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Top 10 Best Gifts for Your Mother (2020)

Edited by  Jhalak

Mother is the first relationship we are born with. It is said, ‘’God can’t be everywhere, so He created mothers.’’

She teaches us to speak, read, write, think and nourishes us to grow up into a healthy, smart, intelligent individual. All of us would agree that we are what we are today, primarily because of our mothers.

The value system they inculcate in us since our childhood stays with us throughout our lives. Be prudent and thoughtful while buying a gift for your mom. 

She would not appreciate very expensive gifts as she would want her son and daughter to save that money and put to good use. 

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Read on to find some good ideas for gifting for your one and only mother. If you have other mother figures in your life like grand mom, aunt, foster mom, godmother etc. you may make use of this list for them too.

We Highly recommend you to read the Gifts for Mothers Buying Guide at the end of this article to get in-depth knowledge about latest gifts for mothers and  tips on making an informed decision about which product to buy for your needs 🙂

Top 10 Best Gifts for Your Mother

Although my favorite among all is Books but you must check all of them to make your buying decision.

1. Books

Most of the mothers love to read books. If they home makers, their world is quite limited to their homes and they connect with the world primarily through books and TV. Choose this gift wisely keeping her taste in mind. Also if she is not comfortable in English, then choose the books in her mother tongue.

If you want her to read a particular book, then look for the translations of the same.

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2. Clothing

We all remember the days when we got our first paycheck and bought the most beautiful saree for our mothers and they were delighted with our success. They prayed for us relentlessly, motivated us to do better and loved us in spite of all our flaws.

So once you start earning, take the responsibility of buying nice clothes for her as she would have sacrificed her wishes and desires to ensure that you get a good life.

3. Handbags, Cluthches, and Other Bags

This is a very useful gift for mothers because they tend to carry everything from needle and thread, to water bottles for their children to some snacks etc. They even need special types of bags if they are working women and have to drop their children at crèche on the way to their work place.

4. Smartphones and Other Gadgets

These days women too buy the latest smart phones and gadgets and are tech savvy like anyone else from the generation born in 1980s, 1990s and after Y2K. But if your mother is born in 1950s, 1960s or 1970s, she might not be that comfortable with gadgets unless she has been a working woman and has kept up with the fast paced world.

Be sensitive to her needs and do not buy complicated gadgets which she will not be able to use properly. And if you are gifting her a smartphone or tablet for the first time, buy one with minimum features and take time to teach her about the features and functionalities.

Here are some gadgets which most of the women who are not tech savvy would be able to operate easily.

8. Jewelry

Women always love jewelry and mothers are no exceptions.

They always appreciate gold and diamond jewelry as in India it is considered auspicious to buy gold on special occasions. Also it is considered as a good investment option, which many finance gurus do not agree with though.

Nevertheless, I always prefer to gift my mom nice pieces of jewelry on special occasions and otherwise and she cherishes each and every item.

She shows it off proudly to her friends and relatives and I too feel great about it.

9. Health-Supplements for Women

Health-Supplements for Women

With old age vision and hearing related problems also start. These supplements will here there too. Here are some of the good supplements which you can order for her:

Women need more of calcium and iron due to their needs of nourishing the next generation and monthly cycles. If your mother didn’t take care of her health when she was young, then it becomes all the more difficult for her in the old age.

So ensure that she takes regular vitamin, calcium, iron supplements and if she is suffering from joint pains, arthritis, rheumatoid etc. then take her for ayurvedic massages and give her the right kind of medicines.

10. Wristwatches

Fancy and exquisite looking watches are no longer considered as a device to check time.

It is a fashion accessory and most of our mothers who would have worn an HMT watch all their lives may not appreciate it in the beginning, but once you explain the benefits, she surely would.

I often use the FastTrack’s yearly exchange program and buy new watches in lieu of the old ones. Lately due to the great sales, I buy them from online portals like Amazon and Flipkart.

Buyer's Guide: How to Purchase Gifts for Mothers

Types of Gifts - Occasion based


Birthday is an occasion where you would love to give a gift to your mother and she too would appreciate that. Make that day special for her. If your culinary skills are good then make breakfast for her. If possible take a leave from work and spend the whole day with her. She will feel special.

You may choose to bake a cake, or buy it from outside. Try to throw a small party for her and call some family friends, relatives and most importantly her friends. Remind her of all those birthday parties which she had organized for you when you were a child.

Do not forget to take loads of pictures of the special evening.

Buy a nice watch, saree, piece of jewelry, handbag or anything which she loves and gift it to her on that day before the guests arrive. She would love to wear it on that day and show it off to all the guests. Every mother feels proud of the achievements of her children, and she would love this gesture of yours.


Most of us would admit that our parents are the most important people in our lives and we have learnt about life from them. So their anniversary is an important date of all our lives because they started a journey of love together and we were born to them.

Your parents would feel amazing if you make them feel special on their anniversaries. In Indian household, most of our parents have taken us along with them in their anniversary dinners. So now is the time for the kids to pay it back.

You may send your parents for a vacation together and ask them to have a honeymoon again. They might oppose to the idea, but do not listen to them.

Or send for a couple massage session, or to a salon for grooming. Your mom in all probability might have gone to the parlor very infrequently, and dad would have gone to a local hair cutting salon all his life. Take this opportunity to help them discover the luxuries in life.

Book a session with a classy salon and send them together. Facial, manicure, pedicure, waxing, threading, hair treatment and anything your mom and dad desire to have, include them in the package. They will advise you to save the money, but do not listen to that.

