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How to Block ATM Card (2020)

Edited By Piyush Kashyap, Reviewed By Gulshan

Losing an ATM card is not a new thing. In major cases, people drop it unwillingly here and there without even noticing. 

And finally, when they search for it after reaching home, they find out that they have lost one of the most crucial parts of their life.

Well, it is a common life scenario, but the after-effects can terribly shake you off. These days, cases of unauthorized transactions and fraudulency have stepped to a larger extent.

Thus, to avoid such horrible circumstances, you must put your ATM block right away after realizing that you have lost it. 

Regardless to mention, there is more than a way of executing the task. This article will help you know about a few methods you can apply to block your lost card.

how to block ATM card

Method 1: Blocking ATM Card Through Online

The most peaceful way of blocking your ATM card is the online path. Here, you do need to wait for your turn to speak while in the helpline call. But you need to follow each and every step precisely to ensure the completion of the blocking successfully. Here are the steps that you would need to take on.

1. Visit the online site of your bank

First, you need to search for your bank’s authentic website, which you can easily get on the web. Once you find it, click on it.

2. Log-in to the portal of your bank account

After you visit the site, you need to login to the bank's portal. For that, you will require inputting your bank account’s username and password.

3. Navigate the service section 

When you log in to the portal, you will come across several options. Among all, carefully navigate the E-service section. Upon finding it, click on it to visit the ‘ATM Card Services’ segment. Then again, hit on the option for proceeding to the next step.

4. Find for the option that reads Block ATM Card

Well, after clicking on the ATM Card Services, a new tab or page will open before you. Then, you need to locate the 'Block ATM Card' section.

5. Choose the account precisely 

At this point, you will come across all your account numbers. Now, you have to opt for the ac no associated with your lost ATM card or the one you wish to block.

6. Press on the ‘Continue’ button

Once you are done choosing that one specific account, search for the ‘continue’ button. Make sure to click on it as it will lead you to the next procedure.

7. Make selection of the ATM card number 

Now, you will see a new page has appeared on the screen. The tab or page will highlight the ATM card numbers (Only the first and last four-digit). Amidst those ATM card numbers, find yours and select it for blocking.

Note: You have to be very cautious while undertaking this particular step. Any wrong move will bring severe complications to you.

8. Mention The Reason

Do not leave the page immediately after selecting your ATM card number that is to be blocked. In the lower sections, the bank authority has created a segment to lodge reasons for blocking, which you need to fulfil. 

Just scroll down the page to find the section. Once you locate it, complete the procedure by choosing between ‘Lost or Stolen.’ After that, finish the process by hitting on the Submit button. 

9. Provide your remarks

Some of the banks allow you to write your remarks in a blank space. It is optional, so if you wish to skip it, you can. It will not affect your blocking procedure. However, if you write a remark, do not forget to tap on the submit button.

10. Opt for the authentication mode

Now, you will get to choose between two options for selecting the authentication mode. You can go with either a profile password or OTP number.

11. Complete the procedure

Once you enter the profile password or OTP, finish the process by tapping on the ‘confirm button.’ Finally, you will receive a ticket number through an SMS alert when your ATM card is blocked.

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Method 2: Blocking ATM Card Through Mobile Banking

Today almost, every bank has permitted the users to switch to mobile banking. It is doubtlessly a fantastic as well as an easy way of blocking your ATM card. To carry out this method, you would require following the steps enlisted below.

1. Download mobile applications

Open the app store in your smartphone and install the specific mobile application for your bank. Skip it, if the application is pre-installed in your device. 

2. Log-in

Once you open the app, you will have to provide your username and password to login to it.

3. Navigate the services option

Like the method mentioned above, here, too, you need to click on the options of the service, which you can find on the home screen.

4. Locate the Debit/ATM Card Hot listing

After you tap on the services section, a new tab will be displayed on the mobile screen. There, you have to find out the Debit/ATM Card Hotlisting, click on it after locating it.

Note: Different banking apps label this section in several names; don’t get panic, just search for the listings of the ATM cards. 

5. Choose the right account number

Now, you will notice a new page from where you have to search for the account number that is linked to your ATM card, which you want to block. 

6.  Select the ATM card

Afterwards, you would have to find out your lost ATM card number from the listing.

Note: Carefully check the first and last four digits of your ATM card.

7. Choose the reason for blocking

At this moment, a new pop-up box will appear on the screen, here, you need to choose between two given options- Stolen or Lost.  After that, you will notice the non-compulsory remark option. When you are done filling up all these choices, hit on the confirm option.

8. Complete the verification process

Now, to verify your action, the banking authority will send you an OTP password. You need to enter the ongoing method, followed by a click on the submit button to finish the confirmation process.

9. Finish the blocking procedure

Finally, you will see a new pop up with the option called ‘OK.’ When you click on it, you will immediately receive a text message, confirming that your card has been blocked. 

Method 3: Blocking ATM card by SMS 

If you want to accomplish the task of blocking via offline mode, you can do that too through SMS! To avail of this method, you only need to have the last 4 digits of your ATM card, a registered contact number, and your bank’s helpline number.

Just open the text message option in your smartphone and type BLOCK XXXX (the last four digits of your ATM card). After that, send it to the helpline number. 

Method 4: Blocking ATM card through a phone call

If you feel like neither of the above-discussed options are suitable for you, you can choose to block the card through a phone call. To be honest, the process is a little time taking.

 All you need to do is call the toll-free customer care number of your bank and discuss the matter with the executives. They will further guide you about the blocking procedure. 

So, these are some of the steps that you can follow while confronting such a difficult situation, like losing a credit card. Make sure to be careful while following these methods else you could make silly mistakes which might worsen the situation even more.


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