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Top 14 Best Gas Stoves in India (2020)

Edited By Garima, Reviewed By Anupama

Looking for the Best Gas Stove in India?

Great! You have come to the right place as we bring forth a list of the leading names that are ruling this industry since the past few years.

Gone are the days, when you would find those quintessential stainless steel two-burner cooktops in the kitchen. With time, experts have come up with different upgraded versions of gas stoves.

The ease of cleaning, efficiency and built-up style of these Best Gas Stoves in India has contributed to their popularity in a very less time.

They are an ideal option for people looking to add a dash of style to the overall look of their kitchen while maintaining its functionality. 

Best Gas Stoves

Whether you are a chef de cuisine, a casual cook or a beginner, a good gas stove can certainly verve up your pulse. To make it easier for you to choose quality products, we’ve analyzed some products that suit your requirements and have listed them in this article.

Do not forget to check out our comprehensive buyer's guide at the end of this article. Many of you may question the need of conducting thorough research prior to buying a best gas stove in India. However, there are various factors that you need to consider before you take your pick.

Features to look for while buying a Branded gas stove – 

  • Check the Number of Burners - Stoves with three or four burners will let you prepare more dishes in lesser time.
  • Cooktop Control – Burners should allow you to change the temperature or heat level as per your convenience.
  • Gas Inlet Connection – Take a look at the gas inlet connection of the gas stove you wish to buy.
  • Smooth Operation – It should give you a hassle-free cooking experience.
  • Durability – Pick a model that is sturdy and durable with a longer shelf-life.
  • Cost-Effective – Gas stoves that are costly will burn your pocket only once, but will increase the overall cooking efficacy and reduce gas consumption.

There are different types of gas stoves with various specifications available in the market which might confuse you. After conducting our own research, we have come up with a list of the Top 10 Gas Stove in India, which you can make a selection based on your convenience and needs.

We Highly recommend you to read the Gas Stove Buying Guide at the end of this article to get in-depth knowledge about latest gas stove technologies and  tips on making an informed decision about which product to buy for your needs 🙂

Top 10 Best Gas Stoves in India

Although my favorite among all is Prestige Marvel Glass 3 Burner Gas Stove but you must check all of them to make your buying decision.

 1. Prestige Marvel Glass 3 Burner Gas Stove

Prestige Marvel Glass 3 Burner Gas Stove


  • Design: Spill-proof design
  • No. of Burner: 3 burners
  • Additional Feature: High-efficiency Tri-pin burners
  • Knobs: Ergonomically designed knobs
  • Material: Toughened glass top

A well-trusted brand, Prestige believes in delivering top quality products to its customers.

Prestige Marvel Glass is the Best 3 burner gas stove in India comes in a compact and spill-proof design.

This gas stove occupy less space on the counter top, while the ergonomically designed knobs ensure the safe and smooth functioning of the appliance.

Prestige gas stove 3 burner comes with a shatterproof, toughened glass top that makes it durable and easy to clean. 

The presence of tri-pin burners made of brass further guarantees even distribution of heat.

Each burner has been equipped with pan support so that all types of pans and vessels can be used for the purpose of cooking at the same time facilitating uniform heating. 


  • Easy and smooth functioning
  • Precision flame control
  • Spill-proof design makes it easy to maintain
  • Artistic look


  • Flame intensity is not good

 2. Pigeon by Stovekraft Troika Glass-Ceramic 3 Burner Gas Stove

Pigeon by Stovekraft Troika Glass-Ceramic 3 Burner Gas Stove


  • Coated with Rust-Proof powder
  • Additional Feature: Equipped with tri pin brass burners
  • Material: Toughened Glass
  • Knobs: User-friendly ergonomically designed knobs
  • Design: Spill-proof design
  • Burner: Triple burner

If you are looking for a gas stove that is appealing, scratch-resistant and spill-proof, the Pigeon 3 Burner Gas Stove by Stovekraft Troika should be on your radar.

It's compact, toughened glass-ceramic design will complement your modular kitchen and will occupy less space in your kitchen to give it a clean and spacious look.

It has been engineered with tri-pin brass burners so that your gas stove has even flame distribution.

It's classic look and design make your kitchen more appealing and attractive. Besides, each burner has pan support so that all types of pots and pans sit on the burner steadily to provide a hassle-free cooking experience.

