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Top 7 Best Egg Boilers in India (2020)

Edited By Garima, Reviewed By Anupama

Looking for the absolute best egg boilers in India?

Then look no further, we have made this job simple and have the perfect answer for you.

We spent 16+ hours in research (comparison & analysis, user reviews, testing, expert interviews and more) for this list of best egg boiler in India. 

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Best Egg Boilers in India

We Highly recommend you to read the Egg Boilers Buying Guide at the end of this article to get in-depth knowledge about latest egg boiler products and tips on making an informed decision about which product to buy for your needs 🙂

Let's explore the list and have a look at the features along with the pros and cons of the Top 7 Best Egg Boilers in India.

Top 7 Best Egg Boilers in India

Although my favorite among all is Russell Hobbs Reg300 but you must check all of them to make your buying decision.

 1. Russell Hobbs Reg300

Russell Hobbs Reg300


  • Dry boil protection
  • Stops automatically once the eggs are boiled.
  • Automatic switch off option.

With an average star rating of 4.5 out 5, the Russell Hobbs Reg300 simply steals the show. It is one of the Best egg boilers in India.

The fully automatic operation of the boiler is probably the main reason behind its immense popularity.

The dry boil dry protection system of this product is yet another feature which makes it a steal deal in almost every aspect.

Speaking of the ease of use, the Russell Hobbs Reg300 is probably one of the best products available in the Indian market. 

The most attractive feature of this product is that puncturing of the eggs is not required. You just need to put the eggs in the device and switch it on.

With a high-quality fibre body and the top-notch stainless-steel plate, the only mandate is a periodic cleaning.

Keeping this in mind, the engineers have made dismantling the machine an extremely easy affair. With a market price of around 1900 I.N.R, the Russell Hobbs Reg300 is definitely one of the best value for money deals.


  • Consumes just 300 Watt
  • Easy to Handle
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Puncturing of eggs not required


  • High pricing
  • Lack of extensive distribution network and service centre

 2. Kent EBR 16020

Kent EBR 16020


  • Allows the user to boil eggs in 3 different modes - hard, medium and soft
  • Easy to operate, all you need to do is put the eggs in the appliance, add appropriate quantity of water and select the desired mode
  • Comes with a one-touch operation which makes it easy to operate the appliance
  • The machine will turn off automatically when the eggs are boiled
    Loaded with one-touch operation keys and an attractive control panel

With an average star rating of 4 out of 5, the Kent EBR 16020 is probably one of the most popular egg boilers in the Indian market.

The best-in-class technologies and high-quality equipment incorporated in this product make it an absolute stunner.

The best thing is that it allows the user to boil eggs in three different modes, i.e. hard, medium, and soft. 

Keeping in mind the need of senior citizens and office goers, the company has made the operation extremely simple and lucid. 

You are just required to put the eggs in the appliance and add an adequate quantity of water depending on the cook of the egg. With automatic switch off option, the Kent EBR 16020 never fails to amaze.

According to experts, this product is one of the most advanced products available in the Indian market. The stainless-steel body and high thermal capacity heating plate included in it helps to boil up to 4 eggs in just 2-3 minutes.


  • Consumes just 360 Watt Power
  • Boils 7 eggs at a time and no puncturing is required
  • Superb build quality
  • Energy efficient


  • Price is on the higher side
  • Inefficient heat management system
  • Eggs sometimes crack during boiling

 3. Inalsa Oggi

Inalsa Oggi


  • Removable egg tray for easy cleaning and stainless steel lid
  • Water measuring cup with egg piercer
  • Cooks up to 7 eggs at one time
  • On/off switch with indicator light

With an average star rating of 4.5 out 5, the Inalsa Oggi is simply exemplary engineering. A perfect blend of high-quality materials and modern technologies, this product from Inalsa never fails to attract the buyers who are looking for a top-notch product within 1300 I.N.R.

With an average power consumption of just 360 Watt, the Inalsa Oggi makes sure not to put too much strain on the buyer’s pocket. The power-packed combination of a stainless-steel plate and high-quality fiber body gives this product a premium look. 

The removable egg tray and easy to remove steel lid are some extraordinary features of this product which makes it a go-grab deal in every aspect.

Additionally, the package comes loaded with a measuring cup and an egg piercer. With a capacity to boil seven eggs at a time in just 5-6 minutes, it never fails to meet the requirements of the user even during emergency situations. The on/off switch with indicator light is yet another feature of this product that helps it to surpass all the other products in its segment.


