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Top 10 Best Glue Guns in India

Edited By Garima, Reviewed By Anupama

Looking for the Best Glue Gun in India?

Great! You have come to the right place as we bring forth a list of the leading names that are ruling this industry since the past few years.

Life does not seem perfect when we have broken things around. It not only looks untidy but also gives a bad impression to any outsider.

Whether it is just the broken handle of your favourite piece of mug or the broken leg of your plastic chair, fixing them up at the earliest should be your first priority.

Cracked products not only bring negativity to our surroundings but also limit our choices to fewer products.

Not anymore! With the introduction, the task of pasting and reshaping our old products has become quite handy and easy.

Best Glue Guns In India

This super easy and fast machine has made its name in almost every household of India today. It also is one of the cheapest ways to fix your broken items or perform the DIY crafts.  These convenient to use guns are highly manageable and reliable. They can not only fix up your dearest mugs or photo frames but also can seamlessly paste the broken parts of your car accessories or wooden pieces.

Also, there is an explicit Buyers Guide at the end of the article, which will give you detailed knowledge about best hot glue gun India and what factors you must take note of before making a final payment of Glue Gun.

There are various options available in the market for glue, which is why it gets tough to choose the right product. Following is the check list, according to which you can limit your search for glue gun:

  1. 1
    Purpose: Before making any kind of purchase, you must identify your purpose for the same. It acts a great step towards making the right choice. Same should be applied prior to your buying of a glue gun
  2. 2
    Type: With the increasing technological advancements, every day new introductions are being made in every field, which are giving rise to the types of Glue guns. So, you can choose the particular best hot glue gun as per your need and the function you want to perform with it
  3. 4
    Budget: This is an important factor, while deciding your purchase for any item. You should allocate a certain amount you want to spend for the product, which will help you in categorising your search for the glue gun.

This article will further talk about the Top 10 Glue Guns in India and their proper descriptions, to give you a wholesome experience of the top glue guns in Indian market.

We Highly recommend you to read the Glue Gun Buying Guide at the end of this article to get in-depth knowledge about the latest glue gun technologies and  tips on making an informed decision about which product to buy for your needs 🙂

Top 10 Best Glue Guns in India (2022)

Although my favorite among all is Stanely 69 GR 20 B, Plastic Gluepro Trigger Feed Hot Melt Glue Gun, Yellow but you must check all of them to make your buying decision.

1. Stanely 69 GR 20 B Gluepro


  • Time: Ideal time for the glue to melt is 3-5 minutes
  • Model Type: Corded
  • Heating: The process is quick
  • Use: Glue sticks need to be inserted, back insertion
  • Design: Egronomic, suitable for long hours, safe to use

Nothing can be more satisfying than seeing your old items getting back in shape.

There are so many broken or cracked products at our home or office, which we seriously do not want to throw away. We really wish them to stay with us forever.

Well, this can be done now with the help of Stanely 69 GR 20 B Plastic Gluepro Trigger Gun.

Stanley glue gun is  easy to operate gun, makes it quicker and easier for you stick your wooden appliances as well as cushion covers.

Stanely glue gun is the has the highest glue gun reviews because it heats up quickly and easy to use. This multi- functional device comes with two modelsone with and the other without cord.

One important thing to make sure while using this glue gun is that it uses only glue sticks of 12mm size only.


  • Trigger mechanism makes it easy to use
  • Comes from a brand name
  • Can be plugged directly to a 220- 240 Volt AC socket
  • Heats up quickly
  • A value for money product
  • Safe and smooth handle


  • Doesn’t come with a glue stick
  • Only a glue stick of 11mm diameter can be inserted, others do not fit well

2. Ofixo 20 W 10 Glue Sticks Hot Melt Glue Gun Kit 


  • Material: Plastic
  • Glue sticks: 10 along with the gun
  • Heating: 5 minutes to heat up the glue
  • Cord: Attached
  • Size: Small and simple to use

Not every problem comes with a solution but almost every product can be fixed quickly and easily with Ofixo 20 W Hot Melt Glue Gun.

