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Top 10 Best Gaming Mouse in India (2020)

Edited By Piyush, Reviewed By Shashank

Are you like many other individuals, who give high importance to the brand name of whichever product you shop?

Then, you should be considering the ideal brands in the best gaming mouse domain.

Some brands like Logitech, Dragonwar, Redragon, Cosmic Byte, Havit and Mobile Gear has the best models of a gaming mouse. But, of course, you may expect within your budget as well.

If you are budget shopper concerned about pricing, let us explore the top quality mice under 1000.

So, now, it is time for us to explore the top 10 mice available under this category, so that you will get the best exciting gaming experience:

Gaming mouse

We Highly recommend you to read the Gaming Mouse Buying Guide at the end of this article to get in-depth knowledge about latest gaming mouse technologies and tips on making an informed decision about which product to buy for your needs 🙂

Let's explore the list and have a look at the features along with the pros and cons of the Top 10 Best Gaming Mouse in India.

Top 10 Best Gaming Mouse in India

Although my favorite among all is Logitech G90 Wired Optical Gaming Mouse but you must check all of them to make your buying decision.

 1. Logitech G90 Wired Optical Gaming Mouse

Logitech G90 Optical Gaming Mouse


  • Delta Zero Sensor Technology
  • Comfortable Ambidextrous Shape
  • Up to 2500 DPI
  • Weight: 109 g

If you are particular about the brand, this mouse can meet your needs as it comes from Logitech. It's one of the top 10 gaming mouse in India.

It is a wired optical mouse designed to give the utmost comfort for gamers.

A gaming mouse should never have a sluggish performance and you can get this assurance when you go for this mouse.

Yes, it comes with the sleek feet design and is one of the best gaming mouse under 1000.


  • Lightweight design
  • Slick Feet
  • In-game Sensitivity switching
  • Delta Zero Sensor Technology
  • 2 Millisecond report rate


  • It is a wired mouse and the wire is not braided
  • There is no LED Light
  • Pure plastic body without any side rubber grips

2. Marvo M316 Scorpion Wired Gaming Mouse

Marvo M316 Scorpion Wired Gaming Mouse


  • 7 Color Lighting
  • 6D Gaming Mouse
  • 2400 DPI Sensor
  • Weight: 130 g

If you are highly particular about the looks of the gaming mouse to bring the true gaming atmosphere, you are sure to get your expectation met by this mouse from Marvo.

The excellent scorpion design on the body can take your gaming atmosphere to a new level for sure. With USB support, this top-selling mouse from Marvo comes as a 6D gaming mouse.


  • It is the brilliant mouse for hard-core gamers, who have a very short budget.
  • Colour-changing bright LEDs add a new dimension to the mouse
  • Without any mouse pad, you can use this mouse on any surface.
  • Braided cable


  • Extra lightweight
  • Side keys are a bit hard to touch
  • The size of the mouse is a bit huge

 3. Dragon War ELE-G9 Red Gear Thor BlueSensor with MarcoFuntion

Dragon War ELE-G9 Red Gear Thor BlueSensor with MarcoFuntion


  • Blue track Technology
  • Turbo button helpful for Gaming
  • 4 Speed DPI
  • 3200 DPI

This gaming mouse is yet another attractive wired mouse at this price range.

The mouse is unique with its design as compared to the normal mouse that we use for gaming.

The design might be a bit uncomfortable for first-time users. But, with the use for a couple of days, they will get used to the design.


  • The mouse has the space to place all your fingers.
  • Smooth and comfortable to use.
  • With an excellent set of features, the mouse comes at a very great price
  • The sturdy looks is an added advantage
  • Comes with software for changing color settings
  • Bluetrack technology


  • It lasts just for a year from the first date of use
  • The design is a bit uncomfortable for first-time users

4. Cosmic Byte CM-M Pulsar 

Cosmic Byte CB-M-04 Pulsar Up to 3000DPI 6 Button Gaming Mouse


  • Quick Thumb Buttons
  • Braided Cable
  • Controls: 6 Buttons
  • Weight: 153g

When it comes to comfortable gaming, you know that the mouse should have anti-slip feature.

