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Top 10 Best Earphones Under 1000 in India (2020)

Edited By Piyush, Reviewed By Shashank

Looking for Best Earphones Under 1000 in India? 

Great! You have reached the right place; we are here to help you. There are a great number of brands in the market that offers you quality earphones different in size, performance and price. 

Earphones have become one of the necessary parts of our phones. Yes! They let us enjoy our time without disturbing others.

Whether you want to listen musing, like to watch movie or just want to watch web series, headphones are the best accessory that cut off you from the outer world and prevent unwanted noise.

For detailed information about earphones and which one to go for we recommend you going through our buyer's guide at the bottom of the article as it can be really beneficial for you in selecting the top 10 best earphones under 1000 With Mic in India.

Best Earphones

Since there is a huge variety of earphones available in the market, finding a good one that will help in listening to music in the best way is difficult.

These things you should keep in mind while buying the best earphones with mic in India

  • Type – There are basically three types of earphones available – in-ears, on-ears and over-ears. You can choose whichever type you like as per your comfort. People often prefer in-ear headphones as they are handy and provide great sound quality.
  • Drivers - Driver is a set of voice coil, magnet and a diaphragm which together generates the sound. People who look for best sound quality must always go for the larger drivers.
  • Sensitivity - Are you fond of hearing loud music? This is the main feature to look in any headphone. Sensitivity specifies the loudness of the headphone. Most of the earphones come with 110dB/mW which is not harmful for the ears but earphones lower than 85dB/mW must be avoided.
  • Portability – It should be lightweight with foam pads so that it can be easily carried along wherever you go.
  • Impedance - The power needed for the headphone is known as impedance. Most of the mobile phones have enough power to run your earphones but earphones which require high power may not work properly with the normal phones. Usually, 16 Ohms is considered as a good impedance for headphones.
  • Frequency – Bass produced in the earphones is due to its frequency. The lower frequency limit is the bass sound whereas upper frequency is treble. Most of the headphones or earphones support 20-20kHz which is quite satisfying for the listeners.

We Highly recommend you to read the Earphone Buying Guide at the end of this article to get in-depth knowledge about the latest earphone technologies and  tips on making an informed decision about which product to buy for your needs 🙂

Top 10 Best Earphones Under 1000 in India

Although my favorite among all is Boat BassHeads 100 but you must check all of them to make your buying decision.

 1. Boat BassHeads 100

Boat BassHeads 100


  • Frequency Range: 20Hz - 20KHz
  • Sensitivity Range: 92db ±3db
  • Compatible: All 3.5mm Jack device
  • Type: In-Ear
  • Components Included: Earphones, Extra Earbuds
  • Built-In Microphone: Yes
  • Connector Type: Wired
  • Cable Size: 1.2m

If you are seeking for a earphones which delivers clear and enhanced bass then then Boat provides best bass earphones under 1000

With its 10 mm dynamic driver it offers you a perfect sound quality whether you like loud bass or soft music.

The speaker provides resistance of 16 Ohm that enables them to deliver high demanding tracks. 

Another reason of getting best quality of bass is the frequency which ranges between 10Hz-20KHz

Calling becomes much easier with 1200mm cable length. It can be easily added with any device which supports 3.5mm jack whether its your phone or laptop. 


  • Natural Base
  • Crisp and clear sound
  • In-line microphone
  • Comfortable fit
  • Super extra bass


  • Built quality is not up to the mark

 2. Sony MDR-EX150AP

Sony MDR-EX150AP


  • Dimensions: 4 x 6 x 18 cm
  • Microphone Type: Inbuilt In-Line Mic
  • Battery: Not Required
  • Compatibility: Wide
  • Driver: 9 mm Neodymium
  • Frequency Range: 5 Hz–24,000 Hz
  • Connector Type: Wired

Those who are fond of best earphone with mic under 1000 then Sony MDR-EX150AP will win their hearts. With its detailed, balanced and power sound, you can enjoy the real quality of music.

It comes with 9mm neodymium drivers which ensure that not even a single beat is missed. Also it does not get tangled because of the long wire.

You can easily connect it with mobile, laptop and tablet. The dark blue color and shiny finish would match with your style and make you feel cool.

Listening to long hours will not be a problem with these earphones. The frequency ranges from 5Hz to 24 kHz.

