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Top 14 Best Helmets in India

Edited By Pinki, Reviewed By Vardhan

Looking for the Best helmet in India?

Great! You have come to the right place as we bring forth a list of the leading names that are ruling this industry since the past few years.

Indians are perhaps facing the toughest of driving rules these days.

With the government coming up with stricter road regulations, imposing heavy fines on breaking any rule, the Indian commuters are following the game, more religiously than ever.

No wonder then, helmets have found many new takers now. People who were not in the habit of driving with helmets are now not stepping out without the safety gadget. In a way, it's good too.

It is for our own safety and we ought to follow rules if we want to be safe while on the roads.

Best Helmets In India

Helmets are an important product that ensures we are safe while riding the two-wheeler. It is vital for any person who rides a two-wheeler to wear a helmet. The accessory comes with the surety to protect a person from any kind of head injury that might take place due to the accident.

For detailed information about best helmets under 5000 and which one to go for we recommend you going through our buyer's guide at the bottom of the article as it can be really beneficial for you in selecting the best helmet brands in India.

The helmet is a type of protective gear which is essential to wear if you want to protect yourself from severe injuries.

The two-wheeler helmet consists of two parts. The first one is made of fiberglass or thermoplastic whereas the second one is made of thick protective paddling foam known as polypropylene.

Helmets should be sturdy enough that can protect you from any mishap. Since the market is flooded with wide varieties of helmets, we bring to you, 10 best helmets under 5000 in India that you can look for.

But before you go through the product list, we suggest taking a look at the buyer’s guide that will help you to pick the right helmet for you.

Here are the things that you should keep in mind before you buy a helmet for yourself:

  • Know your size: The whole purpose of wearing a helmet is safety and comfort. Never ever go for a helmet which is not your fit-either too loose or tight. While the loose fitted one will not serve the right purpose of safety it will be out of your head even with a light fall, the right one will make you uncomfortable and can also give you a headache. In both cases, you will be distracted while driving. So always go for a helmet that fits perfectly in your head.
  • Cushioning: helmets are made to protect your head from fatal mishaps and harsh bangs. For that, proper cushioning in the inner side of the helmets play an important role. The cushion in the helmet should be such that it stands the bang and the force, protecting the skull.
  • ISI validation: Always go for helmets that are ISI (Indian Standard Institutes) marked, as it ensures that the product has passed the required safety standards. Although the ISI marked helmets are costlier than those which are not, but definitely go for ISI product as money is certainly not more than your life!
  • Visor: Visor is the front transparent part that makes you see through the helmet while driving. Hence it is a crucial part of the product. Always go for clear visors as it will help you in better visibility. Although smoked visors and the ones with mercury-tint look good, they are not good for clear vision. Also, go for scratch-free and fog-resistant visors, for better visibility, durability, and safety.
  • Outer body: Besides inner foam, also check the outer body of the helmet. It should be made of solid but lightweight material like polycarbonate which can stand the force of any crash and at the same time should be light on your head. 
  • Chinstrap: look for helmets have comfortable, skin-friendly and strong chin straps. Ideally, they should be 2cm wide, according to the Bureau of Indian Standards. It should absorb hard corrosions and should open only when unlocked purposely.

We Highly recommend you to read the Helmet Buying GuideHelmet Buying Guide at the end of this article to get in-depth knowledge about latest Helmet technologies and  tips on making an informed decision about which product to buy for your needs 🙂

Top 14 Best Helmets in India (2022)

Although my favorite among all is Vega Crux Flip-up Helmetbut you must check all of them to make your buying decision.

1. Vega Crux Flip-up Helmet

Vega Crux Flip-up Helmet (Black, M)


  • Outer shell: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
  • Inner material: Soft foam
  • Visor: Scratch and UV resistant
  • Ventilation: Good ventilation system
  • Coverage: Full face

The ISI approved helmet comes in a leather finish look and looks very sturdy and stylish. Its outer shell is made of high impact ABS material.

The aerodynamic shape of the helmet looks not just chic but gives full coverage. Its visor is scratch and UV resistant and is made of polycarbonate.  

