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Top 25 Best Gifts For Your Wife (2020)

Edited by  Jhalak

If you are looking for a Best Gifts for Wife in India?

You have landed on the correct place.

Lots of Men's are confused in deciding the best gift for wife on her birthday after marriage,

Everyone assumes that women are hard to please, but that’s because they don’t have access to this handy guide in finding the perfect gift!

Marriage is an important relationship that needs to be nurtured and cared for over the years.


You can do your part by showing your appreciation and love for your wife by surprising her with a gift.  In fact, studies have shown that appreciating your partner for all that they do for and your family is important in order for relationships to stand the test of time.  

Gifts don’t have to be confined to special occasions. You can surprise your wife out of the blue with something that will touch her heart and reinforce your love for her.

If you are wondering what to best gift for women, you have come to the right place. Each woman is unique, this is why it is important to understand her likes and dislikes before picking out a gift.  This will help you choose a gift that will melt her heart and fall in love with you all over again.

Here is some best gift ideas for wife, take a long look at the following list of 25 special gifts that you can surprise your lady love with and renew your passion for one another sooner rather than later. Rather than spending a lot of money on a gift, try to pick out something that will show your wife how well you know her.

Top 25 Best Gift for Wife in India

Although my favorite among all is Jewellery but you must check all of them to make your buying decision.

 1. Jewellery


Jewellery has been considered as a go-to gift for women over thousands of years. With a wide variety of attractive options available in earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, anklets, nose rings, etc.

You will definitely go up a notch or two in your wife’s eyes when you surprise her with some gorgeous jewellery.

If you want to impress your wife on Anniversary or another special day than Jewellery is best gift for wife.

You can choose from simple designs that can be worn to the office every day or go for extravagant jewellery sets that are perfect for an upcoming wedding.

Each time she wears the beautiful set you gifted her, she will remember how much she means to you.

The best thing about gifting jewellery is that there is something available for every budget. So the next time when you see your wife adoring jewellery at the mall surprise her with it the very next day!

 2. Chocolates

Chocolate boxx

Who can say no to a basket of delicious chocolates? Gifting your wife a lovely box of chocolates is an exceptional way to get the romance flowing.

Depending on your wife’s taste for chocolates, you can either choose dark, white or milk chocolates.

You can also pick out a gift basket that has a mix of different kinds of chocolates.

With plenty of yummy chocolates like Ferrero Rocher, Lindt chocolates, Snickers, Mars, Galaxy bars, Cadbury, Bounty, Toblerone, etc. to choose from, you are in fact spoilt for choice!

Chocolates is one of the best gift for wife to impress, when you forget her Birthday or Anniversary

In fact, how about planning an evening with some delicious chocolate,  romantic music, stimulating conversation and dim lights?

After all, keeping the spark alive is a great way to make sure you are one of the couples that make it to the end.

So dip into those bonbons and remind your lovely partner why she loves you so much!

 3. Home Decor

Home decor

“Home is where the heart is” This old saying stands true for everyone. It is the one place in the entire world where you get to be your true self with your wife.

Most women see their homes as their domain over which they rule. Help your queen make her abode even more heavenly by gifting her some beautiful home décor.

A carefully picked out décor piece can change an entire room in an instant. An antique clock, quirky set of shelves, or how about a set of vintage birdcages?

You have an endless choice of home décor to choose from. Even a couple of throw cushions will help improve the bedroom décor and create a more inviting ambiance.

Pick something that suits the décor theme your wife has chosen for your beautiful home. This will undeniably bring both of you closer together than before.

 4. Makeup Essentials

Makeup Kit

If you are looking best birthday gift for wife, than Makeup Kit is 100% in your list.

No woman can ever have enough lipstick shades. You can bring a smile to your wife’s face by surprising her with makeup from her favorite brand.

With plenty of high-quality brands available online, you can easily pick something that will make your special lady happy.

If you are not sure which brands she likes, it is a good idea to snap a quick picture of her makeup kit or pouch when she isn’t looking.

You can use this to find out which brands or shades she prefers. One sure proof way to bowl her over is by getting her the latest products of her favorite makeup line.

This move will unquestionably demonstrate how much she means to you.

You can also visit an online website and pick out products that she will enjoy using with the help of the picture you had clicked of her current makeup products.

Interestingly, many top makeup brands also offer gift boxes to help make it easier for men who wish to pamper the love of their lives.

