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Top 5 Best Dosa Tawa/Pans in India

Edited By Oniza, Reviewed By Shashank

Looking for the Best Dosa tawa in India? Great! We Indians are always fond of traditional cuisines. Isn’t it?

We do relish on modern foods but we always stick to our traditional food items, because it is delicious.

The traditional food of India is usually based on grains and cereals which make the food items of unique flavor and unique taste.

The rice pancake or popularly known as ‘dosa’ is one of the best traditional food items in India. It doesn’t matter at all, that you belong from a certain culture of India, which do not have Dosa, as a traditional food item.

Dosa lovers are everywhere in India, even in outside India. So, you may be always wondering about how to make your dosa crispy and yummy.  Here we choose the best non stick cookware for home, which make the cooking of dosa easier as never before.

Best Dosa Tawa/Pans In India

Must Read the comprehensive Buying Guide for the best dosa tawa in India? Well, the solution not only lies in adding delicious ingredients but it also depends on using the right gear, which is the type of pan (Tawa) you are using.

Yes, it does seriously matter on what type of Tawa or pan you use in order to make dosa. Otherwise, your dosa would never have that crisp and deliciousness.

A Dosa Tawa or pan comes in large flat size. It is usually in a concave shape but also available in a convex shape. It is made up of materials such as Aluminium, cast iron, and many more. It is also referred to as a frying pan.

It is easily available in Central, South and West Asia, especially India. In the whole West Asia, the Tawas comes in a convex shape, while in the Indian country, it comes both in concave and flat versions.

The Dosa Tawa is heavier in weight than those of normal tawas. This is because the Dosa can be cooked at an appropriate temperature and to pass the less heat.

The non-stick tawas are best for cooking anything, even Dosa because it prevents food from sticking to the Tawa. Here we present you the Top 5 Best Tawa for Making Dosa in India.

We Highly recommend you to read the Best Non stick Dosa Tawa/Pan  Buying Guide at the end of this article to get in-depth knowledge about latest the Dosa Tawa-Pan technologies and  tips on making an informed decision about which product to buy for your needs 🙂

Top 5 Best Dosa Tawa in India (2022)

Although my favorite among all is Hawkins Futura Non-Stick Dosa Tawa but you must check all of them to make your buying decision.

1. Hawkins Futura Non-Stick Dosa Tawa

This one of the special tawa or pan you can buy for making your dosa tastier. This particular product is manufactured by a unique patented process.

The product is compatible with the gas stove topOne of the beneficial points of using Futura tawa is that you can reduce oil consumption because the product has non-stick German coating which is of high quality.

Futura non stick dosa pan is long-lasting because the non-stick coating is locked securely.

The heat conduction is faster in this tawa as the base of the tawa is hard coated with 4.88 mm heavy metal.

Futura tawa is designed in such a way so that it can give you the best cooking results. It has the best thickness and curvature. The flange of the tawa which is securely attached to the handle with strong steel rivets is very carefully designed so that it cannot disturb the cooking surface.

Rather, it maximizes the cooking area thereby allowing you to even make a very large dosa or cutlets or uttapam that also even at one time. The diameter of the tawa is 33 cm. This tawa is suitable for domestic purposes and electric cooktops.


  • Durable that is long-lasting material.
  • Non-stick coating for less oil consumption
  • Good for making large dosa.


  • The center of the tawa may bulge

2. Nirlon Non-Stick Aluminium Tawa Set


  • The diameter is 28cm.
  • Multicolour (2.6mm / FT12)
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Three-layer non-stick coating

The second best Non stick dosa tawa is from Nirlon’s .

The diameter of the pan is 28 cm and the product is of multicolor. The tawa has a body that is flay griddle which is helpful for even heating.

The superior quality of this tawa is that it has a three-layer non-stick coating of high quality.

It aids in less oil consumption and easy to clean. The three-layer coating is done both in the interior and the exterior surface.

The material used in the product is Aluminium.

The pan is sturdy and the handle is very strong. It has a cool touch. The design of the bottom of the pan is slightly grooved which enhances uniform and ideal heat distribution. Being a PFOA free product, it helps in safe food consumption.

It is basically a Dosa tawa, but one can make other stuff like Paratha and Chapati. The pan is friendly with gas-burner but it cannot be used in the induction cooktop.


  • The bright red color of the pan looks, high class.
  • It provides even heating.
  • The product is durable.