  • Low Power Consumption (360 Watt)
  • Value for money
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty on the product
  • Extensive distribution and service network
  • Ease of use
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Top-notch components and wonderful build quality


  • Eggs are required to be punctured
  • Small in size
  • Price slightly on the higher side

 4. Skyline Vtl -6161

Skyline Vtl -6161


  • Good Quality
  • Egg Boiler Boil 7 Eggs At A Time
  • Easy To Handle & Clean
  • Stops functioning after eggs are boiled

The Skyline Egg Boiler Vtl -6161 is simply a classic example of top-notch engineering with a modern outlook.

The heating plate used is one of the main reasons behind its popularity. The conductivity is so linear and uniform that the eggs get boiled exactly as the user wants.

The Skyline Vtl – 6161 is definitely one of the best products available in this price range, i.e. below 1000 I.N.R.

You are just required to pour water on the steel plate that is already attached with the heater.

After that, puncture the eggs with the needle and place the eggs (maximum 7 eggs at a time) on the top of the holding plate.

Now, pour water on it using the measuring cup and close the lid. Turn the switch on and the buzzer gets turned on after the eggs are boiled completely.

Priced around 900 I.N.R, the Skyline Egg Boiler Vtl -6161 surpasses all its competitors as far as quality and durability are concerned.

This is further guaranteed by the 1-year manufacturer’s warranty that comes along with the product.  Below is the video of electric egg poacher reviews.


  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Automatic Power off function, and the buzzer remains ON without making any sound while boiling.
  • Low price range
  • Value for Money
  • Low power consumption of 350 Watts only
  • Made up of high-quality plastic and top-grade steel


  • Takes around 10 minutes to boil the eggs, which is around 2-3 minutes extra when compared with the other products of this segment
  • Eggs sometimes get cracked, especially if it is hard-boiled

 5. Inovera Multi-functional Egg Boiler

Inovera Multi-functional Egg Boiler


  • Stylish appearance, contraption, saves time, safe, and convenient
  • Uniform heating due to the high thermal efficiency
  • Made up of Nonstick material

With an average star rating of 4.5 out 5, the Inovera multi-functional egg boiler is definitely one of the most attractive products in the budget segment. Priced just around 600 I.N.R, this product from Inovera is an absolute stunner.

The high thermal efficiency due to a premium quality stainless steel plate in the product enables it to boil to the eggs as per the exact requirements of the user. However, the most highlighted feature of this product is the inclusion of an electric frying pan for cooking. 

The addition of a non-stick material all over its surface further makes it an exciting product.  There is no chance for the eggs or any other kind of food to get stuck against the pan’s surface.

The clear lid provided with an egg cooking attachment is just the perfect combination for the product to surpass most of the competitors in its segment. The most exciting part is that it can boil as many as 7 eggs at a time without any hassle.


  • Consumes just 350 Watt power
  • Allows you to cook up to 7 eggs at a time
  • Uniform Heating Plate with good thermal efficiency


  • Small in size
  • Can boil just 3-4 eggs at a time if the eggs are bit large in size

 6. Velveeta Electric Egg Cooker

Velveeta Electric Egg Cooker


  • Can easily cook 1-7 eggs at a time
  • Gets switched off automatically when the water dries up
  • Transparent lid allow the user to see the condition of the food easily
  • The measuring cup with scale helps the user to cook the eggs to the desired hardness

With an average star rating of four out 5, the Velveeta electric egg cooker is definitely a great choice if you are looking for a quality product below 500 I.N.R. The premium-grade plastic and steel used in this product makes it at an absolute leader in almost each and every front.

The presence of a high thermal capacity steel in this wonderfully crafted product is one the main reasons behind its rising popularity. Now speaking of the ease of operation, the Velveeta Egg Cooker is definitely one of the best products in its segment.

Just place the eggs on the steel plate and add 3-4 cups of water (depending on the number of eggs). Next, puncture small holes on the surface of the eggs using the tip of the measuring cup and setup the required boiling mode. 

The best thing about this machine is that it automatically shuts down when the water level falls below a certain level, indeed a revolutionary feature in this price segment. In addition, the transparent lid that is provided would allow you to see the condition of the eggs very easily.

Dismantling this product and cleaning it is never an issue with this product. It is one of the best electric egg poachers in India.


