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How to Download and Install Airtel Xstream

Airtel Xstream is a revolutionary new app launched by Airtel, which allows users or viewers to watch and consume content from different streaming platforms such as ZEE5, Hooq, and many others.

The app has a very impressive collection of English language content, such as movies, TV series, music videos, etc. They also host a range of Indian local or vernacular languages, such as Hindi, Telugu, Marathi, etc.

As such, Airtel Xstream has become wildly popular almost immediately after release due to its ability to integrate content from different platforms.

This saves viewers the hassle of having to subscribe to and pay for different platforms and keep track of the content available on each. Commonly known as Airtel TV’s web version, Airtel Xstream also offers a PC version of their app.

However, this is not as popular as their other mediums.

How to Download and Install Airtel Xstream (2020)

Where is Airtel Xstream available?

Airtel Xstream is available as an app for smartphones, through the Google Play store. It can also be downloaded on your Android TV if you have one. However, the one drawback is that viewers cannot watch live TV channels while using the app on an Android TV.

This particular feature is only available if the smartphone app is being used. Speculations believe that the decision not to include live TV channels on the Android TV version is so that viewers lean towards buying an Airtel set-top box.

Viewers are introduced to and reminded about the Xstream app, on the main Airtel app, and can decide whether they want to avail of this extra option.

Is the Airtel Xstream app free?

Subscription to the Airtel Xstream app, much like any other streaming platform or service, is usually not free. Plans usually start at INR 999 per year, making it a convenient and pretty affordable option for most viewers.

However, the good news is that, under some Airtel prepaid and postpaid plans, the Airtel Xstream app's subscription is also included at no extra cost. This ensures happy and satisfied customers, which in turn ensures brand loyalty. 

Airtel XStream Box | Self Installation

How to download and install the Airtel Xstream app

There are five different ways in which a user can avail of the Airtel Xstream app. These are as follows: 

1. Download and install the Airtel Xstream app on your smartphone or tablet

With this option, all you have to do is go to Google Play Store, search for the Airtel Xstream app, and click the download button. Assuming you have sufficient storage since streaming apps need a lot of space, the app should get downloaded and installed immediately.

Once the installation process is complete, go to the app and open it. For authentication purposes, viewers will have to enter their registered Airtel number, and wait for the one-time password (OTP) to come on their phones, and enter it.

You can then start enjoying a host of varied content in several languages, easily and conveniently. 

2. Install the Airtel Xstream Box

For users who want the best of both worlds, without the additional hassle, the Airtel Xstream box offers the perfect solution. This is a hybrid or integrated 4K box that combines OTT content and satellite TV together into a simple to use option.

This is a good option for people who do not have a smart or Android TV and do not want to invest in one. With this option, viewers can have the luxury of watching their favorite live TV shows and the range of content choices from OTT platforms, all on their regular existing TV set.

It is also much easier to switch between live and OTT options, as there is only one set-top box for both. Hence the hassle of different remote controls or two different set-top boxes jostling for space is also not there.

Keep in mind though that this option is most suitable for users who want to consume both live and OTT content, and are just looking for a convenient way to combine both of them. 

3. Use the Airtel Xstream firestick

Just like several other streaming platforms today, Airtel Xstream also offers the option of getting only a firestick, if users do not have a smart or Android TV and do not also want to invest in the Airtel Xstream Box.

This is perhaps the cheapest, most convenient, and affordable option of all, as you get all the same Airtel Xstream services at just a fraction of the cost. This option is the most convenient for two kinds of users.

The first kind may be users who already have a regular set-top box for live satellite TV content, and do not see the point in buying the Airtel Xstream Box for that reason. Thus, a firestick is a cheaper option, but with the same benefits.

The second kind of users who would benefit from this option are those who hardly consume any live TV shows, but watch a lot of OTT content, on their smartphones or tablets.

For them to have a more comfortable viewing experience, switching to the firestick, in order to view content on a larger TV screen would be best. 

4. Use the web version of the Airtel Xstream app

The web or PC version of this app is not very popular yet. You can go to from your computer, and log in if you already have an Airtel account. You will have to authenticate it with your Airtel mobile number and OTP.

If not, you have to register as a first-time user and go through the authentication process. Once that is completed, you can view the full range of shows and content available on the Airtel Xstream app. 


These are the different ways Airtel Xstream can be downloaded, and availed of by different kinds of users, according to their individual needs, and viewing patterns.

Airtel Xstream has proved to be extremely popular for this very reason, since it keeps different viewer demographics in mind, and provides options for all of them, in terms of medium and price. 


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