. The act prohibits piracy on every ground, it will not tolerate the heinous crime done against art and creativity.

The people running an illegal website such as bollyshare are consciously breaking the law by presenting all the pirated content on its site. Not a single movie is bought and legally permitted. The original creators are unknown and uninformed of their illegal movie projection. 

The copyrights act if ever finds these website handlers who project pirated movies shall give them a jail time of 6 months and a fine of rupees 50 thousand. If the accused person is found guilty for more than one pirated activity, then the punishments are most likely to grow stricter – 6 months jail time and a fine charging up to at least lakh of rupees.

Is the site legal?

No. Due to piracy the government has declared boldly sharing to be an illegal site. The website has been banned by the law of India. To protect one’s original work and preserve it from the outrageous crime of stealing and using, the government has implied the Copyrights act in 1957, according to which a pirated website such as bollyshare does not stand a legal position in the country.

So, if you are a law-abiding citizen and follow the rules and regulations of the country, it is requested not to access bollyshare. Because the site performs piracy and continues to do it forever. It not only goes against the law but also encourages people to use it for their gain. Bollyshare will remain illegal unless it starts buying the rights of films and showcases contents legally with authority. 

Is it safe to use bollyshare?

No. bollyshare is not a safe website to stream films, download and access. There are a lot of hackers who personally keep an eye on these websites as it attracts users from various places in the country. These hackers can cost you all your privacy. It may take your valuable memories, data and information. Once it happens you will no longer be able to get hold of this information. 

The bollyshare website may have viruses too which could destroy your files and data in a second. It is an anonymous site so we will never know the agenda of the people sitting and running these websites. Using these pirated websites for free is a greater risk than to pay some money and avail paid websites. 

Bollyshare is not safe for your accessing and can cost you fortunes in terms of data and money, which one will never be able to recover from. So, do not risk all your life assets for just a film and rather pay some money and occasionally afford to watch in halls or online legal platforms. 

How to download movies from bollyshare?

The number of films you want to download is unlimited in bollyshare. Be it films or series episodes, we can download and see them later when we have time. This helps the customers to have a pleasant time watching these movies. You can download Hindi, English, Malayalam and Telugu films and series if you want. The quality is top class and helps you to get access to all kinds of films. 

Downloading is the best option for busy people which the bollyshare website makes sure people get. Here are the steps in which you can download from the website –

  • Search the website bollyshare

  • Open it and surf through it

  • Check the categories or genres of films you want to watch

  • Select the film, click on downloading option, select the file’s format 

  • The files will be downloaded in time

  • Once the download is finished, you can open the media file and enjoy the film

Why is bollyshare so popular?

Bollyshare is popular for one simple reason – it is free of cost. It is not possible to run to the theatre every time a movie releases or pay for the whole OTT platform to watch a particular hyped series. Bollyshare understands our limitations and gives us rent-free movies and series that are also unlimited.

The website lets us be comfortable in sweatpants and binge-watch films and episodes forever. The website does not impose a condition or problem while we watch films. It is perfectly categorised into genres so that choosing a film does not take time for you. It also lets us download multiple files so that we can savour them later in our free time.

Bollyshare is growing more popular because of its diverse collection and also dubbed versions of various Hindi, English, Telugu and Malayalam films. This feature united all the people across the country or beyond to watch films without the lingual limitation.

The site gives you HD quality films and a theatre-like experience. We can comfortably watch and download free films and series anywhere anytime we want. And though the bollyshare website is illegal, people still use it for efficiency and free movie watching facilities. 


Bollyshare is a dreamy platform for movie lovers. The website gives all the recent hits free of cost. Theatres and affording costly OTTs are not compulsory now. Bollyshare makes your movie time comfortable, free, and exquisite. 

The website has the latest and oldest Hindi, English and Tamil movies. The site is an expert in leaking the most recent films and series in a very short period. The films are HD printed and provided with subtitles. The users get the dubbed versions of different south Indian and English films so that one has no problem understanding the language. 

The website is categorised and perfectly organised so that selecting a movie of our choice takes no time. The website gives you unlimited downloads and lets you stream online movies as long as you want. You can download multiple files at one go and later watch them when free.

The only drawback of Bollyshare is that the website is not legal from any side. The government has banned the website due to pirated content. The copyrights act bans the website and punishes those who take part in piracy. Thus, if one is accessing the website, he/she is also indirectly encouraging piracy which is a crime in the eyes of the law.

Free movies sound great unless you are committing or entertaining a crime like piracy. So, it is recommended to use or access movies from legal and paid platforms which enables you a safe and right way of watching your favourite films. 

FAQs -

1. Is downloading films from bollyshare safe?

Downloading films from bollyshare is not safe. The site may contain viruses and hackers. Clicking on these illegal websites may take up your privacy. Your device may get infected and you can lose all your data. It is recommended not to take such risks.

Losing all your information to unknown hands may put your private life in a compromising state. And once your data is lost you may never recover them again in your life. Risking such big things in life just for the sake of free movies does not make any sense.

2. Are there legal alternatives to bollyshare?

Bollyshare is an illegal and banned website in India due to its copyright issues. But that does not leave us deprived of entertainment. There are plenty of legal websites which give equal quality of films and series without breaking the law. These websites require payment but give you a safe way to watch and access films from the site.

Here are some popular and noteworthy legal websites –

  • Netflix

  • Amazon prime

  • Hotstar

  • Jio Cinema

  • Zee5

  • SonyLIV

  • Hoichoi 

  • Hulu


3. What does the future look like for Bollyshare?

Illegal websites such as Bollyshare will never be dormant unless the handlers behind the website decide otherwise. The website will continue to showcase pirated movies and series. It has recent blockbusters as well as old ones.

The site breaks the law and entertains its users with all the hit and happening content. It does not cost the users any money, which makes it the best platform to watch and enjoy movies. 

4. What are the alternatives of Bollyshare?

With thousands of films released each day the alternative illegal websites for watching free movies are also increasing. These websites are equally efficient and leak all the recent movies and series in just a day. 

Some illegal alternatives –

  • skymovies HD

  • jio rockers

  • Bolly 4U

  • Moviemad

  • Kuttymovies

  • 123movies

5. What are the Categories that you can find in bollyshare?

Bollyshare is an excellent and organized website that segregates its films and series into categories. The various and useful categories help you to choose your film right away. The website through its categories makes your time visiting in the feed worthwhile and hassle-free. 

Here are some of the most popular and efficient websites in Bollyshare –

  • Hollywood dub

  • TV show

  • Punjabi 

  • South dubbed

  • Bollywood

  • Web series

  • Documentaries


Piracy is Illegal. does not endorse the use of Pirated movies websites. We have no intention of promoting xyz website. The article has been written only for the purpose of making you aware and giving information. is not at all aimed at promoting these websites. We want to let you know how dangerous and illegal it is for you to use this xyz site. You must avoid all these illegal movie download websites. You must use legitimate websites to stream movies online. Please keep away from such movie download websites. 

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Babita takes care of fashion related products at TechExperts. She has started her career as a video-editor with a reputed news magazine Punjab Kesari in the year 2018. Though after joining the TechExperts, she is living up her passion by getting herself acquainted with latest fashion trend. She is a fashionista who loves shopping. Her favorite past time is reading fashion blogs and binge watch Netflix. About Babita

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