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Top 10 Best Garment Steamers in India

Edited By Garima, Reviewed By Anupama

Garment Steamer is an electronic utility device that helps remove all kind of wrinkles from the clothes using high-temperature steam.

A garment steamer is extremely fabric friendly and can make your clothes look fresh and new every time after a wash.

“Let Off Some Steam Bennet!”

Come, let us welcome the new era of advanced technology and easy living by letting go of the old.If you are still using the basic iron board and steam iron, you have to admit that the processes are very outdated.

Garment Steamers are very easy to set. They are small, compact and very ergonomic, in fact, your little child can also use it with perfection.

Steam has the ability to relax the fiber of cloth while removing bacteria, unpleasant odors and stains from your clothes.

But, which garment steamer should you buy?
garment steamers

We are here to guide you on your way to selecting the best garment steamer that suits you. For your convenience, we have listed our top 10 picks and a detailed buying guide. Check it out!

We Highly recommend you to read the Garment Steamer Buying Guide at the end of this article to get in-depth knowledge about latest garment steamer technologies and  tips on making an informed decision about which product to buy for your needs 🙂

Let's explore the list and have a look at the features along with the pros and cons of the Top 10 Best Garment Steamers in India.

Top 10 Best Garment Steamers in India (2022)

Although my favorite among all is Usha Techne Direct but you must check all of them to make your buying decision.

1. Usha Techne Direct

Usha Techne Direct


  • Power: 920 Watt
  • Steam output: 21gm/min
  • Vertical Steaming
  • Indicator light for power on and off
  • Automatic overheat thermostat for safety
  • 360-degree rotating swivel cord
  • Tank capacity: 200ml
  • Detachable fabric brush with lint removal facility
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Product Dimension: 921 g

Usha Techne Direct offers the perfect solution to remove creases from clothes within a budget.

This fabric-care product is safe to use on all types of clothes.

It facilitates hassle-free removal of lint, germs, and odor, thanks to its detachable brush having lint removal facility.

The product also has a 360-degree rotating swivel cord that helps in the easy maneuver.

An automatic indicator light shows when the steamer is heating and is ready to use. 

An overheat safety shut-off makes the product extremely safe to use. The steam plates are backed up by a 920-watt power that enables vertical steaming allowing the fabric of your cloth to smoothen evenly.

This compact, portable and lightweight garment steamer is the perfect buy for a small family.


  • ABS plastic body
  • Auto shut thermostat for safety from overheating
  • Lightweight and affordable


  • Complains that it tips over very easily

2. Inalsa Steam Master

Inalsa Steam Master


  • Power: 1600 Watt
  • Operating voltage: 230-240 volts
  • Steam output: Variable, 23-40 gm/min
  • Detachable water tank
  • 360-degree rotating hanger with clips
  • Easily adjustable pole
  • Vertical continuous steaming
  • Boil dry protection
  • Wheels for stability
  • Tank capacity: 1.5 litre
  • Heat up time: 45 seconds
  • Automated power off thermostat
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Product Dimension: 4.5kg, 10cm X 12cm X 20cm

Inalsa Steam Master is a smart garment steamer that comes with a strong gripped ergonomic design.

This garment steamer gets heated up in just 45 seconds to give an even steam burst that removes hard creases and wrinkles of your clothes easily.

The vertical steam facility allows the steam to distribute all along your garment faster and more efficiently than many other garment steamers available in the market.

You can choose the steam output from the various options available on the appliance body according to the fabric of your garment.

This garment steamer is hence suitable for all kinds of fabrics and clothes including suits, blazers, jackets, sarees, pants, shirts, etc. The all-rounder jack of all trades garment steamer is backed up by a 1600 watt power source.

Another interesting characteristic of this Inalsa garment steamer is its efficient safe mode that automatically turns off avoiding power leakage.

The steamer comes with wheels to allow stability. You also get a 360-degree rotating hanger with clips along with the product. The height pole can be adjusted according to your convenience.