This mouse from Cosmit Byte even though it comes at an affordable cost has a surface that is treated with a distinct anti-sweat and anti-slip texture to make sure that you can gain a better grip and most importantly comfort for long hours of gaming.


  • Inbuilt weights help to add better cosiness and accuracy in gaming.
  • The mouse is designed ergonomically for stable distribution of weight and better grip
  • With the quick thump buttons, forward and backward becomes easier when browsing.
  • The 3000 DPI offered by this mouse at this price is something awesome.


  • Does not have software to change the settings based on user preference.
  • You cannot turn-off the LED when you do not use it.

 5. Iron Man 2.4G Wireless Gaming Mouse

Iron Man 2.4G Wireless Gaming Mouse


  • No Addition Driver or software Installation required
  • Ultra-quite & low-friction optical technology
  • Maximum Acceleration: 1600
  • Battery Life: Up to 90 Days

If you are highly particular that you should go for a wireless gaming mouse under 1000, you can feel confident about this mouse.

Also, if you love Iron Man, you will truly love this mouse with its looks. It's one of the best gaming mouses for small hands in India.

Also, the attractive set of features like 2.4G Zero Delay, Silent Click, Intelligent power saving, 4D button, LED Cool light effect will bring in the best experience for you with this mouse.


  • The Golden body gives a great look to the mouse
  • Silent Click
  • Adjustable DPI
  • Wireless


  • Small Size
  • Build quality is not that much good

 6. Mobile Gear XM-502 Wired Gaming Mouse

Mobile Gear XM-502 Wired Gaming Mouse


  • Zero-Acoustic ultra-Slick feet
  • User can change the light color
  • 500 DPI Optical Sensor
  • Weight: 102 g

This gaming mouse from Mobile Gear has a solid bottom that makes it steadier. It is one of the best gaming mouse for large hands in India.

To ensure smooth working virtually on any surface, optical technology is used by the manufacturer.

The mouse brings the utmost acceleration for providing precise positioning and dependable tracking of the level of a game.

The ergonomic design and the 800/1200/1600/2500 DPI optical precision ensures comfortable gaming.

You can change the colour of the mouse as per your wish.


  • The DPI Settings work
  • Awesome design
  • The slots at the side of the mouse will perfectly fit your thumb
  • You can conveniently rest your palm as the end of the mouse is big enough


  • The LED Lights look too flashy
  • The cord looks quite cheap

 7. Havit HV-MS672 Gaming Mouse

Havit HV-MS672 Gaming Mouse


  • Breathing LED Colors
  • Easy plug and play Model
  • 4 DPI Settings: 800/1200/1600/2400
  • 7 different LED light colors

If you wish that your gaming table should look attractive with LED light colours, you are sure to get your requirement met by this gaming mouse from Havit.

Yes, the 7 different LED light colours that change when in use, will offer a comforting atmosphere for your gaming.

The mouse has 4 DPI settings and the ergonomic design makes sure that it naturally fits in your hand.

The mouse has 6 buttons to ensure superior efficiency and productivity.


  • The big size makes it convenient to handle
  • The grip is very good for comfortable gaming
  • The DPI Changing feature makes it suitable for every gamer
  • The USB Connector is of very good quality
  • The attractive design and good-quality plastic are worthy additions


  • The scrolling is not precise
  • The light control is not possible

 8. Tecknet M268 Raptor Wired Optical Gaming Mouse

Tecknet M268 Raptor Black Wired Optical Gaming Mouse


  • 6D Optical gaming mouse
  • Ergonomic design to fit hands comfortably
  • Integrated 2000 DPI optical gaming sensor
  • Weight: 154 g

You might not have heard about Tecknet, but to my knowledge, this is one of the best mouse under 1000 category.