  • It cannot provide crispy dosa if used for chapati or paratha. 
  • The pan cannot be used on an induction cooktop.

3. Pigeon by Stovekraft Induction Base Non-Stick Flat Tawa


  • Colour: Black.
  • Aluminum material.
  • Diameter: 27 cm
  • Scientifically structured spiral bottom.
  • The base is extra thick to prevent from twisting.
  • Triple-layer non-stick coat from Greblon Germany.

The Pigeon Wondercast Tawa is another form of fabulous tawa to cook delicious Dosa in it. It is 27 cm in diameter, with aluminum material.

The pan is made up of a non-stick coat. This tawa is also triple layer coated, from Greblon Germany, which amplifies the non-stickiness on the inner surface of the tawa. 

Being the PFOA free product, the tawa delivers food which is safe in consumption.

The body of the tawa is flat and is extra thick which makes it comfortable during cooking.

The extra-thick base is provided to prevent the product from frailing and warping. The bottom of the tawa is in the spiral form which makes the heating faster. 

This is scientifically developed which makes you cook energetically. This addon features makes it best non stick tawa. You can even make another foodstuff like an omelet and the pan is metal spoon friendly, which allows you to use the steel spoon also.


  • The triple layer increases the level of non-stickiness
  • The product is PFOA free
  • It is a metal spoon friendly product.


  • The handle of the pain is too heavy.

4. Prestige Omega Die-Cast Plus Non-Stick Tawa


  • Aluminum material
  • Bottom is induction based
  • Triple-layer of the non-stick coating
  • 31 cm in diameter

This is another special quality pan or tawa for making delicious foodstuffs.

The tawa is of aluminum material with an induction facility at the bottom of the tawa. It has 31 cm of diameter with a non-stick cooking facility.

The non-stick coating is of triple-layer, which results in easy release of food and cleaning.

The tawa has a strong formation and built solidly. This pan is also long-lasting which is a durable material and it lasts for years.

If you chose this Omega Diecast Plus then it would be the best selection for your kitchenware. It has an amazing tech power to resist abrasion and scratch. This leads to years of utilization of this tawa.

The chemical PFOA is not used in this product during manufacture. As it is PFOA free, so making food in tawa is safe for consumption. Preparing dosa in this tawa is amazing, it’s crisper. If anyone is looking for best tawa for dosa in  the non stick then this is the good choice.


  • Release food easily that us cleaning makes easy.
  • Solid formation.
  • Durable material and lasts long.
  • Very good in case of making dosa. You can turn the dosa easily.


  • It is too expensive.

5. The Indus Valley Iron Dosa Tawa

The Indus Valley iron tawa for making dosa is wonderful.

This is a pre-seasoned iron tawa which means it is being made up of a coating of vegetable oil or wax which will prevent the tawa from rusting when it is put on the store shelves.

The cookware is ready to use after taking out of the box. Usually, to season the pan, the Premium Rice Bran oil is used.

You can say it as virtually non-stick. It is healthy cookware and its budget is at affordable prices.

Though it is an alternative to the non-stick frypan, it has other amazing features. Cooking food in Indus Valley Iron tawa will enrich your food with iron which is healthy for your body.

The thickness and the ideal size of the tawa are perfect to make a large round dosa, adding nutrition to it. This pan leads to easy cleaning, and it is abrasion-free. Apart from making Dosa, the tawa is also suitable for other foodstuffs like- paratha, chapati, phulka, fish fry, potatoes, and many more.


  • The tawa is naturally non-stick.
  • The pan provides even heating.
  • Tawa adds iron to your food.


  • It is non-stick cookware.
  • The center may bulge.

Buyer's Guide: How to Purchase Dosa Tawa

The product tawa or pan is very useful for those working in the home kitchen or restaurants etc. This gives fine taste of food, be it of any ingredient. The tawas or pans are used for making chapatis, parathas, phulka and sometimes even fried veggies and fish fry.  For the flat pan, Dosa is the best foodstuff to make.

It makes Dosa crispy, tastier, and yummy. You can easily turn the flap of Dosa on this type of tawa. The non-stick tawas are even great. Using non-stick tawas, you can add less oil and still can make delicious food items. Non-stick tawas are also easy to clean.

Pan or Tawas

Enumeration of tawas and pans are evolving years by years. The manufacturers are always trying to meet the demands of consumers. There is always a constant innovation of latest features and designs in each category. The demands are always changing according to the change of society.

