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Top 13 Best Car Perfume in India

Edited By Piyush, Reviewed By Shashank

The experience of riding and driving a car becomes all the more interesting and comfortable when your vehicle is filled with a mesmerizing fragrance.

It is more hygienic to drive a car which is cleaner and neater, as you need to spend 2-3 hours of your day in it, on a regular basis.

To help you make your driving experience worthy and comfortable, there are a number of best car perfume available in the market that make your vehicle smell good all the time.

From chocolate, to flowery to citrus and musk, you name it and it has it. There is an array of companies that sell best car air freshener in India also in various fragrances.

While they keep your car fragranced, some of them are made with essential oils and are thus good for the mind and body.  We suggest you go through the buying guide that will help you pick up the best car freshener for yourself.

Best Car Perfume In India

Here are a few things that you should keep in mind before buying best perfume for car :

  • Longevity: Always check for life spa for car perfumes. The life of a best car freshener largely depends on the hours for which it is driven every day. So, if you drive your car for longer periods, go for car air freshner which have longer longevity.   
  • Seasonal scents: When you are buying a new scent for your car you can go for seasonal fragrances rather than going for the same. Like in summers you can go for fruity and citrus ones and you can opt for woody and musky in winters.
  • Check reviews: It is always suggested to read reviews and go for a feedback check before you make your choice. Read what people have said about the product, including its fragrance longevity, and then make a choice.
  • Hangers or clips: There are a variety of best car freshener in India available, that are different to use, while some are to be hanged others are required to be placed on the dashboard and few are needed to clip at the ac vent. Go for the one that suits you best.

We Highly recommend you to read the Car Perfume Buying Guide at the end of this article to get in-depth knowledge about the latest car perfume and  tips on making an informed decision about which product to buy for your needs 🙂

Let's explore the list and have a look at the features along with the pros and cons of the Top 13 Best Car Perfume in India.

Top 13 Best Car Perfume in India (2022)

Although my favorite among all is My Shaldan but you must check all of them to make your buying decision.

 1. My Shaldan

My Shaldan


  • Fragrance: Citrus 
  • Key Ingredients: Limonene or orange oil
  • Lifespan: 60 days
  • Health benefits: Relieves stress, fights cold and cough, anti-cancer properties
  • Other varieties: Available 

The unique formula is made of limonene oil which is produced from peels of over 500 citrus fruits, which gives it a strong and pleasant citrus fragrance that lasts up to 60 days.

While the product makes your car smells great, it can also be used at home to give it a good fragrance. 

The product also has therapeutic properties as according to Japanese medicine studies, limonene oil has healing properties and helps in reducing stress and overcoming lethargy.

The brand, that has been into the business since 1948, helps make your drive a soothing one.


  • Brand is old and reliable
  • Has numerous health benefits
  • Fragrance lasts for long
  • Can be used at home also
  • Natural and chemical-free


  • Requires more space to be placed
  • A bit expensive

2. Godrej Aer Twist

Godrej Aer Twist


  • Fragrance: Rose
  • Key Ingredients: Rose petal extracts
  • Lifespan: 60 days
  • Health benefits: Relieves stress
  • Other varieties: Available 

The Godrej Aer Twist is one of the best car perfume brands which comes with a fragrance that fills the car with a pleasant smell taking out all the dirt and pollution.

It comes in a form of innovation gel form that avoids it from getting spilled.

The product works for almost 2 months and can be placed in the car’s dashboard. With elegant and chic looks, the products add to the beauty of the car besides making it sell well. 

That apart, it can also be fixed in a cup holder if you do not wish to place it on the front. It is available in 7 different variants of fragrances.


  • Spill-proof
  • Innovative gel technology
  • Elegant and chic looking
  • Can also be used at home and offices


  • Fragrance fades away quickly

3. Involve ONE Musk

Involve ONE Musk


  • Fragrance: Musk
  • Key Ingredients: Musk
  • Lifespan: 60 days
  • Health benefits: No
  • Other varieties: Available 

This product can be considered as one kind of best car perfume as it has been designed specifically to work even for big family cars like Sedans and SUVs which have larger areas and need strong fragrance.

The product comes with a leak-proof technology and the fragrance lasts for a long time. The ‘Made in India’ product is ammonia-free and thus is totally free of chemical. 

The product is easy to place at the car’s dashboard or can be put in the cup holder too. It works in all weather and comes with high fragrance retention technology and comes with easy to use open and close buttons.