It is very airy and has good ventilation mechanism. It comes with a press button that allows smooth and easy flip-up function.

Scratch resistance and UV protection add this product to the list of top 10 helmets in India.

The inner foam coating makes helmet pretty comfortable to wear even for longer time periods.


  • Sturdy and stylish with leather look
  • Scratch and UV proof visor
  • Push button for easy flip
  • ISI approved


  • No hole for helmet lock

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2. Vega Crux Half Face Helmet

Vega Crux Half Face Helmet


  • Outer shell: Leather finish, textured
  • Inner material: Soft, detachable and washable
  • Visor: Scratch-resistant
  • Ventilation: Good ventilation
  • Coverage: Half face

The helmet has a leather finish which texture which makes it scratch proof. It has a comfortable visor that fits well.

It comes with an aerodynamic shell that has a large eye port area for better visibility that helps in smooth driving that's why it is the best helmet in Indian market

It has a sun shield that drops down on its own that makes a comfortable vision during dark or bright riding conditions.

It can be secured comfortably with an easy chin strap. It is sweat proof as it comes with good ventilation. It comes with a textured peak that enhances its looks.


  • Scratch proof outer body
  • Scratch-resistant visor
  • Good ventilation
  • Washable inner material
  • Biker chic look


  • Covers half-face which can be dangerous at times
  • Visor doesn’t give full coverage

3. Vega Cliff CLF-LK-L

Vega Cliff CLF-LK-L Full Face Helmet (Black, L)


  • Outer shell: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
  • Inner material: Multi-Density EPS Liner
  • Visor: Scratch proof
  • Ventilation: 1 front vent, 2 back vents
  • Coverage: Full face

This ISI marked helmet is made of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene. It looks stylish and compact but fits well. since it is lightweight, it does not put extra pressure on the head.

Vega Cliff visor is made of polycarbonate and is scratch proof. It has 1 front vent, 2 back vents for ventilation.

The full-face helmets keep the rider safe and secure even during the adventurous bumpy rides.

According to its quality and comfort, Vega is one of the best helmet brand in India. 

The hard ABS outer shell ensures the product’s durability and stands the impact of high bangs too. The helmet is the right blend of style, comfort, and safety.


  • Good fit
  • Strong sturdy material
  • Good ventilation
  • Full face coverage
  • Stylish and comfortable


  • Small chin strap

4. Steelbird SBA-1 Free Live

Steelbird SBA-1 Free Live Matt Black with Grey with Smoke visor,600mm


  • Outer shell: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
  • Inner material: Extra padding
  • Visor: Scratch proof
  • Ventilation: Air booster system, Air intake systems
  • Coverage: Full face

The helmet gives a sporty look and is suited best for young boys. It covers the full face and is made of high-quality ABS material, the helmet covers full face.

The ventilation is through an air booster system in the upper part of the helmet.

The extra padding makes the helmet extremely comfortable to wear. We recommend this product as the best helmet in India.

The Chin guard, the frontal and top areas have air intake system, besides two rear extractors that recycle the air inside the helmet.


  • Full face coverage
  • Stylish looking
  • Sturdy material
  • Extremely Comfortable
  • Good ventilation


  • Inner material gets scratched

5. Studds Chrome Economy SUS_CEBFH_BLKL

Studds Chrome Economy SUS_CEBFH_BLKL Full Face Helmet (Black, L)


  • Outer shell: High impact thermoplastic
  • Inner material: Soft, anti-allergic foam
  • Visor: Scratch-resistant
  • Ventilation: Good ventilation system
  • Coverage: Full face

The helmet, coming from the stables of a highly reputed brand that has been making headgear for a long time now, has an outer shell made of high impact thermoplastic.

The other body is also textured which makes it scratch proof. Its polycarbonate visor with a hard silicon coating makes it's scratch resistant.

Its inner foam is not just comfortable but treated with anti-allergic velveteen.

The chin strap is easy to operate and comfortable.

The Extra Add-on features makes it stand out from the other best helmet brands in India. The helmet also has an extra pair of visors available in clear, smoke tint, mirror and rainbow options.


