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How to Create a Free Spotify Account? (2020)

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If you are someone who loves listening to music but hate piracy, then Spotify is your ideal music partner.

Started in 2008 in Sweden, Spotify has many people all across Europe and the whole world hooked as it is the most legal way to stream your favourite music.

Right from popular music albums to podcasts and rain sounds, everything is available on Spotify for free.

It has so many music tracks that if you start listening to each and every track available on Spotify, you can listen to music uninterrupted for 80 years.

How to Create a Free Spotify Account?

And this is just with what is available currently and not considering future content.

How Does Spotify Make it Possible?

Obviously, given the popularity and the number of people using it, Spotify has a number of things going for it. Being able to listen to your favorite tracks, for free and without having to worry about the legality of it is very advantageous. So, how does Spotify do this?

Spotify licenses tracks from major recording companies and music labels and provides them to their users through their application. For this, Spotify has to pay an undisclosed amount to the original owners of the track every time a person listens to it.

Additionally, though creating a Spotify account is absolutely free, users are subjected to banner ads and the occasional audio ads in between songs. This is how Spotify is able to stay in business and provide its users with unlimited access to their favourite songs absolutely free of cost.

Advantages of Having a Spotify Account

Basically, to enjoy, the use of Spotify, one requires a Spotify Account. Creating an account on Spotify is absolutely free and is very easy too. All you need to do is provide your details, and the account is created.

Once you have an account, you will be able to enjoy unlimited access to songs, albums, podcasts and everything that is available on the app. What are the advantages of having a Spotify account? Here are a few:

  • Unlimited music – free of cost: Once you have an account, you have unlimited access to the millions of songs, albums and podcasts available on the app. You can listen to a number of internationally famous artists. You can listen to the latest songs/artists, or you can listen to some of the favourites from the previous decades. The gist is, there are millions and billions of songs, and you have access to them all.
  • “Discovering” more: Just like most of the latest content sites, Spotify is strong on its “suggestions” game too. It is smart and the more you listen, the more it understands your music tastes and in turn, provides you with new suggestions that are in line with your music preferences and the current music you are listening to. This makes it easy to discover new songs and albums and thus keep listening to more music.
  • A number of options: Thanks to the versatility of the app, you can listen to music on Spotify in a number of ways and on-the-go. You can listen to music on Spotify on any device; desktops, laptops, music devices, smartphones (iPhone and Android), and any device with an internet connection can be used to download the app. Additionally, using Wi-Fi, you can connect to devices such as your smart television, Amazon Echo, Chromecast, etc. too. Using Bluetooth and your phone, you can also listen to Spotify in your car. Thus, if you have internet, you can use Spotify wherever you are.

How to Create Spotify Account?

Given all the advantages, it is obvious that one needs to create and know how to use Spotify account in India ASAP! Well, creating an account is as convenient and easy as listening to your favorite artist on Spotify!

Basically, there are two ways on spotify signup in which one can create an account: one, using an email address and two, using your Facebook account.

Both these methods are equally simple, and both are used by people enjoying Spotify. The only difference is each come with their unique set of advantages. So, let us look at two ways in which we can create a Spotify account and the advantages associated with each.

#1 Creating a Spotify Account via: EMAIL

All you need for this method is a valid email ID.

  • First, you need to go to (Click on the link, and you will be automatically redirected)
  • Once on the page, you will see some fields where you need to fill in your information.
  • Fill in your valid email address; it should look something like
  • Fill in the same email address again in the next tab for confirmation.
  • In the next tab, enter a password of your choice. Make sure it is something you will remember later on or better still note it down as you will need to use it if you ever need to login in again or on any other device.
  • Next, you will see a box that asks “what should we call you”. Fill this with a username; it will be displayed on your Spotify account once you have created it.
  • Fill in your personal details like DOB and gender, check the box to confirm you aren’t a bot and click Sign Up.

If you have entered everything correctly, you will have created your Spotify account, and you will get a message stating as much. If not you might get an spotify signup error message and you might have to fill in missing fields or some of the details correctly. Another common error message is “Email address already in use”.

As Spotify allows only one account for one email address (for obvious reasons) getting the “email already in use” message means that you already have an active account that you might have created previously.

In case you want to access the account and if you don’t have the password for it, simply click on the “Reset Password” option to create a new password and get access.

#2 Creating a Spotify Account via: FACEBOOK

This method is simpler and quicker than the previous method. Additionally, it comes with a number of conveniences too. First, let us look at how to create an account on Spotify using Facebook. For this, you will need your Facebook ID and login password.

  • First, you need to go to (Click on the link, and you will be automatically redirected)
How to Create a Free Spotify Account?
  • Once you are on the page you will be able to see an option that says, “Sign Up with Facebook.”
How to Create a Free Spotify Account?

  • Click on the link that says, “Sign Up with Facebook”.

  • Once you click on the link, you will get a pop-up where you can log-in with your Facebook credentials.

How to Create a Free Spotify Account?

  • Enter your Facebook ID and password and click login to create an account. In case you are already logged in to your Facebook account on the device, it will automatically use the information which saves you from having to manually enter it.
How to Create a Free Spotify Account?

Thus, it is obvious that it is quicker and more convenient using your Facebook account to create a free Spotify account. But that is not all; using your Facebook to create an account on Spotify is advantageous in a number of other ways too!

Advantages of Making a Spotify Account Through Facebook

  • It is easier: Creating a free Spotify account using your Facebook Id and password is quick and easy. A couple of clicks of your mouse and you get the account up and done. It saves a lot of time and a lot of effort on your part, providing personal information and details.
  • You don’t have to remember a new password: This is obviously a great advantage, especially at a time when you invariably require a unique set of ID and password to enjoy any of the services online. When creating an account on Spotify using your Facebook ID, you have one less password to remember.
  • See what your friends are enjoying: With so much on Spotify you can enjoy, it can be tough actually making a choice. And sometimes you might get bored listening to the same stuff you listen to every day, or you might want to find something new and interesting. Though the app is smart and helps you discover new stuff, there is only so much it can do. A better way is to see what your actual friends are enjoying on Spotify, and this is easy if you are connected via Facebook. You will be able to see what they are enjoying, and they will be able to see what your hot favourites are!

Create a Free Account on Spotify Now!

Thus, creating and managing an account on Spotify sign up is free, easy and hassle-free. Additionally, you will be provided with access to millions of songs, albums, artists, podcasts and much more; all you need is a single account, which is easy to create and absolutely free.

And when we say free, we mean free; you don’t need to provide any sort of payment information upfront. All you need to do is go to spotify signup and register with your details, and you have a free account for unlimited use!


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