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Top 20 Best Gifts for Your Girlfriend (2020)

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Apart for the valentine's day, girlfriend's is the most exciting day of anyone's life. You always want to give your girl with something unique, thoughtful and yet very creative gift.

Roses and chocolates had become so much usual that no one wants to make the gift become normal and boring.

So, if you want to give your girlfriend the best gift on her birthday here is a list of Top 20 best birthday gift for girlfriend.

Every gift our list has us thoughtful, creative and super romantic that will express your love and care for your girl. This list has gifts suitable for the girls of all the ages and is of the different price range.


Not just a girlfriend, but those who want to select a gift for their fiance or wife can also take the help of this list and find the best gift for their loved ones. By referring this list you can give a real happy birthday gift to your girlfriend and make her feel special.

We Highly recommend you to read the Girlfriend Gift Buying Guide at the end of this article to get in-depth knowledge about the latest girlfriend gifts and  tips on making an informed decision about which product to buy for your needs 🙂

Top 20 Best Gifts for Your Girlfriend 

Although my favorite among all is Mi Band 3 but you must check all of them to make your buying decision.

1. Mi Band 3

Fitness is a vital factor for everyone, and by considering this you can even gift your bae an activity Tracker.

Mi Band 3 is the latest piece of the brand and has some astonishing features like tracking the activities, large OLED, messenger, calls, water resistant, longer lasting battery and much more.

If you will present Mi Band 3 to your girlfriend on her birthday she will get overwhelmed with your caring attitude towards her.

2. Kindle Paperwhite

If your girlfriend loves to read books then she will be happy to get Kindle Paperwhite (7th gen) as her birthday gift.

This idea is new, innovative and also it is something your girlfriend would love to use, rather than keeping it in one corner of her house.

This device has 6-inch screen size with a good quality display, it also has WiFi and 4GB storage and it has a longer lasting battery, so she didn't have to worry while taking Kindle on a tour with her.

3. Incredible Gifts India Wooden Custom Gift

This gift does incredibly beautiful that your girlfriend will fall in love with you all over again. All you have to do is book this wooden frame and send the most memorable yet beautiful picture of your girlfriend to the seller and they will engrave this picture on the wooden photo frame with a beautiful message.

With the picture, you can even customize the message in the frame and can give it a more personal look.

4. Yellow Chimes Non-Precious Metal Earrings

Another great option for a birthday gift is this magnificent Yellow Chimes Non-Precious Metal Clip-On Earrings for Women.

This multicoloured earring is studded with colourful stones and enhance the beauty of anyone who wears it. These small studs are perfect for the major occasion and even for daily life.

5. Printelligent Changing Mug

Do you want to surprise your girl with a magical coffee mug? This mug is uniquely designed which only display the message or picture of you pore hot water or coffee in it. You can easily customise this mug with the picture of your girlfriend or with a secret message which your girlfriend will when she will pour hot coffee in the mug.

This mug is a good option to make your girlfriend's birthday morning even brighter.

6. Zaveri Pearls Jewelry Set

This stunning pearl set by Zaveri pearls will make your birthday girl go glowy. This is an all white pearl set by Zaveri studded with gorgeous stones and pearls.

This set has one choker necklace and two dangling earrings giving your lady love the glamorous and classy look.

She can pair it with her almost every outfit and it will be great for parties and marriages.

7. Indigifts Valentine Special Handmade Postcards

Naughty gifts are great when you have to give it to your girlfriend and this postcard is a good option.

This card has some cute and naughty love messages which will make your girlfriend giggle.

And the best part about this postcard is it is handmade and we all know handmade gifts has its own importance.

8. Yellow Chimes 18K Rose Gold Ring

Nothing can be a better gift option than giving a Rose gold ring to your lady.

Yellow Chimes Flowerets Vine Swiss Cubic Zirconia ring is plated with 18k rose and studded with colourful stones.

This ring will add sparkles to the beauty of your girlfriend. You can even give this ring while proposing the girl and trust me she will not be able to deny the proposal.

9. Aadya Custom Crystal Engraved Gifts w/ LED Base

This is a small night lamp kind of a crystal with LED light which can be customised. There are many things about this crystal which makes it an ideal birthday gift for your girlfriend.

One, it can be customised with the picture of your girl. Two, it has LED light and looks very pretty in the dark. Third, it is also a great piece of decoration.

And lastly, your girlfriend is going to love this incredibly romantic present. So what are waiting for, go get it.

10. International Gift Gold Red Rose w/ Gift Box

This red rose is a great gift to show your love for someone. This mesmerizing rose is made of good quality material are is painted with an ng-lasting polish.

This is something your girlfriend can keep with her forever as a token of love as this will never fall apart like the normal rose.

And the best part is this one comes with a box and carry bag, which means you need to worry about how to keep it safe.