It is a great and quick option for fixing up things at work or if you are into art and craft business, then it is a must buy for you.

Ofixo considered as amazing glue gun among the glue gun brands in India for its long durability.

With an easy on and off switch, it gets all the more convenient for you to use it. Also, the time taken to heat up the glue is 5 minutes and it operates at the power of 20 Watts.

Moreover, it comes with 10 glue sticks and the gun is made up of plastic.


  • A multicolour, good quality product
  • Even flow of gum
  • 10 glue sticks given along with the product
  • Fastens the process
  • Heats up in five minutes
  • Trigger mechanism


  • Small Size
  • Stick size has to be approximately 10 inches

3. UniQual UQGG15L01 


  • Material: Plastic
  • Time to heat up: 3-5 minutes
  • Contents: 1 Glue Gun + 10 Big glue sticks + 2 Mini Glue sticks
  • Warranty: 15 days from the date of purchase
  • Design: Especially made for the art and craft work of school children
  • Colour: White

Art and craft becomes a daily activity, if you have children of school age at home.

Whether it is homework given by the teacher or taking part in a competition, everything requires the use of a Glue stick.

However, a better option of Glue guns are available in the market these days.

This not only helps in bringing down the effort, but also adds great speed to the process.

Of all the options, UniQuual UQGG15L01 Plastic Low Temp Mini Glue gun, is the safest option, as it can be used by children also. It also comes with the option of controlling the flow of gum while working. We recommend this product as the most innovative glue gun brands in India

Also, it has got 10 big and 2 mini Glue sticks packed along in the box, which makes this product ready to use material.


  • Low Temperature gun
  • Mainly designed for school and office work
  • Safe for kids to use
  • Comes with a Silicone Nozzle cover
  • Compact size


  • Small in size
  • specific stick size of 11 mm

4. GLUN 7 mm Hot Melt Glue Gun


  • Power consumption: 20 Watts
  • Indicator: On and off button and LED indicator
  • Time to heat up: 5-8 minutes
  • Glue sticks: 10 Fluorescent Glue sticks
  • Safety: Positive temperature Coefficient Electric Resistance

This hot melt Glue gun by Glun is a sure short solution to your small DIY activities. This mini gun is highly economical and comes in different colours.

It's pack contains 10 Fluorescent Glue sticks making it more attractive for the use of children.

Though, it has four colours in it but it is kept as a surprise for you, as to which colour gets shipped for your use.

GLUN 7mm is more reliable  and durable this add on feature makes it stand out one of the most innovative glue guns in India

This GLUN 7 mm Hot melt Glue gun is designed with an on and off button and also has an LED indicator which helps to tell when the gun is ready for use.


  • Consumes less power of 20 watt
  • Comes along with sparkle sticks
  • Good to go for small tasks like pasting of jewellery, art and craft and small household purposes
  • LED indicator is useful
  • On and off button helps easily operate the device
  • Comes with safety resistance


  • Slow heating
  • Can be used only for small tasks

5. Spartan 40 Watt Glue Gun


  • Size: Full size heavy duty gun
  • Stable stand: Metal safety stand, helps to keep the gun unattended for some time
  • Nozzle: Copper pointed nozzle
  • Trigger: smooth, ability to move forward by its own
  • Glue sticks: 5 environment friendly glue sticks
  • Watt: 40 Watt

Working in a safe environment is always the best solution to keep yourself away from problems.

Moreover, if a product is designed in the same manner by keeping your safety first, then it automatically becomes the top choice of the buyer.

This is certainly the case with Spartan 40 Watt Glue Gun, which is highly user friendly and super easy to use

Spartan 40 watt is one of the best brands of glue guns available in the market in comparison of same level price products.

It has been crafted with features like safety standcontrolled trigger and a power button to make it convenient for your use. Also, due to its capacity of 40 Watt function, it can produce thin flow of gum, which is suitable to paste beads or decorative material in the finest manners.