  • Consumes just 360 Watt of electricity
  • Extremely pocket-friendly
  • Durable and easy to wash


  • No indication of soft or hard eggs or number of eggs
  • Eggs are required to be punctured
  • The plastic lid is of poor quality

 7. HSR Egg-Electric Boiler

HSR Egg-Electric Boiler


  • Boils 7 eggs at once
  • Indicates when completely boiled
  • Transparent lid that gives a clear view of the eggs while boiling

With an average star rating of 4.5 out of 5, the HSR electric egg boiler is the best product you can bet on if you are extremely tight on budget.

Made up of top-notch plastic and super quality steel, this product from HSR can easily satisfy all the needs of the buyer.

The high heat capacity conduction plate is definitely one of the main reasons behind widespread positive reviews and excellent star rating.

The quality of the product ensures that it takes only seven minutes to boil seven eggs, which is an astonishing rate of one egg per minute.

This, in turn, means that it costs less than 10 Paisa for boiling seven eggs. Keeping in mind the need of egg boiler even to the elderly, the mode of operation has been made extremely easy.

You are just required to pour 20 - 25 ml of water (depending on the number of eggs) on the steel plate.

The next step just involves placing the eggs on that plate and turning the switch on. Everything else is well taken care of by the advanced technologies and brilliant engineering works that have been punched into it during its creation.

The unbreakable crystal-clear lid is yet another significant feature of this product which helps it to grab the attention of many potential buyers. Looks aside, this lid is highly useful for the users since it gives a clear view of what’s happening inside.


  • Consumes just 350 Watt of Power
  • Made up of excellent quality and plastic


  • Inefficient heat management
  • Puncturing of the eggs are required

Buyer's Guide: How to Purchase Egg Broilers

What are Egg Boilers?

Gone are those days when the task of boiling an egg used to daunt people every morning. With the advent of highly sophisticated egg boilers, boiling eggs have become extremely easy and safe.

As the name suggests, ‘egg boilers’ are electrical devices that are primarily used for boiling eggs. Made up of heating coils, stainless steel and plastic - these modern devices are indeed a boon of advanced science and technology.

The non-stick coating on the surface of the boiler makes sure that the eggs don’t stick to its plate while boiling, thus giving you perfectly boiled eggs whenever you switch it on.

According to users, this particular machine is simply a messiah when it comes to an emergency. College and office goers particularly find it useful. They can easily have a wholesome breakfast, lunch, or dinner by having perfectly boiled eggs with utmost ease.

How Does It Work?

The working principle of an egg boiler is quite simple. The principle of thermodynamics is the main driving force behind the working of an egg boiler. Electrical energy is entirely converted into heat energy for the purpose of boiling the eggs.

The procedure of operating one is also quite lucid. Firstly, the eggs should be punctured (so that they don’t crack when being boiled). But, there are certain models where puncturing of the eggs is not required.

Either way, the punctured or non-punctured eggs should be placed on the steel plate of the device. The second step involves the addition of water (entirely depends on the number of eggs that you want to boil and its type) in the device.

The third step involves connecting the plug to a socket and pressing the switch. You should then wait for a period of 5-6 minutes. Once the wait is over, you would notice that the device will start buzzing soon after the water evaporates.

However, one thing that you should keep in mind is that the lesser the quantity of water poured the shorter will be the evaporation time. And a shorter evaporation time obviously means softer eggs.

Similarly, the longer the evaporation time the harder will be the eggs. Typically, it takes around 7 – 10 minutes to boil 3 -4 eggs. All you need to decide is the type of eggs that you want to have.

Best Egg Boiler Brands in India

  • Kent
  • Russell Hobbs
  • Inalsa
  • Inovera
  • Skyline

Best Egg Boiler in India Under 2000 I.N.R

The 300-Watt Fully Automatic Egg Cooker from Russell Hobbs is definitely the safest choice. Priced just Rs 1920, this well-crafted product exceeds all the expectations of the buyer.

On the economic point of view, this product surpasses all its competitors. With an average current consumption of just 300 watts, this beauty from Russell Hobbs never digs a hole in the pocket of the buyers.

The wonderful engineering and ultra-modern technologies have made this product one of the best egg boilers in the world. The best thing about this product is that it boils the egg consistently to the desired hardness every time.

Another exciting feature is that constant observation is not at all required. The device automatically shuts off after the eggs are boiled to the desired extent. Also, there is no need for the user to puncture the eggs.

You are just required to pour the eggs and water into the container. The eggs would then be boiled as per the quantity of the water added. Some of its significant advantages are as follows

  • Fully Automatic Operation With Dry Boil Dry Protection.
  • Includes Measuring Cup And 2 Poaching Trays.
  • Requires just 40 ml Water for Soft Boiled Eggs.
  • Intakes just 50 ml Water for Hard Boiled Eggs.
  • Stops Automatically Once Eggs are Boiled.

