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Top 20 Best Gifts for Boyfriend (2020)

Edited by  Jhalak

Hey, girls, isn’t it feels so great when he surprises you with lots of gifts and chocolates? When did he care for you and your wishes? When he pampers you in your bad days, isn’t it?

But, did you ever try to make him feel so great? Did you ever gift him? I’m not talking about his birthday, on the other days just to make him feel a little special.  

If not, then no need to feel so bad. It is not too late; you can still surprise him by gifting something special which he never ever forgets.

Best Gifts For Boyfriend

I know there is plenty of stuff for girls on the internet. Want gift suggestions for boyfriend? Yes? You have landed on the right page. But finding gifts for a boyfriend is hard stuff to do. "What should I gift my boyfriend?", This thought might have already crossed your mind.  

So, are you excited to know, what are those gifts which will help you in making his day? Which can help you to bring a grin on his face? Which can push start both of your days with great happiness? So get ready, here on this page you’ll get all the answers to your queries.  

Here we enlisted the top 20 best gifts for boyfriend which you can give him and make him feel special and lovely. However, picking a gift for a man is perhaps one of the toughest things to do. And when its about him, you want the best gift for your boyfriend without any compromises.

Moreover, along with being special and romantic at the same time, you want your gift to suit your boyfriend’s personality. After all, it will hurt your heart if you see the gift lying in the closet without being used.

So, finding the best gift for BF which is feasible, usable yet romantic is a herculean task.  But don’t worry. We are here to help you. While you are boggling your mind to find the best deal, here is a list of 20 amazing & unique gift ideas for boyfriend that will surely fit your bill.

Whether your boyfriend is a gadget lover or an outdoorsy, we have an option for everyone. Take a look! 

Top 20 Best Gifts For Boyfriend

Although my favorite among all is Wrist Watch but you must check all of them to make your buying decision.

1. Wrist Watch

Wrist Watch

There are a few types you can choose from: 

  • Analog Watches
  • Digital Watches
  • Touch Screen Watches
  • Dress Watches
  • Mechanical Automatic Watches

A nice, classy wristwatch is a timeless gifting option and coms under the class of some of the best things to gift your boyfriend. It is a perfect accessory that rounds up the entire look adding an extra edge.

You can go for metal or leather straps, depending upon choice and need of your boyfriend. If he likes elegant and classy watches you can go for metal watches in silver or black in colour.

If he is the one who is sportier and likes chic designs, go for leather straps with big dials. You can add fun by going for funky colour straps that can add a zing of color to the outfit.

You can go for various features like calendar, date, temperature, and step count, depending upon your budget. Also, if you have a higher budget, you can go for an Apple watch, the evergreen, classic and much-loved product by men! This is a perfect gift for boyfriend. 

2. Wallets


You can choose from the following categories:

  • Classic Bifold Wallet
  • Trifold Wallet
  • Hybrid Slim Wallet
  • Money Clip Wallet.
  • Checkbook Wallet (also known as a Breast Pocket Wallet)

Among the category of 'useful gifts for boyfriend', wallet tops the list. Wallets are perhaps the safest, best and most usable gifting option for men. 

After all, who doesn’t need a purse to keep all the cash and important documents? And this is also one of the prime parameters to find the best wallet for your boyfriend.

Since the wallet is something that is used daily and is of prime importance, make sure that the wallet is of good quality to stand the wear and tear of every day.

Also, see that it has loads of pockets that can fit in important papers and cards, besides money, comfortably.

You can go for pure leather or faux leather ones, depending upon your budget and liking. Also, you can go for classic colours like black and browns or choose more vivacious ones like orange, green, blue or reds, depending upon the choice of your partner.  

3. Perfume

Smelling good is an important part of grooming and speaks loud about your personality. You certainly add up to your aura and character, if you smell good.

Therefore, perfume makes for another one of the best gifts for your boyfriend. Now choosing a perfume largely depends upon your boyfriend’s taste.

Pick a perfume accordingly, choosing the right one from dark, woody, flowery or citrus fragrances, simply the one that your man likes the most.

Also, try going for perfumes that stay longer. Yes, they are a little expensive but then they serve the purpose right.

Paying less and buying a perfume that fades away in an hour or so, makes no sense. These days, there are even liquid deos that work like perfumes. You can go for them if you want a good buy in less money.   

4. Grooming Kit

Be it personal or professional lives, grooming is one of the main parts of anyone’s personality these days. Also, the rule applies to both men and women.