  • Comes with a safe metal stand
  • Smooth trigger controls the flow of glue
  • 40 watt helps to produce thin flow of glue
  • Easy to use and function
  • Inbuilt smart temperature control feature


  • No auto cut off
  • Length of cable is short

6.  Themisto 150W


  • Design: Ergonomic trigger, Highly comfortable
  • Temperature control dial: 100°C-220°C
  • Nozzle: Non drip, inter- changeable, Narrow
  • LED indicator: PTC thermistor, energy saving
  • Time: 3-5 minutes to heat up
  • Glue stick size: 10.8mm-11.8mm

With the increasing awareness of the Glue guns in India, many factories and artists are opting for this. Not only it saves money, but is also a feasible option to perform pasting tasks quickly.

One highly powerful and value for money Glue gun is Themisto- Built with passion 150 W. This Themisto high quality product and high power Glue gun enables you to fix almost everything in your house and work area.

Themiso bringing things under your budget and creating a pocket friendly environment around you. Due to the feature of energy saving and temperature control option, it is one of the most convenient glue guns in India.

Additionally, it has a temperature control which can be set anywhere between 100°C-220°C. An important thing to note before application of this product is that you must heat up the gun at higher temperature first, so that there is an easy flow of glue at the time of work.


  • Multipurpose use
  • High Watt power
  • Dial to control the temperature
  • Heats up quickly
  • Thin layer of glue
  • Attractive looks


  • Costlier as compared to other glue guns

7.  Glun 60-Watt Hot Melt Glue Gun


  • Power: 60 Watt
  • Heating time: 5-8 minutes
  • Material: Environment friendly
  • Glue sticks: 5 in number, 11 mm size
  • Colour: 4 colour availability

The number of products for each category is increasing these days, which is resulting in a confused choice for the buyer.

Here internet descriptions and the various reviews of buyers come as a rescue and help us to choose the best one.

One such safe and reliable Glue gun is 60 Watt Hot melt Gun by Glun, with PTC to keep the product intact and safe from high power fluctuations.

Glun 60 watt was labeled as the top glue guns brand in India by the art and craft creators.

It comes with a great quality to adjust itself to a constant temperature thereby protecting it from overheating. It also results in energy saving and adds to the life of the product. Also, the gun needs to be pre- heated for 5-8 minutes prior to its use.

Additionally, it has a temperature control which can be set anywhere between 100°C-220°C. An important thing to note before application of this product is that you must heat up the gun at higher temperature first, so that there is an easy flow of glue at the time of work.


  • Heats up quickly
  • Heavy duty glue gun
  • Works at a medium- 60 watt
  • Adjusts to constant temperature
  • Can be used for daily activities
  • Low price


  • Does not come with a stand
  • Not appropriate for hard plastic

8.  Themisto 80 W Hot Glue Gun 


  • Heating time: 4 minutes peak
  • Glue sticks: 5 sticks, 11 mm diameter
  • Use: Multipurpose, almost for everything
  • Power: 80 watt, Triple power, rapid operation
  • Additions: LED indicator, on and off switch, stand

There are times, when we need instant solution to paste our broken materials but most of the glue guns available in the market take around 7-8 minutes to heat up and act.

However, this Glue gun by Themisto is a true solution to your quick heating needs. With an 80 W heating capacity, this triple power heating device is known by the name of rapid heating.

It not only heats up rapidly but also fixes up the products quickly. It can heat up in a maximum time of 4 minutes and is a true Made in India product. So, if you are a pro Swadeshi, then this is a must buy for you.


  • Instant heating gun with rapid glue outcome
  • LED indicator to indicate the ready to use status of the Glue Gun
  • High quality product
  • Stand enables it to use easily and safely
  • Easy to handle


  • Front body may get heated
  • Short cord length

9.  I-Will Blue Bird Mini Hot Melt Gun


  • Stick: 7 mm glue size, 20 in number
  • Power: 20 watt
  • Stand: Reliable, adds safety
  • Cord: Attached
  • Recommended for: DIY activities

The increasing demand of Art and craft activities in the school as well as in daily life has resulted in the making of many small sized glue guns.