It is a 6D optical gaming mouse with blue wave sensor

The good thing about this mouse is that it comes with an adjustable DPI Setting to make sure that you will gain precise cursor control when you play games.

The frame rate of this mouse is 4000 frame per second.

The golden USB Port and Knit Cable with the magnetic ring are other good things about this mouse.


  • Ergonomically designed to fit your hand comfortably
  • Gold USB Connector
  • Adjustable DPI Settings
  • Tru-Wave Sensor
  • Braided Cable


  • The 40-grams weight created for gaming purpose will be bit uncomfortable during initial use
  • No programmable keys
  • No weight adjustment

 9. GAMDIAS Demeter E1- 3200DPI Gaming Mouse with Mouse Pad

GAMDIAS Demeter E1- 3200DPI Gaming Mouse with Mouse Pad


  • 6 smart keys for easy operation
  • 3200 DPI
  • 6 buttons
  • Weight: 195 g

This gaming mouse from GAMDIAS comes with a mouse pad. It has been tested for 3 million click lifecycle.

The 6 smart keys along with adjustable DPI Settings that can be easily done will take your gaming to a new level.

The mouse pad is made out of double-layered fabric to ensure durability. To ensure pixel-perfect accuracy, you can adjust the DPI from 1200 to 3200 DPI.

The 6 smart keys ensure easy forward, backward, and other functionalities.


  • 6 smart keys for easy gaming
  • LED Lighting
  • Ambidextrous Design to ensure easy use of both left-handers and right-handers


  • It loses tracking when you move it fast

 10. Zebronics Fire Wired Optical Gaming Mouse

Zebronics Fire Wired Optical Gaming Mouse


  • Easy Plug and  Play Design
  • Ergonomic
  • 6 buttons
  • Weight: 181 g

Zebronics is a popular name among Indians when it comes to computer accessories.

They have the Zebronics Fire Wired Optical Gaming Mouse with a view to bringing an affordable gaming mouse for game enthusiasts.

The soft rubber finish, sleeve cable, plug and play, USB, excellent navigation buttons, gold coloured USB, multi DPI, light-weight build, multi-colour illumination and 6 buttons all these features made this mouse a part of our list of top 10 gaming mouse under 1000 available for Indian game enthusiasts.


  • The high-flow design ensures hours of comfortable gaming
  • For better control and comfort, the soft rubber finish is given
  • To enhance connectivity, the USB connector is gold-colored
  • Sleeved cable protects wear and tear


  • The mouse is not sturdy
  • The working is not up-to-the-mark

Buyer's Guide: How to Purchase Gaming Mouse

Best Gaming Mouse in India

Are you an ardent gamer from India? Like many other computer gamers, you know that to kick your gaming experiences to new levels, you need the right gaming gears. Among the gaming gears, the first one to choose is the gaming mouse that surely counts for smooth playing experience.

If you are planning to shop for the best gaming mouse in India, let me tell you one thing: As the first step, you should understand the types of gaming mouse first, Let us see one by one:

Do you know the kinds of gaming mouse?

It’s not a rocket science to know the types. Oh! You guessed it right! As you guessed, the most common types are wired and wireless. While the former is connected to your CPU through fixed cables, the latter is connected using Bluetooth technology or infrared interface using a USB Adapter.

Best Gaming Mouse in India Under 1000

These are the top choices to the best of my knowledge. Your choice among these should be decided based on your preference. For instance, some are highly particular about looks, while some pay attention to the price.

On the other hand, some are highly particular about DPI Settings. I should say one thing here. Irrespective of the price, DPI setting, and other features, you are planning to use the mouse for gaming. So, it is important that you should give importance to the performance aspect of the mouse.

I should say another important thing here. The more you pay better will be quality. The reason is that the manufacturer would have used the best materials for the production of the mouse. All the mentioned features will work properly.