This Pigeon gas stove offers 2 years site warranty where the service team will rectify the problem at your door. 


  • Rust-proof
  • Even heat distribution
  • Strong Pan Support
  • Easy to clean
  • Works efficiently


  • Glass-ceramic gets dirty
  • The glass may break

 3. Lifelong 3 Burner Gas Stove

Lifelong 3 Burner Gas Stove


  • Material: Toughened, thicker and break-resistant glass top
  • knobs: Nylon knobs
  • Burner: 3 burners
  • Additional Feature: Anti-skid feet
  • Burner: High-efficiency burner

This gas stove has a thick, toughened glass top, which lends it a classy appeal. It is shatter-proof, so it can withstand any temperature to let you cook as per your convenience.

Compared to other stoves, this appliance has high-intensity flame, while on the other hand, it comes with ergonomically designed nylon knobs, which make it safe to use.

Equipped with pan supports, it ensures proper support to the cooking vessels so that no accidental falls occur.

The anti-skid rubber feet hold the stove to the slab top and prevent unnecessary slips. It is the perfect choice for all, whether you have a small family or a big one.

This is the best gas hobs in India you can find in the market with such specifications.


  • Long-lasting glass top
  • Easy to clean
  • High heat resistance glass top
  • Easy operation
  • Offers services at your doorstep


  • Does not support auto-ignition

 4. Sunflame Pearl 4 Burner Glass Top Gas Stove

Sunflame Pearl 4 Burner Glass Top Gas Stove


  • Burner: Four burners for an easy cooking experience
  • Material: Metal base with powder sheet coating
  • Knobs: Ergonomically designed knobs
  • Additional Feature: Pan supports

Now preparing your favourite dishes is going to be fun with Sunflame Pearl Gas Stove which comes with 4 burners. Now, you can prepare more items in one go.

Designed with a toughened glass cooktop, this appliance is not only easy to clean and maintain but also gives an aesthetic appeal to your kitchen.

Sunflame is the Best 4 burner gas stove in India is further coated with a powder sheet with a metal base, thus ensuring sturdiness and longevity.

Besides, it comes with ergonomically designed knobs that help in adjusting the flame or heat as per your requirement.

The burners are integrated with pan support so that all the vessels you use for cooking sit on the burner steadily to give a pleasant cooking experience.


  • Easy to operate
  • Equal heat distribution
  • Easy maintenance
  • Sturdy and durable


  • After sell service is not good

 5. GLEN 1043 GT AI Glass Automatic Gas Stove (4 Burners)

GLEN 1043 GT AI Glass Automatic Gas Stove (4 Burners)


  • Advance Feature: Auto-ignition
  • Nozzle: 360-degree swivel inlet nozzle
  • Knobs: Ergonomically designed knobs
  • Additional Feature: Pan support
  • Burner: 4 burners
  • Material: Steel body with a matte finish with Toughened glass top

You will enjoy cooking different cuisines with GLEN 1043 GT AI Glass Gas Stove.

This GLEN 1043 is loaded with all the advanced features, this appliance will enable you to prepare more dishes in lesser time.

The toughened glass top gives it a sleek look with a classy sheen. It also has a stainless steel drip tray to ensure that you have a pleasant cooking experience. 

This Glen is one of the best 4 burner gas stove in Indian market due to it's auto-ignition feature and 360-degree spin inlet nozzle.

Glen's burner has been integrated with thick support to make certain that the pots and pans sit well on the burner and there is no chance of any accidental falls.

Besides, it comes with a 360-degree spin inlet nozzle

The best part of this Glen gas stove 4 burner appliance is that it is equipped with a multi-spark auto ignition, which is an added advantage.


  • Easy operation
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Sleek and stylish
  • Ensures safety
  • Sturdy and durable


  • As per feedback, the quality of this product is not good

 6. Butterfly Signature Glass 3 Burner Gas Stove

Butterfly Signature Glass 3 Burner Gas Stove


  • Burner: 3 brass burners for equal heat distribution
  • Material: Spill trays made of stainless steel
  • Additional Feature: Smart lock pan
  • Durability: Long-lasting coating
  • Knobs: Ergonomically designed ABS knobs

Designed to perfection, this Butterfly Signature Gas Stove comes with smaller size burners that ensure you get heat at the right temperature for cooking. You can control the flame through unbreakable ABS knobs in this gas stove.