 5. Handbag


Lots of women loved with Handbags, If you are looking for best gifts for wife birthday then handbag is a good option for you. 

Surprise your lovely wife with a bag for a special occasion. If you are not on a budget, you can splurge on a pure leather handmade bag that will last for years.

You can also choose from one of the luxury brands that offer premium bags. Fortunately, you can also find plenty of bags at affordable rates. Handbags often come in different styles.

The commonly seen ones are sling bags, shoulder bags, and clutch purses. You can try checking your wife’s handbag collection to find out which one she is missing.

A clutch purse is a go-to accessory for a function or event. Gifting her a clutch purse helps her flaunt your love for her at the next gathering she attends.

A shoulder bag is extremely useful if she is always on the go and needs to carry a lot of things with her like her purse, makeup pouch, hand sanitizer, drinking water, and so on.

Some shoulder bags come with extra detachable chains or straps that can turn the bag into a sling bag as well.

 6. Perfumes


Surprise your wife with an aromatic perfume, Perfume is best birthday gift for wife,

Which will leave her smiling for weeks! Each perfume has a different top note, a heart note, and base note.

These notes determine the fragrance of the perfume throughout the day.

While some perfumes for women are floral, you can also find perfumes that have exotic aromas that will leave you wanting for more.

A perfume is a gift that is considered to be extremely emotional as it is not something that is bought often.

A peek into her shopping cart on her favorite e-commerce website can help you find which fragrance

She would like to own or you can also take a look at some of the top perfumes available for women.

Some of the popular ones include Green Tea by Elizabeth Garden, Jadore by Dior, Black Opium by YSL and so on.

In fact, there are several articles online which will help you discover the most popular perfumes for women.

 7. Laptop

Laptop for wife

If your wife’s laptop is up for an upgrade, why not surprise her with a new one this weekend? A laptop is considered to be an essential part of life today.

So why not make life easier for her by getting rid of her old laptop and choosing the latest model.

If your wife enjoys playing games or uses her laptop for photos and video editing, it is a good idea to get one with a good graphics card.

Remember to look through the specification of the laptop before deciding which model to buy.

Since laptops are put through a lot of use, remember to pick one that comes with a warranty period and also offers great customer service.

A laptop is a great way to remind your wife that you are so glad that she is a part of your life each day.

 8. Mobile

Mobile Phone

Bring a smile to your lovely wife’s face by surprising her with the latest mobile phone in the market.

With every new model comprising of new features, older mobile phones are becoming redundant sooner rather than later.

The latest smartphone models come with high-quality cameras that can take high pixel photographs with crystal clear clarity.

You will beyond any doubt establish your love for her by gifting her a new smartphone. Your wife can also use her new smartphone to take plenty of pictures of the two of you.

After all, there is no better way to make memories last forever.

 9. Sunglasses


Sunglasses are a great way to protect your wife’s eyes and help her look stylish no matter what she pairs them with.

Leave your wife open-mouthed with an unexpected gift of a pair of sunglasses. If she already owns a pair, pick one from the latest styles.

You can find different types of sunglasses like aviators, butterfly, clubmaster, rectangle, square, round and so on. They also come in different tint shades.

This will help her stay in trend and look stylish at the same time. So the next time you start wondering what to get your wife, pick out a pair of sunglasses!

 10. Coffee Mug

Coffee Mugg

Coffee mugs also best anniversary gift for wife, a coffee mug will do perfectly as a surprise gift. After all, it is the thought that counts, not the actual gift.

You can find plenty of different kinds of coffee mugs that have beautiful quotes or you can even customize them.

In fact, getting a coffee mug customized with a beautiful picture of both of you will mean a lot more to your wife than expensive jewellery.

The time that you take to show your appreciation and love of your wife is a sure-shot way of getting into her good graces any day.

You can also find a couple of coffee mug sets that are adorable and perfect for a couple who love each other.

So enjoy your morning cup of coffee with lovely coffee mugs that describe your love for one another.

 11. Teddy Bear


If you want romantic gifts, Than teddy bear is defiantly in your list. 

Teddy Bears have been a woman’s best buddies right from the inception of these cuddly wonders

Which came into existence due to the US President Theodore Roosevelt who refused to shoot a bear!

There are plenty of teddy bears that are made for special occasions and come with adorable quotations as well.

If your wife prefers miniature versions, she will be thrilled with tiny teddy bears that look cute and adorable and fit right in her palm.

If your wife adore bigger things, then gift her a life-size teddy bear that can be her hugging buddy when you are not around.