So, gifting a grooming kit to your boyfriend is definitely a good option. Grooming Kit is one of the best gift to give your boyfriend as it is not just useful but affordable too. Grooming kit can be of various types.

Either they can have a mix of products that help you groom your beard or can be a mix of face care products. A grooming kit can also include products for night time regime.

Then there are kits that contain shaving gadgets like trimmers and razors. Buy the one that is most suited for your boyfriend. You can also make a choice according to the composition. You can either go for natural products like Forest Essentials or opt for charcoal products that are best for cleansing.

5. Sunglasses


Some popular types of shapes you can choose from are:

  • Classic aviators
  • Clubmaster
  • Rectangle
  • Semi-rimless
  • Shield
  • Wayfarer
  • Square

Who doesn’t like to flaunt those sunnies and make a style statement? So, don’t give a second thought of gifting a nice pair of shades to your boyfriend.

Among the list of extremely cool gifts for boyfriend, sunglasses are the most fashionable accessory today.

Plus, they keep your eyes protected. While buying sunglasses for your bae, you have to keep in mind the face structure.

For example, if your boyfriend has an oval and a long face, you can go for big ones in various shapes.

But, if your man has a shorter face, it is best to go for rectangular glasses as they suit best on such a face type. Also, keep in mind the colour of the shades depending upon the choice of your boyfriend. You can invest a little more and go for polaroid ones as they keep your eyes totally protected from the UV rays. 

6. Coffee Mugs 

Coffee Mug

You can choose from options like:

  • Classic coffee mug
  • Travel mug
  • Coffee Tumbler
  • Personalized coffee mugs
  • Coffee cookies
  • Coffee espresso pot
  • Coffee maker

Now it might sound mushy and cheesy, but imagine your boyfriend drinking his first coffee or tea glancing at your face! Romantic isn’t it?

Well, coffee mugs with couple’s faces printed (or you can have your boyfriend’s solo pic imprinted) on it, are the most popular, reasonable, usable and romantic gift on this earth.

They are perhaps for a long-distance relationship where the two meet less and can help combat the ‘missing’ by seeing their faces/pics right at the start of the day.

Other options for coffee mugs are the ones with quotes.

 If your boo is an intellectual one, go for a mug that has some good words written on it. The quotes can help him start the day on a good note. Besides, you can go for funky, colourful, and earthy mugs too, depending upon your choice and budget.

7. Photo Frame

Your photo from the coffee mug right into his room is neither a bad idea. Gifting a photo frame to your boyfriend makes sense as he can always your couple pic or your solo pic (in case he misses you more), and have a look at you whenever he longs for you.

Photos have the capability that they can take you back in time and let you relive those memories, therefore photo frame tops the charts of memorable gift for boyfriend.

It can be more romantic if you get the photo too framed in the holder. It adds emotions and surprises element to the gift. Photo frames are of different ranges and varieties in the market.

You can go for simpler ones to the ones with studs, depending upon your price range. Also, if you have less budget go for a single frame. If you wish to spend more, you can opt for multi-frames and can get numerous candid moments and captures framed for your bae. 

8. Fitness Band

Fitness Band

Take a cure from these available options:

  • Crystal
  • Ceramic
  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Leather
  • Bamboo

One of the best gifts for BF, Fitness band is the new cool gadget of this generation. They look stylish and chic and they help keep your man fit and healthy.

If your boyfriend is already a health freak, he is going to love the product. If he is not, he will like the idea of you giving an indication that you want him to focus on his health.

So, this product works both ways. Fitness bands are effective and available in varied styles, colours and price tags in the market today.

You can go for classic black ones, or you can opt for more funkier ones with colourful straps and prints, according to your boyfriend’s choice.

Apart from the sleek ones, fitness bands are also available with broader dials (in circular and square shapes). You can make the choice according to your liking and considering what will suit your boyfriend the best.   

9. Notebook or Diary / Stylish And Functional Planner

A planner is a very useful product in today’s time and schedules. If your boyfriend is working in the corporate sector, what better than gifting him a stylish and functional planner.

Sorting his schedule totally, the planner will help him plan his entire day, including his work meetings, deadlines, and work plan.

Also, if he is a businessman, a planner is the most useful thing for him, where he can jot down all his meetings, to-do list, business plans and lots more.

While there are plenty of digital diaries available which come a stick to writing and are more advanced with digital features, you can definitely go for classic notebook or regular diaries, if your bae is an old school.