Listeners will definitely love the quality of sound produced by Sony MDR-EX150AP In-Ear Headphones.


  • Clear sound with noise cancelation facility
  • Wire is too long
  • Light Weight
  • Comfortable for long listening hours
  • Built quality is good


  • Volume is low as compared with other earphone

 3. Audio-Technica ATH-CLR100BK

Audio-Technica ATH-CLR100BK


  • In-built Microphone: yes
  • Product Dimensions: 4 x 6 x 18 cm
  • Battery: Not required
  • Connector Type: Wired
  • Jack: L-style (90degree Right Angle) Jack
  • Diameter of Driver: 8.5mm
  • Frequency Range: 20 - 25,000Hz
  • Maximum Input Power: 20mW
  • Cable: 1.2m Y-type
  • Connector Type: mini-stereo

If you are looking best in ear headphones under 1000 than this is surely in your list.

People who love taking their earphone on their journey must choose Audio-Technica ATH-CLR100BK in-Ear Headphones

It provides high quality music with dynamic driver of 8.5mm and frequency between 20-25 kHz

The weight of this wonderful earphone is only 3.4g which enable user to carry anywhere he wish.

Also the impedance of 16 Ohms helps in delivering remarkable listening experience.

Audio-Technics is one of the leading manufacturers of earphones which believe in fulfilling the music quality needs in quite affordable rates. Now you don’t have to struggle in untangling as these earphones comes with smooth wire to avoid tangling. The cable is basically a Y-type cable with length of 1.2 m. 


  • Produces crystal clear sound
  • Perfect for long-wearing purpose
  • Ensures smooth-travelling audio performance
  • Canal style headphones
  • Light-in weight


  • Wire quality is not good
  • Microphone is missing

 4. JBL C200SI



  • In-built Microphone: Yes
  • Connector Type: Wired
  • Jack: 3.5mm Gold Plated
  • Button: One Button Remote Microphone
  • Finish: Metallic finish
  • Design: Angled in-ear design
  • Compatibility: Android Devices and iOS devices
  • Includes: 3 sizes of ear tips

If you are searching a best jbl earphones under 1000, than this product definitely in your list 

JBL brand is well-known for supplying powerful dynamic driver of 9mm to ensure good sound.

The frequency range of JBL C200SI in-Ear Headphones with Mic ranged between 20- 20 KHz

It has the impendence value of 16 Ohms reduces the outside noise and provides clean and clear sound to the user. 

These earphones offers an impedance value of 16 Ohms and easily compatible with 3.5mm jack devices.

JBL has focused in designing it as per user long hours need that mean you can wear them for hours without any type of discomfort.It easily connects with both android and iOS devices.


  • Amazing sound quality
  • Good quality wire
  • Noise Cancelling Microphone
  • Quick Launch Access to Siri or Google Assistant
  • Lightweight design
  • Built quality is good


  • Wired

 5. MI Earphones Basic with Mic

MI Earphones Basic with Mic


  • Microphone Form Feature: In-Line
  • Headphones Form Feature: In-Ear
  • Earbuds: Silicone Earbuds
  • Connector type: wired
  • Material Used: Aluminum alloy sound Chamber
  • Driver Size: 10mm
  • Components Included: Earphones and Earbud Tips
  • Miscellaneous: HD clear sound

If you are looking a best earphones with mic under 1000 with repudiated brand, than this product definitely in your list 

MI is basically known for producing smart phone and these days it’s coming up with best in ear headphones in India

The microphone provided by the brand facilitates in calling and resists the maximum of the sound coming from the surrounding.

The L Shape Connector can be easily fitted to the laptop or computer. Once you buy it, then you come know how comfortable it is. 

With 101 dB sensitivity and frequency range between 20-40 kHz leaves a remarkable impact on the users. It consists of one of the best 10mm dynamic drivers to stand ahead of ordinary earphones. MI provides best earphones in India


  • Tangle-free cable
  • Microphone comes with play/pause button
  • Ultra-deep bass
  • Top-quality earbuds
  • High-quality sound


  • Fiddly remote

 6. Blaupunkt EM10

Blaupunkt EM10


  • Mic: In-Line Mic
  • Remote: Multifunction In-Line Remote Control
  • Jack: 3.5mm L Jack
  • Connector Type: Wired
  • Material Used: ABS
  • Fitting: 45 degree angled earphone
  • Cable: 24 Strand Pure Copper
  • Compatibility: Wide compatibility

Blaupunkt is a trusted German brand established in the year 1924. With these years of experience it has given what exactly is needed by the listeners.

