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Cmovies – Download Free Movies Online & Stream Full Series

Cmovies is a pirated torrent site that has all the latest films and series. The website is not authorised by the government but people use it due to its free service of movies. The Cmovies sounds too good to be true but it works. You can search this website in the search engine, click on it and access it to its full strength.

The website gives its users, from Hollywood to Bollywood and Tollywood movies. The site especially attracts those who are film lovers and do not wish to miss out on any film. It lets the film lovers have full access to the recent hits. The site has no ulterior agenda to cause you loss of money or time. It is the best option there can ever be for movie freaks.

Cmovies is a hassle-free website, it takes hardly any time to surf through it. The feed, steps and streaming are quite easy. So, if one has less time but is very keen to see movies then this is the best option for them. Cmovies give you the peaceful movie time one craves after a long week.

It is a straightforward website that makes your experience easy and comfortable. The website has all the English, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu movies that have just hit the nearby theatres. The website does not let you compromise on any foreign language movie. It makes sure you get to see all the anticipated films and series without anything holding you back.

It is almost hard to believe that a site such as movies gives all of these free of cost. This is an ideal movie website for getting free HD quality and the latest filmy content. The website does not only let you stream online movies but also download them. 

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People are busy nowadays and have hardly any free time for movies. But with movies, one can select his choice of movies, choose the file's preferable size and download it on their device.
The website helps you to watch these downloaded movies with unchanged quality offline.

It respects your busy routine and still helps you to find your own free time and enjoy the movies accordingly. It is growing more popular these days because of its free movie service and efficient conduct. The website makes your movie time worth spending and well experienced.

Movies leaked by Cmovies

Who does not love catching up with recent movies and web series? We all do. We wait months and months for our favourite actors to show up in new movies. We wait years for the next part of a movie or series to get released. After doing so much, if one cannot access these anticipated contents then where is the point? 

Money and time are two things that hold back a true movie lover. These two things held back people from watching their anticipated movies unless Cmovies came and saved film enthusiasts from this long agony. The website rescues us from our misery. It proves that nothing should come between a person and his passion for films. 

So, what if one has less time and money? They can still have access to recent films, films of their favourite heroes and films by their favourite directors. Cmovies gives you every single feeling you would feel watching a movie in the theatre or paid movie platforms. 

For you to have a theatre-like experience the website provides HD quality print and Dolby audio quality. It saves your time and makes your movie watching worthwhile.

Here are some of the most popular and most seen films leaked by the very Cmovies website –

  • Mimi

  • War

  • Shershah 

  • Tiger Zinda hai

  • Battleship 

  • The suicide squad

  • Inception

  • Badshah 

  • KGF Chapter 2

  • Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

  • Zero

  • Ludo 

  • Pushpa 

  • Jai Bhim

  • Kabir Singh

  • Baghi 3

 Along with these, you can stream thousands of films available on the website. Cmovies never let its users wait for the contents. You can get a one-day-old movie available on the website the very next day. Though it is pirated, nonetheless the website keeps your movies’ wishlist fulfilled and satisfied.

List of similar websites –

Though you will find everything in Cmovies, still if you wonder or are in a search of other similar free movie websites, do not hassle. The number of free and illegal movie platforms are uncounted. The movie production and releases have increased surprisingly in the past few years. It has become impossible to keep up with the movie releases and their pace. 

If one starts to run to the theatre every time a movie is released then he is most likely to get poor or jobless. These free movie websites have certainly given this problem a solution. It does not charge you a single rupee for films.

Whether you see a recent film or an old one, a Hindi film or an English one, an HD print film or a lower quality film, Cmovies treats all your choices equally, with no money and innumerable movies and series.

Government’s step to address piracy –

The term Piracy means when someone or some website steals original work and uses it for financial profit. Cmovies is a pirated site that does not contain a single legal or permitted film in its feed.

The site leaks all the movies and series illegally and without the maker’s signed permission. The makers are unaware and unknown of these pirated activities. Cmovies entertain people by showcasing works that are not their property. Piracy is a crime committed against originality and authenticity.

India makes sure everyone's work is secured and protected. Thus, the government of India passed the famous and firm copyrights act in the year 1957. By this act, India protects all its creative makers from getting betrayed in piracy. The act promises that no original idea, writing, work, movie, music or art will be stolen and misused by the deviants.

The copyrights act of 1957 safeguards people's work from getting pirated. And if anyone is found guilty by the law, he or she shall be punished severely. Under no grounds does the country's law overlook or forgives the pirated activities

Cmovies is a pirated site, thus illegal in India. The people who are running the site coherently break the law by leaking and providing all the contents which are not theirs to use.

The act of 1957 holds these people guilty and is designed to punish those who take part in piracy. It charges the guilty people a minimum of 50 thousand rupees and imprisonment of a minimum of six months. If the case is more serious, then the punishment is decided accordingly. A person involved in piracy may face a fine of 2-3 lacs and jail time up to 3years. 

These illegal and free movie websites should be careful and stop providing pirated movies to people. It is breaking the law and encouraging people to access movies and indirectly taking part in the heinous and petty crime of piracy.

The government of India prohibits all illegal websites from showcasing free pirated movies and profit from them. 

Is it safe to use Cmovies?

An illegal, banned and anonymous website such as Cmovies is not at all safe to use. There is a high risk involved even in clicking on the website. The website may attack your device with a deadly virus. These viruses will rupture your smooth working device into a ruptured and slow-performing device. 

The website may also have hacking software in-built that can intervene in your life in seconds. In this technological world, no one carries their hard copies of information and details. They rely on gadgets and online platforms. Imagine your free movie time turning into a reckless decision and losing all your important data to unknown hackers. 

