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How To Connect Internet from Mobile to the Laptop (Updated 2020)

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It is almost an impossible task to do most of our activities without a good internet connection, especially on the laptop.

Have you been a public place with a bad, or slow Wi-Fi which you think is not safe? Is it true that you are amazed when the Wi-Fi at your home isn't working appropriately?

You have the answer for this from the beginning, but you never took a note. Yes, the solution to your internet problems can be your own mobile phone with a good internet connection.

If you were unaware of this very simple solution, explore in this article in very simple steps how to connect mobile internet to laptop and enjoy seamless internet. 

But before enjoying these easy steps how to connect mobile to laptop make sure that you have the two most important things to fulfill the purpose of this connection:

How To Connect Internet from Mobile to the Laptop

The simple connection of your mobile internet to the laptop is called Tethering. When you connect your mobile internet to your laptop/pc, you would generally require the aid of a USB, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi features.

However, this method is very easy to follow and can solve your problem within seconds. The best part is that you can avail this internet access for absolutely no costs.

Following are the steps for how to connect mobile internet to laptop:

Your smartphone can provide internet to the laptop in the three ways as stated before.

We will explore the three ways in details so that you have multiple options to get Your laptop an internet connection as fast as possible –

Bluetooth is a convenient option when you require an internet connection within a smaller range. The bandwidth of the Bluetooth can provide you fast internet connection within seconds.
  1. 1
    Pairing Devices: The first step for connection by Bluetooth is pairing the Bluetooth feature of your phone to the laptop Bluetooth. This ensures that your device is connected to the correct agent or source and not an unknown one. It can also be helpful for future connections. Simply long-press on Bluetooth icon of your phone and allow it to be discovered. For the laptop –  Go to settings, choose the ‘Devices option’, select ‘Bluetooth and other devices’ and simple switch on your Bluetooth Upon discovery, the Bluetooth will get paired.
  2. 2
    Bluetooth Tethering: Once your device is paired, you are just one step away. Simply choose the ‘settings’ option on your phone. Then you will find the ‘Hotspot and Tethering’ option under ‘Networks and the Internet’. Tap on ‘Bluetooth Tethering’, which will thereby indicate its activation. With regards to the laptop, you will find the icon of the Bluetooth in the system tray or on the bottom right corner of your desktop. Right-click on this icon, which will open a drop-down menu. Select the ‘Join a personal area’ option which will allow you to find the icon of your phone on this menu. Once you locate the icon of your phone, right-click on the icon, choose the ‘Connect Using’ option from the menu and finally select the option called ‘Access Point’. You are now all set to enjoy the internet of your mobile phone on your laptop, simply through your Bluetooth. You can note here that it can be a very high consumption of the phone charge and may even cause it to drain fast.

B. Connection using USB

The USB cable is an option that is easily available when you don’t have the comfort of a Wi-Fi connection. In fact, mobile phones have always had a modern feature that helps you connect your mobile phone with computers or laptops.

You can simply use the chord of your charger (just remove the adapter) and you are all set to connect to the internet from your mobile to the laptop using a USB cable.

Share Mobile internet Via USB

  1. 1
    Connecting the Cable: The first step of how to connect mobile data to laptop to get the internet connection is very easy and basic. You simply need to connect your USB cable to your phone, which is nowadays possible through the charging points of the mobile phones. Then connect the other end of the USB cable to the relevant USB port in your laptop.
  2. 2
    USB Tethering: Having connected the USB cable to your phone and laptop, you have established the first step of connection. Now go to the ‘Settings’ on your smartphone, choosing the ‘Hotspot and Tethering’ option available under ‘Networks and Internet’ finally tap on ‘USB Tethering’ option. This will generate a warning regarding the interruption of any transfers or exchanges that might be taking place between your laptop and mobile phone.
  3. 3
    Confirmation: You are done connecting your mobile internet to your laptop once you click OK to proceed. You can be confirmed of the established connection by a notification that gives a confirmation of your phone being connected to the laptop.

You must note here that, when your phone is connected to the laptop through a USB cable, it will drain the charge of your laptop rather than its own charge. You can plug in your laptop as a preventive measure.

C. Connection using Wi-Fi Hotspot

Compared to the two other options, this method is highly convenient owing to a better wireless connection. You must have often shared the internet through your phone to other smartphones.

This process is very similar to that process except for the fact that you will be sharing your internet With your laptop. Therefore the most common and popular option among people for internet sharing and connectivity.

How to connect laptop to mobile hotspot

  1. 1
    Switch on your hotspot: The first and easiest step of how to connect mobile to laptop is to switch on and set up the hotspot on your phone. Go to settings on your device and select the ‘Hotspot and Tethering’ option in the ‘Network and Internet' option. Tap on the ‘Portable Hotspot‘ and switch it on. You will also require configuring your hotspot from the ‘Configure Hotspot Menu’. Here you can set up a unique name for your hotspot so that it easy to recognize among similar and other devices. You must also set a password to prevent unknown sources from using your internet. Without a password, your phone will basically become free Wi-Fi.
  2. 2
    Set up on your Laptop: Now it is time to set up your laptop so as to receive the internet from your mobile phone. In order to get this done, open the settings (Win+I) of your laptop. Find the Wi-Fi option in the ‘Network and Internet‘ menu. Then click on the option that allows you to scan the available networks. This will scan your phone device.
  3. 3
    Hotspot Tethering: The final step for how to connect mobile internet to computer/laptop is to establish a connection when your device scans your mobile device as a Wi-Fi network, all you need to do is click on the connect option. There is also an option that allows you to ‘Connect automatically’. You can check the box for easier connection in the future, as you will not have to go through this method anymore. Once you click connect, you will be prompted for the password. Fill in the password you selected in the previous stage. You will now see your phone device connected as the Wi-Fi network for your laptop. Similar to Bluetooth tethering, this method also drains the battery very fast. But one of the best parts in this method is that once you have set up your network, you will not have to follow this long method as the laptop will automatically remember your hotspot as a Wi-Fi network. This method is also highly convenient and reliable because the connection created here is private and not shared.

Now that you know all the three ways to how to connect internet from mobile to laptop, you can employ any of the methods whenever you are in dire need of internet simply by a few clicks on your phone and laptop.

Your mobile internet is your private source and thus there are no chances of viruses and corruption occurring.

If you are worried about the battery life of your phone, the best option will be the use of USB cable as it can somehow balance out the charge of your phone and laptop.

However, the most convenient and popular method remains to be the Wi-Fi Hotspot Tethering. You can, however, go for any of the methods depending on the availability of the internet and other resources at your disposal.


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