Unravel the girl within your wife by gifting her a teddy bear that she would adore and is sure to be overwhelmed!

 12. Photo Frame


Are you still looking for the perfect gift for your wife? Well, a beautiful photo frame with a picture of the both of you on the happiest day of your life will definitely take the prize.

She can place this at her office desk as a reminder of your love for her. You can find plenty of different kinds of photo frames.

Some of them can be filled with more than one photo, while others come with a clock as well.  

You can also pick out a photo frame that can be hung on the wall so that it adds to the décor of your home.

If you want to take it up a notch further, how about scheduling a special a photo shoot with your wife so that she has plenty of photos to pick from to place in her new photo frame?

After all, who wouldn’t want a reminder of their love story around them? Since you can change the pictures in the photo frame, you can keep updating the pictures as the years go by.

In fact, it is a gift that keeps on giving!

 13. Jewellery Box

Jewelry box

Jewellery box is one of the Best birthday gifts for wife, Every woman has at least a few pieces of jewellery that she enjoys wearing.

How about gifting your wife a beautiful jewellery box that will allow her to keep her jewellery safe and organized.

These boxes come with separate compartments for different types of jewellery like bangles, rings, necklaces, and earrings.

They are also reasonably priced, making them a great surprise gift for your wife when you are on a low budget.

You can also purchase customized jewellery boxes that are inspired by her favorite quote, book, movie, etc.

You can turn it into an even more thoughtful gift by promising to get her one piece of jewellery every year to help her fill up her jewellery box.

As time passes by, you will realize it is the promise rather than the actual jewellery that meant more to her.

 14. Bracelets


Bracelets are an excellent gift for any woman, more so for your wife.

You can find stunning tennis bracelets set with diamonds and other precious stones that will take your wife’s breath away.

Interestingly, bracelets are one of the most popular gifts during special occasions like anniversaries, Valentine’s Day and so on.

Women prefer receiving bracelets as gifts since it can be worn with any outfit.

They will look equally stunning pairing the bracelet with their daily work outfit or to a classy restaurant on a special dinner date with you in the evening.

You can also pick out a bracelet set with your wife’s birthday stones to make the gift even more dazzling.

Some men like to have the bracelets engraved with a special message or a date that will remind their wives of how much they love them.

 15. Kindle


Does your wife like to read? Well, look no further! A kindle is a perfect gift for a book enthusiast.

They have several versions available, although the Kindle Paperwhite is the most popular model these days.

You can even preload the kindle with some of your wife’s favorite books for a bigger surprise. Kindles are lightweight and can contain thousands of books.

Its battery lasts for almost a month, making it the perfect gift for a book reader.

kindle is a great way for your wife to continue reading while she is traveling or commuting to work without carrying bulky books around.

If you love your wife and she loves to read, a kindle is the best way to go. She will appreciate this thoughtful gift as she reads her favorite books.

You can also get a kindle cover to help her keep her kindle safe from any unexpected spills or accidents.

After all, surprising your wife and seeing her happy face is worth buying a kindle thousand times over.

 16. Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant

With virtual assistants paving the path to the future, it makes sense to get your wife one. It will make her life easier and also add to some entertainment at home.

A virtual assistant is extremely useful in pulling up the latest newsbooking ticketsupdating shopping lists, making phone calls and even teaching kids.

You can show your appreciation for all the hard work she puts into taking care of your family and home by buying her a virtual assistant so that her day gets easier.

In fact, a virtual assistant can prove to be a boon for everyone at home. It simplifies several tasks, allowing you to spend more time with your lovely wife and make plenty of happy memories.

Take advantage of the technology and use the virtual assistant to make more quality time with your wife.

 17. Wireless Earphones

Wireless earphone

With smartphones becoming a key part of everyone’s life today, the wireless earphone is also not far behind.

A Bluetooth enabled earphone is a great way for your wife to continue with her conversations while it leaves her hands free to drive, gardening or any other work.

If your wife loves to listen to music while she works out, she will definitely love being gifted with a wireless earphones.

She will be able to enjoy her morning run while listening to the latest e-book or her favorite songs or even catch up on the day’s happenings with the early morning news.

Some of the wireless headset available these days also have a noise-canceling effect that enables the wearer to enjoy every note in the music.

If your wife is a music lover, go for a headset that is designed for listening to music.

 18. Kitchen Essentials

Kitchen Essential

There are several new gadgets that are designed to make kitchen work go faster and keep the kitchen clean at the same time.