If you are looking for a Best 3 burner gas stove in India appliance that has modern dimensions and serves quick cooking, this stove is ideal for you.

The burners have high thermal efficiency and provide equal heat distribution to impart a pleasing cooking experience with a pressure cookers.

The stove comprises of a smart lock pin that locks and provides firm support while cooking. The stainless steel spill tray assures zero rusting and easy cleaning. The flame retardant panel allows you to stand near the stove for a longer time without feeling too hot.


  • Sleek and stylish
  • Easy to clean
  • Ensures easy operation
  • Facilitates easy gas flow


  • Knobs are made of plastic ,not metal
  • Burner requires cleaning

 7. Sunshine Olympic 4 Burner Toughened Glass Gas Stove

Sunshine Olympic 4 Burner Toughened Glass Gas Stove


  • Burner: Sturdy Brass Tri-Pin 4 Burners
  • Material: Toughened Glass Top
  • Knobs: Ergonomically Designed Knobs
  • Additional Feature: 360 Degree Rotating Gas Inlet

Add a refreshing touch to your kitchen with the addition of this meticulously designed. Sunshine Olympic is the Best 4 Burner Gas Stove in India in it's own brand having so much popularity than other gas stoves.

The stainless steel glass body enhances the strength, aesthetic value, and safety of the stove.

Its tri-pin burners provide maximum fuel efficiency without any blockage. Each assembled component is made with maximum precision to prevent it from all types of failures.

It comes with aluminum mixing tubes with durable brass burners to assist you in fast cooking.

The knobs ensure easy and smooth operation at the same time offering uniform heat distribution. Lastly, it comes with a 360 degree revolving gas inlet so that you can place the cylinder in any corner of your kitchen.


  • Sturdy and Durable
  • Easy operation
  • Uniform heat distribution


  • Burners get blackspot
  • Leg mounting issue

 8. Elica Glass 3 Burner Auto Ignition Gas Stove (Patio ICT 773 BLK AI)

Elica Glass 3 Burner Auto Ignition Gas Stove (Patio ICT 773 BLK AI)


  • Burner: Heavy-duty 3 brass burners of varying sizes Automatic feature
  • Material: Toughened glass body
  • Additional Feature: Support plate made of stainless steel
  • Knobs: Knobs ensure frictionless rotation
  • European gas valves

This Elica Glass 3 Burner Gas Stove is highly efficient and may speed up your cooking process.

It is equipped with 1 small, 1 medium and 1 big burner to provide you multiple choices when it comes to the quantity of heating.

It is easy to clean and maintain and does not require extra energy and effort.

The gas valves are efficient and ensure safe operation. The toughened glass prevents minor breakage and adds strength to the stove.

The heavy brass burners consume lesser LPG as compared to those made of aluminum alloys. The auto-ignition features further ease the cooking operation.

According to it's reviews and ratings It is the best auto ignition gas stove in Indian market.

The burners are ignited through electricity or batteries by turning the knob at a specific angle.


  • Easy to clean
  • Auto-ignition
  • Stunning frameless design
  • Ultra-modern design
  • Smooth operation


  • Costly

 9. Hindware Gloria Plus Stainless Steel 3 Burner Gas Stove

Hindware Gloria Plus Stainless Steel 3 Burner Gas Stove


  • Advance Feature: Auto-Ignition
  • Support: Cast iron pan supports
  • Burner: 3 Burners
  • Material: Toughened glass
  • Shape: Square shaped

Give your kitchen a modern look with the inclusion of this amazing Hindware Gloria Plus Gas Stove that will enable you to have a wonderful cooking experience. It comes with Indian brass burners that have auto-ignition feature to light the hob without using matches or a lighter.

The cast iron pan support holds the cooking-ware properly. The brass burners are corrosion resistant and provide uniform flame distribution. It is further coated with a black powder finish to make it serve the best purpose.

You do not have to worry about manual lighting and safety provisions because of it's auto-ignition feature. Apart from performance, it adds aesthetic value to your kitchen. On the other hand, the manufacturer provides 2 years warranty.