  • Made of high impact thermoplastic
  • Anti-allergic
  • Visors available in varied options
  • Dynamic Design
  • Airy and comfortable
  • Available in 3 colors


  • A bit tight from the side
  • Ventilation does not work properly

6. Vega Off Road OR-D/V-DK_M Motocross Helmet

Vega Off Road OR-DV-DK_M Motocross Helmet (Dull Black, M)


  • Outer shell: High impact
  • Inner material: Soft, detachable and washable
  • Visor: Scratch-resistant
  • Ventilation: High Capacity Intakes Vents, Dual Port Exhaust Vents
  • Coverage: Full face

The ISI marked helmet comes with a superior fit. It is highly comfortable as it uses the latest CAD technology.

The air circulation mechanism works very good as it has 2 sides, 1 mouth and 4 back exhaust vents with high capacity intakes.

It helps to throw out heat and humidity out keeping the rider comfortable and moisture-free.

The helmet has in-built goggles and its interior is detachable and washable.

Under my perspective, This is one of the best bike helmets in India. It gives a biker chic look and is suitable for use by both men and women. Its visor is scratch proof.


  • Stylish and sturdy
  • In-built goggles
  • Washable inner lining
  • Airy and comfortable
  • Scratch proof


  • No visibility when visor is open
  • Forehead not properly covered

7. Studds Professional Helmet

Studds Professional Helmet BK BStrip(L)


  • Outer shell: High-grade thermoplastic
  • Inner material: Soft, anti-allergic
  • Visor: Scratch-resistant
  • Ventilation: Good ventilation
  • Coverage: Full face

The professional helmet coming from a reliable brand like Studds is made of thermoplastic which is a high impact grade engineering.

Its polycarbonate visor is suitable for all conditions of driving as it has a hard coating and is scratch resistant.

Studds provide one of light weighted & easy fitting. that's why people Choose it as a best bike helmet in india.

Its inner material is made of EPS concussion padding lined with velveteen which is treated for anti-allergy properties.

The good cushioning also makes the helmet comfortable even if worn for longer routes. Available in different colors, the helmet also has different visor options.


  • Full face coverage
  • Sturdy and scratch-proof outer shell
  • Washable inner material
  • Anti-allergic inner lining
  • Comfortable for long-distance


  • Air passes inside which causes noise and irritation
  • Not durable

8. Steelbird Air SBA-1 Matte

Steelbird Air SBA-1 Matte Full Face Helmet (Black, M)


  • Outer shell: Sturdy, ‘abs’ finish
  • Inner material: High-density polystyrene, cotton
  • Ventilation: Good ventilation due to air mash fabric 
  • Coverage: Full face

This stylish looking comfortable helmet comes with full face coverage. Its inner shell is made of high-density polystyrene and the interior is of cotton.

The outer body has ‘abs’ and high-quality finish which makes it look uber chic. The inner part of the helmet is lined with pads made of EPS.

It has comfortable chin straps and a scratch-proof visor. It is quite airy as it is made of air mesh fabric.

The ISI hallmarks gives this helmet first priority, because for the impressive look and matte finish that's why this is the best ISI helmets in India.

The helmet looks compact but actually has quite a spacious interior and headroom that makes it comfortable to wear for longer durations. 


  • Stylish, sturdy and comfortable
  • Airy
  • Scratch proof
  • Comfortable
  • Covers full face
  • Fits well with easy chin straps


  • Might be a little pricey for some
  • Thin plastic so maybe breakable

9. Studds Ninja Concept Economy SUS_NIAECOOFH_BLKXL

Studds Ninja Concept Economy SUS_NIAECOOFH_BLKXL Open Face Helmet (Black, XL)


  • Outer shell: High-grade thermoplastic
  • Inner material: Soft, anti-allergic
  • Visor: Scratch-resistant
  • Ventilation:  Dynamic ventilation system
  • Coverage: Open face

The outer shell of the stylish looking helmet is made of high impact grade of thermoplastic. The shape of the helmet makes it perfect for a biker chic look.

Studds helmet comes with a scratch-proof visor made of polycarbonate with hard silicon coating that's why it is we suggest as the bike helmet in india.

