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Besttechindia is all about the new trends and update about the technology and getting the user updated about the current marketplace for the technology-based products. Our revenue generation occur through two main sources namely transactions and advertising(affiliate) but whatsoever the content we cover are nonetheless influenced by our advertisers, transaction partners and investors.

Our product ratings and reviews are not at all influenced by any of the aforementioned entities. In other words, any of our associated editorial team won’t post any influenced content just because the company has any association as tie-up. In the same fashion, we do not endorse any product just because it has been listed by our editorial team. Unless the content has been explicitly labelled as “sponsored”, it won’t be sent to any of our partners for approval, or to see otherwise, before publishing.

If there is any potential conflict of interest, we will carry all such disclosures whether or not, they are related to the review of products that are exclusively sold on the Besttechindia and other stories that may influence buying behaviour. We may cover other products that are available via a seller on the Besttechindia marketplace, but all our editorial coverage is independent of this fact

It is possible that our stories may publish affiliate links for products/ apps where an affiliate fee is paid to Besttechindia, if you complete a purchase via those links but the decision to feature any product while listing remain uninfluenced by these partnerships. Our editorial team’s coverage is free of any kind of bias of favour even in the case when any rival e-commerce companies has also been listed.

We have a strong guideline which restricts the employees from any unethical behavior which may include taking the gifts or review units for personal use, accepting money or any other kind of the compensation from any of the companies we cover or the companies we cover in any kind of advisory positions. Also, we prohibit any involvement of our editorial staff in any  activities related to the transactions business/ ad sales or business development.

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  • We examine the pros, cons, features, usability and other important benchmarks of the product, rank them accordingly and then only those products which cross all these hurdles get a place in our list.

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