  • Comes with adjustable steaming flow
  • Safe with automated power off
  • Attached garment hanger, detachable fabric brush, and hand gloves


  • Does not have a button to operate steam in hand

3. WISTEC Techne Direct

WISTEC Techne Direct


  • Power: 1000 Watt
  • Steam output: 21 gm/min
  • Compact and ergonomic
  • Capable of ironing 5-7 clothes at a single go
  • Horizontal steaming
  • Steelhead plate steaming iron
  • Safety automatic shut off
  • Tank capacity: 260ml
  • Heat up time: 40 seconds
  • Safe grip heat protection system
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Product Dimension: 0.50Kg

This unique WISTEC product easily stands out with its classy ergonomic build. This light portable garment steamer removes the most difficult creases with ease.

The powerful consistent steam burst is capable of usage on both delicate and thick fabrics including curtains, upholstery, sofa covers, bed sheets, comforter covers etc.

The steamer has a powerful 1000 watt backup core, supported by a 260 ml water tank.

The appliance takes only 40 seconds to get ready once connected to the power supply. A onetime refill is sufficient for removing creases off 5 to 7 clothes.

This is pretty unique and more efficient than the other garment steamers of the same range. The light weighted steamer can be tagged along to business meetings, outings, and trips.

This ergonomic safe gripped handheld steamer comes in a compact design with a steelhead plate that facilitates horizontal ironing like conventional irons. Suitable for all fabrics, this garment steamer is a must buy if you are looking for a steamer on a low budget.


  • Compact design, daily use, and travel portable
  • Safe automatic shutoff and safety grip
  • Irons 5 to 7 clothes at a single go


  • Complains of water drippage on tilting the steamer

4. Philips GC504/35

Philips GC504/35


  • Power: 1600 Watt
  • Operating voltage: 220-240 volt
  • Running time at a single go: 30 minutes
  • Tank capacity: 1400ml
  • Steam Plate size: XL
  • Continuous Steam Output: 33g/ minute
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Product Dimension: 36.6 x 31.2 x 37.3 cm ; 4.3 Kg

This garment steamer from Philips is our top pick for this year.

Philips GC504/35 features an extra large plate positioned on the steamer powered by a 1600 watt 220-240 volt source that helps in fast steaming.

The high steam busts out of a steam nozzle that enables the steam to diffuse uniformly on the surface of the clothes and removes every small crease in seconds.

The tank is large enough to suffice a minimum 30 minutes of steaming process.

The product does not require a big fat installation procedure and comes with a detachable transparent tank, steamer pole with hanger and safety gloves. 

The XL sized steam plate facilitates faster steaming along the surface of our garments, covering larger surface at a time. If you are looking for a one-time investment on a garment steamer that will serve you for a long time, you should definitely check out Philips GC504/35 1600 Watt garment steamer.


  • Suitable for all garment types
  • Continuous and even steam flow
  • Includes: Garment steamer, Adjustable pole, and glove for extra protection


  • Some complain on hot water seeping from the head

5. Russell Hobbs RGS160M

Russell Hobbs RGS160M


  • Power: 1600 Watt
  • Operating voltage: 220-240 volt
  • Running time at a single go: 45 minutes
  • High stability bigger wheels
  • 360-degree rotating cloth suspension hanger
  • Tank capacity: 1.8 litre
  • Steam Plate: Ceramic coat
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Product Dimension: 24 x 22 x 19 cm ; 5.3 Kg

Russell Hobbs RGS160M 1600 watt is an extremely powerful professional garment steamer.

This is a must have to get rid of creased clothes within no time. Its steam plate features a ceramic coating for an even steam burst and quick steaming.

The high power backup facilitates in removing foul odor, stains, and germs. This Russell Hobbs product is extremely fabric friendly.

It comes with an easy to use a nozzle with a bristle brush, cloth suspension hanger, and transparent water reservoir to measure the water level.

