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How to Choose the Best Water Purifier for Home? (2020)

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Get the Best Water Purifier for Your Home!

Drinking impure water will have a direct impact on your health leading to serious illness like stomach infections, cholera, dysentery, typhoid, salmonella and many more.

The presence of pathogens, bacteria, and microbes in the impure water weakens the immune system of the patients.

So, drinking purified water is the major concern of every household. Often, people boil the water to make it purified but that is wastage of time and gas.

Why don’t you go for a water purifier? But, firstly have a concern that which is the best water purifier in to buy? This appliance have aids in removing heavy metals and contaminants that are found in the tap water to make it safe to drink.

How to Choose the Best Water Purifier for Home?

When you have a good water purifier at home, you can rest assured of the fact that your family is protected from any kind of waterborne diseases. Here we have listed some of the key issues and concerns for "How to Choose the Best Water Purifier for Home".

Total Dissolved Solids or TDS

How to Choose the Best Water Purifier for Home?

Before you take your pick, you should enrich your knowledge about the source of water. From where the water is being supplied to your house, is it - Municipal Corporation, bore wells or a mixture of the two.

Your water source decides the TDS level of your water. Now, you may wonder what this TDS all about? It is about the consistency of metals, minerals, and salts in your water.

If the TDS level of the water is higher, water will be harder. It will also change the taste of the water resulting in health issues.

It has said that TDS should not be more than 500 ppm to make the water safe for drinking. Tap water may also contain nitrate, lead, arsenic or cadmium, which is harmful to the body to consume. Therefore, you need to ensure that the water you consume is pure and safe and the TDS level is low.

Types of Purification Mechanism

The easiest way to reduce the TDS level of the water is to opt for a water purifier from a recognized brand like Kent or Eureka Forbes. For your knowledge, you must know that there are two common types of purifiers – UV Filtration, Activated Carbon Filtration, and RO Purifiers.

RO is considered to be the best of all. It is so because Reverse Osmosis (RO) provides the customers with a high level of water purification. On the other hand, Ultra Violet Purifier comes with various types of filtration – it can destroy the virus and bacteria.

Let’s have a detailed discussion on the different types of purification mechanisms for how to choose water purifier for home. This will make you understand the need for water purifiers in a better way.

  • Reverse Osmosis (RO) – RO is a mechanism that aids in eradicating all dissolved solids along with the impurities by letting the water pass through a permeable membrane. Purifiers that have RO technology ensure that dissolved salts, chloramines, minerals, nitrates, and metals have been removed from the water to provide you with purified water.
  • Ultra Violet (UV) – This technology helps in eradicating microbes and pathogens that are present in the water. These contaminants attack the immune system of a person thereby making him or her suffer from different waterborne illnesses. Don’t get confused between UF and UV technologies. What makes UF different from UV is that the former does not have a filter to remove pathogens and bacteria.
  • Activated Carbon Filter – This technology works effectively to eliminate impurities including volatile organic chemicals, benzene, chlorine, trihalomethane (THM) compounds. It also aids in removing pesticides and herbicides from the water. The only drawback about this technology is that it cannot eradicate any dissolved solids but you can combine this filter with other purification systems for added advantage.

Why do You Need a Water Purifier

  • Clean Water – Often plastic wastes are thrown in the sea and water reservoirs, which make the water polluted and contaminated. Consuming which will make you fall sick. Therefore, it is important to buy a purifier that will purify the toxic water to provide you with clean and safe drinking water.
  • Helps You Stay Healthy – Usually, chlorine is used to clean water but consuming chlorinated water is dangerous for health. Research shows that people drinking chlorinated water suffer from bladder cancer, colon cancer, and rectal cancer. This is not the case with a water purifier. It does not use chlorine or its by-products to purify the water. Hence, buying a water purifier from a reputed brand is the safest option to lead a healthy lifestyle.
  • Easy Maintenance – It is best to opt for a water purifier rather than buying filtered water from the nearby stores.Installing a purifier at your home will aid your family in having a limitless amount of water. If you buy a branded purifier then you can have the representatives at your doorstep for cleaning the filter or repairing purpose. Above all, purifiers are easy to operate and require minimal maintenance.
  • Cost-Effective – Buying bottled water daily is not the right solution to staying healthy and fit. It will cost you more and there is no surety if the bottled water you are buying is safe and clean. The bottles can be refilled from any unreliable source of drinking water.

On the other hand, if you buy a purifier you will be making a one-time investment. It is also expected to give you clean water.

Things to Consider while Buying a Water Purifier

Various models are available in the market, so it might a daunting task for you to pick which is the best water purifier for your home. To make your selection process simple, we have given below a few factors that you need to consider while making the purchase.

Keeping these factors in mind will help you make the decision wisely. Let’s go through the aspects:

  • Water QualityThe most important factor that you need to be careful of is Water Quality. Depending on the TDS level of water in your area you have to choose the purifier. If it is high in your area then it is advisable to go for RO technology, which effectively removes all impurities and dissolved salts.
  • Types of Water PurifiersSince different purification technologies for water is available in the market, so you to need to understand which mechanism suits you. Types of water purification filters have been discussed in the ‘Types of Purification Mechanism’ section. Always, choose the purification technology based on your budget and water quality of your area.
  • Design You need to be careful of the design and durability of the purifier so that it gives you the best service in the long run. The sturdy design ensures that it will last for long and needs minimal maintenance. You need to see if it is made of food-grade plastic, which ensures scratch resistant and also makes it ideal to be used for drinking water. Make sure that only food-grade plastic is used, because any normal plastic container is not safe for storing water.
  • Storage CapacityBefore you place your order, it is important to decide the storage capacity of the purifier that you need. This will help you to make the best use of the appliance. You should know how much liters of water do your family consumes in a day and accordingly, you have to choose the model.
  • Certifications  It is highly recommended to check the authenticity of the model that you are willing to buy. You can check the certification of the brand by browsing through the reviews and brand pages. For instance, one of the renowned brands, KENT has been certified by ISI, NSF, CE, and WQA.
  • After-Sales ServiceYou should collect all the information regarding the maintenance and after-sale service of the water purifier that you plan to buy. Purifiers need maintenance services frequently so you need to check if the company provides after-sale service otherwise it will lead to a lot of issues.
  • Reviews Do not forget to go through the reviews and feedbacks shared on the purifier that you are planning to buy. This will help you to understand if the particular model you are buying will worth the money you invest. This will also help you to know the experience of the customers, who are using the very model you want to buy. You should also check the warranty period and installation services.
  • Budget It is important to set the price limit based on your capability. You have to see if it meets your budget or not. You should keep your budget little flexible that will help you to expand your budget if required. Water purifiers are useful in the long term and investing money a good amount in a water purifier is worth the buy.

Choosing the right water purifier for your home is no longer a tough job for you

This article sums up everything about a water purifier – why do you need a water purifier, how to choose water purifier for home? which water purifier is best in india? what are the factors that need considering while buying a purifier and also gives you an in-depth knowledge of contaminated water and its consequences. Hope this article will help you!


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