  • Works for SUVs
  • Fragrance lasts long
  • 100% organic
  • Made in India
  • No ammonia


  • Fragrance too strong

4. Ambi Pur 82209457 Lavender

Ambi Pur 82209457 Lavender


  • Fragrance: Lavender
  • Key Ingredients: lavender Extracts 
  • Lifespan: 60 days
  • Health benefits: No
  • Other varieties: Available 

Ambi Pur is known as the one of the most trusted brands when it comes to best car perfume in India.

The aesthetically designed bottle enhances the look of the car besides filling it with a long-lasting and pleasant fragrance.

The product is lightweight and compact too and hence doesn’t take much space.

The product dispels fragrance at a good pace and fills the car with a pleasant-smelling atmosphere in a short span. 

There are buttons that let you control the level of fragrance expelled from the product. 


  • Fits all AC vents
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Good looking bottle
  • Fragrance lasts for long
  • Fragrance-adjusting button


  • If kept horizontally, the perfume leaks out
  • Plastic quality can be improved

5. Glade Plugins

Glade Plugins


  • Fragrance: Tropical Fruits
  • Key Ingredients: Tropical fruits, Melon, Peach Nectar, Warm Woods, essential oils 
  • Lifespan: 60 days
  • Health benefits: Soothes mind, relieves stress
  • Other varieties: Available 

The product is designed so that it can be fitted well in the car unit.

The perfume is infused with essential oils that enhance its quality also lending its healing and therapeutic properties.

It comes with a control button with which you can adjust the fragrance level. The mesmerizing fragrance enhances your driving experience as it fills your car with a great smell in a few minutes.

The product has an indicator in the form of glow light to show that the product is working. 


  • Filled with essential oils
  • Has health benefits too
  • Fragrance is pleasant and lasts long
  • Glowlight indicator
  • Easy to use and fit in the car


  • Packaging can be improved
  • A bit expensive

6. Areon Wish Gel

Areon Wish Gel


  • Fragrance: Cool
  • Key Ingredients: Natural extracts 
  • Lifespan: 30 days
  • Health benefits: Soothes mind, relieves stress
  • Other varieties: Available 

This gel-based car perfume has an energizing fragrance that freshens up your mood and preps you up for the long day, a soon as you enter into the car.

Besides making your driving experience a pleasant one, the product is also blended with scented and essential oils that double up its value and make it rich with therapeutic properties too, so you can consider it as one of the best car air freshener in India. 

This can be placed at the car dash or can be fitted in the cup holder too. The fragrance is long-lasting and is leak-proof making it easy to use.


  • Soothes mind
  • Fragrance lasts long
  • Leakproof
  • Therapeutic properties


  • Fragrance can be improved

7. 3Pure Perfume Potli 

3Pure Perfume Potli


  • Fragrance: Lavender
  • Key Ingredients: Lavender extracts 
  • Lifespan: 199 days
  • Health benefits: No
  • Other varieties: Available 

The product wins hearts with its beautiful packaging. Besides serving as a good-looking car perfume this product doubles up as a superb gifting option which is useful and elegant looking. Not just a car, it can be very well used in your house, office, or even wardrobes for a pleasant fragrance.

The product lasts for 199 days, much higher than other options available in the market. The pot filled with perfume granules is available in over 50 different fragrances like Rose, white London, Musk, among others.   

The pot filled with perfume granules is available in over 50 different fragrances like Rose, white London, Musk, among others.  


  • Multi-purpose and can be used anywhere
  • Gorgeous looking product
  • Best as a gifting option
  • Over 50 fragrances available
  • Lasts for 199 days


  • Fragrance quality and longevity can be improved

8. Dr. Marcus Senso 

Dr. Marcus Senso


  • Fragrance: Black
  • Key Ingredients: Perfume and oil extracts  
  • Lifespan: 75days
  • Health benefits: No
  • Other varieties: Available 

The product, made in Europe, incorporates unique gel technology that lasts long and is a leak-proof way of spreading a fragrance. The stylish looking bottle can be used anywhere, besides a car. The fragrance with a French feel is pretty rich and exquisite and lasts for around 75 days. 

The product is oil-based and  luxurious in nature as it is exported from abroad. The product is available in other variants too with different fragrances. It can be placed on the car dashboard or can be fitted well in the cup holder too.