Studds Ninja helmet comes with removable liners and lower trim. Its visor can be replaced easily as it comes with easy release mechanism too. 

The helmet is comfortable wearing during high speed and remains stable due to its aerodynamic design. It has a dynamic ventilation system that makes it airy and sweat-free.


  • Sturdy and strong outer shell which is scratch-resistant
  • Soft anti-allergic inner lining
  • Scratch-resistant visor
  • Airy and good ventilation
  • UV resistant outer paint
  • Spare visors provided


  • Can be dangerous as it is open face
  • Doesn’t fit in the storage compartment of scooters

10. JMD Helmets Grand

JMD HELMETS Grand Open Face Helmet with Anti Pollution Mask (Military Green, Medium)


  • Outer shell: Polycarbonate, scratchless
  • Inner material: Soft, anti-allergic
  • Visor: Scratch-resistant
  • Ventilation:  Dynamic ventilation system
  • Coverage: Open face

This is an ISI marked open face helmet that comes with soft cushion for comfort and easy usage. The soft inner lining is anti-allergic and ensures excellent fitting.

The polycarbonate visor comes with an adjustable lock and ensures a clear vision to the rider. That's why we add this product in the list of best helmet in India.

It also has a dynamic ventilation system and hence has good breath ability. Its chin guard along the D-ring is easily movable. JMD helmet comes with a single level pull mechanism that eases its movement. 

JMD helmets has a wide vision and is lightweight which is comfortable during longer distances.


  • Scratch Proof outer shell
  • Anti-allergic inner lining
  • Airy and good ventilation
  • Lightweight
  • Wide vision


  • Dangerous as it is open face
  • Finishing not so good

11. LS2 390-1204

LS2 390-1204 Full Face Helmet


  • Outer shell: Kinetic Polymer Alloy
  • Inner material:  Technical Fabric Comfort Liner
  • Visor:  Scratch Proof
  • Ventilation: Good Ventilation
  • Coverage: Full Face

The biker chic helmet is sturdy and lightweight. Its aerodynamic shell is made of Kinetic Polymer Alloy (KPA) which is super strong and light.

It has a wide eye-port with a quick release shield system that helps in wide and comfortable vision.

The chinstrap is also easy and comfortable with a quick-release feature. It comes with a scratch-free fog fighter which makes it easy to drive during blurry and foggy weather.

Its technical fabric comfort liner is comfortable, removable and washable. It comes with a double visor which also enhances its feature making it a good buy.


  • Sturdy and lightweight
  • Biker chic looks
  • Fog fighter for better vision
  • Double visor
  • KPA shell
  • Washable and comfortable inner lining


  • Suits only young riders for its looks

12. SMK MA256 Twister Blade Graphics Pin lock Fitted

SMK MA256 Twister Blade Graphics Pinlock Fitted Full Face Helmet With Clear Visor (Matt Black, Blue and Grey, L)


  • Outer shell: Aerodynamic, molded in EIRT
  • Inner material:  Resil Coating
  • Visor:  Scratch Proof
  • Ventilation: Good Ventilation
  • Coverage: Full Face

The sturdy and stylish looking helmet is your safety guard when you are riding your bike, even at high speed. 

It is made of aerodynamic shell which is molded in EIRT (Energy Impact Resistant Thermoplastic). Due to this, the helmet is strong enough to take high impact collisions.

The inner part has a Resil coating that keeps the fabric inside cool, breathable and dry.

The inner part is removable and washable. The lower wind stop and nose guard is also removable. It comes with a visor that is scratch-resistant and allows extra and wide vision.


  • Good fit
  • Strong sturdy material
  • Good ventilation
  • Full face coverage
  • Stylish and comfortable
  • Sweat Proof and washable inner lining
  • Visor is scratch-free and provides wide vision


  • Feels little heavy

13. Steelbird R2K Graphic Helmet

Steelbird R2K Full Face Graphic Helmet


  • Outer shell: High impact ABS ( Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)
  • Inner material:  Extra padding
  • Visor:  Plain, Smoke and Night Vision
  • Ventilation: Air Booster System
  • Coverage: Full Face

This helmet is made for people looking for safety as well as style. Steelbird R2K is graphically designed to give a sporty look to the helmet.

