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Top 10 Best Gifts for Wives (2020)

Edited by Jhalak

Buying a perfect gift for your wife was never easy, and we husbands often are confused. 

We all want to gift an exclusive gift to our wives and see that happy smile on their faces, but often when we think about the ideal one, we are confused.

We think that maybe that dress which she selected at a shop will be the ideal one for her, or since she talked about that piece of jewelry which she saw in her regular shop or online, she would like to own it.

So when we men are toying with the idea of buying that perfect gift for our respective wives, we always miss that shopping assistant which Google always talks about.

We go to various stores and online portals and further get confused with the multiple choices available.

Here are some of the gifts which will never fail you in your romantic journey with your life partner.

gifts for wives

We Highly recommend you to read the Gifts for Wife Buying Guide at the end of this article to get in-depth knowledge about latest gifts for wife and  tips on making an informed decision about which product to buy for your needs 🙂

Top 10 Best Gifts for Wives

Although my favorite among all is Gold and Silver Jewelry but you must check all of them to make your buying decision.

1. Gold and Silver Jewelry

They say that diamonds are women’s best friends. I have never come across any woman till date who does not love jewelry.

When I was growing up, I always saw my dad getting jewels for our mom during special occasions like Dhatenras, Diwali, her birthday and their anniversary.

When my sister reached her teens, dad started getting jewelry for her too which was a preparation for her marriage which was going to happen after a few years.

So I too have kept that tradition alive and I get jewels for my wife during special occasions and when I receive a bonus or hike at work.

It is an asset which she is adding, and in times of crisis it has come handy in the past.

You may even think of giving her a new mangalsutra even though you had tied one during your wedding ceremony. 

You may choose to check out some of the most popular jewelry items which you can buy online:

2. Make Up Items

Women and make up have a very strong bonding and they always are delighted when they receive it as a gift.

It does not matter how many shades of lipstick they already possess or how many sticks of eye liner are lying in their dressing table closets.

When it comes to dressing up, they will always feel that they do not have a large enough collection. 

So it will not cost you a bomb and you can choose from a huge variety of items. 

Some of the common make up items which your wife will love:

3. Clothing

There is no woman on earth who does not want to dress up well and get compliments from her colleagues, neighbor, friends etc.

So if you really love your wife, you would love to see her dressed up in nice fashionable clothes.

You may choose between western formals if she is a working woman, to western casuals which she can wear while going out with the family for a movie, shopping etc.

You may even buy some ethnic stuff which she can wear on special occasions.

One thing is for sure, no matter how many clothes a woman possesses, she will always fall short of clothes while getting dressed for an occasion. 

Here are some of the best ones for her collection:

4. Adult Entertainment Articles

India has given Kama Sutra to the world, and even though in the last few centuries, the society was living in a closet, women are coming out of them and are openly talking about their sexual needs to their partners.

I am sure many like me would like to agree that adult entertainment toys add to that extra zing in the bedroom.

I have gifted such toys to my wife in the past, and would continue gifting them to her on special occasions like Valentine’s day, our marriage anniversary etc. 

If you have not experimented with such stuffs in the past, start doing it now. Here are a few products which you can buy online:

5. Perfumes or Deodorants

Perfumes are women’s best friends too.

Whenever they want to dress up for a party, special romantic date night or a special occasion, then they will want to wear nice perfumes.

Women always would like to wear deodorants at their work place too. So here are some of the common choices:

6. Gadgets

If you thought that women are really not fond of gadgets as much as men are, then think again.

Here we are talking about the uber cool woman who has gone to the same school as you have, has studied in the same engineering college, medical college, law school or Business school as you have and is as successful as you are in your career.

So obviously her choice of gadgets too will be like that of yours.

Some of the gadgets like printers will make their lives easy at home when they are helping your children with school homework etc. 

Here are some of the gadgets which are very popular with women:

7. Handbags and Clutches

Every woman likes to accessorize herself and handbags and clutches add to that.

They will look awesome if they carry a matching handbag which is smart and trendy, at the same time useful for them to carry to their workplaces. It is a perfect patch up gift too. 

If you had a fight with her in the morning, on the way back home, pick up a nice bag, fill it with chocolates and give it to her and say sorry. Trust me, your relationship will go a long way.