A special plus point of this product is its 360-degree rotating hanger with clips

You can easily adjust the pole height according to your preference while steaming your garments. The product is extremely easy to maintain with high wheels meant for stability. If you are ready to spend a fortune on your one-time investment, this is your perfect buy. This classy product will not let you down.


  • 1.8 litre transparent water tank
  • Rotating cloth suspension hanger
  • Adjustable pole height
  • High wheels for stability
  • 6.5ft power cord


  • No extendable hanger for clothes
  • Expensive

6. Philips Handheld Garment Steamer GC 310/07

Philips Handheld Garment Steamer GC 310/07


  • Power: 1000 Watt
  • Steam output: 20gm/min
  • Detachable water tank
  • Ergonomic hand-held design
  • Heat up time: less than a min
  • Electric pump for continuous steam
  • Tank capacity: 60ml
  • Fabric brush for thick garments
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Product Dimension: 962 g

As the name suggests this Philips garment steamer features an ergonomic design, ideal for handheld operation.

Its continuous steam flow is automated by a power back up of 1000 watt.

You can detach the water tank to refill it with water. It's most recommended waiting for the appliance to heat up completely before using it.

This prevents any accidents of drippage. This has been highly advised as the best last-minute touch-up garment steamer.

Its electric pump facilitates an even distribution of steam along the surface of the garment to remove any cigarette smell, unpleasant odor, stains and even germs off your clothes. 

The product comes with a brush accessory that removes creases from thicker garments like coats and jackets. This Philips fabric care product is suitable for all kinds of linen and silk garments.


  • Automatic continuous steam flow
  • Brush for thick garments
  • Handheld easy to use design


  • The low steam setting, may be too hot for delicate items

7. Maharaja Whiteline GS 100

Maharaja Whiteline GS 100


  • Power: 1600 Watt
  • Operating voltage: 240V
  • Easy refillable tank
  • Integrated cord storage
  • Ergonomic hand-held design
  • Heat up time: less than a min
  • Running time: 30 mins
  • Tank capacity: 1000ml
  • Can be operated on upholstery and curtains
  • Warranty: 1 years
  • Product Dimension: 14.5cm X 27cm X 14cm

The stylish Maharaja Whiteline GS100 Garment Steamer is a revolutionary home appliance ideal for all kinds of fabrics including curtains and upholstery.

Its compact and portable design makes this product stand out from the parade of garment steamers available in the market.

The product comes with an ergonomic handle for one hand operation.

This Maharaja product is capable of strong output steam flow, enabled by a 1600 watt power backup.

This powerful steam burst helps to in gentle removal of creases, , and germs off your clothes.

Maharaja Whiteline GS100 comes with an easily refillable 1000ml water tank, enough to back up the process for a minimum 30 mins. Another interesting feature is its integrated cord storage that helps you neatly stack this item when not in use, avoiding any power cord mess.


  • 5 attachments - fabric brush, upholstery brush, lint pad, door hook and crease attachment
  • Powerful vertical steam
  • Compact shape, portable


  • Some complains that stand is delicate

8. Black Decker

Black Decker


  • Power: 2000 Watt
  • Operating voltage: 220-240 volts
  • Foot operated on and off switch
  • Collar aid
  • Lint remover to remove small fiber
  • Easily adjustable telescopic poles with pole lock clamps
  • Fabric brush to remove dust and pet hair
  • Pleat maker and hanger
  • Flexible Hose
  • Tank capacity: 2.4 liter with color indications
  • Heat up time: 40 seconds
  • Overheat protection system
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Product Dimension: 20.3 x 40.6 x 20.3 cm ; 4.54 Kg

The smart Black Decker Garment Steamer facilitate easy removal of creases in 3 clean steps of steam flow.

This digital garment steamer is ready to use in just 40 seconds. The product comes with a 2.4-litre water tank having multicolored indicators for added convenience.

An improved lint remover facility helps eradicate small fiber from upholstery and garments.