  • Strong fragrance
  • Fragrance lasts long
  • Lasts for 75 days
  • Leak-proof
  • Other variants available


  • A bit expensive

9. Raizin Carall Regalia

Raizin Carall Regalia


  • Fragrance: Musk
  • Key Ingredients: Natural 
  • Lifespan: 120 days
  • Health benefits: No
  • Other varieties: Available 

The product imported from Japan comes with a rich, luxurious and long-lasting fragrance.

The product is made with the latest technology and can be used not just in the car, but homes and offices as well.

The easy to use the product can be placed on the dashboard or fixed in the cup holder of any car. The fragrance, available in different variants, lasts for 4 months

As the bottle is edgy and chic, it can double up as a gifting option too. The product is leak proof and can be used easily.


  • Rich Fragrance
  • Aesthetically made bottle
  • Serves as a gifting option
  • Natural Ingredients
  • Lasts for 120 days


  • Fragrance longevity can be improved

10. Aroma'phere Mystery Air Perfume

Aroma'phere Mystery Air Perfume


  • Fragrance: Mystery
  • Key Ingredients: Natural 
  • Lifespan: Depends on usage
  • Health benefits: Yes
  • Other varieties: Available 

This perfume is lots more than just being a car perfume. The spray bottle not just fills the car with a mesmerizing and pleasant smell, but can also be used as offices, homes, and rooms.

What’s more? The spray bottle can also be used to brighten up your clothes, bed linens sofas or even curtains just spray it on the items and feel the freshness and goodness.  The pleasing fragrances spread good vibes like positivity, love, and friendship, wherever used. 


  • Multi-purpose
  • No-gas perfume
  • Natural products
  • Fragrance lasts long


  • Fragrance longevity can be improved

11. Rapture Misty Mountain

Rapture Misty Mountain


  • Fragrance: Lavender
  • Key Ingredients: Mineral oil
  • Lifespan: 60 Days
  • Health benefits: Reduces stress as inspired by nature
  • Weight: Available in sizes of 50 g and 100 g
  • Other varieties: Wide range of varieties are available 
  • Air Freshener Type: Gel

Rapture offers a range of stylish and luxurious gel car air fresheners in different fragrances.

Multiple fragrances are available for the customers to choose from; some of them are misty mountains, autumn dew, charming lagoon, pristine forest and wildflower. 

The products offered by Rapture are easy to operate; all you need to do is twist the lid to open the vent and let the fragrance flow in the car. 

If the freshener is not in use, then you can close the vent. This way, the freshener can last for a longer time.

The natural ingredients used in the freshener lighten the mood and reduces the stress as soon as you open the car door.

Besides, the product is spill-proof due to its gel-based property and leaves no marks on the dashboard. The container's compact size makes it easy to be placed anywhere within the car without any hassle. As the fragrance is released slowly, the freshener lasts for around 30 days and removes the smoke, moisture, and foul smell from the car.

Also, the products are alcohol-free and offer consistent fragrance for the complete duration. 


  • Rapture Misty Car Air Freshener's smell is suitable for all seasons, i.e., summer and winter.
  • If the car is parked in the shade, then the perfume would last for a longer time
  • The air freshener leaves no stains on the dashboard.
  • The efficient technology of the products enables it to stand at the same place.
  • The twist top propeller design helps in controlled release of the fragrance.


  • The fragrance of the air freshener is subtle, not suitable for those who like a loud smell.

12. Airpro Sphere- Anti Tobacco Car Air Freshener

Airpro Sphere- Anti Tobacco Car Air Freshener


  • Fragrance: Anti-tobacco
  • Key Ingredients: Mineral oil
  • Lifespan: 60 Days
  • Health benefits: Gives fresh air as it clears the dust in the air
  • Weight: 40 g
  • Other varieties: Wide range of varieties are available 
  • Air Freshener Type: Gel
  • Colour: Black and Silver

If you are looking for an anti-tobacco air freshener, then Airpro Sphere Anti-Tobacco Car Air Freshener is a great option to opt for.  Airpro is an ultra-luxury fragrance that provides long-lasting and pleasant fragrance in any environment.

The airpro sphere is best suited for cars, rooms and offices. There are different fragrances and varieties available in Airpro Sphere Anti-Tobacco Car Air Freshener such as mystic garden, fresh waters, lush retreat and many others. 