The cable of Blaupunkt EM10 Wired Earphone is constructed from 24 Strand pure copper in order to supply maximum power and clarity to the user. 

It has frequency between 20-20kHz and sensitivity of 102 dB. Another important feature which attracts people is its sound isolation. 

Yes, it can block upto 90 percent ambient noise to bring clear sound to the listener.  

Its dynamic 10mm driver helps people to enjoy both loud and soft music without affecting their ears.


  • Noise cancellation
  • Perfect fit
  • L-shape connector
  • Clear sound
  • Deep base
  • Multifunctional remote
  • In-line mic


  • Poor wearability

 7. 1MORE Piston Fit

1MORE Piston Fit


  • Microphone Form Feature: Built-In
  • Headphones Type Feature: In-Ear
  • Connector Type: Wired
  • Batteries Required: No
  • Connector type: Wired
  • Amplifier: Hybrid
  • Mic: Inbuilt mic

One more piston fit earphone can definitely match full your need. With a best combination of bass and fullness it provides gives you a perfect listening experience.

One more piston fit Earphone comes with mic which facilitates calling and design is highly comfortable. 

The frequency rages from 20-20,000 Hz and it’s also compatible with both android and iOS devices.

Because of the in-built hybrid amplifier and dynamic driver, 

Sound is played with high volume by maintaining the softness. The space grey color makes it trendier and matches well with the outfits. People can enjoy listening these earphones with the smartphones, PC tables, etc. as its compatible to most of the music devices.


  • Great sound quality for the price
  • Good build quality
  • Noise cancellation
  • Detailed satisfying bass


  • No in-line volume control

 8. Brainwavz Omega

Brainwavz Omega


  • Headphones Type Feature: In-Ear
  • Connector Type: Wired
  • Connector: 3.5mm
  • Frequency Range: 20 Hz ~ 20 kHz
  • Sensitivity: 98 dB at 1 mW
  • Cable: 1.2 m Y-Cord, Copper
  • Cable Material: Hard Rubber
  • Dynamic Driver: Dynamic, 6 mm
  • Rated Impedance: 16 Ω

Acoustically engineered earbuds with noise cancellation facility will offer you a great quality of sound.

The slim design of the earphone makes it easy to carry and high definition audio quality.

It comes with 6 mm dynamic driver with Impedance of 16 Ohm to facilitate calling and music both. 

The frequency ranges from 20 Hz ~ 20 kHz and also supports TRRS connector.

Braimwavz Omega provide best earphones in India under 1000. If you are concerned about its wire quality then you can relax as it’s made from a highly durable material.

The slim design of the earphones offer easy carrying especially when you are travelling and wish to enjoy music.


  • Metal body
  • Crisp clean sound
  • High-Fidelity audio
  • Slim Design
  • Noise cancellation


  • Sound Quality is not good
  • Wire gets tangled

 9. Philips Bass+ SHE4305

Philips Bass+ SHE4305


  • Dimensions: 8 x 2.8 x 3 cm
  • Compatibility: Various Devices
  • Remote: One button volume control
  • Connector Type: Wired
  • Frequency Range: 20Hz-20kHz
  • Driver Diameter: 12.2mm Drivers

If you are searching a best earphones with mic under 1000 with high base. than your search is end here.

Philips Bass+ SHE4305 Headphones comes with powerful 12.2 mm speaker drive to offer good sound. 

User can use the remote control for better calling and music experience. It comes with 12.2 mm speaker drivers with a frequency range from 9-23000 hz

Also helps in canceling outside noise and let you enjoy the detailed music.

Highly stable in-ear fit earphones offer continuous listening without dropping of the buds. The microphone provided in the earphone is highly durable and does not make disturbance or catch any outside noise.

Those who wish to play music and attend calls through earphones can choose Philips Bass+ SHE4305 Headphones in red color.