Even when they are going out in the evenings, they would like to carry a smart clutch, or a trendy purse. Here are some of the popular models:

8. Lingerie and Nightwear

This is one gift which will cement your romance further.

Gifting your wife some seductive lingerie on Valentine’s day or your anniversary will ignite the fire again between both of you just like the one which you had in the initial days of your courtship and marriage.

Let’s have a look at some of the popular designs:

10. Kitchen Appliances

If you have married a plane Jane who does not like to party, or does not like to wear fancy clothes, make up and desires to own fancy shoes or handbags.

Then the best gift for her will be to buy kitchen appliances which will make her life easy.  

Since home makers mostly spend a lot of time in the kitchen ensuring that their family gets healthy and nutritious food all the time, you should look at helping her out in that endeavor.

Even if your wife is a working woman, and she does not get much time to spend in the kitchen, but makes efforts to serve home cooked food and detests to order from food panda or swiggy. 

Here are some of the kitchen appliances which will make her life really easy:

Buyer's Guide - How to Purchase Gifts for Wives

Types of Gifts - Occasion based


This is one special day of the year when everyone loves to feel special, feel pampered, feel cared for. So if you have a loving wife, who adores her family and does everything possible to make all of your lives comfortable, then it is your moral responsibility to make her feel special on her birthday.

You may choose to start the day with making some breakfast for her, keep some roses by her bedside when she wakes up. Make an effort to make a handmade card and pour your heart out. Do not depend on the writers of Archies and Hallmark do that job for you.

Your wife any day would love to receive a handmade card with imperfect designs than a perfect card which you had bought off the shelf. She would appreciate your efforts.

Then you may choose to buy multiple small gifts for her and hide them in closets, fridge and other places where she will have to go through a treasure hunt to find them. It will definitely bring a smile on her face and she will appreciate all your efforts.

If you are a good cook then take a leave from work that day and make an effort to cook a lavish meal for her. She would try to give a lending hand, but send her on a spa or parlor trip. Let her rejuvenate and once she is back in the evening, you can give her that special dress or jewelry which she wanted.

Have your romantic dinner with her and she will remember this day for the rest of her life and will love you forever.

If you are not much of a cook, then do not spoil the fun. Take her out for a special dinner. You may choose to invite a few close friends and have a get together at home. Ensure that she does not get tired in the process.

If she has cook for guests on her birthday, then it’s no fun for her. Just be a little sensitive to her needs because often women do not tell how they feel.

You may even pretend to have forgotten her birthday and leave for office and then send flowers, gifts throughout the day to remind her of your love. Initially she will be upset, as you would not have wished her in the morning before leaving for work.

But your gesture and effort of surprising her and sweeping her off her feet one more time will definitely go a long way in cementing your bond with her.


This is another special day of the year where the couple remembers their marriage vows and think about a life which they have created together. If you want a happy married life, make this day special for her.

You may choose to book a vacation together and spend a second honeymoon together, or if the time and budget does not permit, then book a couple massage session and a dinner later. Try your best to spend the entire day together doing sweet nothings.

Do not go to work that day as your wife desires you to be with her, even though she may not say it out aloud. Give her a special gift or a series of gifts and make her realize that you are the best thing which has happened to her.

Valentine’s Day

In the last one decade, India has adopted many celebrations from the Western world and this is one of them. So your wife like any other wife would expect her husband to make this day of love special for her. Buy a special perfume for her and insist her to wear it when you go out for your Valentine’s dinner date.

Or if your wife is the adventurous kinds, then take her for a hiking trip. It can also be a bungee jumping, ice skating, kayaking, snorkeling or anything which both of you will enjoy. No matter what, make the day special for her.

Birth of a child

This is a special moment for every woman when she takes on the role of a mother. All this while she was a daughter, sister, wife, friend, but being a mother, is a special feeling for every woman.

Make her the center of your world during the nine months of pregnancy. Never take up onsite assignments or any other projects which will keep you away from her. Plan your career well so that during the trimesters you are a part of the doctor’s visit, you can view all the sonography reports etc.

After the birth of the child, giving jewelry is a norm in the Indian society. So give a special one to her as she has given you the most precious gift on earth. You may buy other maternity related gifts for your wife and the newborn.

Festivals like Diwali, Dussera, Christmas etc.

