Editorial Policy

Our mission is to make our readers' lives easier. Through the articles we publish, we equip readers with the necessary knowledge to make informed financial decisions by themselves, no matter if their expertise lies in investment theory or various other aspects. In order to help you reach your own conclusions as efficiently as possible, we collaborate with researchers and experts. We have found that not only is this part of our job but it is also a lot of fun!

Our Principles

Empowering: Finance can be extremely frustrating, fortunately, we provide you with the information you need to come up with your own purchase decision. Everyone's financial situation is different so we make sure that our articles cater to all levels and we have detailed information. Let us help get your finances sorted out - today!

Unbiased: We provide fair and balanced journalism - from breaking news to in-depth analysis. Our articles are meticulously researched and are not governed or influenced by any economic factors.

Accurate: Having accurate financial information is essential for us. We seek out and work with the most qualified people across every topic we cover. It's very important to us that our readers can trust in everything they read on our site. For this reason, if any of our articles have come up as inaccurate or misrepresented, we will investigate and correct them promptly.

Inclusive: We work to ensure that our content honors—and relies on the strength, values, and voices of—individuals from around the globe who are of different ages, races, religions, gender identities, sexual orientations, ethnicities, relationship statuses, physical and mental abilities, or family types.

Editorial Process 

Our team of editors and network of experts writers produce all articles for our website Besttechindia. We do not offer advice or give recommendations relating to individual companies. We write new, unique articles that can help you understand and make better choices. We do this by telling you about the topics and areas we specialize in, which are related to your needs - whether that's bringing clarity to some complex concept or making clear how it interacts with something else.

Quality Standards 

Each article that you read about on Besttechindia has several people working behind it, contributing to it in order to make sure it is accurate, helpful, understandable, and of course original.


When errors are discovered, our team works hard to correct and resolve any issues to ensure that content remains truthful. In case of incorrect information, a correction note will be added. If the news is factually correct, but the language was not as clear or detailed as required, it can be updated for this reason without an editor's note being added. It is important to report possible problems to contact@besttechindia.in


Besttechindia writers are carefully chosen. Vetting and recruitment begin with a resume submission, followed by a full application that has to be reviewed and approved in order for the applicant to become a writer. Each writer is hand-selected because of their experience and expertise pertaining to specific aspects related to their industry.

Third-Party Content 

Content from third-parties is rigorously tested by the Besttechindia editorial team to ensure our standards are being upheld. Any such content is clearly stated and contains a link to its source for easy verification.

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  • We examine the pros, cons, features, usability and other important benchmarks of the product, rank them accordingly and then only those products which cross all these hurdles get a place in our list.

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