  • Tangle-free wire
  • Amazing sound quality
  • Noise cancellation
  • Superb noise protection


  • Sound cracks at high volume
  • Different noises at high bass

 10. Sennheiser CX 180

Sennheiser CX 180


  • Connector Type: Wired
  • Maximum Frequency Response: 20000 Hz
  • Impedance: 16 ohm
  • Batteries Required: No
  • Connector Size: Device with 3.5 mm jack
  • Warranty: Hardware Warranty for 2 year
  • Sensitivity: 110 dB/mW

Sennheiser cx 180 with mic is a powerful and best bass earphones in India stereo sound earphone. 

Users can enjoy music in mp3, iPod, iPhone and portable gaming systems.  The frequency ranges from 40-18000 Hz with impendence of 16 ohms

Its design is highly comfortable for ears and people can wear them for hours. Sennheiser CX 180 has 10mm driver size and also resists outside noise. 

You will get a good value for money. Sennheiser is also a renowned brand when it comes to talk about sound quality, One of the best earphone under 1000.

Also, it’s one of the best earphones to hear loud music and high bass songs. Movie lovers can also go with these headphones as it has good bass quality. 


  • Bass driven sound
  • Nice design and comfort
  • Amazing Stereo Sound
  • Button easy adjustment of sound


  • Does not come with a case
  • No inline remote

Buyer's Guide: How to Purchase Earphones in India

Types Of Earphones 

The very first thing you want to know while choosing one as your next buy is that there are two distinct varieties this modern auditory marvel may come in. You should let your best budget earphones India in addition to your needs to guide you through this. The three main earphone varieties are as follows:

In-Ear Earphones

Best in ear headphones with mic Popularly referred to as earbuds this is the most commonplace earphone type that you are likely to come across in the market at the moment. This earphone category can again be subdivided into two types which are:

  • The ones that fit into the ear canal insides
  • The variety that simply takes their place in the peripherals of your ear cavity
  • Earphones with mic and volume control in India

Though best wired earphones are definitely widely popular, however, both the varieties have their own minuses. In the case of the first sub-category these often result in far too much pressure when they are sized too big for your ear.

The second type admittedly typically less painful but nevertheless can potentially result in a significant discomfiture if the size is not proper.

If you long to be engaged with your music to the fullest then you would be better off by choosing a well-fitting headphone of the first category as they serve to block outside noises better.

Wireless Earphones

Though admittedly wireless earphone technology is still undergoing change to approach auditory maturity, but the freedom to be really on the move while listening to some great music sans all the tangles of wires. 

Then this earphone variety is the one you are looking for. They typically are costlier than their wired counterparts but the freedom of movement they provide more than makes up for the extra cash you shell out for a pair of these.


This is a popular earphone and it is easy to use it. The cost of the earbud earphone is very less so most people prefer to buy it. The ear bud is placed in the external part of the ear canal. It does not encircle the ears.

The sound in this type of earphone is not very clear. There is a chance that the earphone will fall from the ears if you move your body. Thus, it is not meant for use by people who are active or move a lot.

However, the advantage of the earphone is that it blocks the external sound and noise very well. The earphone can have a silicone tip that users can remove easily. It is very comfortable to wear and use earphones.

The silicone tips of this earphone can be replaced easily if you lose it somewhere as you can buy another one from the market or online stores. The pros of the earphone are that it is portable and it is suitable for users who wear spectacles.

It isolates the external noise quite well. However, the cons of the earphone are that it does not have high sound quality. Users can feel discomfort when wearing the earphone and it can fall from the ears.

Bluetooth Headset

Bluetooth headsets is one of the best earphones for using mobile phones, VoIP phones and landlines. The adapter is not needed for using the earphone across multiple devices. The earphone is Bluetooth enabled.

You cannot use the earphone with an iPod. If you want to listen to music while working with multiple devices, this earphone is meant for you only. Since it is a wireless earphone, users don’t have to plug in the earphones .

The earphone may not work well with all devices. Its size is very small and there is a chance of losing them. You can use the earphone only with Bluetooth enabled devices.

Canal phones

This earphone is designed to be worn in the ear. The ear tip of the earphone is placed inside your ear canal. The size of the tip is universal. It isolates and blocks the external sound and noise better than earbuds.

How the earphone fits in the ear depends on whether you insert it in the ear canal deeply or in a shallow way. Professionals like artists and audio engineers like to use this earphone.