  • Easy operation
  • Easy to maintain
  • Artistic appeal
  • Metallic Knobs
  • Durable and sturdy design
  • Ergonomically designed knobs
  • Built-in hobs


  • No cons could be found

 10. Elica Vetro Glass Top 3 Burner Gas Stove (703 CT VETRO BLK)

Elica Vetro Glass Top 3 Burner Gas Stove (703 CT VETRO BLK)


  • Knobs: Smooth functional knobs
  • Material: Sturdy glass top & Support plates made of stainless steel
  • Burner: Heavy brass burners
  • Additional Feature:  Euro coating grid

With a toughened glass finish on the top, this Elica Vetro Gas Stove is the perfect blend of style and functionality.

Elica gas stove comes with Euro coated grids to ensure a stable performance and also makes certain that the vessels do not chip off, which is an added advantage.

Featuring 2 medium and 1 small-sized burner, this appliance gives you the freedom to cook as per your convenience.

Elica Vectro Glass is one of the best gas stove 3 burner because of its popularity and evergreen demand in the market.

Besides, it enables you to save time while cooking on the with a pressure cookers and induction cookers of uniform heat distribution. 

The high-quality knobs are designed for smooth operation of the appliance. This Elica gas stove 3 burner also includes support plates made of stainless steel to ensure maximum reliability and easy cleaning.


  • Toughened glass top
  • Sleek and sturdy design
  • Easy maintenance
  • Offers perfect support to the pans


  • No Auto-ignition

 11. Prestige Marvel Plus Glass 4 Burner Gas Stove 

Prestige Marvel Plus Glass 4 Burner Gas Stove


  • Burner Type: Gtm 04
  • Ignition Mode: Manual
  • Top: Toughened  Glass top
  • Knobs: Ergonomically designed knobs
  • Pan Support: Yes
  • Shape: Rectangle
  • Warranty: 2 Years
  • Shatter-Proof: Yes
  • Body Material: Aluminum
  • Spill-Proof: Yes
  • Burner Style: Tri-pin

Add a refreshing touch to your kitchen by including this Prestige Marvel gas stove.

The top has been made of toughened glass material while the body is of aluminium that not only ensures sturdiness but also makes it easy to clean.

Being shatter-proof, this gas stove can withstand scratches thereby maintaining the classy top of the appliance.

It is also spill-proof, so maintaining hygiene is easy.

The knobs are ergonomically designed to provide you with uniform heat distribution and at the same time, these ensure sturdy-grip for the smooth functioning of the stove.


  • Shatter-proof/spill-proof
  • Efficiently works
  • Toughened glass top
  • Ergonomic design


  • Burners are slightly tight

 12. Sunflame Classic 3B Burner Gas Stove

Sunflame Classic 3B Burner Gas Stove


  • Burner Type: 03
  • Ignition Mode: Manual
  • Top: Toughened Glass top
  • Knobs: Sturdily designed knobs
  • Pan Support: Yes
  • Drip Tray Material: Stainless Steel
  • Pan Support Coating: Euro Coating
  • Base: Metal base with powder coating
  • Spill-Proof: Yes

Cook in style with the help of this gas stove from Sunflame.

It comes with 3 brass burners that perfect suit Indian style cooking and at the same time, it ensures longevity.

It features control knobs that are easy to use and also offers smooth operations. Besides, it includes drip trays that help you to maintain cleanliness and hygiene.

It has a toughened glass top that not only makes the appliance scratch-resistant but also ensures long life.

Above all, burners come with pan support so that the vessels sit on the pan steadily and you have a safe cooking experience.


  • Easy to maintain
  • Works effectively
  • Spill-proof
  • Scratch-resistant


  • No drawbacks found yet

 13. Butterfly Smart Glass 2 Burner Gas Stove

Butterfly Smart Glass 2 Burner Gas Stove


  • Burner Type: 02
  • Ignition Mode: Manual
  • Top: Toughened Glass top
  • Knobs: Ergonomically designed knobs
  • Pan Support: Yes
  • Burner Material: Brass
  • Pan Support Coating: Euro Coating
  • Nozzle: 360-degree revolving style
  • Spill-Proof: Yes
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Warranty: 1 Year

Now cleaning is not a tough task after cooking, as this gas stove is equipped with spill trays.

These trays also ensure that there is a less rusting chance. This appliance comes with a feature – smart lock pan.

This gas stove allows you to lock the spill trays so that the cooking vessels do not wobble.

If you are looking for 2 burner gas stove then this is the right  product for you available in indian market.

Brass burners have high thermal efficiency and offer equal heat distribution for a better cooking experience.

