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Top 20 Best Gifts for Your Husband (2020)

Edited by Jhalak

Looking for Best Gift for Husband? Great! You have Come to the right place.

The man who stands by you through all thick and thins from the very beginning of married life and holds your hand throughout its roller coaster journey, is none other than your husband.

He not only supports you in every situation but also proves to be your best friend by understanding your every effort and unspoken word.

On the other hand, you also make every lovely effort to get well into the new family, balance the chores and take care of the husband.

Best Gift for Your Husband

However, many-a –times, due to our busy schedule, we are left with just a few words of thank you, hugs and kisses which is surely not enough to compliment the amount of affection and care he showers on us. 

So, to balance it and bring an extra mile smile on his face, it is important to surprise him with some useful gifts every now and then.

Usually people think it is just the duty of men to woo their wives and buy them gifts but they don’t know women in recent years have made it a mark by gifting expensive gifts to their husband. We women are the boss today, we know how to earn lavishly as well as to spend intelligently.

However, selecting the best birthday gift for husband after marriage is always a tough deal especially when it comes to buying one for him. So, following is the list of Top 20 Best Gift for your husband, which can give you a small pass when you are in a fix between what gift to choose and how to celebrate husband birthday differently.

Top 20 Best Gifts for Your Husband in India 

Although my favorite among all is Laptop Bag but you must check all of them to make your buying decision.

1. Laptop Bag

This counts as the best gift for husband on birthday and wedding anniversary. As a life in metropolitan cities involve a lot of travelling, wherein a nice and strong office bag is a must to take the burden of all the usual devices to be carried daily to office.

Not only strong, an office bag or a laptop bag speaks a lot about the personality of the person carrying it, so it has to be presentable as well smart.

So, while selecting a bag as the best gift for husband on his birthday, you must make sure that it comes from a good brand and can withhold a good amount of accessories inside it including the laptop bag.

Though, most of the office bags come with the spacing to keep a laptop but if your husband does carry one to office, then you can also look for a simpler one.

Also, you should see that it has got side pockets and zips of good quality so that it lasts for long and give good value for the money you have invested in it.

Few of the types of office or laptop bags, are:

  • Backpack
  • Tote Bag
  • Sling Bag
  • Sleeve Bag
  • Briefcase
  • Messenger bag

2. Skin Care

No one else than you can better know the skin care needs of your husband. You are the most intimate person to him, so if not him, then you ought to take good care of his skin health.

It is not only women who need to have a glowing and healthy skin, men need it too and there are a number of branded and nice products in the market to cover the same.

So,look for unique gift ideas for husband you just need to do a good research to check which skin care range would suit your husband’s skin.

Also, there are a number of brands these days catering into men’s products so finding a suitable one would not be a tough deal.

Additionally, you must check, which area of skin needs more care and repair, so that the intricacies of the problem can be dealt with.

Moreover, there are brands these days offering natural products which are safer and better option.

However, the decision you take must be a very thoughtful one, as these products cost a lot of money, therefore, the investment should be done carefully. Type of skin care products for men:

  • Cleansing Gel
  • Body Wash
  • Men face scrub
  • Wrinkle defense SPF
  • Peeling gel
  • Shaving gel

3. Wallet

This is one very important accessory that a man carries with him.

Though, the times have changed and most of us carry cards and make payments online but still the fashion of carrying a wallet has not changed over the years.

So, this gift can not only be a great idea to surprise anniversary gifts for husband, but it might also serve the tiny friend which can suffice all his daily need documents, IDs and cards, wherever he goes.

Also, with the time and technology, the shapes and sizes of wallets have changed a lot and there is now a great range from which you can actually choose a smart and compatible best wedding anniversary gifts for your husband.

However, the colour must be chosen as per his likings and no one other than you would know him best, so go and make the right choice for your dear one.

Few of the types of wallets available in the market, are:

  • Travel Wallet
  • Bi- fold wallets
  • Money Clip
  • Phone Case wallet
  • Super slim wallet

4. Beer or Wine Glasses

Drinks are the best friends of a man, which are even dearer to him than his wife. So, you can imagine the importance of wine and beer glasses in the life of men.

Therefore, if you are thinking of creative and best birthday gifts for husband ideas you must include a set of beer mugs or wine glasses, then you are on the right track.

In fact, the trend of weekend home parties, have given a spur to the craze of buying more of glass sets or crockeries to add a classy touch to the rocking parties.

These sets, which are ultimately coming at your place, can also act as a saviour in while serving homemade juices to your other guests as well.

