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Top 10 Best Dating Apps in India (2020)

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Dating is believed to be the initial step towards creation of a fruitful and healthy relationship between two individuals.

It is the initial step taken by two people for forging a lifelong relationship.

Usually considered as the preliminary steps before marriage, dating has been around for centuries and unlike arranged marriages in other cultures, dating helps in getting to know one another before tying the knot.

In conservative societies and in puritanical times during the past.

Dating had been rather uncommon, in Victorian times young girls of marriageable age were usually chaperoned by their parent or a relative. Marriages were fixed on the basis of social ranking or affluence.

Dating App

Compatibility between individuals was of not great importance. Marital lives of such people were far from happy and resulted in a skewed kind of relationship. Dating in modern society however has changed the way people entered into marital alliance.

If in earlier period, social status or dowry were the major influencing factors. Now however, the focus is on mutual compatibility and attraction. Before internet became a reality and smartphones non-existing, dating was usually a rather difficult process.

People had to depend upon either friends or dating agencies to be introduced to the potential partner. But all that has changed with suitable apps being available in smart phones which facilitated two total strangers to get to know one another even before they meet in person.

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We Highly recommend you to read the Dating Application Buying Guide at the end of this article to get in-depth knowledge about latest data application technologies and tips on making an informed decision about which product to buy for your needs 🙂

Top 10 Best Dating Apps in India

Although my favorite among all is Tinder but you must check all of them to make your buying decision.

 1. Tinder



  • Best rated dating apps in India
  • Cater to the requirements of people irrespective of age groups
  • Popular amongst the teenagers.

Tinder is regarded as one of the popular dating apps across the nation. It has a strong customer base in India.

This social search mobile app enables the users to register via Face book account while gathering standard profile information of the users.

Later, it makes use of the same information in order to display the profiles that contain similar interest.

The potential users do have the option to swipe right if they like or vice-versa if they dis-like. If both of them like each other, they can chat in person.


  • Reduces the burden of small talks
  • Automatically enhance an individual's ego
  • Let users practice the pick-up lines
  • Offers an opportunity to get connected with people outside the social circle


  • Majority of the people are judgmental
  • A sluggish process
  • Multiple options for men than women
  • Poor response from women

 2. Truly Madly

Truly Madly


  • Data is collected directly from the phone number
  • Profile is created followed by information furnished

Truly Madly is yet another excellent dating app which requests for profile verification. Furthermore, the user has to produce identity proof before it is presented live.

When the user profile is set live, it begins to display matching profiles. Higher the score, better the profile. Its features are quite similar to that of the previous dating app ‘Tinder’.

It claims to be one of the coolest dating apps with an estimated million active members.

One of the highlights is they act as a guide in getting connected with people matching their preferences rather than strangers.


  • Popular dating apps in India
  • Displays trust score once profile is verified
  • Higher the score, better the visibility


  • Interactions impossible unless user profile is verified
  • Poor trust score leads to minimal trust coupled with credentials

 3. Happn



  • Unique matching concepts
  • Tracks users having crossed paths
  • Syncs well with social networking site including Face book and Instagram

Happn is a social search mobile app which has a unique matching concept.

It enables the users to chat if both the parties like each other. Both of them have the option to like and dislike similar users.

It is compatible on mobile application platforms such as Android, Windows, and I phone etc. The founder of Happn is Diddier Rappaport.

It primarily takes advantage of a feed that is purely based on the exact location of where the user resides displaying most possible matches.


  • Free dating app
  • Do not disclose profile information
  • Blocks entry of spammers and unwanted conversations


  • Not based on images
  • Strategic location required to activate the app

 4. Woo

04 woo


  • Voice intro
  • Tag Search
  • Question and Answer
  • Direct Messaging features
  • Voice call

Woo is a popular dating app which is primarily focused on educated professionals.

It is a unique app that includes a voice call option enabling the girls to perform a voice call instead of sharing numbers, name and location.

It will definitely be a fun and thrilling experience for the people involved in the world of dating. There are about one million matches.

They are fully committed towards assisting the women in ensuring a delightful and meaningful relation with people across the globe.


  • Do not disclose identity, numbers and location
  • Perform voice call
  • Sending direct messages


  • Creation of fake profiles

 5. OK Cupid

05 okcupid


  • Multiple options available
  • Advanced filters
  • Removable ads

OK Cupid is regarded as one of the oldest dating apps which are currently available via online.

It comprises of multiple options where the user can create his/her profile inputting relevant information. Scout for individuals who share similar interest, thoughts and opinions.

A filtering option is also available such as body type, attractiveness etc.

This American based online dating portal includes multiple choice questions that exactly match the needs and preferences of the members.


  • Search for people having similar interest
  • Filter individuals based on body type, color


  • Invest money to activate advanced features

 6. Hinge

06 hinge


  • Incorporates face book profile for signing-up
  • Enable users to hit like from the timeline

Hinge primarily takes advantage of the Face book profile to sign-up. It lets the users to filter and match with people having similar interests and opinions.

It provides suggestions which are revolved around a chain of friends. This dating app assists you in getting familiar with the ones who lack courage to interact directly.

This cool dating app was founded by Justin McLeod back in the year 2012. It connects members via Face book to ease relationships.


  • Provides instant notification when an individual hit like on the timeline
  • Suggestions provided by friends, third degree friends
  • Free app


  • Subscription required to access full version

 7. Coffee Meets Bagel

07 coffee meets bagel


  • Multiple suggestions offered to women from guys
  • Takes into account certain key aspects prior display of recommendations

Coffee meets bagel is a splendid dating app which is primarily meant for women than men. The women will be offered suggestions from the guys who have expressed interest in them.