Also, you should look at warranty as well. Rather than seller’s warranty, manufacturer warranty is important. Considering different aspects like price, rating from customers, looks and DPI, I prefer Iron Man 2.4G Wireless Gaming Mouse.

Now, your question will be why to opt for a gaming mouse, while there are normal mice available in the market. Let us find the answer here:

Gaming Mouse vs Regular Mouse - What's Different?

As compared to a regular office mouse, a gaming mouse will have lower latency. When you are engaged in faster gaming, latency can be highly frustrating. Also, a gaming mouse comes with better software for customizing and tweaking as per your preference.

Further, it supports better DPI, otherwise called as CPI or Counts per inch settings. Further, a gaming mouse will use sensors that ensure the faster movements. In case, you play more intense games, smooth and responsive tracking becomes important and the best gaming mouse will bring this facility. 

You use the mouse for different purposes like slashing, attacking, aiming and targeting when you play computer games. For these functions, a gaming mouse is the better option as against a regular mouse.

Know Your Grip Style? Types of Different Mouse Grips:

When you are on the verge of shopping for the most suitable gaming mouse, you should consider grip as the important factor. When talking about mouse grips, there are three popular variants. The first is palm grip, the second is claw grip and the final type is fingertip grip.

Palm Grip

This is a type, where you place your hands completely on the mouse. You will see that in this type of mouse, there will be a complete contact between the mouse and your palm.


  • Comfortable for most people
  • Most common type found in most mice


  • You will find that the accuracy is less when you click using this type of mouse.

Claw Grip

In this type, only your fingertip and also the back part of your palm will have the contact with your mouse.


  • You will get more precise clicks with this type
  • It is the best type for those looking for a gaming mouse.


  • For longer sessions, it will be less comfortable

Fingertip grip

In this type of grip, as the name very well denotes, only your fingertips will be in contact with the mouse. The palm will be resting in the mousepad or on the surface on which you have placed the mouse.


  • You will enjoy greater control with this type of mouse
  • You will get a more natural feeling as compared to the claw grip type of mouse.


  • You will feel the tiredness when you work with this mouse for longer.

What other things should you consider in a gaming mouse?

In the process the selecting the right gaming mouse, I want you to consider other factors as well. Some of them are as follows:


Mouse prediction is like an additional feature that will predict the kind of movement you are going to do with your mouse. When it predicts the movement, the mouse will try to help you out a little bit in making the movement right.

For instance, if you intend to draw a straight line, a mouse with this feature will help you draw straight lines with perfection, while in the case of a mouse without this feature you will find it hard to draw straight lines as it cannot predict your action.


Mouse acceleration is an important feature you should look when you intend to shop for a gaming mouse. It is a setting offered by the mouse software that permits you to make changes to the speed of the cursor. In some games, you need faster mouse movement and in these instances, this feature will help.

Even in some games, you will have to point to objects more precisely and in this case, you can reduce the speed of the mouse for more accurate clicks.

Lift–Off Distance

It is nothing but the distance between the bottom of the mouse or the laser or optical sensor and the surface on which the mouse it placed like the mouse pad or the computer table. The distance can be up to 2 cms. A longer distance is not a good thing for a gaming mouse.

The reason is that when you are gaming and when you are moving the mouse at a faster pace, you can go off the surface and you can miss a shot. When it comes to a gaming mouse, you can go for the one with half a cm lift-off distance.


In some instances, you might have seen your cursor moving erratically when you try to move your mouse. It is called as mouse jittering. For instance, when you try to draw a straight line using your mouse, the cursor will hang in the middle and will stop periodically or will jerk in a direction you did not move it.

Of course, the mouse pointer will get to the position where you are taking it, but rather than taking a straight line, it takes a serpentine path and it is called jittering.

Polling rate

The polling rate of a mouse is something that denotes the number of times a mouse reports its position to the system to which it is connected. It is generally measured in Hz.  In case a mouse has a polling rate of 125 Hz, it means that it reports its position to the CPU for 125 times every second or once in 8 milliseconds. 