The biggest advantage of these guns is that they can be used by children above 10 years of age. I- Will Blue Bird Mini Hot Melt Gun is one such convenient option that has been introduced in the market.

Also due to its low Wattage of 20 watt, the chances of skin burning or sudden accidents is low. With its reliable stand, it gets all the more safe for children to use it independently.

It comes along with 20 Glue sticks of 7 mm in size and has a cord attached with it.


  • 20 glue sticks along with the glue gun
  • Good for DIY activities
  • Decent quality
  • Stand makes it safe and easy to use
  • Glue stick can be left as it is when not in use


  • Low Power
  • Glue takes time to heat up

10.  Aptechdeals Max 100 W Glue Gun with 5 Glue Sticks


  • Power: 100 Watt
  • Glue Sticks: 5 in number, 11 mm size
  • Leak Proof: yes
  • Time taken: Few seconds to heat up
  • Additions: Stand, on and off button

When we buy a product, the most important thing, we are concerned about is the quality and result of the product.

Though, not every product comes with a guarantee tag but their pasting and crafting can be easily redone with the help of powerful and effective glue guns available in the market these days.

One easy to use and quick in action Glue gun is Aptechdeals Max 100 W Glue Gun. This effective glue gun comes with 5 glue stick and is highly reliable.

Even the time taken to heat up the glue is just few seconds unlike the other glue guns, which makes it stand apart from the other products of its category in the market


  • High performing product
  • Gets ready for use in few seconds
  • 100 watt Capability
  • Easy to handle
  • Strong and durable
  • Leak Proof
  • Apt for all kinds of pasting activities


  • Less number of sticks along with it
  • Stick size is invariable

Buyer's Guide: How to Purchase Glue Gun

Every product that comes to the market is crafted with perfection, but the same is subjected to many factors. Due to which it sometimes does and sometimes does not meet our mark of satisfaction.

Though, the experience of perfection can only be made by purchasing the product, still there are few factors verifying which we can take note of the state and usability of the respective product. Following are the pointers for you as a buyer’s guide, which will help you decide the best hot melt glue gun in India for yourself.

In this informative video, You will learn how to use glue gun in 5 min. Briefly to suggest you the best plastic gum gun video which help you to guide in proper way to use this product prospectively. 

1. Your need: It is highly important to classify your need of purchase first. You must have clear points in mind, which detail your need of investment, why are you spending the money? Whether you want a user-friendly glue gun for DIY activities or household/office fixing or for the reshaping of old furniture or products. 

This segmentation will help you a lot in deciding the excellent glue guns in India of your choice.

2. Temperature demand: The glue guns are basically divided into three types: High temperature Glue Guns, Low Temperature Glue Guns and Dual Temperature Glue guns.

  • High temperature Glue guns: These are the guns which work on around 380 degree F, which is perfect for pasting the pieces of wood or heavy plastic. However, these guns are not recommended to be used for delicate materials, because their temperature can destroy the finish of the products. Also, it must not be given to children because of its high temperature and the capacity to cause burns.
  • Low Temperature Glue Guns: These Glue guns work on as low temperature as 250 degrees F. Though, they are termed as low temperature still, they are extremely hot and must be kept away from the reach of small children. These guns are perfect for the small activities of children or for using as an adhesive for light-weight materials. Also, due to its safety mark, these are commonly available at art and craft stores and are comparatively cheaper than High temperature guns
  • Dual temperature Glue Guns: These are the guns, which come with the option of switching from one mode to another. The dial helps you to choose and set the temperature as per your choice. Though, these guns are highly versatile, they are not easy to locate as not found everywhere. Also, the size of these guns is sometimes is even bigger than the Hot temperature Glue Guns.