If your parents are old, and sending them on a vacation alone is not a good idea, then organize a small party at home. Invite all their friends, relatives and close people and celebrate the day. Order from outside or cook at home, but ensure that all their favorite dishes are included in the menu.

Gift a couple watch set, couple wallet set, warm mink blanket, matching jewelry etc. so mark the special day.

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Mother’s Day

This is one special day of the year when I just love to pamper my mom. I ensure that she does not do any household work. I give all the instructions to the maid and cook for the entire day’s schedule in case I have to go to work that day, but I make it a point to call her several times that day.

I also send her flowers and gifts throughout the day. I make it a point to come home early and either take her out for a dinner, or cook for her. We have a cook and I ask him to cut the vegetables and marinate the chicken, and I prepare her favorite shahi paneer and chili chicken.

Along with it there will be a bowl of raita with loads of vegetables and salad. I am not very good at making sweet dishes and chapatis and I ask the cook to do the needful. It is either shahi tukda or gujiya for dessert. Sometimes we buy gulab jamun or rasmalai from outside too.

I always gift a gadget, watch, piece of jewelry or any other stuff which mom had been thinking of buying. I buy many small stuffs like coffee mugs, calendars, cushion covers with both of our pictures and I decorate the home with all the memories since our childhood days together with mom.

My brother stays in Canada and he will be on video call with all of us that day.

Once I was in London for a business meeting on Mother’s day. I sent gifts for her from there through Fedex and spent a lot of time on video calling with her and made her feel special. I asked my best friend to visit her with flowers and we had a great dinner together via the call.

Technology really has made many things possible, however, the intent should be right.


The norm is to buy clothes and jewelry during festivals, however I do it a little differently. Along with some saree, or shawl during Durga Puja or Diwali, I ensure that I pay for mom’s medical insurance during the renewal period.

After Durga Puja I send her for her full body check-up which gives me the peace of mind. After all, prevention is better than cure.

Promotion, bon voyage, new job etc.

If your mom is a working woman, then celebrating her success should be of utmost importance to you. After all she managed her job and bringing you up along with all the household responsibilities in an era where women preferred to stay at home.

Depending on her profile, you may choose to gift her the right kind of clothes which might include business suits, blazers etc. You may gift her a new laptop, tablet, power bank, smartphone, wrist watch or any other gadget she has been planning to buy.

If your mother is a senior business executive and travels frequently, then you may gift her a trolley bag, laptop bag etc.

If she has taken up an assignment and going to another city or country for a few weeks/months, then it is very important for everyone to support her, and not make her guilty about being a career oriented woman.

If she is changing her job and taking up a better one, or getting a promotion in her current office, then throwing up big party should be the norm. Or you may take her to a nice place which serves champagne and all and you may ask for some dedications for her to sing along while she enjoys her dinner.

My thoughts and recommendation

We Indians are very sensitive about our mothers and when we grow up, we want to return all that love and care. We want to buy nice gifts, take her out for nice dinners, take her with us for vacations and everywhere else. I have experienced it with my mom, and she was not too keen on any of these.

I wanted to take her out for shopping every month, and she declined. She mentioned that I should start saving now since I have started earning. I wish I had taken her advice then.

Finally we reached a conclusion that every year during Durga Puja, as it is our biggest festival, I will gift her a few sarees. Since she was into music, I often used to pay for her music books, tuition fees, or when she wanted to get her CD made. She was not too keen to go out for dinners whenever she visited me.

She used to live in Kolkata and I was working in Bangalore. So whenever she visited me, I insisted that she should take rest as I had a full-fledged cook. But she insisted on cooking, as she used to say, ‘’You left home to pursue your studies when you were 18, let me make a few dishes for you now till I am alive.’’

It is a dreadful thought, but we all know that it will become a reality sooner or later. I used to take her out to nice restaurants and wanted her to experience the pampering this time paid by me, not dad. I used to take her to beauty parlors and insist that she should get a facial done.

I got nice perfumes, watches for her when I went to the US for my official assignments. Whenever she used to visit me, I used to take her to malls every weekend and ask her to choose whatever she wanted to buy. I remember how much I had to struggle to make her buy a pair of shoes from Mochi.

When she heard the price, she almost walked out of the store. Such are our mothers, selfless, caring and loving. They would have dedicated their entire lives feeding us, taking care of us, and in return never expected anything.

Another important thing I did for my mom was to buy a health insurance for her and pay the yearly premium. Along with the one which was sponsored by my company, I always paid for a separate insurance for her.

During the times when I was between jobs, it ensured that she was covered and I had my full peace of mind.

I also used to take her for preventive health check-ups every year to ensure there is not major ailment lurking around somewhere. I have ordered some health supplements for her so that her bones gain strength. Osteoporosis is very common amongst women as bone density reduces.

So calcium based supplements, iron based supplements are the best for women.

So keep these things in mind when you are planning to buy gifts for your mom. Give the most important thing, your time, because it is possible that when you settle down in your career and life and you have time for her, she might not be there physically present with you.

Once we grow up, our friends become very important for us and we often rush out to meet them even when we go home for vacations. Home becomes only a crash pad for us where our mothers will be waiting to feed us with the best dishes which we loved in childhood or adolescence.

Do not do that mistake, and give her your time, love, warmth and care. That will be the best gift for her. Your spouse will become a significant person in your life, but no one can take the place of our mothers in our lives.

Here is a List of the Top 10 Best Gifts for Your Mother


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