Earphone Purposes

The type of earphones or headphones with microphone you use does have an impact on the listening experience you get when hearing audio with the earphones. You can really enjoy the music if the sound quality of the earphone is good. The performance of an earphone is dependent on its quality and specifications.

You get a soothing feeling when the earphone has a superior performance and delivers a high-quality listening experience. Thus, if you are in the office, public places, or a crowded area, you need a high quality earphones with the noise-blocking ability so that outside noises don’t disturb you.

Always choose the earphones very carefully which ensures you the best audio quality and experience.

How To Buy Good Earphones Under 1000

The earphones are available in the market in many types, designs, styles, and sound quality. When you visit the market or online shopping sites to buy earphones, you can become confused about choosing the right model of earphones for yourself that provides the best audio quality.

We are explaining the best way to choose and buy an earphone so that you enjoy listening to music. Our tips will help you in getting a good deal on the money you spend on buying an earphone.

Thus, keep our advice and tips in mind while you are buying an earphone so that you make a wise and intelligent buying decision. Following are some tips for choosing the best earphone.

How to by best earphones below 1000, Check the list

Check If The Earphone Is Open Air, Or Closed

The earphone is not suitable for people who record music in a studio. However, the earphone doesn’t cause tiredness and fatigue and it is good for general listening. The closed earphones have the best sound isolation property. It seals the ear fully.

Since its back is fully closed, the sound doesn’t leak in this earphone. This is the best earphone to use in a loud area. It is suitable for people who record music. The earphone has excellent bass and it is good for prolonged listening. There is no fatigue when you use this earphone. 

Check The Specifications Of The Earphone

Buy the earphone only after checking its specifications and becoming satisfied with the features that you want. Listen to the earphone and check its sound quality. Check the price of the earphones and choose the one that is within your budget.

The price of the earphone is determined by its quality and performance. Users who prefer to have bass in the earphone should check the driver size. If you want a studio headphone, check the frequency range of the earphone.

Also, check its sensitivity. Read the reviews an opinion about the earphone given the other users and customers.

Check If The Headphone Is An Earphone Or Earbud

Earphones are worn in the ear. Its sound quality may not be very good. The earphone is not very comfortable to wear. Choose the earphones if you want to use it with a portable MP3 player. Buy the ear buds if you want an earphone that helps in monitoring live performances.

Check If The Earphone Has A Sweetened Or Flat Frequency Response

Each earphone has an EQing that determines the sound quality of the music. This is termed as the sweetening of the earphone. Check the sweetening factor of the earphone that you buy.

Check the bass frequency of various earphones and buy an earphone that has good bass.

Check If The Earphone Is Portable

Choose lightweight earphones that are portable and easy to carry. The portable earphones usually have foam pads. The weight of the earphones is low so it is good for active users who move a lot.

Check If The Earphone Cancels The Background Sound Or Noise Or No

It is always good to buy an earphone that blocks the external sound. This is useful when you are in crowded or public places like an airplane or train.

Check If The Earphone Is Wired Or Wireless

While most earphones are wired, you might want to have an earphone that doesn’t have any cable or wire in it. The wireless earphones are enabled with infrared, Bluetooth and RF technology that doesn’t need cables and wires. 

Check If The Earphone Fits Well And Is Comfortable To Wear

Check the fit of the earphones you intend to buy by wearing it for a minimum of 20 minutes. Buy earphones if it is comfortable to wear.  If you are buying a closed back earphone, ensure that it has large ear cups. Buy small sized earphones that rest on the ear.

How Do We Recommend The Best Earphones For You?

We have provided you a list of the best earphones available in the market with a detailed analysis of the specifications and features of each earphone in our list. We have recommended the best earphones for you after checking the features of the earphones and analyzing whether if it gives you a good listening experience or not.

We have tested and analyzed these earphones based on various aspects like its design, bass, sound quality, noise cancellation, portability, fit, and comfort while wearing the earphone and some other features.

Choosing and buying the best and high-quality earphones does make a difference in the way you listen to the audio. It makes you enjoy music and have a great time.

We hope that you will keep our list of Top Earphones Under 1000 and the buyers guide in mind when you go to buy the earphones from the market. Hope you have a good experience with the earphone you choose and enjoy listening to music.

Here is a List of the Top 10 Best Earphones Under 1,000 in India


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