Many people still love the idea of maintaining a diary and writing everything down with a pen thus it comes under the class of the most creative gifts for boyfriend. While you can go for plain ones, you can also buy diaries with fabulous quotes written on the cover, just to add an element to the whole element. 

10. Backpack


You can choose from the following categories depending upon your need:

  • Hiking / Trekking Backpack
  • Climbing Backpack
  • Cycling Backpack
  • Snowsports Backpack
  • Work Backpack
  • Travel Backpack

Gifting a backpack to your boyfriend is another very good idea. After all, bags are the most-used accessory by any man. And the backpack is something that is multi-functional.

While you can take it for gymming and playing, you can carry the bag to the office too and while traveling too. There are numerous options available in backpacks today.

There are laptop bags that allow you to carry laptops along with other stuff. There are classic black color bags then there trendy ones with vibrant and neon colours like orange and green.

While some have a casual look, others look more formal. Some are waterproof, others are made of leather. These days, there are also backpacks available that come with wheels and can be strolled. They are most comfortable while traveling.

There are also clear and transparent bag packs available these days and look very stylish and bold. You can make your choice according to your needs and budget.

11. Camera


Here are the main types of cameras you can choose from:

  • Compact Cameras
  • Zoom Compact Camera
  • Advanced Compact Cameras
  • Adventure Cameras
  • DSLRs
  • Compact Mirrorless Cameras
  • Medium Format Camera Types

If you are gifting a camera to your boyfriend, you are letting him know how much you want him to capture all the memorable moments with you.

Well, isn’t the idea interesting and romantic? So go for the camera if your boyfriend loves gadgets and you want your message to be conveyed.

Now, the difficult part is to make the right pick as the market is flooded with all kinds of cameras. But there is one that suits every pocket.

Depending upon your budget, jot down all the features that you are looking for and then make the purchase.

We definitely recommend you to go for high pixels, large memory, good zoom and good warranty period. If in case your boyfriend is a professional photographer or loves photography, you can invest a little more and buy him a good DSLR.

He will be the happiest man on this earth! And you will see, his love for you will increase manifold! So, it will be a great deal for both of you!  

12. Ties And Belts

This might sound cliché and regular, but you cannot deny the fact that ties and belts are the most used accessory by any man. They are always less, how many they own them.

Among best gift ideas for boyfriend, ties and belts are the most usable, reasonable and safe gifting options for your boyfriend. You can make your choice depending upon the profession and lifestyle of your man.

If your boyfriend is working in an office or runs his own business, you can go for more formal ties and belts in classic colours like blacks and browns that match with almost every outfit and look chic.

If your boyfriend is still studying, you can play with colours and gift him bolder ones like printed ties and colourful belts that match his personality and outfits. While you can buy both the things separately, there are also packs that have a tie and a belt in a combo. These combo packs make for a great gifting option.

13.  Speakers

Almost all boys love gadgets and gizmos. And when the product is related to music, they have all the more love for them.

So, if you are thinking of gifting a good set of speakers to your boyfriend, you should not think twice. If he loves music then Speakers make for the best gift for boyfriend.

You can make the choice depending upon your needs and budget. If you pick portable speakers, they will definitely cost you less.

But if you go for speaker sets (bigger ones that give surround sound) they will call for more money, but then the experience will be to another level.

There are many brands like JBL, Bose, iBall, Philips that offer a great range of speakers, fitting every pocket. You can pick the one that suits the requirement of your boyfriend the most.  Depending upon the usage and need, you can choose from.

14. Fashion

Still puzzled about what gift to give a boyfriend? Then this category is for you!

This category, on the one hand, the widest range of gifting options, it is also the most useful category and gives every option according to the needs and budget.

The category includes clothing range that can include denim, shirts, t-shirts, pants and lots more. 

One tip that definitely works when you think of gifting a fashion item to your bae is that you try to speak and know what are his preferences, current requirement and need.

That will certainly help you zero down the product from the wide range. Also, while making the choice you can pick the one suiting the most according to the occasion and use. You can go for formal attire if your boyfriend is in need of office wear or you can pick casual and trendy ones if that is needed.

Also, you can go for traditional outfits if you see any wedding or function coming into the family. That will definitely be the most needed one at that time. So your categories be like:

15. Gym Wear

At a time when fashion fads are making a buzz everywhere, gym and athleisure wear is the latest trend on the fashion block.

From celebs to commoners, going to the gym in trendy outfits is the latest fashion fad.

