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How To Find Your Windows PC’s Serial Number?

What is a computer serial number?

A unique number is assigned to every computer that makes them identifiable and trackable. The serial number is a  part of the financial transaction that occurs during the purchasing process. 

It can be found in the official receipt received after the purchase or the warranty.

The serial number is one of the important requirements for many installations. This makes your device identifiable and hence, this serial number can be used to link numerous online accounts. 

It is an own identity that might anytime be inquired if you are reaching to customer service of a brand. 

How to find your window PC'S Serial Number

The serial number is also linked to the credit card if one chooses to make the payment through a credit card. The software that is running on your PC can even put the serial number of your PC to use.

How to find the serial number of your PC?

This part introduces the readers to the methods used to locate the serial number of a computer. There are four broad ways with the help of which one can find the serial number of your PC. Trace them in the pointers below:

The command prompting method

This is the method of commanding your PC to show the serial number.

  • Under this method, one first needs to press the windows key or the start key + R. 
  • Then, you can type “cmd” and press enter. The command prompting window will appear. 
  • After this you need to type this command and press enter- “wmic bios get serial number”. This will get your serial number displayed on the screen. 
  • And in case you do not find the serial number on your screen after proceeding in this way, then conclude that the manufacture of your PC was too lazy to do the work.

The BIOS Method

If the above method fails, then you should not hit on this method. If you have assembled your PC yourself, you will not find your PC’s serial number in the BIOS. This trick can only serve you some use if you can access the Windows account but you require the serial number. 

Serial numbers are important and serve usage for many purposes. Finding the serial number can be a hectic task and hence, this article brings you many ways through which a serial number can be retrieved. Here is hoping that you have come across all the information that might help you find the serial number of your PC.
  • While booting your PC, go to the BIOS setting or the UEFI setting and search for the serial number of your PC. 
  • The places where the serial number information is present might vary from device to device, but there is a greater chance that you can be able to find the serial number of your PC in the Main or the System screen.  

This is another promising way that can help you find your serial number.

Checking on the Device

This is one of the easiest ways to find the number.  

  • There are some devices where the serial numbers are mentioned somewhere on the bottom surface of the device. People do not pay much heed on this method but this is also another way of finding the serial number of the PC. 
  • It is also recommended to check the box in which your PC arrived thoroughly as there are chances that you can find the serial number. 
  • If you locate some stickers on the package, then try to check out the information mentioned in them.

From the Bills

If a person has chosen to process the payment of the PC through his or her credit card while purchasing, then you can get your serial number through that as well.

The financial process and the invoice maintenance is always done with the help of a serial number and the reason behind that is it makes the device identifiable. You can even get the information from the store that you have purchased. And this alone can help you get your serial number if not anything else.

Physically Finding it on the Hardware

When you have tried all the above ways, then the last thing that you can do is physically looking for it. So, here are various places where you can probably find the serial number.

  • The first place is flipping over the laptop and looking for it on the stickers. 
  • In case you have a  laptop which has a removable battery then you can find the stickers on the battery as well. 
  • Most of the devices have bar codes and have serial numbers beside them. 

These are the few ways you can have your serial numbers. The manufacturers always leave a way to find the serial numbers. 

The Last and the Only Way Left

If you cannot locate the serial number physically,  then you can always reach out to the website of the brand of PC. 

  • Go to the help section or the FAQ section and clear your doubts about finding the serial number. 

The brand of your PC can be the only credible source where you can search for the serial number. The website can help you suggest the right place where you can physically find the serial number. Every model has a different place where you can physically find the serial number.

If you want to receive warranty service from the brand of your PC, then you can even find the serial number in the emails that you receive. You can find the purchase email as well.

What is the use of the serial number of your PC?

As mentioned above, the serial number is a unique number assigned to your device so that it can be identified for its being. There are many instances that you may come across that can compel you to look for a serial number. In this part, we highlight a few such instances: 

  • Serial numbers make inventory management efficient: Inventory management is a huge task and the assignment of serial numbers to the device makes it easy and manageable. A lot of people purchase PCs every day, serial numbers make managing them easier. The financial process of payment clearance includes the serial number.
  • They make a device identifiable: Your device becomes identifiable through the serial numbers which are the unique numbers assigned to each device. If you are reaching out to some customer service of a brand, then you must know the serial number of your device. 
  • They might be required while making major software installments in the PC: While making software installments, you might require the serial number. This is an important credential that is to be updated while processing a few installments in the PC.


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