global gaming industry: Facts & statistics 2020

Gaming is one of the most loved, preferred, and popular recreation activities that is enjoyed by people of all ages. With the internet connectivity being available in all developing nations, the number of players has only been increasing. Global investors have tapped into this market and the gaming industry has seen a tremendous revolution in the past decade.

Online games have started to generate the humongous amount of revenue which was a head turner for all the investors. Software companies have started to invest in online games as the surge of advertising and marketing strategies within the gaming community has reached its pinnacle.

In recent times, the gaming industry all over the globe received millions of dollars of investment as it is a booming sector. And with the introduction of smartphones and easy access to the internet, the consumer base of this industry is growing at an alarming rate.

 Online gaming has gained so much fame that many people are now getting addicted to it. It has been reported that due to excessive online gaming, people are developing symptoms like sleep disorders, weakness, numbness of wrist and neck.

The present worth of the Gaming Industry and future growth estimation

The present worth of the Gaming Industry and future growth estimation

The trend of gaming; whether casual or serious, is growing every day. Thus, the online gaming industry is also expanding rapidly on a daily basis. Considering the present growth, the future of the gaming industry seems bright.

In this section we will explore:

  • Global gaming market's present worth
  • Forecast of growth of the global gaming market
The present worth of the Gaming Industry and future growth estimation
global gaming market growth and forecast

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Interest in online gaming has been getting thicker with every passing year and the global market is flourishing.

More and more games are available in the market with new technologies like virtual reality and augmented reality which offers multisensory inputs to the gamer and manages to get them hooked

Advancement in the IT sector has helped the gaming industry tremendously as new technologies are being introduced and incorporated that greatly amplifies the overall gaming experience. Games are more life-like as it takes the user concerned to a virtual world, in turn, satisfying all gaming needs.

Some companies even host online gameathons with a huge price amount to tempt the gamers into playing their games. These gameathons are a real deal and can win you even million dollars if you succeed in the final round. This has increased the interest in online gaming globally.

The global value of the online gaming industry was 145.7 billion dollars in the year 2019. In 2020 the global value has peaked to 159.3 billion dollars.

That is a steady 9.3% increase in the global revenue. Taking these numbers into account the value for 2023 is predicted to be 200.8 billion dollars.

Gaming and Gamers Global Demographic

Who says only youngsters play games? These days people of every age group participate in this activity with great enthusiasm. Even female gamers are not behind in this race.

In this section we will explore:

  • Global gamers according to age group
  • Global gamers on the basis of gender
Gaming and Gamers Global Demographic
demographics of gamers worldwide

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When you hear the term “gamer”, our mind definitely conjures up an image of a teenage boy or a man in his 20s with all the gear and gadgets. Though the general conception lies that way, the statistics tell us an altogether different story.

The percentage of men playing online games is 53.5% when compared to women which is estimated to comprise the remaining 46.5% of the total target audience. The difference is way steeper than expected. It can be said with certainty that women enjoy gaming as much as men do.

Online gaming has become a universal thing because one can find gamers as young as ten years old and also gamers in ripe old age of 65. The difference in the percentage is not sharp.

The lowest is 7.5% for age group 46 - 50 and the highest percentage is 13.8% for the age group 21 - 25 which closely followed by age group 26 - 30  at 13.5%. The number of gamers have increased in the age group 51 - 65 with 10% of them playing online games.

Even though online gaming is enjoyed by people of all age groups, the particular age group 21 - 25 has the most number of gamers.

The Trend of Online Gaming in 2020

The Trend of Online Gaming in 2020

Due to the pandemic, people were cooped up inside the house & thus online gaming has witness a tremendous increase in the year 2020. The easy to access feature of gaming has made it so popular. No matter where you are or which device you have whether mobile or desktop, you are good to go to enjoy it.

In this section we will explore:

  • Number of online gamers across the globe
  • Devices used for gaming
The Trend of Online Gaming in 2020
online game players in 2020

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Statistics show that the number of online gamers in the year 2018 was 2.4 billion which was increased in 2019 and the number of players were 2.6 billion.

The year 2020 has 2.7 billion online gamers and it has been projected to 2022 where an estimated number is found to be 3.1 billion players. The flexibility of the gadgets that can be used to play new age online games is one of the main reasons for increase in number.

The most preferred device to play online games is the smartphone which comprises 69% of the gaming population. Around 48% of users prefer to play games on desktops and laptops.

A considerable amount of people prefer to play games on tablets who constitute 23% of the gaming crowd. People who use gaming consoles amount to 39% of the total crowd and handheld consoles comprises 12% of the total gaming crowd.

Analysis of The Most Popular Games of 2020

Analysis of The Most Popular Games of 2020

The increasing popularity of online gaming has given rise to a number of gaming genres. The craze is so much that people spend a lot of money on these games.  

In this section we will explore:

  • Top PC games on the basis of the share of players
  • Top games on the basis of monthly unique users
  • Spending of players on PUBG
  • Top gaming genres
  • Gaming genres preferred by males & females
Analysis of The Most Popular Games of 2020
most popular games worldwide

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The top 3 PC games are League of Legends, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six, and Among US. League of Legends which is a multiplayer game with an online battle arena, the character design and the battle ground graphics offered by this game are top notch. The average number of sessions per day are 1.74 and the player share is 44%.