The tawas or pans must be finely structured otherwise it may harm the people who use it. Food is a thing, consuming which humans survive. If the food is not cooked in an even manner and hygienic way, then obviously it will lead the person to many diseases. Here comes the matter of cleanliness.

So, the tawas must be made in a scientific manner so that it can release food easily while cleaning. The scientific structure also helps to make the food completely cooked.

Essentials of a Good Tawa

Following are some essential features of a Best non stick tawa:

  • A tawa or pan should be made in such a way that it allows every food item to be cooked properly.
  • A tawa which is made for only a particular foodstuff like Dosa tawa should also allow another foodstuff to be cooked.
  • If one cooks other foodstuffs like paratha, phulka or fish fry, then cooking dosa in that particular tawa should not be difficult. The person should not face difficulty like the dosa is not coming out as crispy or turning the dosa in tawa becomes difficult.
  • A tawa should be built in such a sturdy manner that it allows even cooking always.
  • The base should be spiral and scientifically made so that one can cook food firmly.The base should be spiral and scientifically made so that one can cook food firmly.
  •  A best tawa for dosa should be large and flat enough to make round and large dosa or chapati at a time.
  • A non stick tawa is best in all. Utilizing a non stick tawa will enable you to use less oil in food, and still, it comes out as delicious.
  • Cleaning or washing a tawa must always become easy. The oil from the utensil should take time to remove. The person must not feel irritated to remove it. The tawa which has this particular feature removes oil, which remains there after cooking food, in a smooth way.
  • The tawa must be durable and strong enough so that it lasts long.
  • After some days of cooking, the tawa must not bulge out in the center.

Best Pan or Tawa Brand in India

We have conducted research and found that the following are the brands who makes best tawa for making dosa in India.

  • Nirlep
  • Sumeet
  • Pigeon
  • Usha
  • Indus Valley
  • Hawkins Futura
  • Nirlon
  • Prestige
  • Vinod

What is the Basis of the List?

We have actually conducted a small test to bring you the best quality pan or tawa. Our test was limited in India. We have examined by ourselves and checked the pans or tawas, by cooking in it, cleaning it afterward.

We also stroked some of the tawas to a hard surface to check its durability and sturdiness and found out which could be the best.

We have also asked many questions to the household ladies of India or the homemakers. We also cleared our queries by going through different restaurants, small cafes, and many more. Most of them have the same experience and suggestions which are mentioned above.

Best Tawa or Pan Prices

Below 1800

  • Hawkins Futura
  • Nirali
  • Nirlon

Below 1000

  • Prestige
  • Pigeon

Below 600

  • Solimo
  • MicroChef
  • NAOE
  • Shavesai
  • Indo

Highly Recommended Tawa or Pan

We have found some good rated tawas or pans rated by the Indian food makers.  Such are:

  • Hawkins Futura rated as 5
  • Sheffield rated as 4
  • Solimo rated as 4
  • KCL Pathri rated as 3.9
  • Prestige Omega Deluxe rated as 3.5
  • Sumeet rated as 3

Best Tawa or Panto Purchase

After all the research and tests conducted by us, we have come to the conclusion that Hawkins Futura dosa tawa is the best among all the Dosa making tawas or pans. Though it is a little expensive, you, actually, will not face any difficulty by using this product.

This tawa is worth every penny. This Dosa tawa also comes in low range. This product is available in pocket-friendly budgets. This tawa does not always limit you to make good and crispier dosas, you can even make other items like bread, chapati and many more.

For this in the future, if you want to make dosa again, then the tawa will not degrade the quality of the dosa. Because of its special high-quality non-stick feature of German coating, it became one of the favorite tawa or pan for people making different foodstuffs here.

The foodstuff does not all stick in this tawa. There is no way you can ruin your dosa while making in this tawa or pan. It is also rated high, among all other tawas or pans, by the customers of India.

This tawa is best to buy and is phenomenal for making delicious Dosas. Your family would love eating Dosas of this tawa!!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which Tawa is best for dosa? 

The three most common tawas are: cast iron tawa, aluminum tawa, and non-stick tawa. Each one has its own pros and cons. 