Men can only hit likes or simple skip the matches. It is a social networking website and dating app launched back in the year April 2012.

It limits the total number of profile users in order to get connected and chat each day. This app takes advantage of the Face book to track potential and suitable matches.


  • Excellent dating app for women
  • No wastage of time while browsing user profiles


  • Single suggestion posted per day
  • Key aspects considered prior recommendations

 8. Azar

08 azar


  • Swipe and video chatting
  • One hundred million downloads per day
  • Video chatting optimization

Azar is a famous online dating app which optimizes parts of video chatting.

The users of Azar hold the view that other individuals are reluctant and hesitate to showcase their physical appearance via online.

It is an excellent opportunity to explore and get connected with members from across the world and engage in face-to-face chats via video.

All you need is to just swipe around the screen using your finger.

The member does have the option to communicate with an individual without time constraints, language barrier or even location.


  • Get connected with people sharing similar interest
  • Successful Thirty billion profile matches


  • Not available

 9. Elite Singles

09 elite singles


  • Quick emerging apps
  • Strong user base with 165K users

Elite Singles is regarded as one of the top dating sites meant for professionals who are single.

The estimated user base is approximately 80% out of which most of them are bachelors and few master degree holders.

This app claims to be one of the top dating sites which would exactly suit the needs and preferences of the partner.

It is touted as the global dating portal which is capable of generating more than 2000 brand new couples across 20 countries around the world.

It had successfully earned trust from more than 13 million singles.


  • Provides complete privacy with a verification option
  • Includes an exclusive mobile app for users
  • Users receive 10 to 12 matches per day


  • Free version provides limited features
  • Not a user-friendly app
  • Ample time required during sign-up process
  • Members not able to view who had hit likes in profile page unless they have paid

 10. Bumble



  • Women can post all sorts of kinky and unpleasant messages
  • Commence conversation within a period of about 24 hours

Bumble is yet another location based social and dating portal, which enable two people to get connected via app.

Upon tracking suitable match, the users are required to commence conversation within duration of about twenty-four hours.

Creating a fruitful relationship between two individuals is essential to lead a better life.

Bumble claims to be one of the top dating portals that assist you to scout for friends and build up the professional networks.

This app encourage equality, confidence, kindness and respect at each levels of either online or offline relationship.


  • Sync profile with face book account guaranteeing certain degree of authentication
  • 24 hour time limit lets user to begin conversation at a faster pace
  • Swiping and chatting process proceeds quickly
  • BFF mode enable user to promote friendship and casual links


  • One of the major setbacks is that users are not able to search and browse matches instead only potential matches are displayed on the screen
  • Filters included in the search option is limited

  • Patience should be the key for men

Buyer's Guide: How to Purchase Dating Apps in India

Effectiveness of dating apps depends upon a number of factors which are unique to this kind of dating technique. First and foremost, the potential person must use photographs which reveal various aspects of this social life which would help the prospective person to gauge one another.

People nowadays post pictures about themselves either in the form of selfie or group photos which would help in initially assess the person. People make use of social media networks like Face book, Instagram etc. to project not only their activities and likes but also to project their image.

apps for dating

Tips in Setting Up a Good Profile

There are quite a few expert tips on improving the chances of getting connected and matching with the right individual.

Picking the photos/images wisely

It is highly recommended to enhance the dating profile impression instead of an excellent image.  One of the best ways to impress the partner is to take adequate time in capturing shots that affects the personality.

Always focus on taking at least a couple of good shots which would enable partner to easily recognize you while meeting in person. Take a close-up shot and distant snap that displays a full view of the entire body. In certain images, the body features have to be clearly visible.

As a result, the images taken should not contain sunglasses that eclipse the face. It is not suggested to publish older pics. Therefore, choose snaps that were taken for the past few years. Also you may consider posting images hanging with friends.

Try to avoid using blurred photos with multiple faces and group images.

Focus on your bio

It is estimated that about 98% of matches do not click if the bios are left blank. A missing bio is not likely to capture the attention of the potential matches you desire. There are quite a few dating apps which offer ample space for a full-length autobiography while some are limited to just few lines.

Therefore, you need to invest considerable amount of time and money in describing yourself, about your personal interests and objectives. Some of the unnecessary things to eliminate like boasting and attempts at awkward humor.

Does not ever resort to elaborate the personal profile since the viewers tend to have a limited attention span. The chances of getting familiar with your entire bio are very limited.

Scouting for partners

Upon creating a profile, the next step is to scout for reliable partners. Research revealed the fact that most of the users find suitable matches by attempting to get connected with a person they have not considered yet.

Keep the profile updated

Always you need to make sure that the profile is updated on a regular basis. Do not forget to log in, perform searches and send messages consistently. The face book algorithms keep track of the news feed and dating app algorithm etc.

You have to ensure that the account is in good standing and participate in live conversations on a regular basis. It is one of the best ways to enhance the chances of meeting with people.

Getting familiar with the dating apps

Do not forget to check out all the default features in the dating app. Take for example, one of the popular dating app 'Tinder', check the edit profile in the app to track options and the possibility to import the Instagram images to the user's profile.

In order to extend the user profile reach, focus on creating a web version of it. Later, share the URL via email, social networking websites and the business card as well. First, you may open the app, choose settings, scroll all the way down to the Web profile tab and select 'Claim yours'.

It is also advisable to check the FAQ section via dating apps sites. OK Cupid is yet another top dating app that motivates you to enhance the overall quality of the matches.

Those who desire to get connected with people to engage in chatting and dating, there are quite a few splendid dating apps to check out. Dating is currently one of the common activities found in India. It has gained immense popularity amongst the public.

Today we will be focusing on some of the top ten best dating apps in India.

Here is the List of Top 10 Best Dating Apps in India


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