The product is gel-based and designed to be spill-proof and leaves no marks on the car's dashboard or any other place where it is placed.  Thus, when you are tired of the stinky smell in the vehicle due to cigarette smoke and look for an option that will make the car smell fresh and odourless, the search ends with this unique car air freshener that instantly removes the car's foul odour and smell.

Besides, it also helps to enhance the car's environment and bring more positivity and freshness in it. 


  • The smell of Airpro Sphere – Anti-tobacco is light and soothing, gives complete anti-smoke freshness and provides a fresh and long-lasting fragrance
  • The design of the product makes it easy to install; you just have to place on the dashboard
  • The aromatic smell of the product allows a safe and pleasant drive in the car
  • The product comes in multiple fragrances like citrus, anti-tobacco and fresh water.


  • Price of the product can be considered to be lowed
  • Effervescence can be worked on to improve the efficacy of the product

13. Automaze Solar Power Rotating Car Air Freshener Perfume

Automaze Solar Power Rotating Car Air Freshener Perfume, with Organic Fragrance (Red Plastic)


  • Fragrance: Organic
  • Key Ingredients: Plant Extracts
  • Lifespan: 60 Days
  • Health benefits: Natural plant extracts are soothing for the elders, children and pregnant women
  • Weight: 40 g
  • Other varieties: Not Available 
  • Air Freshener Type: Aromatherapy tablet
  • Colour: Red (Plastic)

Automaze Solar power is an innovative car air freshener that works on solar power. The product rotates when it gets sunlight and gives a refreshing and soothing fragrance.

The air freshener's organic scent is loaded with plant extracts to eliminate the odour and keep the air fresh and aromatic.  

This product is apt to be used where the sunlight rays can fall on the product.

Thus, if you are looking for a car freshener, Automaze Solar Power Rotating Car Air Freshener is highly recommended.

You can place the product on the dashboard as sunlight can be sourced from there. The smell of the product is mild, non-alcoholic, and non-irritating, which is suitable for babies, elders and pregnant women. 

Also, the product comes with a recyclable adhesive that can be reused. This helps to change the product's placement without damaging the interior, especially the dashboard of the car. You can place the air freshener on the car's panel so that the AC vents don't get blocked.

The Automaze air freshener utilizes solar energy during the daytime and uses that energy for rotation and emitting the fragrance. In other cases, when the daylight is not available, the product can be operated manually.

The solar power rotating car air freshener also works when the car is standing still. Thus, when looking for an innovative product, Automaze solar power rotating car air freshener is one of the best options to opt for. 


  • Hassle-free placement of the product
  • The product is equipped with washable and reusable adhesive
  • Soothing fragrance as loaded with natural plant extracts
  • Refill packs of the aromatherapy tablets are available
  • The refreshing smell of the product with its organic fragrance removes bad odour 
  • Look of the product is trendy and appeals to many


  • Doesn’t function effectively when solar power is not available
  • Quality of the product has a scope of improvement
  • The plastic body is not durable

Buyer's Guide: How to Purchase Car Perfume

Buying the right and best car perfume in India really starts with acquiring an adequate amount of knowledge of what they are, how many types of car fresheners are out there available in the market according to your demands and needs .

The first question is pretty easy to answer- a car freshener is a car accessory that removes unpleasant smells and odours from cars. It helps to create a pleasant atmosphere within the vehicle and soothes you while driving or relaxes while you are just a passenger.

Car perfumes are fairly common and can be found online and in car accessories shops with ease. There are a fairly large number of car freshener brands out there and it is easy to get confused by their overwhelming numbers when you consider that each brand usually has more than one smell or product.

But do not be fooled by this casual introduction to a car perfume. It is not a desirable component but rather an important component of your riding experience. The cool light breeze created by your vehicle’s AC is simply not enough to overcome the stench created by the body odour of people, their sweat in addition to the polluted fumes.

In fact, left on their own the environment of the car can get bad enough to make you feel nauseous and dizzy and generally feeling not well. It is not the ideal mindset under which you want to drive or ride a car. This is the problem or pain point that car perfumes address.

There are different types of car perfumes which suit different conditions and types of vehicles. They facilitate the creation of a relaxed mood where you can focus and remain your best alert self.

How to Choose a best perfume for car?

You are almost certainly going to use your car on a regular basis. So, the inside air needs to be smooth and agreeable to you. In fact, in many households, such perfumes do double duty in the cars as well as in their houses. The gravest challenge you face is picking the right car perfume for your needs.