The range for the same, can be easily searched on internet or you can visit your local vendor to have a look at the latest designs of wine or beer glasses.

Few of the types, you can search for on the internet, are:

  • Pint glasses
  • Sniffers
  • Beer Steins
  • Beer mugs

5. Shaving Kit

This is undoubtedly one of the safest and best gift ideas for husband to please your husband. More than a daily need, it helps a man to boost his confidence and feel fresh for the hectic working schedule.

Along with this, you can also gift the before and after shaving gels to make him feel even better.

The choices of the latter should be based on the skin type of your husband. Also, you must make sure that you choose a good quality brand for the shaving kit as the bad ones can harm the much dearer skin of your husband.

Additionally, you can gift pack it in a nice bag along with some flowers and chocolates to make it surprise gifts for husband on first wedding anniversary. 

However, you should try and opt for your husband’s favourite brand but if you find something highly convincing, then you can go with it.

Few of the top shaving kits available in the market, are:

  • Beard Grooming & Trimming Kit for Men Care
  • Harry’s Winston Shaving Kit
  • Bevel Shave System
  • Gentleman Jon Complete Wet Shave Kit
  • The Art of Shaving Full Size Kit
  • Baxter of California Shave 1.2.3 Kit

6. Perfume

Re perfume used by us becomes our signature mark and in case of our loved ones, their smell is many- a-times defined by the perfume they use.

Even, most of you will agree that we tend to fall in love with that perfume also. So, looking for romantic birthday gifts for husband on anniversary, a good perfume can be a great idea.

It will not only make him happy but will also make his day magical. You can also try some other latest perfumes in the market, or if some new better editions of the same one has been launched.

Moreover, your husband will love this caring side of yours and concern towards making him purchase a new perfume with better flavours and fragrance.

With the number of options available in the market, you can choose from a few of the following best:

  • Floral scents
  • Parfum
  • Fresh
  • Woody
  • Oriental
  • Eau De Parfum
  • Eau De Cologne

7. Laptop

Well, this comes into scene, when your budget is little high. Usually, the laptop range starts from INR 40,000 and can go in lakhs of rupees.

So, depending on your budget you can choose the laptop as the best gift to husband, also you must make sure that you first shortlist the important features that are frequently used by your husband.

On the basis of that, you can prioritise your selection and do a proper search. Also, choice of brand is also very important in case of laptops, as some people are comfortable accessing laptops of a certain brand.

Therefore, you can even ask your husband for his preference and accordingly you can invest the money in his brand new laptop.

Additionally, there are many complimentary gifts that come along with laptops these days but this can be the best surprise gift for husband.

However, you should make sure that you do not get lured by these gifts and buy a laptop which is good in quality. Following are a few of the types of laptops, you can select from:

  • Chromebook
  • Macbook
  • Tablet
  • Ultra book
  • Notebook
  • Convertible

8. Mobile Phones

This is yet another best wedding anniversary gifts, which requires huge amount in terms of investment.

Therefore, you should do a quality research before spending money. Further, the choice and likings of your husband also matter a lot and you should seek his suggestion before beginning the search.

Moreover, the purpose for buying the phone should also be taken note of, which again requires the consent of your husband.

Therefore, it is better to take your husband along and make him choose his new possession all by himself.

In case you want to plan a surprise anniversary gift ideas, then you can keep an eye on his latest crushes in the field of technology and which all items he has been surfing and searching for his next purchase.

Also, you can talk to him about the latest editions in the market and the top phones which are being or about to get launched in the country.

This would give you an idea of his latest phones he has in his mind.

9. Sunglasses

If you still not yet decided how to surprise husband on his birthday, a smart and different eye wear can make you stand apart from the crowd.

Especially, sunglasses with stylish body and a renowned brand, has the capacity to catch attention instantly.

Also, this can be one of the best gifts for husband birthday if your loved one is fond of buying fashionable glasses.

Along with enhancing the personality, these also protect the eyes from the scorching heat and dust particles present in the atmosphere.

Also, it is a must to wear while driving in the day time, as it provides shade from the sun light. However, the quality of the sunglasses must be thoroughly checked before buying.

For this, you can rely on a good brand which offers good warranty period.

Moreover, the face cut of your husband is the most important thing to keep in mind before choosing the shape of sunglasses.

There is quite a large variety of range available in the stores. Few of the types of sunglasses for men, are:

  • Wayfarer
  • Horn- rimmed
  • Aviators
  • Round frames
  • Clear frames
  • Mirrored lenses
  • Notch Bridge

10. Headphones

The best wedding anniversary gifts is always the best way to express your love and care towards your partner.