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege is the best suited game for competitions and gameathons. The average number of sessions per day are 0.55 and the player share is 21.1%

Among US has a minimalistic design and the whole bluff and find out factor of the game makes it all the more fun. The average number of sessions per day are 0.52 and the player share is 13.2%.

Next comes the popular mobile games in the App store. Garena Free Fire is like step one for entering the world of mobile gaming. This game had 130 Million unique users in the month of September.

Apart from this, Homescapes also had  48.2 Million unique users  in the month of September. Lastly, PUBG has an almost cult level fan following when it comes to mobile gaming. This game had 104 Million users in the month of September.

The top 3 apps in the Google Play store are subway surfers, temple run2 and hill climb racing with 448 Million monthly unique users, 241 Million monthly unique users, 209 Million monthly unique users respectively.

PUBG has seen an exponential increase in the revenue incurred in each month in the year 2020. The PUBG players worldwide spent 200 Million US dollars in January with a steady increase the amount spent in August that was 221 Million US dollars.

If the games are ranked according to the genre

  • Battle Arena games have the majority player share which comprises of 48.4%
  • Shooter games have 41.7 % of the player share.
  • Adventure games have 28% of the total player share.
  • Battle Royale has 17% of total player share.
  • Role playing comprises 17.4% of the player share.

The most popular gaming genre equally among both male and female players is casual single player. However, Battle royale games are preferred more by male players and Casual multiplayer games & casual single player games are preferred by female players.

 Analyzing The Viewership of Different Online Games on Multiple Platforms

 Analyzing The Viewership of Different Online Games on Multiple Platforms

Online streaming of games is one of the primary sources of entertainment around the world these days. Not only it helps the viewers to learn something new but also helps them to become better in their favorite games.

In this section we will explore:

  • Top viewed games on two platforms: Youtube & Twitch
 Analyzing The Viewership of Different Online Games on Multiple Platforms
online games viewership on different platforms

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There are YouTube channels that are dedicated to a specific game and teach us the game trade. Certain channels also go live and play games in real time.

The most viewed game on YouTube is “Garena Free Fire” which gained traction amongst the mobile gamers after PUBG was banned in certain countries. The gamers have watched this game for 88.3 Million hours on Youtube.

The next most viewed game is PUBG, amongst the young crowd. People are watching live games on youtube to improve their gaming skills. This game has been viewed for 58.7 Million hours.

Next, we have Minecraft which is popular among the pre-teen and teen crowd. This game has been viewed for 55.5 Million hours on Youtube. Bang Bang game has also gained a viewership of 41 Million hours.

Lastly, “Among US” is one of the most viewed games on YouTube. This game has been watched for 40.4 Million hours.

Twitch is a live streaming platform which is the sister company of Amazon. The gamers can live stream their games and gain views and subscribers. Live streaming of games is very popular in Twitch.

The games with most views in Twitch are Among us which was watched for 147 Million hours. Similarly, League of Legends game was watched for 135 Million hours, Fortnite was watched for 77.8 Million hours, Call of duty was watched for 74.2 Million hours and Grand Theft Auto was watched for 59.41 Million hours.

From the list, Among US tops in the most viewed games in both YouTube and Twitch.

Amount of Time Spent By Gamers

Games are a great way to relax, they are instant mood lifters. Additionally, gaming helps in building skills like decision making and solving problems. These days people are spending a lot of time playing games.

In this section we will explore:

  • Average time spent by gamers each week (on the basis of gender)
  • Average hours spent on gaming 
Amount of Time Spent By Gamers
Time spent by players in gaming

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Each gamer spends up-to 6 hours and 20 minutes each week on an average for gaming.

If we look into how much time is spent on gaming every week by each gender, the average time spent each week by Men is 7 hrs and the average time spent each week by Women is 5 hrs 48 minutes

Most of the people like to spend 2 to 4 hours a week playing games which constitutes to 18.7% of the total gaming population. This is closely followed by people spending 4 to 7 hours a week wherein the percentage is 18.6%. 

Some of the hardcore gamers even spend more than 20 hours per week on gaming who add up-to 7.4% of the gaming population.

The percentage of gamers spending 1- 2 hours and less than one hour per week is 16.4% and 14.55% respectively.  14.8% of gamers spend 7 to 12 hours a week and 9.7% of gamers spend upto 12 to 20 hours a week on online games.

This shows that people spend most of their time in online gaming.

Final Thoughts

With the advancement in connectivity, getting a good broadband connection has become much easier nowadays. This makes online gaming accessible to people in all parts of the world.

Implementation of new upcoming technologies like Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Motion control and voice control makes sure that the existing gaming crowd is engaged and also pulls more people towards gaming. These games are hyper immersive and photo realistic and offer a greater gaming experience.

Smartphones have become an article of necessity rather than a luxury. There is a growing number of smartphone users in the developing nations. So, investment in mobile phone apps can bring in a considerable amount of revenue.

Open Source game development has been getting more popular in the recent years. This enables the gaming community to provide valuable feedback and insight from the user’s perspective and the necessary updates will be made in the game.

There are also cloud enabled gaming available which allows users from different parts of the world to connect. With the internet getting more and more cheaper, you can gain access to the updated games and also stream music while playing games.

Gaming is one of the very few industries that could keep with the vast advancements made in technologies. Every new cutting-edge technology is being incorporated and updates are being released in no time.

We can claim with absolute certainty that the global online gaming industry will continue to thrive and see massive growth in the upcoming years.

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