This Black Decker product also comes with a detachable fabric brush to remove dirt and pet hair from the fabric.

The steaming hose is extremely flexible to facilitate even distribution of the steam along the surface of your garment.

An interesting feature of this Black Decker garment steamer is its smart pleat maker and hanger that removes all trouser creases perfectly to make your skirts and trouser pleats look new, just out of the market shelf. To add some finishing touch, the product gives you a collar aid.

 An overheat protection system takes care of the safety issues.


  • Leg operative power on and off the system
  • Pleat maker
  • Collar aid facility
  • Anti-calc overheat protection


  • Complicated usage, difficult to understand if you are new to garment steamers

9. Aicok Mini Travel Garment Steamer

Aicok Mini Travel Garment Steamer


  • Power: 1000 Watt
  • BPA free ABS/PP dual heating system
  • Compact and ergonomic
  • Capable of continuous usage till 5 mins on a single heating
  • Removable fabric brush for removing dust and pet hair
  • Travel pouch and Hand gloves
  • Power saving pause feature
  • Tank capacity: 80ml
  • Power cord: 8ft
  • Suitable for all fabrics
  • Removes creases from sequined fabrics
  • The steam trigger for even steaming
  • Product Dimension: 14.5 x 12.2 x 33 cm, 1.02 Kg

The name says it all. Aicok Mini Garment Steamer is apt for both daily use and travel purposes.

What makes this garment steamer stand out is its sleek modern design and ergonomic build.

The steamer is so compact that it fits into any handheld baggage. The portable steamer is suitable for all fabric textures. Its detachable 80 ml water tank supports a continuous steaming up to 5 mins.

The steamer comes with three removable attachments including a fabric brush to remove dust and pet hair, a travel bag to carry the steamer and a pair of sturdy hand gloves.

An interesting power saving pause feature allows you to pause the process until you get your clothing ready for ironing. The steamer’s powerful 1000 watt core enables it to straighten hard creases, even off sequined clothes.


  • Ergonomic compact design, best for travel
  • Suitable for all fabrics
  • Comes with a travel pouch and hand gloves


  • No warranty in India

10. Sheffield Classic Garment Steamer

Sheffield Classic Garment Steamer


  • Power: 1500 Watt
  • Steam output: 30-35 gm/min
  • 9 holed spray stable steam
  • Steam availability: 90 min/2.6l
  • Roll caster for easy movement
  • Telescopic aluminum poles for storage
  • High efficiency, low consumption
  • Tank capacity: 2.6 liter
  • Heat up time: 45 seconds
  • Tank steam tube: 1.6M
  • Drain Plug for maintenance
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Product Dimension: 33cm X 35cm X 45cm

Looking for a garment steamer of high efficiency and low power consumption? Sheffield’s Classic Garment Steamer can qualify for that spot.

Its professionally designed boiler takes this motto quite seriously. The model showcases a voluminous water tank that facilitates continuous steam flow.

The smart nozzle is so built that it restricts drippage of water completely.

The nozzle has 9 small holes that allow even extrusion of steam flow along the surface of the garment.

The steamer also comes with a drain plug to prevent messy slippery floor accidents.

A roll caster is attached to the steamer to facilitate easy movement. A single power button initiates the heating process. The steamer gets ready to be used in less 50 seconds.  

The aluminum pole on which the steamer stands can be easily adjusted according to your preference with a telescopic storage unit for safe stacking when not in use.


  • Smart cloth hanger, flexible swivel cord, and easy maintenance


  • Complains of poor servicing

Buyer's Guide: How to Purchase Garment Steamers

Changing the Traditional: Steamer vs Iron

A garment steamer and an iron both are used to accomplish the same tasks. Though both the devices are used to remove wrinkles and creases from fabric, these devices have individual functionality.

While the long argument on which is better is debatable, we are not entering any argument for now. Many households have embraced garment steamers gracefully for its many advantages over the traditional iron.

