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How To Download Movies Using μTorrent? (2020)

Edited By Piyush Kashyap, Reviewed By Gulshan

Downloading movies is not always an easy task. 

While there are an endless number of fake links floating on the Internet, even if you are lucky enough to find a genuine link, you would be frustrated to look at the ‘Download’ option amid the numerous advertisements and pop-ups that would come up.

But there is a way out from all this mess. 

Torrent File:

A special kind of file called the torrent file contains data that provides information about other data. Such files are called ‘meta-data’ files.  

How to download movies using μTorrent

Like ordinary files, it does not contain the actual content to be downloaded but only contains information about those files. The information which it contains includes names, folders, their structures and size of the file to be downloaded. 

So when you use a torrent file to download files, you are not downloading it directly to your system. But instead, the torrent file helps you to find information about the data to be downloaded. It gives the system pathways to identify computers that can send small parts of the required file.

These are called ‘peers’. It thus helps you to download data in small parts by finding the computers that have already downloaded the same data. A torrent file performs all this by using special software or clients of Bit Torrent.


Developed in 2005, μTorrent is the most widely used Bittorrent client with over 150 million users. Its extremely easy user interface than all the other similar variants makes it the most popular tool to extract torrent files.

Its small size makes it portable to use which you can use in PC as well as transfer the same on your mobile. The Greek symbol ‘μ’ in its name sheds light on its small size. 

Its feature which enables you to carry on continuous downloads makes it unique. Your downloads can be paused and even if you have to turn off the system, you can resume your downloads from the point where you left it. 

For the users who do not have access to unlimited Internet facility, you can schedule your downloads by its special feature. Also, if you wish to share content with your mates, μTorrent makes it simpler. One will just have to create a torrent file, name it and then you can very easily share it with your friends! 

With all the perks mentioned above, downloading movies through the torrent files is very easy. You will not have to look for the genuine download files on the net and also you will not have to deal with all the fuss of ads and pop-ups! 

Given below is a detailed procedure which will help you download your favorite movies by using μTorrent.

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I. Search for the official site of μTorrent on your web browser. As you would enter the official site, on its homepage you will see two versions of the software. One of them would be free to download a version or μTorrent classic while the other would be a paid version or μTorrent Pro.

There are some exclusive and unique features of the paid version of the software. These features won’t be available on the classic version. Some of them are:

  • Significantly better download speed.
  • Automatic virus and malware protection.
  • More support for the format.
  • File conversion provision.
  • Better customer support.

But all these features come at a price! It is available at approximately $20. f you are not ready to pay the price, the classic version would work well for you. If downloading is too much a task for you, you can also use the online version of μTorrent available online for free. 

Download the file and carry out the installation process. Once installed, you are ready to go!

II. After the software is installed, you will have to download the torrent files. To do so, you will have to look for the sites which provide free torrent files to download.

But it is important to choose the correct site for downloading torrent files. Here are some guidelines to consider while selecting a torrent file:

  • Reputation: Before choosing a torrent site, it is suggested to research the website for its reputation from online sources. The longer the website has survived, the better it has served users all across the globe.
  • Content: There are websites which are multi-purpose websites and provide you content from all categories. However, if you are specifically looking for a particular type of content, you should better look for niche specific websites to save time.
  • Ads: Torrent sites make money from the advertisements that are on display. Consequently, many of them might frustrate you. To avoid it, try to look for the sites with minimum ad exposures.
  • Health: Rather than having a plethora of torrent files available, the website’s reputation must be assessed more by looking for the health of torrents available to download. 

III. The recommended sites for downloading movies are:

YTS, RARBG, 1337X, The Pirate Bay, Zooqle.

Pirate Bay is the largest website to download all sorts of movies. On accessing the Pirate Bay website, you will be redirected to a search bar. You can either look for specific movies or browse movies from the respective categories. 

IV. Once you search for movies, a long list of the torrent will be displayed on the screen. The torrents ranked on the top are the healthiest of all, meaning it would let you download the file much more easily and at much less time. Such torrents would have more ‘leechers’. 

V. Select the torrent with the best overview and click on ‘Get this Torrent’ option. As you do so, the torrent file, relatively small in size, will get downloaded on your system. If in case the direct link doesn’t work, you may open the torrent file in a new tab and then the download will begin.

VI. Once the torrent file is on your system, you will have to access the file in the μTorrent software. To do this, you may either directly double click the torrent file or you may first open the software and then by going to the File tab access the same file from the ‘Downloads’ section where the torrent file would have been downloaded.

VII. Once the file is opened, the software, before commencing the download, will ask you for the specific location on the drive where you would want the contents to be stored. You may customize the settings as per your wish. If the dialogue box doesn’t come up, the default location will be the ‘Downloads’ folder in ‘C’ drive.

VIII. Your task ends here! The software will begin downloading the contents automatically by connecting to the seeders and peers. Make sure to have an active Internet connection when you begin the download.  

That’s it! Depending on the size and the health of the torrent, the file will be downloaded accordingly. Once the screen shows 100% download, it is advised to keep the torrent file active for a while so that other users trying to get the same file will get more access to peers.

In the description above, the website considered for reference was Pirate Bay. Even if you decide to download the torrent file from any other website, the overall procedure remains the same. Get the torrent file, access the same through μTorrent software and let it go! 

If in case you are hoping to use the online version of μTorrent, the process fairly remains the same wherein you will have to visit the website and access the torrent file through the system. 


Having mentioned the necessary details for downloading movies using torrent files, it is very important to keep some things in mind before engaging in the process. 

You must always try to download files from reputed sites. If you are not cautious, you may end up downloading infected files that would lead to viruses and malware in your system. A good practice to follow while using torrent files is to use a VPN to avoid being tracked by third-party invasions!

Torrent files work just on peer to peer connection and so you must try to hide while accessing online files.


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