  • Iron tawa is cheap, durable, and easy to clean. However, it is too heavy and is not compatible with an induction stove. Pre-seasoned Iron Tawa from Rock Cast is highly recommended.
  • Aluminium tawa is affordable, light in weight, and gets heated quickly but the risk of dosas getting burnt and the tawa getting scratched is high because of its lightweight. Aluminium tawa from Prestige and Wonderchef are heavy and durable. 
  • A non-stick dosa pan is easy to use. It is the best option for beginners. You can make dosas with very little or no oil on a non-stick pan. The main disadvantage is that it is more expensive than the other types. Non-stick tawa from Futura is one of the best.

2. What to do if the dosa is sticking to the pan? 

There are a few easy-to-follow tips to set right a sticky pan.

  • Take an onion. Cut into half. Rub the onion over the dosa pan and then, leave it for some time. Then heat the Tawa and start making dosas. Your dosas will not stick anymore.
  • Take some wheat flour and rub it over the pan with your fingers. Then dust the flour off with a cotton napkin. 
  • Grease the pan with little oil or ghee and spread it well over the pan with a small cloth before starting to make dosas. This will fix your sticky dosa pan.

3. What is a tawa pan used for? 

A Tawa pan is an Indian cooking utensil made from cast iron or aluminium or carbon steel. It is flat or convex in shape. Tawas is used for making dosas, chapati, omelet, fish fries, cutlets, and parathas. If a tawa has an outer edge, it can be used to stir-fry the vegetables.

4. Can we make dosa on iron tawa? 

The answer is ‘yes.’ You can make dosas on an iron tawa. Iron tawas are heavy and reduce the risk of burnt dosas. You should season the tawa when you buy a new one. This avoids the dosas from sticking to the tawa. Sprinkle a little salt on the new pan and dry roast it until the salt turns brown. Then wipe with a towel. When the tawa cools down, wash it in water and leave it to dry. Before making dosas sprinkle some water. Let the water evaporate. Then add a few drops of oil and rub evenly with a cloth. It is also better to rub a cut onion over the tawa. Now your iron tawa is ready to make crispy dosas. 

5. Why does my dosa stick to the pan? 

There can be many reasons for your dosa to stick to the pan.

  • Suppose the temperature of the pan is not perfect. The tawa should be neither too hot nor too cold. 
  • If the dosa batter has not fermented properly. 
  • If your new iron tawa is too oily. 
  • Adding too much dal will make the dosa sticky. The ratio of rice and dal is 4:1.
  • If the batter is too thick consistently.

6. How do you stop dosa sticking to iron tawa? 

Here are some tips to prevent your dosa from sticking to dosa tawa. 

  • Soak the tawa in cold water in a bucket. Leave it for a couple of hours. 
  • Take out the pan. Dry it and pour a little buttermilk and leave it for an hour.
  • Scrub well. The best thing about the iron pan is you need not worry about the coating coming off while scrubbing.
  • After it gets dried, apply oil generously and heat the tawa on flame for a few minutes. Turn it off and wipe the surface with a piece of cloth.

7.  Is cast iron good for health? 

Cast iron has been used for more than 1000 years. When you cook on cast iron, a little mineral is passed from the pan to the dish that you cook. This is good for health because iron deficiency is one of the main causes of health issues like anemia. However, you should remember that too much iron is also not good for your health. It increases the risk of health issues like Alzheimer’s, heart diseases, and hypothyroidism.

It is not good

  • For people who are at the risk of hemochromatosis
  • For people who consume red meat frequently 

It is very good for the health of others, especially little kids, vegetarians, and menstruating women.

8. Which dosa tawa is good for health? 

Iron from cast iron tawas is passed to the food. More iron is released when the tawa is new. The amount of iron passed into food decreases when the tawa becomes old, but it can be dangerous for people who are at the risk of hereditary hemochromatosis. Non-stick tawas are good if they are of good quality. Good quality tawas are free from chemicals that harm your health. You should make sure that you don’t use non-stick tawa if the coating comes off. You can make oil-free dosas with non-stick pans, which is good for your health. 

9.  What is a dosa tawa? 

A dosa Tawa is a pan used in Indian kitchens to make dosas. It can also be used to make paratha and chapati. It may or may not have a handle. It is usually round in shape, but some are rectangular too.

10. How to use non-stick dosa tawa? 

  • Don’t use stainless steel spatulas if the tawa is not compatible with steel. 
  • Don’t clean it in a dishwasher. 
  • Don’t scrub hard while washing.
  • Make sure the coating is not rubbed against hard and abrasive surfaces.
  • Don’t pile other vessels over it while storing.


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