3. Budget: This is certainly an imperative part of the purchase. You ought to buy a product as per the amount your pocket allows. So, a good research can help you buy the best option available in your reach and know the average hot glue gun price in India. Additionally, note that heavy duty guns are little costlier than the low temperature guns. Budget is one of the things that you must consider - know whether buying ready-made guns saves you time and money instead of learning how to make glue guns.

4. Type of Feed: Glue Guns come with types of feed: Manual feed and the trigger feed. You must check before buying as trigger mechanism is easier to operate and is less cumbersome. Although, the quantity control is less, still it is highly preferred.

5. Design: This refers to not only the look of the gun but also its varied functions. The amount of gun to be released is generally dependent on the size along with its gripping ability. So, according to your requirement you can choose light or heavy duty glue guns.

6. Cord: Some glue guns have cord attached and some also have the option of going cordless. The length of the cord is a great factor that contributes well in giving you a smooth experience at work.

However, the cordless are the best to work with as it does not bind you to a certain distance and allows you to work effectively at the outdoors.

7. Power requirement: The Wattage of the gun is a very important aspect which defines the working ability of the Glue Gun. Usually, a 100 Watt gun is sufficient for almost every type of work, still a lighter or heavier version can be chosen as per your need.

Also, you should look for the gun, which is built with an on and off switch. This makes the work very convenient by saving your time to again going to the main switch and putting it on and off.

8. Time taken to heat Up: Most of the guns warm up in 3-5 minutes but some heavy duty guns come with option of heating up in just a few seconds. Again the time taken is directly proportional to the type of gun you choose and the Wattage it supports.

Also, please keep in mind that continuously keeping the gun on high temperature can destroy its elements and reduce the life of gun.

9. Nozzle: You should always try to opt for a nozzle which is interchangeable. This is because nozzles generally break down after some time of constant use, so it is better if you have an interchangeable nozzle that saves you from buying the entire  glue gun all over again.

Also, before purchasing please mention the type of gun, it is to be used, as not every nozzle is meant to support high or low temperature glue guns.

10. Stand: The stand of the glue gun is again very helpful to place the gun safely, when not in use. The stand helps you in saving the base from burning and keeps the glue gun intact for the time it is not being used. Most of the stands are made of metal and are attached at the front part of the gun. 

You must always select the one with stand attached for the assurance of safety and convenience.

11. Size of the Glue Gun Sticks: All glue guns in India have certain size of glue stick, which can be fit into it. So, when you need to purchase the glue gun and sticks, you should certainly inform the store dealer about the size of the glue stick so that you do not have to face issues of non- fitting.

The quality of the glue stick should also be thoroughly checked

12. Brand: The name of the brand speaks a lot about the performance of the product. So, you should choose the product from a good brand to ensure longevity and good results. 

At the end, it can be said that although there are lots of options, its selection can be made easily with the help of above mentioned pointers of the buyer’s guide.

Also, the list of best 10 glue guns in India, shared with you above can help you a lot in choosing the right option and making the perfect choice. One more important thing about glue guns is their safety usage.

You must always make sure that you are using the glue gun safely and not cause any skin burns to yourself while operating the same. Due to the high temperature of the gun, it can get tough to handle. In such situations, its stand should be used and it should be placed at a far distance to get cooled down a little.

Also, you should keep the stand of the gun open always, so that you can put it in table anytime you feel. Adding on, a high temperature glue gun, must always be kept away from the reach of the children to avoid any serious accidents and children below the age of 10 should not be introduced to this device.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Which glue gun is the best 40w or 60w?

Glue guns release melted glue. More wattage means more power and faster heating that stays hot for a long time. The glue guns come at 10 watts and range up to 100 watts and even more. It depends upon your usage whether you should go for a 40 watts gun or a 60 watts gun. The 60 watts gun is the best in case you need a lot of glue in your project because the low power glue gun will take more time to melt. A 40 watts gun is good to use in case you want to use glue on delicate materials.

