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How To Check Call History On Airtel Prepaid Number

Do you know how to check the call history on an Airtel prepaid number? Or are you a newbie in using an Airtel prepaid SIM card and you still haven't had the chance to gain this valuable information?

It is very crucial to keep track of your call history, and Airtel telecom services have made it convenient for their users to access the services with a few simple clicks.

There can be several reasons for which you might be willing to get your call log.

So, here is the guide to help you get the information about your call history on your Airtel prepaid number.

Follow through the article and learn How to get Call History of Airtel Prepaid Number Online.

how to check call history on airtel prepaid number

How the Airtel Call History is Stored

Airtel is one of the leading and the most popular telecom operators in prepaid as well as postpaid plans in India. It provides several explicit features to its subscribers so that they can access mobile services without any interruption.

These features are inclusive but not limited to accessing the call log or call history. The Airtel postpaid users can get their call history by opting for any itemized mobile building option while the prepaid users can get it in some ways.

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) commands telecom operators to keep a detailed record of the transactions as well as essential user activities including outgoing and incoming calls, recharge, data or call logs, SMS, etc.

All this information is stored in their specific systems for prepaid or postpaid mobile numbers and users for at least six months. Once the period gets over, the information is moved to the tapes.

 You might be wondering how to process this information. Well, it is for you to understand the standard procedure of telecom operators in our country. In case of any specific requirement, you can request for the tapes because the data is ultimately stored in it. 

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Why Get Call History in the First Place?

In the current world, keeping a record of call history has become incredibly important. This is because of the unlimited exposure to smartphones in the day-to-day lives of people.

The call history specifically contains the details of incoming or outgoing calls as well as its accurate time, date, call duration, and in various cases—a username. 

There are plenty of reasons for which you might want to get the call records of your prepaid numbers. For example, if you want to keep a close check on your children, siblings, or spouse's call history or if you are suspecting that your dear ones are under negative/bad influence. You might want to have your call history to understand if someone is misusing your number without your permission.

In any of these circumstances, it is extremely important to get the detailed call history of your Airtel prepaid number and check for any fraudulent conduct.

how to get call history of airtel prepaid number online

How to get airtel call history? : How to get incoming and outgoing call details in airtel prepaid?

There are several ways to get the call log of an Airtel prepaid number. For example, you can get it from the Airtel Thanks app, or through SMS, or directly from the service handle.

The Airtel App:

This is by far one of the easiest ways to check airtel call history. In order to access airtel number call details, all you have to do is download the official Airtel application from Play Store or the application store on your device.

As soon as you download and install the application, you have to register your user account with your email ID and your Airtel prepaid number. Upon successful registration, navigate to the Call History option and get a detailed call history for at least a year.

Note: To avail of this service you might have to pay around 50 rupees as service charge, or it might get deducted from your account balance.

Through SMS:

This is another option to get the call history of your Airtel prepaid number which commonly called eprebill airtel. You can dial or send an SMS to 121. The SMS should essentially entail the month name and email ID.

For example, if you are expecting an itemized bill for July, then all you have to do is send  EPREBILL>JULY>CDAIRTEL@EMAIL ID to 121. Once this is done, you will get the call records on your email address or one-to-one in about five to six hours.

Note: The itemized bill will essentially contain your entire e-bill details including voice, text, data, recharge history, downloads, call history, etc. of your Airtel prepaid number. Using this method, you can get call records of up to six months.

From the Website:

If you have a laptop or a desktop with you, it may be convenient for you to get the call history through the official website. For this, you have to visit the official Airtel website and check if you have a profile.

In case you are new to it, create a profile and login to your account using your Airtel mobile number and its password for login through the OTP. Once you have successfully registered your account, you can search for the call history option.

  • Now you can enter any mobile number (Airtel) in the search box whose details you are willing to see.
  • By applying the filters, in the results, you will see multiple segments such as  the last three to four call records, call records from the last three months, six months, or one year.
  • You can be selective with the filters and click 'submit' to view the call records.

A USSD Code:

This is again, an easily accessible method of obtaining call history on your Airtel prepaid number. You can get it by sending a message to 121. You can receive several personal details through the USSD code.

You will have to send EPREBILL <month name> from your registered number. The month can be any; it just needs to be in the MM format followed by your email.

If you do not find any of the above-mentioned steps convincing to get call history and are still looking for other ways, then it is highly recommended that you contact the customer care support.

For Airtel prepaid numbers you can dial 121 or 198 to get the customer support team at your disposal and access the needful anytime.

Have you found the solution yet on how to find airtel cellular call details prepaid?.

What to Do if The Details are Lapsed/Lost?

Under any circumstances, if you have lost the details sent to your number or are not able to access the online records, then it is in your favour to contact the phone provider.

By law, they are mandated to maintain customer records and should be able to provide the details to customers. For this very reason, you have to be prepared to offer your personal information to assist the service representative in order to identify your user account.

This information is inclusive of your account number, Airtel prepaid number, customer address, pin code, or possibly the security number.

However, if the phone provider cannot help you with the needful, then it is advised that you refer through the Airtel service provider to get the call history of your number.

Note: As this information is provided to you by the service provider, there are chances that they may charge fees.

Ethical Measures

Call history records or cell phone details refer to the information about a person's outgoing or incoming calls maintained by a telecom provider. It is a relatively easy task to get your call history records.

However, it can become challenging for you to get the cell phone records of another person, for example, your family member, friend, sibling, etc. Hence, it is always recommended to do in-depth research about obtaining personal call records ethically or legally.

Thus, obtaining the call history is easy, you just need to follow any of the above-mentioned steps. Note that if you are unable to obtain the same through these steps, you must contact the service provider for the same.

I hope you are satisfied with our article on airtel prepaid call history check.

Call history of airtel mobile number can easily be checked now if you followed our method.


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