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How to Change Jio-Fi Password (2020)

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JioFi is among the first choices for the young generation who are looking for high speed internet connection in multiple devices.

This 4G enabled device is highly compatible and offers a seamless experience to users in browsing the internet without any effect.

You can fetch a 4G speed network from this device to any internet accessing device, for instance, a smartphone, a tablet, or even a smart TV.

JioFi Router has a robust battery (2600 mAH) that can keep it going for 7 to 8 hours and can be carried anywhere to feel full-throttle 4G connection everywhere.

JioFi Hotspot offers powerful high-speed internet connectivity and is one of the most ideal choices for personal homes as well as small businesses.

This device can provide internet connectivity to multiple devices and users at once. As per the recommendation, it can be connected with 10 Wi-fi enabled devices with 32 devices simultaneously. 

How to Change Jio-Fi Password

Although connecting with a high number of users lowers its speed over the connections you must make sure the password is strong and change it occasionally to ensure its right use. Password is the right way to connect with this JioFifor wireless connectivity into multiple devices.

There are two necessary conditions for changing the password of your JioFi.

  • First, when you have a new JioFi device
  • Second, when you have a forgotten JioFi Password

Also, let's begin by switching on the JioFi device in case it is off. Hold the power button to turn on the light. Let it start itself and make sure the device is ready for effective use. Every new JioFi 4G device comes with default credentials that are printed on the packaged box or under the back of the JioFi battery device.

Once the device has been turned on,  you will see a new network coming in your local Wi-Fi network with the same name. Here is the step by step guide for changing the JioFi password from your default settings or in case you have forgotten the administrator password below.

For New JioFi Enabled Device

  1. 1
    Connecting JioFi with Device
  2. 2
    Accessing Configurations
  3. 3
    Login page
  4. 4
    Use default credentials
  5. 5
    Search for Wi-Fi Settings
  6. 6
    Entering the New password and Save
  7. 7
    New JioFi password is now set

Step 1

The first step is to connect your JioFi router with any smartphone or laptop. Now go to the wireless settings of your device. Then look for the name of the SSID matching the back of your JioFi device. Now add the same password to connect the device first time to any device. 

In case you don't have wireless settings then you can also use a USB Cable.

Step 2

Accessing Configuration: Once you are sure that your JioFi device is connected with a PC, laptop or smartphone, open any browser Chrome, Mozilla or Internet Explorer and paste the following URL- https://jiofi.local.html‘ or ‘ and press enter. You will see a window screen with default JioFi admin settings.

Each internet has a dedicated IP address to access it through a web browser. jiofi.local.html or is the admin IP address protocol for the JioFi router. We are going to use this address to access the default settings for this router.


Login Page: And now click on login from the top right of the screen to move to the next step. You will be prompted with a new screen Username and Password.

Step 4

As your device is new and you are using it the first time, add administrator in both login credentials otherwise you will have to follow the reset process described below these steps for forgotten password condition.

Default Values for Login Credentials

username: administrator

password: administrator

Once you log in successfully, then your screen will be promoted to default JioFi settings for the device.

Step 5

Now Search for the Wi-Fi settings:

There are hundreds of default settings for this device. But you will need to search for the Wi-Fi settings. From Networksettings move to Wi-Fi settings.

Network >> Wi-Fi Configuration

(Network tab to Wi-Fi settings)

Again a new screen will be prompted to you with several settings with Status, Network name (SSID), SSO broadcast, channel, WMM status, Sleep mode, Sleep Mode timer, Wireless security, Encryption, and then the password.

Step 6

Entering the New Password

Here default values for Password are there in hidden characters and now you can change it as per your preference. Enter the new password and save it.

You can also assign new values for SSID and configure settings for timer and security, although Strong password is recommended for keeping your JioFi safe from any illegal activities. Experts recommend using a combination of small & capital letters, special characters, and numbers to ensure its reliability.

Now just logout from the current browser and restart the device to make it run with new credentials.

Step 7

Jio-Fi New password is set and ready to use

Share this password with only the right personnel to get the internet running on devices at optimum speed now. Whether you have a new device or already using it, changing the JioFi password will keep any illegal activities from your device at bay.

Even when you use the USB wire to connect with JioFi 4G device, the process remains the same.

Video: How to Change JioFi Name and Password

For Used Jio-Fi device and Forgotten Password

In case your device is already in use, and you have forgotten the username or password or both then you need to reset the device to factory settings.

The process for resetting the JioFi device is as follows:

  • Start by flipping your JioFi device and remove the back panel carefully, not damaging the device.
  • Once you have removed the back panel, you will see a separate reset button there.
  • Here you must use a small steel pin or a sim ejector tool preferably and push on that reset button for a few seconds until the device restarts.
  • Now your JioFi 4G device is resettled with the factory or default settings. These credentials are often written under your battery to help you smooth out the process for restarting the JioFi for internet connectivity.
  • Now you can log in to the URL by using 'https://jiofi.local.html‘ or ‘' for again changing the password as per your preference.

Change Default JioFi Username and Password

You can also further enhance the security of the device by adding new values for administrator credentials too.

From the router admin settings page, you can go to User Management >> Account Management. Now in the prompted window, you can add a new username and password. Save them and confirm for ensuring the router settings.

JioFi 4G Hotspot is a modern portable broadband device that  offers high speed internet. The device is compatible for use with multiple devices smartphones or laptops simultaneously though admins can define their usage as per their preference for optimizing their control over the network.

How to Use the Modern JioFi device efficiently?

  • Once the setup of the JioFi device is complete, then restart it by pressing the on button for a few seconds.
  • Now start the Wi-Fi enabled devices, for instance, Smartphones, laptops, tablets, cameras, gaming devices, smart TV or any electronic internet accessing devices.
  • Go and open wireless settings in a device.
  • And then search for the new JioFi settings on the device.
  • Use the newly changed password for authorizing the connection from the Jio device.
  • For default cases, it is recommended to change them as soon as possible to avoid misuse of the device.
  • Now you are ready to connect to the Jio 4G high-speed internet experience.

Since the beginning, Jio has made sure to bring the most affordable plans to its users making JioFi 4G one of the most popular choices with its high internet speed, better reach, and ease of compatibility with modern devices. You can also connect your Jio Calling app for HD video calls too.


You must follow these step by step guides for changing the JioFi password quickly. This process remains the same, whether you are using a laptop or any smartphone.

With cyberattacks being common nowadays, you must change the password after a few days regularly or keep a strong password that includes both numbers, letters and special letters in random combination. Moreover, when the JioFi password is being used frequently, it is more likely to be compromised.

Hence, it is recommended that one should change their password to ensure its trustworthiness over a long time.

Though the process of changing the password is quite easy sometimes, these modern devices can get stuck and then you must reset the device to its factory settings to run it smoothly all over again. Then follow the above process to set a new SSID and password to use the JioFi device for seamless 4 G experience.

So to make sure this internet accessing device works smoothly, you should know the process for changing the JioFi password.


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