These occasions come every year, and buying clothes and jewelry again is a norm. However, now in the urban set ups, norms are changing. Women who own a wardrobe full of clothes and locker full of jewelry often will stop you from buying more.

You may choose to buy some home appliances, home décor items, furniture during the festivals which bring good luck to the family.

Exotic Vacations, Parlor Sessions and Spa therapy

We have already discussed about pampering your spouse in the above paragraphs. These gifts often do not need an occasion. Just keep gifting these to her.

Any which way any urban woman would go to the parlor and spa on a regular basis, and if the gift comes from her husband, she will feel as the most special queen on the planet Earth. Take regular yearly vacation to bolster your relationship with your spouse.

Candlelight dinner

Again, you do not need a reason to be romantic. Keep giving her surprises. It will be a great stress buster for both of you.

Sometimes just surprise her and sometimes when she is making that plan, join her. Do not come up with excuses like, ‘’I have too much of work tomorrow’’ etc. because life is all about these moments. Whether you choose to create magic in these moments or keep them dull and boring is up to you.

Sponsor education or certification

This is a concept which is picking up in Urban India. Women often keep their desires in the back burner, or if she is planning to take up a course like Six Sigma, CCNA, ITIL, or planning to do an executive MBA, help her in that. Do not give the excuse of budget.

Create that budget for her. Make her feel that her career is equally important to you as your career is to her.

Indian men often fall short in this, however any man woman relationship based of equality, mutual trust and love will last for lifetimes. Rest all will either be a series of compromises and bickering and will fizzle out with time.

I am sure you have seen many unhappy couples staying under one roof for the sake of the society, children etc. but are really not happy. Don’t turn your marriage into one such fiasco.

gifts for wives -feature-

Types of Gifts - Budget Based

Under 1000

If you are planning to buy a small gift as a surprise for a random evening, or occasions like first date anniversary, proposal anniversary, celebrating the day when you both got engaged etc. then picking up flowers or chocolates will not be a bad idea.

They say you will never go wrong with flowers. A woman is always delighted when her life partner gets flowers for her. A flower represents beauty and fragrance, something which she wishes to experience in her relationship with her husband.

We need to choose the right flowers for the right occasion, but nevertheless a woman always loves them.

You can buy some exotic chocolates which she loves and make the evening memorable. You may think about cooking for her that evening and tell her how lucky you are to have her in your life. These are some of the links which you may explore.

You may choose to give her some make up items, make up kits, hand bag or hobby related items in this range.

Under 5000

In this budget you will get good clothes, watches, adult entertainment items, shoes and sandals, some types of gold and diamond pendants, rings and earrings, kitchen appliances, lingerie and nightwear, make up items, perfumes and deodorants and many other types of items.

Most of the items listed above fall in this price range and you may do your separate homework to make them work for the specific taste of your wife.

Under 10, 000

If your budget is high, then most of the family members will advise you to go for jewelry because it is an appreciating asset and comes handy in times of need. If you are not able to choose the right design, then you may even buy gold coins which she can use to buy something of her choice later.

You may even gift spa membership or beauty parlor membership which your wife prefers. She would love the thought. Sponsor a trip for both of you and both of you will create memories to last forever.

You may even go for designer dresses, formal business suits if you have a working woman as your wife. She would love those ones because she would constantly need them for her business meetings etc.

If you are not able to figure out anything, then you may choose to gift vouchers of amazon, Flipkart, shoppers’ stop, life style etc. and she would love them.

You may convert those shopping sprees as romantic dates when she would go to redeem them and would seek your company. After the shopping you may go for a relaxing spa therapy or a movie and later when you come back home, she will definitely return the favor in the bedroom.

My thoughts and recommendation

During the entire course of the article, I have included several aspects of gifting which includes cementing the bond between a couple, to using gifts as a tool to say sorry, or make up after a nasty fight.

All I would like to say is that a happy marriage needs a lot of work, and it is constant. Never take your spouse for granted and do whatever works for you.

There is no set formula for buying the right gift. Only you and your spouse will know what the right gift for that moment is. Sometimes a bunch of roses as a heartfelt sorry does the magic which an expensive diamond ring cannot do.

Build that relationship with your wife and the life will be a beautiful fairytale for both of you.


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