The matt finished orange and black colour is eye-catching and scratch-resistant. 

The ABS outer body boosts safety and holds any shock during an accident. It is a full-face helmet so you don't have to worry about dust or sun rays affecting your face. 

The Air Booster System allows the air to circulate inside making the helmet sweat-proof. The strap and visors are made from high-quality material. 

The visors are available in three different types - plain visor, smoke visor, and night vision visor. The plain visor gives a clear view all the time. Smoke visor protects you from sun rays and night vision visor helps you to see clearly at night.

The large space inside allows you to wear accessories like sunglasses or face masks. If you are looking to stylize your ride, then this helmet is for you.


  • Fits well with your head
  • Matt finished the outer body
  • ABS outer body
  • Air Booster System
  • Less price in the category


  • Weighs more than other helmets in the category

14. Vega Verve 

Vega Verve Open Face Helmet


  • Outer shell: ABS
  • Inner material:  Foam, Cloth, and Liner
  • Visor:  Curvy visor
  • Ventilation: Good ventilation
  • Coverage: Open-Face helmet

Vega Verve is one of the best helmets for women riders. It is a lightweight helmet and can be fitted to any scooter underneath its seat.

It has a patent lock mechanism to provide a firm grip around the wearer’s head to resist the movement of the helmet while riding. 

The silent chinstrap can be easily strapped around the chin. This ISI approved helmet has a specially designed removable visor. 

Since it is exclusively designed for women, it has been provided with a space in the back for a ponytail.

The inside cushion and foam can be adjusted according to your comfort. The helmet comes with a different shell making it safer than other helmets. It has enough space inside for head movement.     

You can also wear sunglasses or face masks to protect yourself from sun rays and dust particles. The open-face helmet covers the most parts of the face and protects you from high-speed winds.

The high-quality foam and liner inside provide enough cushion to your head and protect it in case of an accident. It has been provided with a good ventilation system that allows ample air circulation keeping you from sweating. The bee eye look and pink colour enhance the style quotient.


  • Exclusively designed for women
  • Removable visor
  • Silent chinstrap
  • Adjustable foam
  • Ponytail space


  • The surface appears to be rough

Buyer's Guide: How to Purchase Helmets

For many decades, bikes have been the symbol of a free lifestyle. While most of the bikers love this aspect of their bikes, responsibility, as well as safety, are crucial to continue enjoying your time on the roads.

According to the survey, people who ride bikes are more likely to experience accidents than the people riding a car. Hence, best helmet in India plays an essential role while riding a bike. Choosing the right helmet can be a daunting task.

There are many factors that you must go through before you decide to shell out your money on a helmet, and you must know that which is the best helmet in India for bike

Take a look at the stickers

There are organizations that test the designs of the helmet. So make sure that they meet certain standards. It is better to choose the helmet which has received certification from the organization.

You’ll be assured by this that the helmet will protect you. You can also browse for the list of helmets that are certified or also look for the particular model to see whether they are approved or not.

Try the helmet before buying

This might seem obvious but is it better to mention, especially when you are new to the bikes. A perfect helmet needs to be comfortable as much as possible so that it doesn’t interfere while driving.

The only way to know about the helmet is to try and see it. Also, don’t go with any other person's helmet like the one which is perfect for someone else might not be good for you.

Consider what you are using your bike for

Should you get the helmet with a face-guard or anti-fog coating? What about the ventilation system of high quality which will keep you cool? All the answers depend on where, when and why you are riding a bike.

If you are planning to take your motorcycle to work every day then it is also essential to keep the driving conditions in mind. If you are only taking a bike as a hobby then you won’t need the advanced features.

One reason that there are so many best helmet brands available is that various bikers have different needs. Know your type and the helmet shopping will be much easier.

Understanding types of helmets

There are six kinds of helmets that you must know about. Which helmet you want to buy depends on how you are going to use your bike.

Open face helmets

This is also called a three-quarter helmet which leaves the face uncovered. This allows you to see the roads clearly and you can also adjust your glasses accordingly. We suggest you JMD as the best helmets under 5000 in India. One negative point is that you lose protection in the vulnerable area.