No wonder, there has emerged a different category called athleisure wear, that talks about only gym wear.

So definitely, you also want your boyfriend to go with the trend and look even more handsome when he goes for his workout sessions.

So gifting chic gym wear is certainly a feasible and good option today. Considering the rising demand, gym wear today comes in various styles and categories.

You can choose the one that best suits the needs and personality of your boyfriend. From tights to shorts and tee shirts there are numerous options you can pick your gift from. 



You can choose from a wide range of products like:

  • Face cleansers
  • Scrubs
  • Night creams
  • Face masks/packs
  • Essential oils
  • Anti-wrinkle creams    
  • Anti-tan creams

Gone are the days when skincare was only related to females.

With changing times, and well-groomed personality being a parameter to qualify many life stages, skincare regimes have become a normal routine and lifestyle habit for men too.

So, you can think of gifting skincare products to your man.

Also, considering the damage that pollution, dust, stress and UV rays do to your skin, skincare has become a sort of mandatory today.

From face cleansers, serums, night creams, face packs, and even essential oils, there is a wide range of skincare products available in the market.

They work wonders for tired and washed out the skin making it soft and supple. So gifting skincare products to your bae is definitely a great way to say that you care and want your man too, to take care of himself. 

17. Kindle

In today’s erratic schedules, you hardly get time to pamper your habit of reading. Here, kindle comes to your rescue.

The gadget became a hit in no time and found many takers as soon as it was launched. The prime reason was its features.

While the Kindle gives access to a wide array of your favourite books just at a click, it has other features like a dictionary, that not just makes reading easy but also increases your vocabulary, night light, stencil, among others makes reading a great experience.

This is one of the best gifts for boyfriend if he is fond of reading and has a knack to expanding his vocab, and has a thing for gadgets.

Depending upon the memory, display, and various other features, you can pick one that best suits your pocket.

18. Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant

Here are some of the options available:

  • Amazon’s Alexa
  • An Apple Watch
  • Google Home Mini
  • Desktop Camera

With artificial intelligence becoming a rage and an upcoming trend that is going to conquer the world in all ways, in the coming times, gifting a virtual assistant seems to be just the right option.

A virtual assistant is basically a gadget that helps and assists you in daily routine jobs.

From household chores to booking movie tickets and even playing songs, these virtual assistants have made life a lot easier.

Apart from this, VAs are being largely used in the corporate world too.

From fixing meetings to creating reports, managing calendars as well as appointments and even reverting to emails, VAs have become a necessity today. There is a wide range of similar gadgets available in the market today. Depending upon the features, you can pick one that suits your needs and budget too.

19. Sneaker


They come in wide varieties like:

  • Athletic Kicks
  • High Top Basketball Sneakers
  • Authentic Sneakers
  • Slip-On Sneakers
  • Leather Sneaker
  • Canvas Sneakers

A good pair of sneakers is a staple in a man's wardrobe. So pick the best one for your loved one to gift him on a special occasion.

From sporty to casual to even formals, sneakers today have hit the market in a wide range and styles. You can also pick various colours depending upon the preference of your bae.

A smart pair of white sneakers is definitely the safest and best gift for boyfriend. 

This is the chicest and safest bet as it goes with almost every outfit and rage these days.

They not just look smart and trendy but add a style quotient to whatever you wear. You can also pick in the neon shade as these are also quite in these days. One thing that you should certainly keep in mind is the comfort ones.

Go for style but not at the cost of comfort, as you do not want that the pair of sneakers you gift is just lying there in the wardrobe only because your bae can’t walk in them for too long!  

20. Beer Mugs 

Well, who doesn’t like to chill and unwind at weekends after a super hectic week? And when you party and chill with your friends a glass or two of beer or wine. Come handy.

So why not gift a cool beer mug to your boyfriend? At least this way, you will be sure that he will definitely think about you whenever he enjoys his drinks with his friends, in your absence!

Beer mugs come in great variety. From classic crystal ones, there are funky options available that come in a skull face or have cool quotations written on them.

You can pick one according to your bae’s taste and linking. Apart from glass ones, there are mugs available in wooden material too which look classy and stylish. These days, LED beer mugs are also a rage. These mugs light up as soon as you pour beer in it. Isn’t it cool?!

Here is the List of Top 20 Best Gifts for Boyfriend

With this we have come towards the end of this article. We have listed top 20 best gift ideas for boyfriend and we hope that it will help you. And out of all the amazing options available, you will be able to select the best gift for boyfriend.


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