11. Timex E-Class Analog Dial Watch (Pink)

Watch is also a great birthday gift option not just for your girlfriend, but it is something you can present to anyone close to your heart. This Times Each class watch has an analogue display pattern. Its pink colour and dial studded with stones gives it a girlish look, also whenever your girlfriend will see the time she will remember you and all the good times she had with.

12. Printsways Custom LED Cushion (16x16")

Gifting a pillow or cushion to the girlfriend is a very common thing. Do you want to know what makes this pillow a better option than xyz pillows? First, you can customise it and second, this pillow can glow in the light. Yes, this pillow has a very rare LED feature, which makes this pillow glow ones you switch it on.

And as you can personalize it, you add the picture of your girlfriend and help her glow in the dark.

13. ALDIVO Happy Birthday Combo Set

If you want to make your girls birthday gigantic and know for that one gift is not going to be enough. You can go with this super nice looking combo. This combo pack has one 12 inch cushion, a pleasing greeting card, a printed coffee mug and a cute little keychain.

Whether you give this combo as one or give it one after the other, your girlfriend will be more than happy to see all these beautiful gifts near her.

14. Amazon Solimo XXL Bean Bag Cover

Get them and enjoy some lazy time with your lady on this bean bag. Present her this XXL size gigantic bean bag and let her experiences the laziness and cuddles with you on your big day. This all black coloured bean bag has graceful pink piping which gives a slight girly look. Your girlfriend will be more than with this as she will definitely need something for restful and sleepy nights.

15. DecuT 3 Layered Explosion Box

This is new in the market and hence can be a very unique birthday gift for your girlfriend.

This explosion box can be customised and will all the beautiful and memorable pictures of you and your girlfriend.

If you don't want to go with the pictures you can even write some messages in the box and gift it to your girlfriend.

16. Peora Velvet Red Rose Jewelry Ring Box

If you are all set to propose your girl for marriage on her birthday and with a diamond ring then the next thing you will need is a ring box. And what could be better than this velvet wrapped red rose? This is the prettiest ring box any girl would imagine to get on her birthday.

Imagine you handing over this rose to your girlfriend and surprisingly she finding the ring inside the box. Don't think this will be making her birthday even happier.

17. Chococraft Custom Chocolates w/ Box (9 PCS.)

Chocolates are a pretty common birthday gift but have to ever tried the personalized chocolates. Yes, now you can even customise the chocolate for your girlfriend with the message you want. This beautiful chocolate box has 9 chocolate that can carry your message to your girlfriend. Get that box of chocolates and express your love in the sweetest yet most unique way.

18. Floralbay Red Rose Bouquet

What else you would wish to have for your lady love when you have a bind of fresh red roses. There are no women in the world who can't become happy after getting red roses for the birthday. These fresh red roses are packed beautifully in a bunch of eight and will spread a wide smile on the lips of your girl.

19. Giant 5ft Papa Panda Plush Toy

This cut teddy is everything any girl would like to have on her birthday. This 5 ft panda teddy bear is super soft and also of great quality.  This teddy will definitely light up the eyes of your girlfriend with happiness, as she can see a good pal and sleeping met in this big panda.

20. Khatte Meethe Desires Custom Message-in-a-Bottle

What you let your girlfriend know how much you love and care for her? Then you should go for this personalized message bottle. This bottle has 52 reasons why you love your girlfriend and you can also personalize it with your own messages. This bottle comes in a nice box which enhances its appearance. Get it for your girl and let her know how much and why you love her.

Buyer's Guide: How to Purchase Gifts for Your Girlfriend

Every birthday of your girlfriend will put you into a complicated situation where you just can't decide what can be the perfect gift for her. Don't worry! It is an obvious situation. As we want to make our girlfriend satisfied with our gifts it is usual to feel confused.

So, trying to find the most appropriate gift for a girlfriend can be a puzzling task. With so many options and idea we feel muddled and without any proper buyers guide we end doing a mess. So, if you want to create wonders instead of spoiling your girl's birthday you can take a little help from this buyers guide.

Before we jump on the topic I want to tell you all the real purpose behind the gifts. Yes! Your gift should tell your girlfriend how much know her. Your gift should portrait your love and care for her. I want you all to remember this as now it's time to kick start the topic.

gifts for girlfriend -feature-

Future Planning

No, we are not talking about the future planning of you and your girlfriend's life. We are talking about the further planning of the gift. Yes! If you want to gift something really able to your girlfriend, then instead of planning it a day before you should at least have a week or a month.

Simply by planning a few weeks ahead, you can actually decide what kind of gift would make your girlfriend's birthday even more awesome. Also when you are planning to buy something online you have to be clear with the gift at least two weeks ahead. Now did you get the actual meaning of future planning?