Factors to Consider When Buying

The most important thing that you should consider while buying one of the best egg boilers in India, is its wattage. The lesser the wattage, the lower will be the electricity consumption. And a lower electricity consumption would obviously mean lower maintenance cost.

The next thing that you should check is the type of material used in the body and heating plate. If you see that the plate is made up of stainless steel, then you can feel totally confident about the quality of the product.

In addition, you must also check the material and quality of the heating plate. Overheating protection is a must-have feature in the modern egg boilers. So, you must do well to check whether your device is having an automatic power off option and an overheating protection.

Getting a thorough insight into the quality of plastic used in the body is of immense importance. If you are not sure about the build quality of the product, then you should definitely not invest your money in it.

Before buying, you must know whether the product can withstand the heating effect of the boiler or not. If you are not quite sure, then it is advisable to go for any other product which you think is satisfying your criteria.

The next big thing that you should notice while buying an egg boiler is the warranty that the company is providing. You must do well to check the warranty papers thoroughly before paying the money. The company should provide at least one year warranty on the product.

If by any chance they are not providing, then never buy such product. Last but not the least, you must have a clear idea about the dealership and service network of the company.

If they do not have a pan India network, then it is advisable not to opt for such a product since you will not be able to avail the warranty easily even if they are providing a yearlong warranty or more than that. Therefore, you should do well to judge all these parameters before investing your hard earned money on any particular egg boiler.

Here is the List of Top 7 Best Egg Boilers in India

My Thoughts & Recommendation

Go for the Russell Hobbs 300-Watt Fully automatic egg cooker if you are not having any sort of budget constraint. With a price tag of just Rs 1920 (, this is definitely a steal deal.

Featuring a fully automatic operation along with dry boil and dry protection, this product meets all the expectations of the buyer in almost each and every front.

Two different modes have been given in this wonderfully crafted machine so that the user always get to relish their boiled eggs. An automatic switch off option is yet another reason behind the popularity of this product.

If you are a little short on budget, and if you are still looking for a product from a reputed company, then Kent EBR 16020 360-Watt Egg Boiler can definitely be a great purchase.

This top-notch product from Kent allows the user to boil the eggs in three different modes, i.e. hard, medium, and soft. The one-touch option is yet another feature of this product which makes it worth the money you are putting on.

The Inalsa Oggi 360-Watt is yet another fascinating the best egg steamer and you can definitely invest in it if your budget is below I.N.R 1000. With best-in-class features such as low power consumption and on-off switch indicator, this can definitely be a great buy.

The Skyline Vtl-6161 is yet another product which you can choose to buy if your budget is around 800 – 900 I.N.R. The top quality plastics and stainless steel plate are the major USPs of this product.

With a boiling capacity of 7 eggs at a time, this product is extremely durable and reliable. The best thing is that it is extremely easy to handle and cleaning is always hassle-free. Hence, buying this product can definitely be a wise decision.

The Inovera multi-functional egg boiler can definitely be a great choice if you are looking for something exciting below 700 I.N.R. This stylish product comes with advanced time-saving feature and is extremely easy to use.

The high-quality steel plate provided conducts the heat all over the contents. There are no complaints of body heating till date. In addition, the plate is entirely coated with non-stick materials so that eggs retain their shape and size even after boiling.

The Velveeta Electric Egg Cooker is simply a great option if you are extremely tight on budget. The quick-boil feature in this model is definitely one of the main reasons behind its uniqueness. It can easily cook 1 – 7 eggs at a time real quick.

The automatic power off feature of this wonderful creation can simply mesmerize the buyers. Durability and easy cleaning are some additional benefits that you would be able to enjoy should you choose to buy this product.

With a market price of just 430 I.N.R this product is definitely a value for the money deal. The HSR Egg-Electric Boiler is yet another exciting option if you are tight on budget. The top-notch plastic and steel plates used in the product makes it an absolute stunner.

The build quality is also quite impressive. You can easily alter the rate of boiling by varying the quantity of water and can easily choose between soft boil and hard-boiled eggs. The cut-hole design of frame ensures uniform distribution of heat and prevents the eggs from getting cracked while boiling.

The most highlighted feature of this product is that it can easily boil up to seven eggs in just seven minutes. The cost of maintenance is quite less and is very energy efficient. Thus to conclude, this product can definitely be a great deal if you are looking for a compact and reliable product within I.N.R 500.


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