Instead of setting out an iron board, laying out your clothes and sectionally ironing each section, a garment steamer works efficiently on the whole garment without any hassle. You just need to fill in the reservoir with water and plug in the power source.

Mostly all garment steamers work on tap water. The steamer emits a jet of steam, moisturizing the fabric first, before smoothening the creases on a single touch of a button.

All you need to do is hang your cloth on a stand or your steamer’s built-in hanger and the steamer does the rest.

Easy, right? Some steamers are extremely compact and ergonomic and can fit into small travel bags. So you need not worry about wrinkled clothes when you are traveling. 

Caution in Using Garment Steamers

There are certain aspects you need to take care while using a garment steamer. Many fabrics and textiles are too delicate. Such fabric cannot take heat or moisture and should never be steamed.

Also, if you have noticed, many garments come with a ‘Dry Clean Only’ on their tags. Using steam on such garments expose the fabric to damage or moisture spots.

Care should be taken while steaming clothes whose colors may run out easily. It’s always recommended to try steam first on a small section of cloth for a trial and run, before steaming it wholly.

If you are doubtful, it’s best to leave the cloth to the experts at the dry cleaners.

Types of Garment Steamers

Garment steamers are basically of two types. The floor models were used originally in dress shops to steam wrinkles from new clothes before handing them over to the customers or putting them on display.

The second is the compact garment steamer category, perfect for households and traveling. The second category is the hand-held type that is ergonomic and can be operated only with your preferred hand.

The modern steam cleaners come with variable temperature controls, steaming options and tank capacities for you choose from according to your preferences.

Hand-Held Steamers

Let us talk about the most compact steamers in the market and their uses here. Handheld steamers, as their name suggests, stands ahead in the race with one-hand operational functionalities.

These steamers appear in the sleekest designs with a tank or reservoir for refilling water. These types of steamers are perfect for last-minute ironing of clothes and removal of stains.

If you already have a hand-held steamer, you would know that the hand-held steamer too, has its own limitations.

Floor Models

To come to rescue from the limitations of handheld steamers, floor modeled garment steamers have been called to many households, boutiques and tailor shops. Voluminous reservoirs, faster heating, and many other such features make these steamers the favorites among many.

Most of these models come with inbuilt hangers, adjustable poles, wheel attachments and flexible hose pipes that allow an easy maneuver.

Hand-Held vs Floor Models

Though both these steamer types have quick heating models under them, the basic difference between the two lies in their applications.

A smaller reservoir can store lesser water, decreasing the time of sustainability at a single go. Hence, a handheld garment steamer is usually used for smaller accomplishments - like an urgent steaming or a travel mate on your trip.

The floor built models are bigger in size and are more efficient in removing creases. These upright floor-built models are usually used at home.

Features When Buying

The most ideal garment steamer has the following features that make them stand out from the others in the race:

Steamer Power

Power here means wattage. The higher the power, the faster will be the heating process of the steamer. An ideal garment steamer should have a high power core. More power improves steam output, allowing steam to de-crease more variety of fabrics.

A lower wattage garment steamer is not capable to remove crease from tougher fabric like coats, jackets or denim.

Reservoir Capacity

A voluminous reservoir elongates the steaming process, allowing more clothes to be steamed at a single refill.

Hence, more water the reservoir can hold, the longer the steam will last. This is important as certain fabrics like upholstery and curtain demands longer time.


You can argue that you don't need a steamer while you travel.

But an ergonomic and compactly built garment steamer is always easier to operate than the gigantic models. Also, smaller models can be stored adequately than the larger models.

Cord Length

You may not have an easy access to a power supply in your laundry room.

A longer chord helps you connect the garment steamer to a power supply switch in a different room. There is also a lower risk of fire, burns and heating up if the chords are of a safe length.


Choose a garment steamer that comes with a fair warranty period. Most appliances come with a 2-year manufacturer warranty and cover all hardware and interior junction damages.


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