Full face helmets

They are the best safest helmet but also heavy. You might also start feeling hot in warm weather or summer. As the name says, the helmet protects your face including jaw which is often exposed by other types of helmet. There comes the time when you might fall on the ground, this helmet could act as the lifesaver.

Half helmets

They only cover the top and back of the head and offer less protection but it is also light in weight and cheap. Those bikers who are conscious about their safety might want to avoid these and it is not recommended for the newcomers.

Modular helmets

The helmet has a benefit as it consists of a chin bar that can get flipped, which means either you can cover your full face or three-quarter. Its flexibility is nice and they are safe.

Dual sport helmets

This is the attempt to combine the quality of the off-road helmets with the ones designed for a ride on the highway making a good compromise for the people who ride bikes for various reasons but don’t want to spend on two helmets.

Off-road helmets

These are known the best by its elongated chins. These are mainly designed for high-intensity biking, therefore they maximize the ventilation but these helmets are not ideal for highway because of soundproofing or aerodynamic shape.

Size of the helmet

Getting the size that suits your head is crucial. If the helmet is loose, it will jostle when you are going to drive, which means it might distract you. If it’s tight, you might get a headache which could also impact your alertness on the road. Also, move the helmet to check it is not too tight.

Helmet price

With any other purchase you make, you need to decide what you are willing to give. If money is a concern for you, it is better to start with something simple on the first purchase.

The perfect option is to go for something plain without any design that can drive the price up unnecessarily. If you want your helmet to look more decorative, buy the accessories such as stickers which can customize your helmet as per your choice which will look stylish.

Optional features

There are different types of helmets available with various features that you might come across while going for the shopping of a helmet. The options range from best to useless, which entirely depends on various unique factors.

Some helmets have chin skirts, while some of them come with electronic whistles and bells like communication devices or speakers. Look for every feature that the helmet has and decide which of them is essential for you. Make sure to not pay extra for something that you don’t need and of no use for you.

Maintenance and replacement

No doubt, helmets don’t last forever. Make sure to replace the helmet once in every five years. Wearing a helmet that is damaged is just like wearing nothing at all. It is worse as it can also lead to a severe accident.

Protecting the interior from oil or sweat can increase the life of a helmet. It is also better to avoid hair products before wearing a helmet. If you see any kind of damage, it is better to go for the new one and change it as soon as possible.

Bottom line

Picking the right helmet is essential to make sure you are safe. When you start looking for the helmet, a wide variety of options might make finding the right one daunting. However, if you’ll keep all the information mentioned above in mind, it will help you to get the right decision.

Best Brands you can go for: 

  • Vega: Established in 1994, Vega is the most trusted brand when it comes to helmets today. It is also one of the best helmet brands in India, considering 60% of the country’s population drives with Vega helmets, in today's times. Based out of Belgaum city of Karnataka, Vega manufactures stylish helmets with the most required features. Its products are known for durability and come in varied designs like open face, half face, full face, among others. Besides helmets, Vega also produces helmet accessories like shields, head wraps, and more.
  • Steelbird: Being in the business of 50 years now, Steelbird is the oldest helmet manufacturer of India and hence the most trusted one too. The company is known for blending style, comfort, and safety in its products at affordable prices. Founded in 1964, the company also produces various driving accessories like jackets, gloves, pants, leg and knee guards, cooling towels, and lots more.
  • Studds:  This is another major player in the helmet manufacturing industry. Studds are known for its stylish looking and sturdy helmets which are not just popular in India but abroad too. The company sells its products across 35 countries including the USA, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. Studds sells its products under its two brands-Studds helmets and SMK helmets. They produce all varieties of helmets like open face, full face, half face, off-road, sporty and others. The Studds helmets are highly affordable with price range starting from around RS 800.
  • JMD helmets: Established in the year 1999, JMD is known for manufacturing and whole-selling helmets, mainly full face and open face helmets. Based out of Delhi, the company has created a niche for itself in the industry. It produces a wide variety of helmets like grand open face, full face, open face, trusty full face, among others. Besides India, it has clients based in South Africa and the Middle East too.

