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How To Convert A Microsoft Word Document To A PDF (2020)

Edited By Piyush Kashyap, Reviewed By Gulshan

Microsoft Word is an important application provided by Microsoft Office. From text to images, you can store anything you want in Microsoft Word.

It’s an advanced word processor that is used to create various types of documents. Instead of any text editor, Microsoft Word provides a better interface and features to add text and images. 

One can always edit Microsoft word documents after opening it. When sharing sensitive word doc, it is important to share such a doc in a protected read-only format.

So it is required to convert a Microsoft word doc into PDF.

How To Convert A Microsoft Word Document To A PDF

A PDF is a portable document format that is available for the reader in only a read-only format. Editing a PDF document is not possible on any operating system. So they are a lot more convenient to share through an email or social media messaging. 

PDF is developed by Adobe Inc and can be created on Adobe Acrobat application. The Adobe Acrobat is essential but not the only application for viewing and managing PDF files on PC. T

he official version of this application allows you to arrange the PDF’s in place and watermark them if required. Also, you can view any type of PDF through this application in offline mode too.  

Converting Microsoft word file into PDF

If your PC or device has pre-installed Microsoft Word, it is effortless to save a word file into PDF. Also, remember to download Adobe Acrobat Reader on your PC before converting the word file. So let us know about every step to convert word files into PDF in detail. 

  • Open a Microsoft Word document on your PC. If you have a saved word file on your PC, then you can open it directly on MS word. If you don’t have a saved document, you can create it on the MS word’s blank page.
  • After creating or opening a file in word, click ‘file’ on the top left in MS word application. Multiple options such as ‘info’, ‘new’, ‘open’, ‘save’, ‘save as’, ‘print’, ‘share’, ‘export’, and ‘close’ option will be displayed in the File tab. You have to select the ‘save as ‘option from that list. 
  • As there are different versions of Microsoft Word, some versions will provide you with the option ‘Export’ instead of ‘save as.’ So you can also click on the export option for the further step.
  • A pop-up window with a dropdown menu will appear on the screen after clicking on save as or export option. Select the PDF option from the list of choices given in the dropdown menu from that pop-up window. You may change the name of the file or can keep the same as it was before.
  •  The dropdown menu will ask for the location where you wish to save the file. After selecting the location, opt for ‘PDF’ in saving as the type to save the word file as PDF.
  • Below the dropdown menu, there are other advanced options related to PDF files. You can tick on ‘open file after publishing’ if you wish to open it right after converting it to PDF.
  • You can optimize the PDF file for standard (publishing online and printing) and Minimum size (publishing online). So choosing this option depends on the type of data you need for further applications. There is an options tab in which there are multiple advanced options to save your Word file as PDF. You can save the pages you want from the word file to convert as PDF in this options tab.
  • Once you are done exploring these options, you can proceed to save the file as PDF by clicking on the ‘save’ or ‘publish’ tab just beside the options tab. You can also save the PDF file in the same location where the word file was saved.
  • The copy of your word document will be created as a PDF file format at the location you entered while creating it. 

How to Convert Word to PDF 2020

Converting Word document as PDF from Google Drive

  • If a word file is saved in Google drive, then it can be saved as PDF on the PC.
  • So to do this, open the Google Drive application. Make sure you are logged in to Google drive. Once logged in, click on the ‘New’ tab on the top left side of the google drive page. Upon clicking, a dropdown menu will appear.
  • Choose the second option, ‘file upload’ from that menu. A file explorer or finder will open as a pop-up window. You have to choose the required file from it.
  • After selecting the file, click open at the bottom right corner of the pop-up window. The word file will be uploaded to the drive.
  •  Now double click on the uploaded file to open it. Once it is opened, click on the ‘file’ tab at the top left corner of the document. A dropdown menu will appear in which you have to select the ‘download as’ option.
  • A pop-out menu will appear after selecting this option. In that menu, select the PDF document option.
  • Selecting this option will convert your word file into PDF. A PDF version of your word file will start to download on your PC.   

Convert a document into PDF when you don’t have Microsoft word

If you have a pre-existing text or another format of the file on your PC, you can convert them into a PDF. You can convert those files into PDF through online PDF converter websites or software. You just have to follow some steps, and your PDF is ready within seconds. is a free PDF converter website that converts all types of text files into PDF. This website accepts word file, excel file, PowerPoint presentation, jpeg, png, and BMP file formats to convert them into PDF. 

There are four easy steps to convert a text file into PDF.

  • Firstly, you have to open the website and drag the file you wish to convert. You can choose the file from your PC or from Google drive too.  
  • The file will get uploaded on the website, and file conversion will start immediately. On the next page, you can modify the file as your preference.
  • Once done, you can click the download tab on the page. Your PDF format file will be downloaded on your PC.
  • Other similar websites provide free PDF converters on your PC. There are no specific requirements for your PC to run these websites or any PDF converter software. They can smoothly run on any operating system with minimum specifications too. Also, they provide a more secure way of converting your text files into PDF files.  

Why is the PDF format Better than Microsoft Word?

Even if Microsoft Word provides all features to create every type of document, it still has some loopholes. Word documents can be easily edited and modified on any device. It’s not an excellent option to share word documents with other sources.

So PDF format comes to the rescue in this situation. It is because a PDF document cannot be edited or modified on any device. Let’s see why a PDF document is the first preference for sharing documents. 

  • It is not possible to edit or modify any type of PDF document in any way. The PDF document is available for the user in a read-only format. So PDF format is better for sharing sensitive materials such as contracts, journals, results, invoices, handouts, and more.
  • A PDF document retains its format from the source document. The PDF document will keep the same format as it was in the word document while converting it. Whereas word documents may lose its format when opened on a device that has no Microsoft word application. When you wish to print a word document, make sure you convert it into a PDF document
  • A PDF format document is straightforward to view on a mobile or tab. One can easily install a PDF viewer app that will open a PDF document on handy devices. Most of the PDF docs are academic and professional documents. So mobile users can quickly access them and share them. 
  • PDF docs can be protected with a password. A password-protected PDF doc is straightforward to save on cloud or Google drive. Also, organizations can keep their important docs by protecting it with a password. There are no versions of Adobe PDF viewer. So you can open a five or 10-year-old PDF document easily through Adobe Acrobat reader. Due to this advantage, a PDF document is chosen over a word document.


Consequently, converting a Microsoft word file or any other file format into the PDF is quite an easy process for any system user. Even if you don’t use Microsoft Word, you can convert any text file into a proper readable PDF format.

As PDF documents are more comfortable to store and print than Microsoft Word or other text files, users can convert all their text files into a PDF. Also, they are a much-protected type of readable text file that can’t be edited in any other way.

Sharing confidential information through the PDF file format should always be preferred. So, by all means, PDF file versions are better than Microsoft Word and text documents. 


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