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How to Download Videos from WhatsApp Status (2020)

Edited by Piyush Kashyap, Reviewed by Gulshan

The world’s most popular messaging app, WhatsApp caters to more than a billion people around the world.

It is an app that almost every smartphone user utilizes for communicating with friends and family, near and far. Owned by Facebook since 2014, WhatsApp has amazed users with new features.

The messaging app has gradually moved on from just sending text messages to sharing photos, videos, documents and voice notes. The free voice and video calling features too have attracted a lot of users around the world.

How to Download Videos from WhatsApp Status

WhatsApp has recently introduced a feature which is similar to Snapchat stories. It allows users to upload images, videos or GIFs as their WhatsApp status. The privacy settings on WhatsApp gives complete control over who views your status.

By default, only contacts in your friend list will be able to check out any updates or status changes. If you wish to make further changes, you can select which contacts you want to share your status updates with and which ones to avoid.

But, the status message automatically disappears in 24 hours. This is an interesting feature and almost all leading social media sites were utilizing its ‘story’ feature to attract users. 

More than a million stories are shared on WhatsApp every day and there are thousands of videos which you might like. While you can easily look at a story, uploaded by one of your contacts, you cannot download or share it with others.

So, what do you do when you like a WhatsApp video status and desperately want to download it? Although, it seems difficult, there are ways to get your hands on it.

But, this will be done without your contact’s consent and you must choose to think about this before downloading a status message from WhatsApp. Here’s a simple guide on how to save whatsapp status videos.

Saving WhatsApp Status Videos from Status Folder

You might not be aware of this, but there is a hidden folder in your phone where WhatsApp status videos are automatically downloaded when you click on your friend’s status message.

The folder is not visible to prevent users from downloading Whatsapp images to their galleries. WhatsApp doesn’t consent to the practice of downloading status messages and have put in place copyright issues to avoid this.

But, if you really like a video on your friend’s status and want to Whatsapp status video download, ask for permission and get it in your phone. To get the video from the hidden status folder, you need to unhide it.

This will enable copying of WhatsApp messages to your phone gallery without any hassle. To unhide the ‘Statuses’ folder, go to My Files > Device Storage > WhatsApp > Media Statuses folder in your Android smartphone.

In some phones, you may not be able to access the hidden folder with this method. In that case, click on More and select Show Hidden files to find your Statuses folder.

Open the Status folder and tap on the WhatsApp status that you wish to download and haven’t disappeared automatically after 24 hours. Copy the status and navigate to another folder, preferably ‘DCIM’ folder.

Paste the copied video in the DCIM folder. Now, go to your device’s gallery to check the downloaded WhatsApp status video, image or GIF file.

File manager apps such as ES File Explorer can be used for Android devices to search hidden files and folders. Similarly, iFunbox and iFile manager can be used for iOS devices to view hidden folders or files in your phone.

In order to find hidden files and folders on your Android device, download ES File Manager from the app store. Open the application and tap on the menu.

It will show the File Manager Options and you can easily scroll down to the ‘Show hidden files’ button on the right. You can now see all the hidden files and folders in your phone.

To get access to the Status folder where WhatsApp stores the viewed Status Videos or images, you have to enter File Manager and view the WhatsApp folder. Go to Media and tap on.

Statuses to see all the active stories available for download. You have to now move the video or image to an internal storage where you can save it.

How to Download Whatsapp Status Videos to Your Phone's Gallery!

Using Apps to download WhatsApp status videos

If you are an Android user, there are plenty of apps available at the Play Store for downloading WhatsApp status videos. They are easy to use and can be accessed from Google Play Store free of cost.

Story Saver for WhatsApp’ app is the most popular and you can easily save status videos with this app.

Once it is installed in your phone, the app connects with your WhatsApp account and if you wish to download any video, click on ‘Recent Stories’ to view all the status messages available at the moment.

Select the one you wish to download and click on the Download icon on the top, right hand side of the app to proceed with the download.

The ‘Status Saver’ app also allows users to download status videos. Download the app from Google Play Store and go to your status and view your friend’s status. Open the app in your phone and tap on the video or image you wish to download.

Click on the ‘+’ icon to select the image or video. Tap on the ‘Download’ button to save the image in your phone. Once the photo or video is saved on your phone, you can easily share it with others.

If you are going to share this video, do not forget to ask for permission. It can lead to copyright issues which might land you in trouble.

Saving WhatsApp status videos on iOS

The procedure for downloading WhatsApp status videos on iOS is slightly different from the one used in Android devices. If you own an iPhone or iPad and want to download Whats App status videos, you have to get a Buildstore subscription and follow the steps mentioned below.

  • 1
    To begin with, uninstall WhatsApp from your iPhone.
  • 2
    Go to Buildstore and register your iPhone.
  • 3
    Navigate to the Safari browser and install WhatsApp ++
  • 4
    Open WhatsApp ++ on your iPhone and register with your number, just as you would do with regular WhatsApp.
  • 5
    Now, proceed to the WhatsApp stories section to view all images or videos available at the moment.
  • 6
    Click on the top right hand corner and select Download. You can now have access to photos and videos shared on your contact’s WhatsApp status.

There is another method for downloading these Whatsapp status images or videos. It is with the help of an app called WhatsApp Pocket. It is basically a data recovery software which can be used to save WhatsApp videos and photos.

The app runs on a desktop and you can even use it on your Mac. Connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer and get the downloaded files easily. Here’s how you can proceed.

  • 1
    Start downloading WhatsApp Pocket and install it in your Mac PC.
  • 2
    After completing the installation process, run the app and connect your iPhone or iPad to the Mac PC.
  • 3
    Go to WhatsApp Pocket and select your device. It will start a device scan. Wait till the scan is finished.
  • 4
    You can now see all the WhatsApp chats along with the files available from your contact list. Photos and videos from status updates will now be visible.
  • 5
    To get a preview, click on WhatsApp chats and go to the chosen status.
  • 6
    Click on ‘Export Attachment’ to select a folder where you can save the downloaded whatsapp status pics and videos.
Save WhatsApp Status Video

How to Save WhatsApp status video on web browser

If you are using WhatsApp on your desktop, it is rather easy to download status videos. All you need is a good internet connection and WhatsApp Web enabled on your PC.

Go to WhatsApp web from your Google Chrome browser and click on the Status icon. It will open up the Status page of a selected contact. Now you can simply right click on the Whatsapp status image or video and select ‘Save image as’ for photos and ‘Save Video as’ for videos.

A small pop-up window will open up and you can save the downloaded video in a selected folder.

Just give a name to your new file and click on Save. Getting a status video is pretty simple on your PC and you are going to love this method when compared to the ones used for an Android or iOS device.

All these methods gives easy access to your friends’ video statuses and you can easily get them on your Android or iPhone device without a lot of trouble. The easiest, however, is to get it on your desktop.

But, before you attempt to download videos or images from your contacts’ status, make sure that it doesn’t infringe on their privacy.

It is best to inform your contact before downloading a video or image from their account as copyright issues might also crop up. Till then, enjoy downloading funny and exciting photos and videos from WhatsApp statuses.


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