If your mouse has a polling rate of 500 Hz, it means that it reports once in every 2 milliseconds. When your mouse has a higher polling rate, it can bring down the lag that occurs when you move your mouse and the movement shows up on the monitor.

Left–Handed, Right–Handed or Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse – Which one to choose?

If you are a left-hander, you can very well opt for the former.

Of course, the second choice is for you if you are like many other people, who use your right hand for most of your works. But, in case, you are sharing your computer with your left handed twin and if you are a right-hander, the best thing you can do is to go for an ambidextrous gaming mouse.

Such a mouse will ensure that both of you will comfortably use the gaming mouse.

Wired or Wireless? Which one to prefer?

If you travel quite often, you will definitely expect convenience in gaming and in these cases; a wireless mouse will come very handy.

Of course, you can get rid of clutters of wires as well with this type. However, the problem a wireless mouse is that you will have to change the batteries or recharge them quite frequently after sometimes of use.

Also, when you are amidst intense gaming sessions, lagging between the mouse movements and on-screen registration can be highly frustrating as well. The wired mouse can turn out to be the right choice if you continue to play your games from a single place.

The wired version is generally affordable as compared to wireless. Also, they don’t need batteries, but you might feel slight inconvenience in dragging the mouse when compared with wireless. Also, wired ones come with better DPI then wireless variants.

Laser or Optical Sensor – Which is the best?

The difference between a regular optical mouse and a laser mouse is that light used for tracking the movement. The former uses an LED in the optical engine, while the latter uses a laser to track movement. If your mouse has better DPI, it will be more accurate and sensitive.

What type of gamer are you?

When you are planning to select a gaming mouse, it is important to consider your gaming interests, such that you can make the ideal choice. Some are highly attracted to FPS games, which means First Person Shooter Games, while some are always attracted to MMOs and RTS games.

Most gaming mice meet the needs of FPS gamers. But, you will have to look for a mouse with special keys designed mainly to help you with your MMOs and RTS games.

How we tested gaming mouse?

We use powerful software to test each and every mouse that we have rated in this list of top 10 gaming mouse under 1000. To get the accurate results from our testing, we just connect the mouse to the USB port and all other accessories are removed to make sure that there will not be any hindrance to the results. We test aspects like acceleration, angle snapping, build quality and durability.

Why is DPI and Polling Rate Important in Gaming?

DPI stands for Dots Per Inch. It is a measure of the reaction time of your mouse. When your mouse has a higher DPI, the distant the mouse pointer on your monitor will move. When your mouse has a higher DPI setting, it reacts and detects even smaller movements.

In gaming, better DPI is important as some games need quicker moves from you. Also, higher polling rate will make sure that there will not be any lag in the movement you make in the mouse and the reaction on the computer screen.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Gaming Mouse

Of course, you know that you will have to consider the DPI of the mouse. The grip style should be determined, the type of games you play should also be considered. Never forget to consider the other aspects like Prediction, Acceleration, Lift–Off Distance, Jittering, and polling rate.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which Mouse Has the Highest DPI? 

Two mice offer up to 3200 DPI settings, and these are the highest DPI mice available. These are Dragon War ELE-G9 Red Gear Thor Blue Sensor with Macro Function and GAMDIAS Demeter E1- 3200DPI Gaming Mouse with Mouse Pad. Both of these are high-speed gaming mice.  The Dragon War ELE-G9 comes with software that allows change of colours of the LEDs embedded within. It is a rustic and classy mouse with Bluetrack technology. The Gamdias Demeter E1-3200DPI is another gaming mouse of repute. It comes with six smart keys and DPI adjustment from 1200-3200.

2. Does a Wireless Gaming Mouse Have a Battery?

Yes. Wireless gaming mice run on batteries. The wireless mouse is great to have due to the ease of use.  However, the presence of a battery can be a problem. There can often be lag.  During intense gaming sessions, this is a deciding factor. Also, it often happens that the battery isn’t empty but isn’t at its full power thus compromising efficiency. Plus, there’s a latency factor. Yet, wireless mice can be great for travel and when you have limited desk space.