Cmovies could be one such website. It may take all your private data and misuse it in ways you cannot even imagine. So, it is better not to access such anonymous and risky websites just for entertainment. Cmovies may sell data that it has retrieved from you. You may never restore your priceless information from these people as the site is completely run by anonymous people. 

The advertisements and popups are constant on these websites. Cmovies though is a hassle-free website, it constantly shows different advertisements on different things all the time. This may be a little problematic for people who do not like interruptions while watching movies. 

These advertisements may prove to be fake and promote counterfeit products. A user getting impressed by these ads may also mean he is heading in an unsafe direction. Ads may cost you money, time and trust. Cmovies is a classic example of proving that true. 

Is it legal to use Cmovies?

No. The website is banned in India for a big reason. The reason is piracy. Piracy is a major crime for the people and the government of India. The copyrights act of 1957 holds an unbent significance in the law cited by the government. The act stands against every one of those people who does not take piracy seriously.

The act punishes jail time and the heavy sum of money from the people who have committed any pirated action. Cmovies is banned by this act because every single movie you have access to the website is possessed illegally and shown unauthorized. It has continued with pirated actions for years, and the crime is unforgivable. 

So, if you respect an artist’s creation and follow the Indian laws then Cmovies is not the right choice for you. It is illegal and unsafe for anyone to have access.

How to download movies from the Cmovies website?

The website also lets you download the films and episodes so that you can see them in your leisure time. There is no limit or rules for you to have downloaded files from Cmovies. You can also download multiple films and other content from the website for later watch. 

The downloading steps are insanely easy and as follows –

  1. As the site is banned by the government of India, you need to have a VPN link for hiding your IP address and accessing the illegal website

  2. Search the website in google

  3. Click on the website once you find the result

  4. Surf the website as long as you want to find your choice of film

  5. If your film is not available in the present feed, make sure to search the name of the film in the search button available at the top of the website

  6. Once you find the film you want to download, click on it

  7. Select the download format and wait

  8. Once your download is finished, go to the media file and enjoy your me-time with your favourite movie for free

Conclusion –

Cmovies is a banned website in India but users still get attracted due to the site’s uncomplicated and free movie service. It does not let you pay the costly sums; does not make you wait for recent releases and makes your movie time comfortable.

The Cmovies.hd gives you free access to all the Hindi, English, old and recent films. It also lets you download so that you don’t hurry and enjoy your film comfortably. As long as you have sufficient internet access, Cmovies will give you the best movie experience. 

Cmovies does not provide cheap qualities of pirated films. Here, the films are HD quality, smooth and even dubbed. The website is designed in such an organised manner that people find it easy to access.

Though it is pirated and illegal in the eyes of the law, people still use it for free entertainment. Users get to see the recent releases of films and series free of cost. The contents have subtitles, premium sound quality and clear audio features.

The only fault of this website is its pirated content. Cmovies hd has no right or permission for any of the files available there. They are all stolen and illegally possessed. By accessing Cmovies you are also taking part in breaking the law. The website is also unsafe and anonymous, so your access may result in your loss of privacy.


1. What are the categories that the Cmovies website has divided its contents into?

The categories are the easiest and fastest ways for a Cmovies user to find their favourite film. The categories and genres make it easy to pinpoint what a user wants to watch today. These categories of films and series make accessing Cmovies effortless. 

The following are some of the categories and genres you will find on the website –

  • Comedy

  • Crime

  • Spy 

  • Thriller

  • Drama 

  • Historical

  • Romantic

  • Teenage

  • War

  • Sci-fi

  • Fiction

  • Non-fiction

  • Documentary

  • Dubbed films

  • Bollywood

  • Hollywood 

  • Web series

2. What kind of file sizes can one download in Cmovies?

The Cmovies gives you ample downloads. The downloading steps are very easy and uncomplicated. You can see the downloaded films even if you are offline. Cmovies enables multiple file downloads at a time, with no limit and free of cost. Here are some of the file sizes you can popularly download in Cmovies –

  • 300 MB

  • 600 MB

  • 2 GB

  • 4 GB

3. Are legal websites better than websites such as Cmovies?

Though you have to pay for the legal websites, they are better than illegal websites such as Cmovies. Legal and paid platforms are better because they do not contain pirated films and abide by the law. Here are some of the famous legal websites –

  • Amazon Prime Video

  • Disney Hotstar

  • Netflix

  • Hulu 

  • SonyLiv

  • YouTube

  • Zee5

4. Why is Cmovies so popular?

Cmovies is popular because it is free, easy to access and updated. It has all the recent films and series which you can stream online and download. The site asks you no payment or registration. It serves free and comfortable entertainment for people.

5. Which series can you find in Cmovies?

Cmovies not only have films but popular web series too. The web series released only on paid websites can be found and watched in Cmovies for free. Some of the popular series leaked by Cmovies are –

  • Vikings

  • Mitthya

  • Money heist 

  • The fame game

  • Gora

  • Stranger things 

  • Hush

  • Secrets of summer


Piracy is Illegal. does not endorse the use of Pirated movies websites. We have no intention of promoting xyz website. The article has been written only for the purpose of making you aware and giving information. is not at all aimed at promoting these websites. We want to let you know how dangerous and illegal it is for you to use this xyz site. You must avoid all these illegal movie download websites. You must use legitimate websites to stream movies online. Please keep away from such movie download websites. 

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Babita takes care of fashion related products at TechExperts. She has started her career as a video-editor with a reputed news magazine Punjab Kesari in the year 2018. Though after joining the TechExperts, she is living up her passion by getting herself acquainted with latest fashion trend. She is a fashionista who loves shopping. Her favorite past time is reading fashion blogs and binge watch Netflix. About Babita

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