More than words, the kind of gift you choose, tends to convey your message in a better way. However, when it comes to unique gift ideas for husband, the gifts are not confined to special occasions, you can plan to gift any item depending on his need.

One of such impromptu gifts is headphones, which we can give anytime during the year or when his old ones have got broken.

Though, the quality and the brand of the headphones should be the top factors contributing directly towards the final purchase.

Moreover, there are many types of headphones being sold in the market these days, the range of which vary in accordance to the quality, brand, size and shape.

So, you can choose the best gift for husband birthday, depending on his needs. Few of the types of headphones available in the market these days, are:

  • On- ear headphones
  • Bluetooth headphones
  • Over- ear headphones
  • Open Back headphones
  • Closed back headphones
  • In- ear headphones

11. Shoes

Shoes are the man’s best possession. It is said, the personality of a man is defined by the shine of his shoes, the cleaner the shoes, nicer the man is supposed to be!

Though, there are a variety of shoes available in the market but everyone has his personal choice and therefore he chooses the shoes accordingly. 

For your husband, first, you must be aware of his choice and needs, secondly, you must know his shoe size.  

Also, the fitting of the shoe is another significant factor but for that you need to take him along for shopping the same.

However, if you are looking for best birthday presents for husband choosing a good brand is the safest thing to do.

This is because when the quality of the shoe is high, then there are rare chances of problems in fitting.

So, you can completely depend on the brand and select the design you like the most. Few of the types of shoes, you can select from, are:

  • Boat shoes
  • Brogues
  • Sandals
  • Espadrilles
  • Sneakers
  • Oxford

12. Kindle

If your husband is fond of reading Kindle is the creative birthday gifts for husband. With the changing times and the increasing fashion of e- reading, the demand of kindles have grown over the years.

So, if your husband does not own one, then it is high time you gift him with the latest hi-tech kindle.

This would not only ease his reading process but will also allow him to access uncountable books at one go.

Moreover, the connectivity with the internet has made our lives way more advances, so the Kindle is just an addition to the same.

Also, you should make sure that the size of the kindle is readable as well as portable. It should add comfort to your husband’s library rather than giving strain to his eyes.

So, the screen should have eye safe tempered layer, which puts less strain on the eye.

Moreover, you can also pair this with the kindle cover and bag to complete the set. To help you choose, few of the types of kindles, are:

  • Kindle paperwhite
  • Kindle voyage
  • Kindle 3X DG
  • Kindle Fire HD
  • Kindle Fire HDX

13. Virtual Assistant

The world of technology has grown tremendously over the years and has made humans dependent on it even more.

With each passing day, the dependence is growing with more tools adding to our ease in style of work.

One of such tech tools, is a virtual assistant, which makes it highly convenient for us to get answers to our queries.

The system of voice recognition has made it possible to access answers, routes, songs, solutions to every possible problem.

Moreover, in this busy world, gifting one such device to your husband would mean bringing a million dollar smile on his face.

The options for the same are many but the choice totally depends on your budget and the quality of product you are looking for.

Also, you can select 1st wedding anniversary gifts for husband in India from the range of brands, which offer great variety in delivery and performance output of the virtual assistants.

14Wireless Earphone

In this scenario of increasing population and pollution, there is a need to promote the use of two wheelers.

Also, we all know that usage of mobile phones while driving is too risky, especially rising two wheelers.

So, to avoid any kind of mishappening, more and more people should start using wireless headphones.

These headphones not only allow to answer calls but also do not require the need of phone to answer the call.

With a single or double tap options, the wireless headphones can help you with a number of functions.

Therefore, this is one of the best 1st anniversary gift for husband. Moreover, these headphones are highly comfortable and easy to use and your husband will love his new tech tools.

Additionally, these are available in various colours and are offered by various brands, so you can choose your gift in the range that suits you the best. Its three basic types, are:

  • In-ear headphones
  • On- ear headphones
  • Over- ear headphones

15Fit Band

Health should be the top most priority of a human being but with the changing lifestyle, the priorities are also changing which is resulting in giving a lesser preference to health.

However, being a life partner, the health of our beloved is the dearest to us and we take every possible step to keep that intact.

One technological tool launched recently, which helps you to keep track of the basic and few advanced health credentials is Fit Band.

It can be tied on the wrist, with which it touches the skin and nerves of the body and keep a track of the body movements.