Besides, the pan supports have a powder coating to ensure a long life. It also makes it scratch-resistant.


  • Smooth operations
  • Easy to maintain
  • Sturdy design
  • User-friendly


  • Brass burner might turn black

 14. Prestige Marvel Plus LP Gas Table GTM 01 (1 Burner)

Prestige Marvel Plus LP Gas Table GTM 01 (1 Burner)


  • Burner Type: 01
  • Ignition Mode: Manual
  • Burner Mode: High Type
  • Top: Toughened Glass top
  • Knobs: Ergonomically designed knobs
  • Pan Support: Yes
  • Shape: Square
  • Shatter-Proof: Yes
  • Rust-Resistant: Yes
  • Warranty: 2 Years

Simple yet elegant, this Prestige marvel plus gas stove from the best brand for gas stove is very classy. Prestige, is a must-have in your kitchen.

It has been designed to consume less space in your kitchen counter top. It comes with a toughened glass top that not only lends it a classy appeal but also makes it scratch-resistant and rust-resistant. Besides, it has a single type burner, which makes it a perfect choice for bachelors.

It also features pan support hence the cooking vessels will sit steadily on it and will not wobble during the cooking time.


  • Works effectively
  • Easy to operation
  • Easy cleaning
  • Unique heat distribution


  • Costly for 1 burner gas stove

Buyer's Guide: How to Purchase Gas Stoves

Why buy a gas stove?

Gas stoves have undergone several transformations in the last 5 to 10 years. Nowdays, those bulky old ovens with clumsy knobs have been swapped with sleek and stylish gas stoves with ergonomically designed knobs to complement any setting ranging from an old conventional kitchen to a modular one.

This change has made life easier and safer for individuals. The new models come with distinctive features and enhanced utilities like (Prestige gas stove, Glen gas stove, Elica gas stove, Pigeon gas stove, Sunflame gas stove, Lifelong gas stove and Hindware gas stove). Let’s analyze the need for a Latest gas stove.

#1; Saves Time & Fuel

There was a time when we used to see our mothers or grandmothers using kerosene or coal to light up conventional gas stoves. It was not only time consuming but also required a lot of effort to prepare any food item. In those days, a gas oven with two burners was launched in the market and performed well.

Best gas hobs in India have been improvised in recent times and are equipped with 3 or 4 burners. This lets you prepare more than two items at a time, which was not possible earlier. As a result, it requires lesser time to complete your cooking.

Another interesting fact about Best gas stove in india is that it saves fuel, which is not possible in conventional designs. In short, the advantage of having a gas stove at home is that it saves money and time.

#2: New Style

Designed using the latest technologies, modern gas stoves come in elegant designs with a glass top that add a dash of style to your kitchen.

#3: Ignition: Manual or Automatic

While buying a modern gas stove, you can choose between the mode of cooking style - manual gas stove ignition or automatic gas stove ignition. For manual ignition, you have to light up the stove on your own using a lighter or a matchstick. This mode may lead to accidents.

On the other hand, automatic gas stove ignition does not require any source of energy. It gets ignited by simply clicking the switch.

Should you buy a gas stove online?

Online shopping platforms have grown exponentially within a small time frame. Nowadays, it is perfectly safe to buy a gas stove online. In fact, there are various benefits of buying any product online, such as:

  • Comparing different models becomes easy.
  • There are various discounts and cash backs available on various online shopping portals, hence you do not need to bargain or crib over discounts at shops.
  • Easy refund and replacement policies on online portals make shopping easier. If you get a defective piece and wish to replace the product, you can do the needful by answering a few questions.
  • Just make sure that the seller you are buying your stove from is certified by that shopping site to ensure you get a genuine product.

Best gas stove brands in India?

There are many prestigious brands that take pride in delivering top quality kitchen appliances like gas stoves.

After thorough research, we bring forward the best gas stove brand in India. These are – Prestige gas stove, Glen gas stove, Elica gas stove, Pigeon gas stove, Sunflame gas stove, Lifelong gas stove and Hindware gas stove.

Once you have made up your mind about buying a gas stove, you must decide upon the brand and consider your requirements of a three burner gas stove or a four burner gas stove.

Factors to Consider While Buying a Gas Stove

We understand how difficult it is to select Top gas stove brands according to your needs when you have so many options available in the market. Mentioned below are some of the important factors that you need to consider while placing your order.