All the above-reviewed helmets are chosen after thorough investigation and research. The list caters to all kinds of people. You may choose according to your need and budget.

But if you are confused to select one of the helmets from the list, then we would suggest you go for Studds Ninja concept helmet which has both style and safety. People who have sports bikes can go for the Steelbird R2K helmet. For women, there is no better helmet than Vega Verve open-face helmet. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does one get a helmet with a new bike? 

It depends on the dealer and the bike company. Most of the dealers today provide helmets as an offer to attract customers.

2. Is there a possibility of hair loss due to wearing helmets?

No scientific evidence has been established to claim that helmets cause hair loss. If you ask a dermatologist, he would probably tell you that hair loss occurs due to climate change, diets, or hereditary reasons. You may face excessive sweating due to helmets, but the chances of hair loss are minimum or nil.

3. Is wearing a helmet mandatory across India?

Not all the states India have made wearing helmets compulsory. A few states like Karnataka, UP, Gujarat etc. have rules that make riding a bike without a helmet a punishable offence.

4. Can you replace parts of the helmet?

Outer body, visor, and foam are the main parts of a helmet. If the outer body gets damaged, you have no other option but to buy a new one. If a foam or visor gets damaged, you can certainly replace them.

5. Which is the cheap & best Helmet in India?

All the top brands in India manufacture quality helmets. If you have budget constraints and don’t want to spend more than Rs. 1000 then go for Vega Cliff full-face helmet. If you are looking for a helmet in a budget of Rs. 1000 to Rs. 1500 category then go for Vega Cruiser open face helmet. Steelbird SBA-1 full-face helmet is the best in the Rs. 1500 to Rs. 2000 rupees range. Studds Ninja full-face helmet is a popular choice in the above Rs. 2000 category.

6. Which is the best racing Helmet in India?

Steelbird SBA-1 R2K full-face helmet is the best racing helmet in India. It has been specially designed for racing and comes with a sturdy design and attractive graphics. Its price is less compared to other racing helmets.

7. Which is the best-selling Helmet in India?

Vega brand sells the most number of helmets in India. Its Vega Crux Flip-up helmet is the best-selling helmet according to Amazon. It has nearly 4000 ratings and reviews. Most of the customers have found the performance of the helmet satisfactory and given positive feedback.

8. Which is the Best Helmet for a sports bike in India?

Vega Off-Road Motorsports helmet is the best helmet for a sports bike in India. The aerodynamically designed helmet has been designed keeping in mind the needs of sports bike enthusiasts.

9. Which is the best Helmet under 5000 in India?

Since Indians are price conscious people, helmets under the budget of Rs. 5000 are sold less in India. The best helmet under Rs. 5000 is the Steelbird SA-1 Whif full-face helmet. It has gathered around 35 ratings and reviews on Amazon and holds the best-selling position for more than two years.

10. Which type of helmet is safe?

When it comes to the safest helmet, the debate is open. Both full-face and half-face helmets compete with each other. If you use your bike daily on city roads, full-face helmets are the safest option. They cover the entire head and face and protect you in case of an accident.

11. How do I choose a helmet?

You should always choose a helmet which is trustworthy and has all the safety options embedded in it. Choose from the top brands and make sure that they are ISI certified. When buying a helmet, safety comes first and style next. The helmet should protect your head at any cost.

12. Which is the better modular or full-face helmet?

Studds Ninja Elite helmet is the better choice among the full-face helmets. It has a tough and sturdy outer body. The weight is on the lighter side and you can carry it everywhere. It falls under the price range of 1000 to 1500 rupees.

13. Do I need a full-face helmet?

Yes, you should always choose a full-face helmet as it is the safest bet on the road. If you are suffering from any medical condition that prohibits you from wearing a full-face helmet, you should go for other options.

14. Which is the best helmet for women in India?

Vega Verve Open-Face helmet is the best helmet for women in India. It has been designed according to the needs of Indian women. Features like ponytail space behind the helmet allow women to hang their hair out of the helmet.

Here is the List of Top 14 Best Helmets in India (2020)


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