2. What is the strongest hot glue?

Themisto Glue Gun is a temperature controllable glue gun with reasonable pricing. It is a perfect tool for office and home repair, crafts, and DIY projects. It is lightweight, easy to clean, and can be triggered conveniently. It uses a PTC heating system for quick heating and melts the glue in 3 to 5 minutes. Themisto Glue Gun uses 150 watts power, which makes it the strongest glue gun, and its temperature goes from 100 to 200 degrees.

3.Are all glue guns the same?

A glue gun is a tool that melts the glue and releases it as an adhesive material. Though the basic functionality of the glue gun is to release the adhesive glue , but there are different types of glue guns that vary according to sizes, heating time, and trigger type. The size varies from a few inches to long pistol models. Some glue guns use battery power while others use the plug-in units. Apart from this, there are low-temperature glue guns that use 10 to 20 watts power, and high-temperature glue guns using more than 20 watts power. A glue gun can be a trigger fed gun or a manually fed gun.

4.Which glue gun is better, 20w, or 40w?

The quality of a glue gun depends upon the power and heat. More watt power means that it is hotter, has quick heating, and can stay hot for a long time when you are using it. It also depends upon your usage, which project you are using it for, whether it is for a home project or a big project. A rating of 20 to 40 watts glue gun is normal for low temperatures.

5.How many watts of glue gun is the best?

The 60 watts glue gun is the best, as it can be used for household repairs as well as DIY projects. It takes only 3 to 5 minutes to melt the glue as it is a high-temperature glue gun, so it can release the glue in large quantities if required. Children can also use 60 watts of glue gun under the adult’s supervision. A 60 watts glue gun is best to be used at homes as well as offices

6. What is the top glue gun for crafting?

Fadman White Mini glue gun is best for art and craft, paper, kirigami, DIY, toys, ornaments, cardboard, artificial flowers, and many other things. It is a trigger fed gun that takes 3 to 5 minutes to heat up. It is easy to use and is the best for crafting activities. It consumes low power, which makes it one of the most selected glue guns for art and crafts. It comes with a glue gun stand, an on-off switch, and an indicator.

7. Is hot glue permanent?

No, hot glue is not permanent as it degrades with time. Also, if glue adhered material cannot withstand the elevated temperatures. Glue is usually viscous and can efficiently fill the gaps to adhere to the material. Glue once dry is waterproof. It is suggested to avoid the glue gun used material in an outdoor environment as it will lead to its breaking temperature. So basically, hot glue cannot be permanent but can be used for a longer duration if the glue used object stays away from the elevated temperature and outdoor environments.

8. Which is better, the super glue or hot glue?

Amongst super glue and hot glue, there is no one better as the application differs in both the case. Super glue works best in case of clean and smooth surfaces, while hot glue is best to fill the gaps or when used in case of irregular surfaces. Superglue does not work on rough surfaces or between the surfaces having dirt. So, it depends upon the type of surface you are using to apply glue to decide which glue is better on which surface. Thus, super glue is best on a smooth and clean surface, while hot glue is best in case of irregular surfaces.

9. How do I choose a good glue gun? 

Choosing a good glue gun depends upon several factors. These factors include the kind of material and its usage. As an example, a low-temperature glue gun is usually preferred in case of delicate material, while a sturdy surface needs a high-temperature glue gun. Apart from this, a glue gun with power up to 20w is usually best for children. In addition to that, a high-temperature glue gun should be used in case the amount of glue required is high. 

10. What will hot glue not stick to? 

Hot glue usually does not stick to smooth surfaces such as metal, silicone, wax, vinyl, greasy, and wet surfaces. This is because the hot glue is made up of thermoplastic polymers in combination with stabilizers, wax, and tackifiers. This implies that hot glue is basically a plastic which is flexible at high temperature and changes back to solid form after it cools. Hot glue acts best on rough surfaces or surfaces having gaps.


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