Get some brainstorming ideas

Here you just have to pressure is your brain on what would make your girlfriend happy on her birthday. You can get it from three basic rules:

  • WHAT YOUR GIRLFRIEND LIKES: This will help you buy a gift loved by your girlfriend. To buy this kind of a gift you should know your girlfriend well and what her what she wants in life. Here you should also know what she already has and what she didn't from her wish list.
  • WHAT YOU LIKE ABOUT HER: This category includes gift showing off what you like about your girlfriend. For example, if a hobby is gardening and you also like that you can gift her something related to her hobby.
  • WHAT IS COMMON BETWEEN YOU BOTH: Ok now, this category can include anything or any interest both of you have in common. Getting something common between the couple brings the couple closer and makes the bond even stronger. however before going for this category of gift you should confirm the likes and dislikes of your girlfriend.

These three categories will help you in analysing and deciding the most appropriate gift for your girlfriend.

practical gifts

I know you might be thinking what a practical gift would mean! Simple it is something that your girlfriend would use in our daily life. but you have to understand careful before going with this practical gift idea.

Remember gift should not be boring I should be something your girlfriend can actually use. For this, you even can consider your hobbies and interests. For instance, if she likes to read you just can't give her any book.

You should have a clear Idea on, which writer's book she reads and what is her category of reading. otherwise, your gift will end up being something simply useless for your girlfriend. Or you can even get her something she is willing to buy but didn't have yet, may be due to the shortage of budget.

Look for the hint

in some cases, it is also possible that your girlfriend will hint you with something she would like to have on her birthday. Now you have to remember use past conversations, where you think she might have told you about what is looking for and what she wanted to buy.

This will help you get something already looking forward to. By getting this kind of a gift, you can make her realise that you actually listen to what she says and your concern about her needs and demands.

For example, while talking to you she might tell you that she loves to cook and she is looking for a new kitchen gadget. Buying the same kitchen gadget will surely make her birthday wondering.

Searching for the gift Ideas on her laptop

If you know your girl will never let you know about what she wants, you can have a look at her Pinterest, if she has one. You can even search her wishlist on online shopping sites like Amazing if you have excess to. This will help you to buy she a gift is looking for.

But remember, even after having look at the wishlist or Pinterest never go ahead and but a thing she already has.

Understand her language of love

When you are in a relationship you should know the language of love spoke by your girlfriend. If you understand her Love well then you will surely find the most appropriate gift for your girlfriend. The advantage of buying such kind of a gift is, you will get something very romantic and loved by your girl.

For this, you can even play a romantic quiz with her. Where you can make her say or hint about what she will like to have. But remember she should not know that you are playing this quiz just to buy a nice gift for her. Otherwise, your efforts will not have a great effect.

Simply ask your girlfriend

Though this may sound a little straightforward but trust me some girls appreciate your gesture of asking. However, you should be nicer and smarter with your world's while doing this. The girl should not feel that you are asking just to reduce your own effect or to help her buy what she wants.

So, instead of directly asking,” What you want as a birthday gift?” Ask her, “Can you give me a list of things, these days you have your eye on?”

DIY for her

There are two vital advantages of going with a DIY gift for your girlfriend. First no matter what you make your girlfriend is going to love it, as this is something you have with love and especially for her.

Second, if your budget is low, this is just your thing as the expenses for DIY is way less than the gift you will buy in the market. Make whatever you think will impress your girl and also going to be easy for you.

Gift some memories

As we all know, we keep all our memories, I mean our pictures either in the laptop or in our phone, in that situation giving your girlfriend a photo frame or a scrapbook can be a good option. Make a scrapbook or a collage photo frame with all the beautiful pictures of you and your girl.

This will give her a call from all the emotional and romantic memories she had with you. This will be a great sentimental gift as she will feel connected with this gift.

Dinner and decorations

have you ever planned a beautiful dinner night for your girlfriend? No! Then this is the perfect time for doing this. You can decorate her house with some fresh flowers, fairy lights and aromatic candles. You can even make the dinner as per her likes and present her this romantic atmosphere on her birthday.

She will be impressed to see that you have done so much for her and the dinner will add some extra sugar to your efforts.

Make it All the way special

This means you just have to make even a usual gift special. Like if she loves to shop and is a little brand specific, get her a cloth or a bag or anything of the limited edition from that brand. For instance, if she likes collecting a watch you can gift her some limited edition watches.

Won't that be great to make her feel how much special she is for you?

Take Her on a small trip

Under the right condition, even a little time you and your girl spending away from home will definitely make her feel special. But as I said under the right conditions. Your trip should not bother her work schedule or some other plans she might have had for her.

Here you have first know about its planning about the birthday and you make your schedule like booking flight tickets or hotel later.

Avoid common gifts

You want to make it special right? Then you have to avoid all the common gifts or at least making it look usual. Remember with some techniques and fun ideas you can even make a usual gift appear great in front of him.

I am sure, these tips will help you get the best birthday gift for your girlfriend.


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