3. Which Gaming Mouse Brand Is the Best?

Logitech is an esteemed brand.  It is the best gaming mouse brand because of the performance of its mouse as well as the trust of the brand. A good after-service also adds to the USP of the product as does the track record of the brand. Marvo is another brand that produces excellent gaming mice for intense gaming sessions.

4. What Mouse Do Pro-FPS Gamers Use?

Tecknet M268 Raptor Wired Optical Gaming Mouse is probably the fastest mouse for pro-FPS gamers. It has a frame rate of 4000 frames per second. It is also a 6D mouse, which means it can be used on any surface, and its performance won’t drop. The blue wave sense technology further helps speed up the gaming response. A golden USB port and a knit cable make it faster. Thus, it is the only choice for pro-FPS gamers who need speed.

5. What Is the Fastest Gaming Mouse?

DragonWar ELE-G8 Red Gear Thor Blue Sensor with Macro Function is the fastest mouse that gamers love. It has a unique design that can be uncomfortable at first. However, the design helps in gripping, especially for intense gaming sessions. Its macro function helps save time. The Turbo button takes the gaming experience to another level. It also has Blue track technology. You can also customize DPI settings up to 3200 DPI. Everything about the mouse is designed to make gaming, a breeze. 

6. What Should I Look For When Buying A Gaming Mouse?

The features that you should look for in a gaming mouse are prediction, acceleration, lift-off distance, jittering, and polling rate. Prediction is where a mouse helps in making movement accurate. Acceleration is a feature that lets you take control of the speed of the cursor depending on the game. Jittering is when a mouse takes a jittery path instead of a straight one; this kind of mouse should be avoided. Good mice don't jitter. The polling rate is the number of times the CPU gets information about mouse position. The higher the number, the better the gaming mouse.

7. Are Wireless Mice Bad for Gaming? 

Wireless mice can be both good and bad for gaming. They can be a great asset when you are short of moving space. Also, they are great travel-mates. They also have improved over the years and are almost par with wired mice. However, the factor of latency is what makes a wireless gaming mouse unreliable in the long run. It can cause problems, especially during long gaming sessions. Also, a wireless mouse is dependent on the battery.  A wired mouse is always on full-power but the wireless mouse will slow down with battery.

8. How Much Should I Spend on a Gaming Mouse?

There’s no upper limit to how much you can spend, or should spend on a gaming mouse. Looking at the Indian gaming mouse brands and market, you can easily get a quality gaming mouse under 1000. Mice like Cosmic Byte CB-M-04 Pulsar Up to 3000DPI 6 Button Gaming Mouse and Mobile Gear XM-502 Wired Gaming Mouse are two affordable gaming mice in the market. Gaming mice under 1000 are also available from Logitech and Zebronics. 

9. Which Is the Best Wireless Gaming Mouse in India?

Iron Man 2.4G Wireless Gaming Mouse is the best wireless gaming mouse in India. The design resembles Iron Man’s helmet. The mouse has many features and is under 1000 . It has 2.4G Zero Delay, Silent Click, LED Cool Light Effect, and a 4D Button.  An adjustable DPI of up to 1600 DPI makes the mouse fast enough for most games. It is an ideal gaming mouse for those who do not want to be stuck in wires. 

10. How Do Side Buttons Work on a Gaming Mouse? 

Side buttons are extra buttons in the mouse for using macros or customizing some actions. You can customize the buttons using the Settings/Control Panel. However, it is advisable to use the software that comes with the gaming mouse to make any changes to the buttons. For gaming use, it is ideal to keep the 4th button for minimizing windows and the 5th button for sit/crouch. Many repeated functions can be reduced to a single click if your mouse comes with macros.

Here is the List of Top 10  Best Gaming Mouse in India


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