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How to Assemble Air Purifier Membrane in Split AC (2020)

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Summertime is impossible to think without an AC these days.

Since not every room has a window for the window AC, Split AC has become a common household commodity.

These ACs do not need a dedicated window and can be installed anywhere in the room as they have their external unit installed outside that takes care of the exhaustion.

Like any other electronic product, split AC also needs regular servicing for long-lasting, smooth, and effective functioning.

An AC not only cools the air but also filters the dust particles and other pollutants present in the air with the help of air purifiers installed in the AC.

How to Assemble Air Purifier Membrane in Split AC

The AC must not be used without the filters or with choked filters as it affects the performance of the AC and pollutes the air that people in the room will inhale. Therefore, regular cleaning and maintenance of the filters are required.

Need for filter cleaning

After prolonged use, the air purifier in the AC accumulates dust and other pollutants because of the following reasons:

  • If the pollution rate in the area of residence is higher than normal
  • If someone in the family smokes inside the house
  • If there are pets in the house,  as they tend to shed their fur everywhere in the house and also, their body is a house of dust and microbes
  • If any construction work is in progress in the neighborhood or renovation works are going on at one’s place

How to Clean AC Filters

Assembling the air purifier membrane

After cleaning the filter with water and mild detergent, it is important to assemble it properly.

  • While removing and assembling the air purifier, it should be ensured that the AC is in the power-off mode. It operates on a high voltage and current that may be dangerous for the user.
  • There are sharp edges behind the filter, which should be taken care of while removing and placing the filter to avoid any harm.
  • The filter should be dried properly before being assembled. Any traces of water may cause electric flow in the device, which may be harmful. The filter should be dried in the shaded area, instead of under direct sunlight.
  • There are generally two air filters in a split AC. These should be put back in their original position by taking care of the alignment. 
  • Every membrane of the air purifier generally has two locks- small and large. These are often marked for the correct placement. The marking sign should be, therefore, marked properly.  
  • After the filter membrane is aligned and locked, the front lid or cover should also be pushed back and must be locked so that it may not fall while using the AC.
  • Most split ACs have a locking and unlocking facility in front of the grill that makes it convenient to check, change, and assemble the air purifier.

Types of filters used in AC 

Filters can be of different types depending upon the technology that they use to filter the impurities present in the air. They are as follows:

  • Electrostatic Filters: As the name suggests, the electrostatic filters use electricity to attract dust particles. The particles stay with the filters until they are cleaned and washed. These types of filters are durable, long-lasting, and cost-effective. The cleaning of these filters is fast and easy that even frequent cleaning does not seem to be a big task. These are the most cost-effective filters but only a few AC brands use these filters in their products.  
  • Nano Silver Filters: Silver is known for its antibacterial quality, and this characteristic of silver is used in nanosilver filters. These filters can kill around 650 types of bacteria in the air. The filter produces hydroxyl and superoxide ions that combine to kill the bacteria.     
  • Pleated Air Filters: The pleated air filters use more than one layer of the filter. These are capable of removing even the odor from the room. The large surface area makes them more effective and durable. These are cost-effective and do not require frequent cleaning like the electrostatic filters. 
  • Fiberglass Filters: These are the basic flat filters. They are the most basic and oldest type of filters. However, these are the least effective in the current pollution rate and have been discontinued in use by AC manufacturers. 

Benefits of air purifier in a Split AC

split ac

Ideally, the air purifier of the AC must be cleaned every couple of weeks to maintain the cooling performance and to avoid over-accumulation of the dust and other pollutants. and maintaining the air purifier improves the air cooling efficiency of the AC and also saves energy.

Clean filters mean clean air, which not only saves energy but also keeps health issues away.


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