Therefore, gifting one such item can be a great anniversary gift ideas for husband. It will not only tap the health graph of your husband but will also guide him step by step to follow the correct path to stay healthy.

The number of fit bands being introduced in the market are huge and so are its makers.

That is why the product you choose for best marriage anniversary gifts for husband must always be chosen after a great amount of research.

16. Belt

A belt not only holds the pants of a person but adds a great charm to the overall personality of the person. It defines the entire value of the attire and creates a positive impression on the onlooker.

The range of belts is huge but generally men prefer original leather belts so you can also go for a high quality brand leather belt for your husband.

The cost of the belt is directly proportional to its quality so if you want to gift a high quality belt then you will have to invest considerably high amount of money.

In fact, men love to wear different types of belts so they will never be satisfied with belts only few in number. so you can choose or consider it as the best gift for husband.

Moreover, the colour and the design of the same can be chosen depending on the personality of your husband and what type of designs he likes to wear or he would love experimenting with.

Few types of belts are:

  • Yolk belt
  • Buckle belt
  • Suspender belt
  • Cummerbund
  • Hip belt
  • Horseshoe buckle belt

17. Tie

The personality of a man is known by the clothes he wears and how well he carries them. In fact the personality of your husband depends a lot on your choice, the clothes you buy for him and the colours you help him choose.

One very important accessory for a man that completes the attire is his tie. This not only glorifies his personality but also helps him pose a professional impression at people around him.

Moreover, with the development in designing business, there is an availability of varied designs in ties in the market.

Also, the bright coloured ties add on the entire suit and make a person stand apart from the crowd.

However, you can select the tie as a best birthday gift for husband after marriage, in accordance to the choice of your life partner and the clothes he needed to accompany them with.

Additionally, ties can also be divided on the basis of party or casual wear and same can be purchased from any of the online websites or the local stores. Few of the types of ties, are:

  • Ascot Tie
  • Windsor Tie
  • Bow Tie
  • Sailor Tie
  • Four-in hand tie
  • Apron Tie

18. Gym Kit

Well, this is again for the health conscious people. Even if your husband is not going to a gym currently, then you can choose the gym kit as the best wedding anniversary gift for husband and push him to follow a strict daily regime for better health results.

This can act as a great motivational source for him to take positive steps towards tuning his shape of the body and help him stay fit.

The quality and the quantity of the materials in the gym kit may vary in accordance to the need of the person and how intensely he is required to follow the gym routine.

Furthermore, this can lead towards a better and safe future for both of you as a couple by motivating you to maintain a fixed routine of following gym.

Though, the gym kit has a number of items from bundles to scales of different weights but again this totally depends on the needs of your husband and his will power.

If your husband is already a gym freak then this is the best marriage anniversary gifts for husband.

You must be very clear about the items to be out in the kit but if he is a beginner then you should start with a small kit to let him initiate the regime.

19. Watch

A watch is a man’s best friend as well as Best romantic gifts for husband, it not only helps the person to stay punctual but also keeps him reminding of his daily tasks and deadlines.

Along with the change in the types and sizes of watches have changed tremendously, the purpose and functions of the watches available in the market have also changed manifold.

Today, watches are not only meant to tell time but they also manage many of our daily chores in a smart way.

So, selecting the best wedding anniversary gift for husband from the latest edition watches can be a superb idea to please him.

Also, you would say that he already has so many watches, buying one more would be a waste of money but wearing a watch has become a fashion these days.

So, the count is just a mere number, you can look for the latest designs and launches in the market from his favourite brand and gift him the best one that will suit him.

Few of the types of watches, you can select from, are:

  • Military Watches
  • Dive Watches
  • Digital watches
  • Pilot Watches
  • Quartz Watches
  • Mechanical watches

20. Bar Cabinets

The world has changed to a great extent and the changes adopted are for our own good only. Looking around, it can be seen that almost everything has evolved in terms of fashion.

The same applies in the Beer Bar Cabinets, as today a number of designs can be seen on these cabinets.

The product attracts even more as they are being styled in a more decorative manner which is why we added this product in the list of best gifts for husband.

Moreover, this can be a Surprise gift for husband on anniversary, if he is fond of drinking and loves to store them at home also.

However, make sure that the quality of wood that is used to make the cabinet should be good and have multiple sections to store variety of beer bottles and cans.

This gift can surely bring an unimaginable smile on the face of your husband and he will even love all the more after accepting this gift from you.

Here are the List of Top 20 Best Gifts for Your Husband in India

Hopefully, these ideas will help you choose the best gift for husband serve your purpose right


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