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For centuries the entire education system was following the conventional way of teaching, where teachers used to teach students based on textbooks and notes.

This method of teaching was not well accepted by the masses because many students found it difficult to gain knowledge from the same old boring textbooks. Therefore, this method of teaching has raised many questions and raised eyebrows in terms of the end result.

Although many students were well acquitted to the conventional set up of teachings, there was a handsome number of students who always found it difficult to learn from the conventional mode of teaching.

With the advancement of technology, there was a paradigm shift in the way teachers are teaching and the way students are gaining knowledge.


Technology bought a new wave of teaching methods and these methods are paving new ways in which modern schools and universities will be functioning.

In short, there is a certainty that human intelligence will be replaced by technology and many educators fear that in the future there will be no students to teach as most tasks will be replaced with technological advancements. 

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Technology is an essential part of 21st-century education. The numbers suggest that it is a flourishing market which will keep growing in the future as well.

In this section we will explore:

  • Forecast of impact of technology in the global education market 
How Global Education Market Will Be Impacted By Technology
Forecast of impact of technology in global education market

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How Global Education Market Will Be Impacted By Technology

As we all know, the education market is huge and the current worth of the education industry stands at $6 trillion.

From a recent forecast, it is said that the education industry will expand to $10 trillion by 2030. With the introduction of technology in the field of education, the ball game has completely changed.

From a study, it was found out that with the implementation of AI in the global education market, it is estimated to be worth $3.68 Billion USD by 2023.

Similarly, the IoT education market is said to reach USD 11.3 Billion by the year 2023. Cloud computing in the education sector is estimated to reach a revenue of USD 25.36 Billion by 2021.

Gamification has also impacted the education market in a major way with the growth estimated to be USD 18 Million by 2023.

Also, the global education expenditure by 2025 is estimated to reach $7.8 trillion and $10.0 trillion by 2030. Similarly, the EdTech expenditure is estimated to reach $3.42 billion by 2025.

 The Edtech Trend

The days of the traditional chalk & board method of teaching are gone. Schools are now integrating Ed tools to make learning more effective. Also, the importance of digital education has increased after the outbreak of COVID-19.

In this section we will explore:

  • The EdTech Trend
 The Edtech Trend
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The EdTech Trend

EdTech is the new trend in the education sector and it is gaining popularity and acceptance in a major way.

From a recent study, it was found that more than 81% of teachers prefer using digital learning tools as these offer better insights to teaching and students find it easier to learn when teaching via these digital learning tools.

Moreover, many education boards have implemented these EdTech tools in the teaching curriculum as it has proved to fetch better and promising results.  

Also, from a recent observation, it was found that around 57% of teachers believe that digital learning tools help to engage students in a far better way than the conventional style of teaching.

Also, students have happily accepted the mode of teaching via EdTech tools as these make learning more interesting.

From a recent study, it was found out that at least 90% of students nowadays use digital tools at least a few days a week for learning purposes.

Top 10 Technologies Dominating The EdTech Market

New technology always brings great comfort and ease to its users. Ed-tools simplifies learning & grabs the attention of the users as well.  

In this section we will explore:

  • Top 10 technologies Ruling The EdTech Domain
Top 10 Technologies Dominating The EdTech Market
Top 10 technologies ruling the Edtech domain

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Top 10 Technologies Dominating The EdTech Market

Like all the other relevant industries present in the global economy, the education industry is also depending heavily upon the aspect of innovation and technology.

This factor is more relevant in the present scenario considering the outbreak of the global pandemic, COVID-19.

Students from all around the world were confined to their housing apartments as various schools, colleges, and universities were shut down. 

Consequently, students and teachers alike used technology as a possible solution to this crisis.

Following are the top 10 technologies that are currently dominating the EdTech Market:

  1. Artificial Intelligence: The introduction of AI has helped to resolve various queries of students effectively
  2. Internet of Things: IoT helps to connect every device together such that monitoring becomes comparatively easier.
  3. Blockchain: It has improved the overall communication aspect among students and teachers and increased education quality.
  4. AR/VR: Augmented and Virtual Reality has made the aspect of virtualization of theories easier.
  5. Learning Analytics and Machine Learning: It allows teachers to formulate reports effectively.
  6. Cloud Computing: It has allowed the teachers and students to register and store a large amount of data and information related to the curriculum.
  7. Wearables: This technology is allowing students to learn on the go through smartwatches and bracelets.
  8. Gamification: It adds a touch of creativity as students can add a level of excitement to the concept of education.
  9. Video Learning: Videos help to increase the memory retention ability of students.
  10. Payment Gateways: Online payment options have simplified the aspect of paying fees considerably.

Introduction Of Robots In The Education Domain

Robotics in education is considered revolutionary as this is a more efficient way to provide technological education. Robots make learning simpler & easier.   

In this section we will explore:

  • Robots Used For Imparting Education
Intoduction Of Robots In The Education Domain
Robots used for imparting education

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Introduction Of Robots In The Education Domain

Another effective technological development that is helping students in the education segment is related to Robots.

Robotics allows students to work on their STEM (Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) disciplines as the behavior of the bot can be analyzed to develop certain traits in young individuals.

The technology helps students to work on their creativity and also imparts knowledge in the long run. It stimulates decision-making skills and increases the ability to analyze and dissect a situation to perfection.

Some of the most popular Robot technologies have been identified below:

  1. NAO Robots: This technology helps to add a sense of fun and excitement to the learning process. Teachers utilize this technique to make lessons more interactive and life-like.
  2. CoDrones: This technology assists teachers to impart knowledge about programming.
  3. Pepper Robot: Provides assistance to students that aspire to establish a career in the field of science and information technology.
  4. Misty Robot: This technology helps to organize various experiments that help to explain a particular concept in a better way to the concerned students. The technology also offers 3D printing and facial recognition services.
  5. Dash and Dot: The technology assists students to develop coding skills from the comfort of their residential apartments or classrooms.
  6. Cubelets: Helps people in the aspect of coding and robotics in general.
  7. QT Robot: It is primarily used to teach children a multitude of life skills.
  8. Robotis: It is a fully functional humanoid android that is effectively programmed to help in the aspect of education and research.


Technology has helped us to conquer various barriers in every sphere of life. The conventional techniques of teaching are no longer relevant as teachers can avail immediate assistance from the technology developed.

The barrier of communication has been effectively bridged with the introduction of various technological solutions.

Simultaneously, the concept of learning has also become significantly more interesting, appealing, and interactive for children as well.

People have started to acknowledge new methods that are no longer restricted to the books issued. Practical experiments and experiences are being utilized to impart knowledge to the masses and this is only possible due to the advancement experienced in the present human society.

Therefore, students, teachers, and parents alike should be open to the concept of technology such that it amplifies the overall aspect of education in the long run.

Schools and colleges are predominantly installing new technologies that will help students to understand a specific topic in a better way. Video lessons are being shared that can be revisited time and again without any limitations.

Moreover, the aspect of Robotics in education has changed the entire landscape of teaching and education in general. The future of education is certainly bright and is moving in the correct direction.


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