This way you will be able to spend more quality time with your lovely wife. With the newer generation males understanding the importance of sharing the workload at home,

These kitchen essentials will help your wife and you enjoy cooking while making memories that last a lifetime.

After all, a family that cooks together is one that will last until the finish line. So the next time you are considering a gift for your wife, give kitchen essentials a chance.

 19. Fitness Band

Fitness Band

Fitness bands are designed to monitor your activity levels, sleep cycles, calories burnt, heartbeats and so on.

They are often used by people who want to keep track of their weight loss goals. If your wife enjoys tracking her daily activity levels, a fitness band is a great gift.

You can also find waterproof fitness bands that can be used in the shower, as well as when she goes swimming.

She can also team up with others who have fitness band users to complete for similar fitness goals.

The fitness band is a great way to show your wife your support in her effort to stay healthy and active.

With physical fitness plays an important role in overall health, a fitness band will ensure that she stays healthy and happy.

 20. Planters


A touch of green plants can help turn any house into a home in an instant. If your wife has a penchant for plants, gift her beautiful planters so that she can plot her plants in.

If you have a balcony, you can gift her some lovely hanging planters that can be hung over the railings. 

She will appreciate the fact that you noticed her love for plants, Women find thoughtful gifts more meaningful than the ones that cost a lot of money.

Score plenty of extra points by getting your wife beautiful planters in different sizes and colors. She will love you for noticing her interests and appreciate your gift even more.

 21. Hair Appliances

Hair Appliances

The hair is the crowning glory of every woman on the planet.

Hair appliances like hair straighteners, hair curlers, hairdryers, hair diffuses and so on make it easier for women to style their hair in different ways.

You will be able to win your wife’s heart all over again by gifting her a hair appliance that will help her look groomed and beautiful. There are plenty of hair tools available online.

You can look up articles that will make it easier to find one that will make your wife happy. If your wife has curly hair, she might prefer a hair straightener.

It will allow her to straighten her curly hair and enjoy a new hairdo. If your wife already has straight hair, a hair curler might be an apt gift.

 22. Skin Care

Skin Care

Skincare is an important part of every woman’s life.

It requires plenty of love and nourishment to retain its supple and moisturized look.

The next time you want to shower your wife with some gifts, take a look at some nourishing skin products that will help her feel loved and appreciated.

Before you decide on which skin products to buy, try to decipher her skin type. This plays a big role in picking out the right skincare products.

Your wife will love the fact that you took out time to choose a gift that she will be able to use and take care of herself with.

There are several gift hampers that are packed with products.

You can choose a nighttime skincare gift hamper these hampers often include products like cleansers, moisturizers, face packs, face peel packs and so on.

 23. Dresses


Most women love new outfits and enjoy buying them.

You, as a husband can spoil your wife with a special surprise every now and then by purchasing dresses that she will love.

With plenty of e-commerce websites offering high-quality outfits in the latest styles at affordable prices, gifting your wife a new dress has never been this easy.

If you are not sure about her dress size, take a look at some of her current outfits to get an idea.

This move on your part will definitely make her fall in love with you all over again!

 24. Saree


If you want to best birthday surprises for wife, than saree is a best way to impress a wife. The saree is the traditional attire of Indian women over a hundred years.

With the saree being a no-fail gift, you can show your gratitude and love towards your wife, you can gift her a beautiful saree.

You can choose traditional Kanchipuram sarees, chiffon sarees, designer sarees, and silk sarees and so on. Sarees are versatile and can be worn in different styles.

Some of the popular seen styles include:

  • Gujarati style draping
  • Pre-stitched style
  • Pre-stitched style
  • Dhoti style draping
  • Pairing it with a belt
  • Angrakha draping

 25. Watch

25. WristWatch

“The best is yet to come.” This saying is true for every relationship. A watch is an essential accessory for every outfit.

Gift the woman of your dreams with a beautiful watch that will help her keep track of time and look well-dressed at the same time.

Watches have been considered as a beautiful and loving gift between couples all over the world for several years. Even if your wife already has a watch, you can get her another one.

This way she can mix and match her watches with her outfit to create different looks.

Score a couple of extra points with your wife by including a thought felt note along with the watch, mentioning how much happier you have been since the second she arrived in your life.

You will be able to find a large collection of watches for women on online websites at affordable prices.

Here is the List of the Top 25 Best Gifts for Your Wife in India


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