The well being of your health is the foremost area of concern. It is counter intuitive to make the inside environment of your car pleasant and suffer from physical ailments in order to do so.

You can always get to know about the health hazards posed by any car perfume by looking at its ingredients and googling any chemicals that pop up there. Most of the products out there in the market are not harmful.

But certain people may very well be allergic to particular products because of its composition. So, you need to put up a red flag for these potential allergens as contained in the product composition.


Fragrances might be put into use both as a quick fix or as a long-term strategy to deal with the odor inside your car. Aerosol cans are particularly effective if you are looking for a quick fix kind of solution. For something that lasts for quite a while auto plugin fresheners, vent stacks, and oil wicks are the preferred options.


Bigger cars have bigger airspace and smaller ones have well smaller air spaces. Small cars go along best with vent sticks while cans and plugin car perfumes are more suitable for big insides.


You can opt for maximum bang for your buck by being able to just plain refill your car perfume instead of buying a fresh item. This also is possible and very much practiced by car owners across the world. Only, you need to check that your car perfume item offers this feature.


It is indeed mighty advantageous to opt for a car perfume which at the same time purifies the air in your vehicle inside. But keep in mind that such car perfumes are rare to come by and you must shop around particularly looking for them. It is not a necessity but it definitely is a feature that’s great to have.

With such a feature you can keep viruses, bacteria, and smoke at bay inside your car thus promoting your health and wellness.


In the case of the car, perfumes do not be fooled by the conventional perception of expensive perfumes being better. Look for the features of the product and the smell rather than the price.

Types of Car Perfumes

As mentioned earlier there are different types of car perfumes. The main variants are:

  • DIFFUSERS - Also known as a vent air freshener, car perfumes of this variety are cent percent natural and usually are bereft of chemicals. Its mode of operation is that diffused drops of essential oil are collected by the refill pad. The end result is a car that smells very pleasant. It is safer as well as cheaper than the likes of an aerosol variant of air fresheners.
  • PLUG-INS - This is yet another popular choice among car owners to solve the predicament posed by the smell inside their vehicles. It also makes use of perfumed oils. In this variant, however, the device is plugged into the dashboard’s power outlet. This variant of car freshener fills up the inside environment with the fragrance of your choice quite fast.
  • STICKY GELS - In a sticky gel, the gel is composed of fragrances that stick to the dry surface of anything in the car. This type of car perfume is characterized by its long-lasting fragrance.
  • CARDBOARDS - The cardboard solution is the cheapest way to get rid of bad odour inside your car. This cardboard is hanged from the car’s rear view mirror. It is found in a plethora of fancy visuals and colors that really blend in with your car’s look.
  • CANS - Can work in a similar fashion to that of sticky gels. The difference is that the fragrant gel is kept inside a plastic container or an open container made of metal. This type of car perfume usually comes with adjustable holes that determine how much scent is going to be let out into the car inside.
  • SPRAY - Car perfumes sprays are based on aerosols and the air fresheners are present inside a pressurized can. This type of spray can act really fast and are very easy to use. You just have to spray it where needed!

Factors in Deciding the Type of Car Perfume

  • DOES IT WORK? This is the first thing you must keep in mind before you buy a car perfume. The answer is that yes, it does. But you need to make sure that the smell is to your and your family’s liking as otherwise you will be stuck with a smell in your car that you don’t particularly like.
  • IS IT HARMFUL IN ANY WAY? Though while it is indeed true that some components of car perfumes can be harmful but the fact remains that they are present in such small quantities that they are in no way a threat to your health and well-being. It is also to be kept in mind that many makers of car perfumes decide to opt for natural ingredients in the place of harmful chemicals. The decision is yours to take.


A new car brings with itself a unique smell which at first is pleasant. But after a certain period of time, many feel it be rather cumbersome. To suppress this particular odour and bring an air of vitality to the inside atmosphere of your car a car perfume is recommended.

This is due to the fact that you might end up spilling things inside the car which might affect the quality of the air in it. A car perfume takes care of the all these type of situations effectively.