Shape and Size of Gas Stove

Best stoves in India come in various shapes and sizes such as oval, rectangular, etc. Firstly, you need to consider how spacious your kitchen counter is in order to purchase a gas stove of an appropriate size. Gas stoves are available in different sizes so that they can fit on your kitchen countertop.

You must also consider the hood space, as all cooktops come with a hood cover, hence you must see if your kitchen has enough space above the countertop to open and close the hood easily.

Burner Position

Burner position should be checked properly before you make your purchase. Some Best 4 burner gas stoves in India can only accommodate 3 utensils at once, thereby reducing its efficiency and utility for which you have paid.

Sometimes burners are not rightly placed due to which you cannot accommodate all the cooking vessels on the gas stove at the same time, even if they are equipped with 3 or 4 burners. Hence, you must see that the borders are widely placed for comfortable cooking.


Different sized burners have different utility; hence the model you buy must have different utility-sized burners. You must also see the positioning of burners according to their size as smaller burners must be placed at the back for slow and longer cooking periods.

Generally, the rectangular design with 3 burners is quite useful but you might also find a spacious and good layout in a four-burner gas stove.

Knob Design

Although, every brand believes in providing an ergonomic knob design, still you must check that the knob is smooth to use and has an evident marking on it so that you do not get confused while using it. You must also consider the positioning of the knobs as it is important for a smooth cooking experience.

Cooktop Surface

Most importantly, the cooktop surface must be sturdy and heat resistant.

Make sure that dust is not easily accumulated on the cooktop, and at the same time, it is easy to clean. As the cooktop also affects the interior of your kitchen you must consider the colour and style of the cooktop surface before purchasing it.

Trivets and Base

You need to check if the trivets or pan supports are strong enough to withstand the weight of any pan or pot.

A strong base with trivets to support your vessels is essential for a gas stove. You must also ensure that the base of the gas stove is steady and sticks to the kitchen countertop, it should not skid while using heavy vessels on the cooktop.

Gas Inlet Connection

Determine the gas inlet connection in your kitchen before you go shopping. Otherwise, you may require performing structural changes to your kitchen to bring the gas stove in use. It is recommended to opt for a best glass top gas stove in India that suits your kitchen rather than making alterations to its structural design.

Gas Saving

It is advisable to buy a gas stove that emanates a blue-coloured flame. You need to check if all the burners have uniform and strong flames. If this is not the case, then the gas stove consumes more fuel. Thus, you need to carefully consider this factor.

How to clean and maintain your gas stove?

We are prone to spilling foods or condiments on the gas stove; hence it is significant to clean it properly. Wipe the cooktop thoroughly with a wet cloth to avoid any kind of vents or scratches. Avoid using any harsh chemical product on the cooktop as it might damage its smooth surface.

Most of the time, glazed hands come in touch with the knobs; hence you must clean them thoroughly. Knob covers can be removed easily and washed separately in soapy water to clear all the grime. You must keep the hood down to keep your gas stove covered while not in use.

You must also clean the burners from time to time so that they do not clog and affect your cooking experience.

Not sure which gas stove to buy?

All the best gas stove brands in India are available with 3 or 4 burners. Firstly, you need to understand the number of burners you need. You will find that even the best 2 burner gas stove in India do not speed up your cooking process. Therefore, it is important for you to increase the number of burners to ease your hard work.

You can put all the burners to work at the same time , thereby enhancing your cooking speed and reducing the overall  time and effort involved. If you want to know everything about best gas stove in India in detail, you have come to the right place.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which brand of the gas stove is best?

A lot of brands offer excellent quality gas stoves such as Prestige, Pigeon, Lifelong, Sunflame, Glen, Butterfly, Sunshine, Elica, and Hindware. These are the most trusted brands among households, hotels and restaurants. All these brands provide different range of gas stoves. These brands are known for their flawless services, updated features and availability of various designs to select the appropriate one. Buyers should not get confused and always focus on their requirements and budget before picking the product from the pool.

2.  Which stove is best?

There are a lot of options available in the market and online shopping sites. A stove is considered best when it has all the required features incorporated into it. Your requirements depend on whether you want to use the stove at home or commercially. For household use, the size of the family matters, whereas to use a stove commercially, the number of people you are planning to serve at a time is an important factor. This will help you to decide the features, number of burners and the size of the stove. Stoves of any trusted brand that meet the required parameters should be considered the best to buy.