How to Purchase a car perfume/freshener

One can purchase a car perfume/freshener in-store or online, almost all the online shopping websites are selling the air fresheners from where the buyer can purchase. While purchasing a car perfume or a freshener one should always consider some of the factors such as:

  • Cost – Considering the cost is essential, as it is not just a one-time purchase. Think of it as more of an investment. Find a car perfume that suits your taste and falls within your budget
  • Size of the Car – Bigger car needs bigger area to cover. Therefore, you will have to make a decision about investing in a spray or a perfume freshener.
  • Features – Easy installation, long-lasting and leaves a very tender fragrance in the environment
  • Durability – The products last longer with care and keeping the vent closed accordingly.
  • Easy Use – A product that is easy to use, easy to install, and lasts for a long duration. Therefore, you may call it a good investment.
  • Packaging – Packaging plays an essential role in the purchase of a car air freshener, a cardboard pouch, or a can when packed well can be used as an air freshener without any inconvenience.

Tips Where to install car perfumes/fresheners

In a car, there are many places where you can place the air fresheners such as the rear-view mirror, dashboard, cup holder, and below the driver or passenger seat. Some of the tips that would help to install the car air fresheners are:

  • An air freshener should be installed at a dry place and a place away from the reach of children
  • A car air freshener can also be installed on the dashboard, below car seats, or in the cup holders for the time when you change the airflow in the car.
  • Also, car air fresheners should be installed at a place where direct sunlight does not come, to ensure that the products containing alcohol lasts long and the alcohol content in it does not get heated up because of the sunlight.

Features of Car Air Fresheners

Some of the features which you should consider at the time of purchase of a car air freshener are as follows:

  • Elimination of odour – An air freshener should eliminate the scent from the car and make the atmosphere healthy and fresh
  • Purification – A good quality air freshener would eliminate the germs and purify the air in the vehicle, which will help you to get fresh air in the car
  • Kills Germs – The purification system of a good quality air freshener can kill the germs that are present in the car for a long duration
  • Chemical-Free Natural car perfumes are the most preferred ones as they can save you from inhaling chemicals emitted by chemical-based fresheners. Thus, natural and organic fresheners are good for health.
  • Ventilation System – An air freshener can eliminate the odour or germs in the car with the use of ventilation system
  • Long-lasting Refills of the fresheners can let us use the product for a longer time and also less exposure to sunlight would also help the product to last longer.
  • Adjustable – The air fresheners have the ability to adjust according to the environment and temperature of the car which also helps to avoid too much of fragrance in the car
  • Suitable for Allergic People Few of the car air fresheners are designed and developed to meet the demand of the people suffering from allergies. As the smell of these air fresheners would not trigger the allergies of the individual.
  • Performance A good quality air freshener will not only provide freshness and fragrance to the car, but it would also make the air in the vehicle healthier
  • Cool Atmosphere Car air fresheners also help to maintain and cool the temperature inside the car
  • Easy to Install Air fresheners are easy to install and do not damage the interiors of the car

How to prolong the life of a car freshener?

A car perfume or a freshener that lasts long is the one that is preferred by many buyers. You can increase the life of your freshener by understanding the mechanism and saving it. For instance,

  • A gel-based air freshener usually comes in a can and has a vented lid on the top; you can close the lid when you have reached the destination or at home. This would also help to avoid a strong impact of the freshener in the car in the morning.
  • For cardboard air fresheners or vent air fresheners, it is advised to park the car in the shadow
  • Spray air fresheners and diffusers can be used as and when required
  • Sticky gel air fresheners can be placed at any dry place

How to keep odours away from the vehicle?

  • Avoid consumption of food or liquid in the vehicle, as spilled food and liquid can cause an odour in the car
  • Avoid smoking in the car especially when the car windows are up, and AC is on
  • Keep the interiors of the car clean and dry especially in the monsoon season
  • When you are traveling through a polluted or smelly area, switch off the AC and set the mode of car air circulation
  • Change the AC filters periodically

Below mentioned are some of the tips that would help to keep the odour away from your car:

Who should avoid the use of car perfumes or fresheners?

The organic compounds present in an air freshener are toxic and hazardous for health. People who are suffering from acute asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), common cold, or are allergic to fragrances in a closed environment, then you should restrict yourself from using car air fresheners.

As inhalation of these fragrances or smell can trigger the allergy and can lead to severe health problems. In addition, kids should also be kept away from the reach of air fresheners as their metabolic system is not completely developed.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which is the best car perfume in India?

Car perfumes such as Automaze and Rapture are some of India's best car air fresheners. Their features, such as soothing fragrance, easy to install, refreshing smell, and suitable for all seasons, make them an attractive product to opt for. Also, natural ingredients in these air fresheners make it the right product for elders, children and pregnant women. Thus, you can consider Automaze or Rapture air fresheners at the time of purchase due to the features mentioned above. 

2. Which is the best air freshener for cars?

Rapture, Automaze and Airpro air fresheners are some of the air fresheners that give a unique experience of fragrance and are a perfect combination of elegance and freshness. Some of the fragrances available for purchase are lavender, organic and anti-tobacco. These car air fresheners give fresh air for a long duration, provide health benefits, and are easy to use. Hence, they are the preferred options among buyers. Thus, owing to the above mentioned features Automaze and Rapture are the best car air fresheners for purchase.

3. How is the air freshener used in cars?

There are various types of car air fresheners available such as cans, cardboard, plug-in, vent clip, and spray. Each type of air freshener is used in a different way. A car air freshener is used to give out the pleasant smell, removes harsh odors, and act as scent boosters as a whole. In addition, it also contains compounds that help purifying the air and maintain the ph levels in the environment of the car.

4. How can a car smell new?

Car perfumes eliminate the odour and make the car smell pleasant and odour free. With consistent and regular use, new and fresh look of the car wears off. Car air fresheners help to create a pleasing and fresh aroma in the car for a long time. These fresheners are readily available in different flavours, fragrances, aromas, types and brands. Thus, regular use of car air fresheners helps to keep the car smell as new always.

5. Which is the longest-lasting car freshener?

Car air fresheners are available in various forms such as gel, perfume, spray, and many others. A gel-type and spray car fresheners are the ones that last for a longer duration. Gel car fresheners are utilized slowly and gradually, and the vent of these fresheners can be opened less or closed depending on how and when you are using it whereas, a spray car freshener is only used when you intend to use it. Thus, it is observed that spray and gel-based car fresheners last longer compared to others.

6. How can my car smell good all the time?

To make a car smell good all the time, an air freshener can help. Many types of air fresheners are designed especially for cars; you can put these air fresheners in the area where there is a lot of airflow. An aerosol-spray can be used in vehicles to eliminate the odour. Some of the tips to make your car smell good are to hang or place an air freshener in the car, use an odour eliminating air freshener, spray perfume, place an aromatic candle under the seat, or place dryer sheets under the seat. Place a small (tea light) unlit scented candle under the front seat to make the car smell nice, prefer not to use the candles that are placed in jars. Place a box of dry sheets under the driver seat or passenger seat. All these tips would help you to keep your car smelling good all the time.

7. What do dealers use for new car smell?

A new car has many fragrances such as plastic, leather, rubber and other materials. Even the scent of glue brings a 'new car smell' to the vehicle. The dealers make use of unscented cleaners to bring a fresh car smell to a new car. Besides, the cabin air filters are cleaned so that fresh air is blown through the vents; fabrics of the car such as floor mats, carpets, and upholstery are cleaned with an unscented shampoo to make the car smell new and fresh. All these steps are followed by dealers to make the car smell new.

8. How can I keep my car smell nice naturally?

To keep a car smell fresh and soothing naturally, you can make use of various natural oils such as eucalyptus, tea tree oil, rosemary, clove, lavender, peppermint and clove. You can glue a cotton ball to a clothespin with the scent of your choice and clip it to vent to enjoy the fresh smell all the time. Also, you can add a few drops of oil to a baking soda jar and make holes to the lid of the jar; baking soda removes the odour and oil will give an aromatic smell to the car. Add oil to the rice and keep it in a vented jar. Lastly, you can make a spray by mixing alcohol, a pinch of salt and essential oils, and use it as and when required.

9. Can I use Febreze in a car?

Yes, a Febreze can be used on hard-to-wash fabrics, the car seats, floor mats, carpets and upholstery of the car which is an ideal example for this. You just have to turn on the nozzle and spray on the fabrics as they are lightly scented mist and then let it dry completely. However, it is advised to avoid spraying on materials that may water spot or other fabrics such as silk, suede or leather.

10. Do air fresheners irritate the ones who have an allergy?

Yes, people who have asthma or any allergy always have to make sure that their working place, home, or even car areas are free from any sort of dust, odour, smoke, or other irritating substances that can trigger their allergies. The chemicals from air fresheners can cause people suffering from allergies to experience nasal congestion and reduced pulmonary function. Thus, it is highly recommended that people suffering from any sort of allergy should first study the products properly, post which they can plan to buy it.


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