3. Which gas stove is better glass top or stainless steel?

Stoves with a glass top look beautiful and easy to clean but these are delicate and need utmost care. The corners of the glass top are always at the risk of breaking and require high maintenance. Hence, these are the best to be used at homes and small open kitchens.
On the other hand, stainless steel gas stoves have a higher durability. The top is also made up of stainless steel which makes it more suitable for commercial use. Cleaning these stoves is also easy but the heavy stains sometimes lead to corrosion of the metal.

4. How do I choose a gas stove?

Choosing a gas stove can be very time consuming, confusing and a difficult procedure for a lot of people. Some people don’t bother about different features and cost of the product. They just see a stove and buy it while others have specific designs or features in their minds. We should always do the proper research on the various platforms about the best brands and specifications before finalizing the product. One of the most critical aspects is the cost of the stove. Be sure to choose a stove that does not create a hole in your pocket.

5. When should I buy a gas stove?

The time to buy a gas stop depends entirely on your need. If your old gas stove is not working properly, then you should consider purchasing a new gas stove. In this case, you can buy a simple and efficient gas stove. Or if you are shifting to a new home or upgrading the kitchen, then you should buy a gas stove with modern technology and features such as automatic ignition. You can also consider up to date designs. Purchasing a gas stove is the best when you need it the most.

6. What is better: Cast Iron or Stainless Steel?

Cast iron has more compressive strength than stainless steel. But cast iron tends to rust whereas stainless steel does not. Stainless steel stoves are easier to clean. Hence, cast iron stoves require more care. Also, stainless steel stoves are lightweight. Moreover, stainless steel does not get heated quickly. On the other hand, cast iron stoves get heated when the flame is turned on. Hence, the cast iron stoves are not suitable for beginners who can burn their hands quickly.

7. Is it safe to use a glass top gas stove?

Yes, it is safe to use a glass top gas stove. There is no harm in using these stoves. However, the glass tops are delicate and need proper care. The corners of the glass tops are chipped off easily. Moreover, they are unable to tolerate heavyweight utensils. They crack easily, which might be a problem. But they always have a shine on the top and are resistant to scratches. The glass top gas stoves look good and will enhance the beauty of a kitchen, especially if you want it to have a modern and urban look.

8. Do glass top stoves break easily?

The glass in glass top stoves is mixed with ceramic to improve its strength. Hence, they are generally durable. Moreover, heat distribution in glass tops is even. This makes them more reliable than ever. But still, there are chances of their breakage. The most common cause of damage and cracks is overheating. If the glass top is overheated during cooking, it might crack. Heavy utensils and heavy force can also lead to cracks in the stoves. There is also a risk of scratches while cleaning the top.

9. What is the most reliable gas stove?

The most reliable gas stoves belong to the most reliable brands. One should always go for the most trusted brands of gas stoves among kitchen owners. The gas stove is said to be stable only if it provides satisfaction to the user. This can be achieved by comparing the gas stoves of all the high-quality brands. It should be compatible with comfortable cooking. The guidelines of the gas stove should be easy to understand. It should also have a warranty in case of any damage. Read the warranty card and the terms and conditions very carefully before buying a stove.

10. What should I look for while buying a new gas stove?

The first most vital point to be considered while buying a gas stove is the price range. Decide the range within which you want to buy a stove. Then start looking for the most reliable brands and its features. Make a list of the brands which provide all the required features in the gas stove. Also, do the proper research for some beautiful designs that suit your kitchen’s interior. Do not forget to check the warranty and guarantee of the gas stove. Every stove has its pros and cons. Make a choice depending on what features and advantages you want in your stove.

Here is the List of Top 14 Best Gas Stoves in India

Final Thoughts and Recommendations

I would personally recommend you to either go with a 3 burner model or a 4 burner model. Both types are highly functional and will give you an amazing cooking experience. Selecting the right gas stove from a plethora of products available in the market can be a daunting task.  

Therefore, in order to  save your valuable time and make this task easier, we have made a list of  Best stainless steel gas stove in India with all the features and their pros and cons.

If you have made up your mind to make a purchase, it is important for you to check out the specifications of all the models and then decide which model to buy. Hope this article helps you!


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